Title: Obsession turned real, maybe - Love and War part IV
Author: Ree
Theme: Motoki - dupe
Genre: General
Version: PGSM pre-series
Rating: G

Most of these characters belong to Takeuchi Naoko. I just asked Motoki and friends to tell us some tales.

Obsession turned real, maybe - Love and War part IV

Motoki wrapped a piece of cabbage in a leaf of green leaf lettuce. He held it into Kamekichi's tank. 'He is going to love this. I know he will. The different flavors mixed together. The yummy expectation of green lettuce and then the surprise of the cabbage. It will be a nice break from the turtle food pellets.' He knew the pellets were necessary, they contained all the vitamins and minerals that Kamekichi needed, but he also knew that turtles were herbivores. They loved munching on plants. Motoki gave him another leaf of lettuce and cabbage. 'Not that I would feed him just any green plant, no-o-o. No iceburg lettuce is going in here, it has no nutritional value. Green leaf on the other hand, and cabbage both, have good stuff in them to help him grow strong.' With a delighted smile he watched the turtle eat.

Mamoru leaned against the counter, watching his best friend feed his turtle. It was all his fault. There was no one else to blame. Normally, Mamoru didn't take the blame for anything, shucking responsibility easily. The exception was for the people he cared about, and Motoki was one of those people. 'And I was the one that convinced him to do this. So, that means I have to try and stop him.'

"It over, Motoki. Yumiko has broken up with you over a week ago. You can end this. There is no reason for you to still be obsessed with turtles." Mamoru hoped he didn't sound pushy.

Motoki looked around the Crown's lobby, and checked the security cameras, before answering. "I do. She will find out that she was duped. Then she'll hunt me down. No, I have to continue this for a while more. And... and..." He looked down at the turtle before he continued. "I really like them. Maybe not to the extent that I have pretended, but..."

Mamoru grimaced. "Liking them is okay, but not like what you've been doing. The obsession has to stop. What if you find another girl, and you really like her? "

Motoki's eyes widened. "I hadn't thought about that." He dropped another piece of lettuce into the tank. "Maybe I should see if she can accept me even with an obsession."

"You're going to dupe her as well? What if she does? Are you going to live as a turtle fanatic forever?" Mamoru let his exasperation show.

"If she accepts me, then I reverse the step we did to make me appear obsessed. But I won't get rid of Kamekichi." His hand hovered near the tank.

Mamoru sighed. "No, I wouldn't expect you to get rid of a pet. So, I just have to wait until you find the right girl?"

Motoki just smiled.