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Chapter 1: Party Crashers

Lettuce was walking to the Café. She couldn't believe she still worked there after all these years. She sighed to herself. Not only had she been working there all these years she had been waiting too. Waiting for him to return like he promised. They all promised.


Lettuce had her arms wrapped around Pai. He had just told her how he felt. How he loved her. She wrapped her arms around him. "I love you too Pai," she said softly. He leaned over and kissed her. She placed her arms around his neck to pull her deeper into the kiss. When they pulled apart they both stared at each other. Then a thought struck Lettuce. "But you're leaving tomorrow." They had already defeated Deep Blue and Ryou gave them what was left of the Mew Aqua to restore their own planet.

"Yeah," Pai thought for a second, "It will take us a year and a half to get back to our planet and to help restore it. They will be expecting us to help out with the plans and everything so that's another year, and a year and a half to come back. That's four years. Can you wait for me that long?" Lettuce nodded.

"Yes," she said. Then she sighed, "I'm going to miss you."

"I'm going to miss you too," he replied leaning in for another kiss.

End of Flashback

She was fourteen then. Now she was eighteen. It had been four years so she hoped that that time was coming up soon. She had changed in those four years appearance wise, all of them had. Personality wise she was still her caring sweet shy clumsy self. Though with the help of the other girls she was more confident in herself. Appearance wise she had gotten taller, her long emerald hair had gotten longer and thicker and she no longer put it in two braids. Instead she had it in one long braid, and the girls convinced her into getting contacts. She had her own apartment now she wasn't done moving into yet. It was going to be her new home since she would be graduating from high school soon.

She walked to the front of the Café and opened the door. It was dark inside. The door closed behind her.

"Anyone here?" she called. No answer. "Guys?" she called. Then the lights turned on and everyone jumped out.

"Surprise!" they all yelled. Lettuce looked around and saw all the balloons and streamers and food.

"A surprise party for me?" she said, "What for?"

"Your graduation of course!" Ichigo said. She was seventeen now. Like Lettuce she had gotten taller and her hair longer. She seemed to out grow her pigtails so she just let her hair hang down straight. It fell just below her shoulders.

"Do you like it?" Pudding asked her voice excited as always. She was twelve now and taller. She had short curly hair. She also outgrew her na no da's.

"Oh course I like it. Thanks so much you guys!" Lettuce said.

"I made a nice herbal tea just for the occasion," Mint said handing Lettuce a cup. Mint was also seventeen and almost Ichigo's height. She kept her wavy hair in a high ponytail. Lettuce thanked Mint for the tea. Zakuro placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Congratulations Lettuce, I know we're a little early but we couldn't help throwing you a party," she said. Zakuro was nineteen. She let her long straight hair fall past her hips. She was taller too.

"Yeah and we're all going to be there at your graduation to cheer you on," Keiichiro added. He didn't change much except he was now 25. He kept his hair trimmed so it wouldn't get any longer. Same with Ryou. He was taller and nineteen now but his hair didn't change. You could tell he was older though. "Now who wants cake?" everyone raised their hands. Cake was distributed and music was turned on. Everyone was talking and dancing. Despite herself Lettuce found herself thinking about Pai. She tried to not think about him and keep her mind on the party and her friends.

While looking around the room at all her friends having a good time Lettuce smiled to herself. I have the best friends she thought to herself. Just then the ground began to shake violently. Everyone started to scream. "What's going on!?" Ichigo yelled falling backwards.

"Are we under attack?" Mint yelled holding a table for support. Lettuce was covering her head while Pudding was screaming besides her. Then the shaking stopped. It grew silent. Everyone stood to their feet. Everyone took a battle stance.

"Everyone don't let your guard down," Zakuro said, "I have a feeling something's coming." Just then the doors swung open and Kisshu and Taruto walked through.

"Was that an entrance or what?" he asked smirking. Everyone smile and ran to greet the two aliens. Pudding and Taruto hugged.

"Taru Taru!" she greeted him. Ichigo hugged Kisshu who seem somewhat surprised at her affection.

"Wow you've changed," he said looking at the older version of Ichigo.

"So have you," Ichigo replied. Kisshu was a taller and his dark green hair had gotten longer but they were still in pigtails. Taruto was also taller his brown hair had grown out even more but like Kisshu the style hadn't changed. Lettuce smiled at the little reunion but she couldn't help wonder where Pai was. She didn't want to interrupt the reunion between Ichigo and Kisshu but she had to know.

"What's the party for?" Taruto asked noticing the decorations.

"Lettuce-oneechan is graduating from high school," Pudding answered. Kisshu and Taruto both looked towards Lettuce.

"Congrats," Kisshu said.

"Thank you but uh-," Lettuce started, "Where's-" she didn't finish her sentence. Just then a tall alien with long purple hair that fell on the side of his face walked through the door. Lettuce stared at him. "Pai," she whispered. A smile broke out on her face. She ran towards the door and threw her arms around him. "Pai," she said, "you're back." All the girls looked on smiling. They all knew how Lettuce felt about Pai. Pai placed his hands on her shoulder and gently pulled her off him.

"It's good to see you again Lettuce," he said his voice emotionless. She looked up at him he looked away from her. She grabbed his arm and pulled him into the café.

"Oh Pai we have so much to talk about," she said, "I'm graduating next week, and all of you are invited," she motioned towards Kisshu and Taruto, " You too Pai. You guys came just in time for it."

"Uh Lettuce-" Pai started. Lettuce wrapped her arms around his arm and laid her head on his shoulder.

"I'm so glad you're back, Pai" she said softly.

"Uh Pai I'm confused," a voice said, "Are we staying here or on the ship?" Everyone turned to the door where the voice was coming from. Standing in the doorway was another alien, but it was a girl alien. She had ears like Pai, Kisshu, and Taruto. She had long orange hair that fell just above her hips. She stared at Lettuce (who still had her arms wrapped around Pai's arm) with her dark green eyes. She walked towards them.

"Who are you?" Lettuce asked confused. The girl alien wrapped her arms around Pai's other arm. Lettuce immediately let go and looked up at Pai for an explanation. Pai avoided her gaze. "Who is she?" Lettuce asked again.

"I'm Mai," she answered for him, "Pai's fiancé."

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