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Chapter 10: The End

Katsu ran for Ichigo swing his sword furiously. She dodged and blocked every swing. She jumped away from him.

"We never wanted to fight you," Ichigo yelled.

"But you forced us to!" Mint called.

"And now our friend Lettuce is hurt all because of that girl you call a princess!" Pudding shouted.

"And now you will pay for that since you protect her," Zakuro said.

"Katsu, Isamu think about it is she really worth protecting?" Kisshu asked.

"Yeah, seeing as she just walked out on you two!" Taruto pointed out. Just then Mai appeared in the middle of the room with a box labeled C.A. Katsu smirked at Ichigo.

"Katsu," Mai called pulling out a shining orb, "Catch!" she threw it and of course Katsu caught it.

"Walked out on us huh?" he joked, "Fusion!" he yelled. Then a scorpion Chimera Animal appeared. They all took a battle stance.

"Any ideas?" Taruto asked. Ichigo nodded.

"You guys handle that Chimera Animal I'll take Katsu," Ichigo said.

"And I'll handle Isamu," Zakuro said. Everyone nodded.

"What about Mai?" Pudding asked.

"We'll deal with her later but right now we need to take care of the things that may be a threat to us," Ichigo answered, "Everyone ready?" They all nodded, "Let's go!" They all ran into battle.


Pai teleported to the Café. Lettuce was unconscious in his arms. He quickly carried her to the back where Ichigo said there would be a medical room. Inside was a stretcher like cot like they used in the hospitals. Pai laid her down on the cot. There was blood on his shirt. He examined Lettuce's wound. It was pretty deep. He looked around for something to stop the bleeding. She had lost a lot of blood already. He went through some cabinets and found a cloth-like bandage and some towels. He took the towels and pressed it against Lettuce's side to stop the bleeding.

He teleported to kitchen got a large bowl filled it with warm water and grabbed some clean washcloths. He needed to clean the wound before putting the bandages on it. When he got back he saw the towels were drenched in blood. This was not good. She was losing a lot of blood. He placed the bowl on a stool next to the cot. He removed the towels. That's when he heard her breathe.

"Pai," she breathed, "Where are we?"

"We're at the Café," He answered lightly relieved she was awake.

"Where is everyone?" she whispered breathing heavily.

"Their back on the ship," Pai answered. He turned to the bowl and wet the washcloth.

"I'm so tired," Lettuce barely whispered. Pai couldn't hear her breathing anymore. He quickly turned back to her.

"Lettuce! Lettuce," He gently shook her. She slowly opened her eyes.

"Hmm," she murmured.

"Lettuce, I'm going to need you to stay awake okay," Pai explained softly. You could hear the worry in his voice. He knew if he let her sleep in this condition she might never wake up.

"But I'm so sleepy," Lettuce protested softly. She shifted in the cot. Then winced as pain surged through her body. Pai noticed.

"Please try not to move," he said. Lettuce laid still then her eyes closed again. "Lettuce!" Her eyes shot open. "Why don't you tell me about all the things I missed after I left," Pai suggested trying to keep her occupied

"Ok I'll try," Lettuce answered, "Umm well after the fight we all took a long vacation from work." Pai took the washcloth from the bowl.

"Lettuce this might sting a little," he said. He placed the washcloth on her wound. Lettuce clenched her teeth. Pai started to wash away the blood. "So," Pai started trying to keep her talking, "what did you do on your vacation?"

"I read a lot of books," Lettuce answered through clenched teeth, "Are the girls, Kisshu, and Taruto still fighting?" Pai nodded.

"I hope their okay, I'm worried about them," Lettuce breathed. Pai stared at her amazed. Here she was laying here in so much pain not knowing whether she was going to make it or not and she was worried about the others. Pai reached down and brushed her hair off her face.

"What books did you read?"


Ichigo was breathing heavily this was the hardest battle she had ever fought. Katsu was one good fighter. She was tired but she could tell he was too.

"Ready to give up?" he asked her. She looked up at him.

"Never!" Ichigo called. Katsu gripped his sword.

"So be it," he yelled running towards her. She gripped her Strawberry Bell ready to fight again. She didn't want to admit it but this fight was getting them nowhere. She and Katsu were both worn out from their previous battle only to start again. Zakuro and Isamu were still fighting, and the others weren't having any luck with the Chimera Animal. And Mai was just standing on the sidelines watching. And everyone once in awhile her mind would fly to Lettuce. They should be with her not here fighting these losers.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Katsu knocking her down. She hadn't been paying attention to him. Now she was staring up at him while he was staring back down at her. He gripped his sword and held it right above her. She swallowed hard.

"Ichigo!" a voice called. It was Mint. Everyone turned in the direction Mint was staring and saw Katsu poised to kill Ichigo. The room fell silent. All eyes were on them. Kisshu took a step closer. Katsu lowered his sword closer to Ichigo.

"Don't take another step," Katsu ordered, "or I'll kill your little leader. Well you know it really doesn't matter 'cause I'm going to kill her anyways but you're going to make it happen quicker." Ichigo stared up at him confused.

What is he waiting for? She thought.

Just then the Chimera Animal disappeared.

"What?" Katsu called.

"Don't do it Katsu!" A voice called. It was Tai. "This fight is over!"

"Says who?" Katsu asked.

"Says me," Tai answered, "and if you don't stand down you'll be banished from the Kiken Empire!" All eyes were on Katsu. He took a step away from Ichigo and dropped his sword. Everyone ran to Ichigo. Isamu went to stand next to Katsu. "Now," Tai said, "If you all don't mind leaving our ship. We would like to return to our planet."

"Wait we're just leaving?" Mai asked.

"Yes we are," Tai answered.

"Wait just a minute," Ichigo said standing up, "we have a few conditions."

"Conditions?" Tai asked.

"It's the least you could do after everything that has happened here," Ichigo pointed out. Tai pondered this. Mai opened her mouth to protest but Tai spoke.

"What are your conditions?" he asked.

"First, you four don't return to earth." Tai nodded.

"Okay," he said.

"Second," Ichigo continued, "You stop attacking their kingdom," she motioned to Taruto and Kisshu, "and you combine your Empires but not through marriage through a signed Treaty." Tai pondered this.

"Fine," he said.

"Third Pai does not have to marry Mai but whoever he choses," Ichigo said.

"Agreed," Tai said. And for some reason Mai didn't speak up. "Is that all?"


"So we can go now?" Tai asked. Ichigo looked at Kisshu and Taruto and they both teleported all of them off the ship and to the Café.


"Then what happened?" Pai asked Lettuce. He had already finished cleaning her wound and wrapped the cloth bandage around her. He had done everything he could do and it was all left up to Lettuce now. "Lettuce?"

"I'm not going to make it," she asked, "am I?"

"What?" Pai asked, "of course you are you just have to hold in there."

"But I'm just so tired and I need to close my eyes, but every time I do I feel like I'm falling into darkness and not even you can save me," Lettuce whispered. Pai grabbed her hand.

"Lettuce please don't talk like that," he said. Lettuce closed her eyes. "Lettuce!"

"I'm sorry Pai," Lettuce whispered her voice was getting weaker, "Please tell the girls I love them all and they've been the best friends I could ever have." Pai heard voices and footsteps coming towards the room.

"Lettuce your friends are here," Pai said, "just hold on." Lettuce brought his hand to her face.

"I love you Pai," she whispered.

"Lettuce?" Pai called. Her hand went limp in his. He pulled his hand away from her and gripped the cot as he leaned over her. Her usually rosy cheeks were now pale. His eyes began to water. He had never cried before. He shut his eyes. No…NO!! He heard footsteps enter the room.

"How is she?" it was Ichigo's voice that asked the question. Pai swallowed hard and turned towards them. They were all staring at him. When Ichigo saw his tears her heart sank.

"No," she whispered. She ran to the cot and looked down at Lettuce. Pai moved away to the wall next to head of the cot. "Lettuce," Ichigo cried, "Lettuce you can't go! You were supposed to go to college and follow your dreams! You and I were supposed to become doctors together! Lettuce? Lettuce!" Ichigo backed away from the cot. She hugged herself then burst into tears. She fell to the ground. Pudding dropped to the ground and started to cry. Taruto hugged her from behind while trying to hide a few sobs. Mint buried her face in her hands as her tears started to flow. Zakuro managed to hold in a few sobs while tears ran down her face. Kisshu came behind Ichigo who turned around and immediately started crying in his chest.

No one notice the small shiny speck land on Lettuce's forehead.

"Why is everyone crying?" a soft voice asked. Everyone looked up and there was Lettuce sitting on the edge of the cot. She looked tired and a little weak but she had a small smile on her face.

"Lettuce!" Ichigo cried as she jumped up and hugged her friend almost causing both of them to fall back onto the cot. They were joined by Pudding and Mint. Zakuro walked over. Kisshu looked over at Pai and smiled. He smiled back.

"But how?" Ichigo asked pulling away from the group hug.

"I don't know," Lettuce answered.

"It's a mewracle," Pudding yelled and they all laughed. Then Zakuro looked over at Pai and coughed, telling the girls to let him through. The girls understood and backed away from Lettuce letting Pai through. He stood in front of Lettuce.

"Pai-" but before she could finish Pai had wrapped his arms around her pulling her into a huge embrace. Lettuce lifted her arms to hug him back. Pai leaned towards her until their lips met. When they pulled away Lettuce had a huge blush on her face. They turned and everyone was smiling at them.

"Hey Pai," Ichigo called, "You are no longer bounded to that deal you made with Tai. You can marry whosoever you please." Pai looked at Lettuce and smiled.

"Whosoever I please huh?" he said. Lettuce smiled up at him. He leaned in to kiss her again.


"I still don't understand why you did that," Mai said as he watched her father put the small collection of Mew aqua he had kept for himself in a drawer. "Saving her wasn't a condition."

"It doesn't have to be." Tai answered closing the drawer.

& The Next Day &

"You guys are staying!!" Pudding yelled delighted.

"Yep," Kisshu nodded.

"Where are yall going to stay?" Mint asked.

"We're going to rent an apartment with the money we're earning working here," Taruto answered.

"This is great!" Ichigo called "Wait til Lettuce hears." Zakuro nodded. Lettuce walked through the door.

"Sorry I'm late I had to convince my parents to let me come to work today," Lettuce explained.

"Lettuce, guess what! They're staying!" Ichigo yelled. Lettuce looked over at Pai.

"Really!" she screamed. He nodded with a smile. She ran over and hugged him. "This is perfect."

"Not yet," Pai said pulling away from the hug. He got down on one knee. Lettuce stared at him. "Lettuce I love you," he pulled a ring out of his pocket with a green emerald stone on it. "I know you'll probably have to finish college first but I''m willing to wait forever for you," All the girls stared on smiling as Pai place the ring on her finger. "Midorikawa Lettuce will you marry me?" Lettuce stared down at Pai.

"I- Of course!" Pai stood and kissed her. All the girls cheered and hugged Lettuce, while Kisshu and Taruto congratulated Pai.

"Of course all of you are going to have to be in the wedding," Lettuce said "Ichigo you have to be my maid of honor!"

"And Kisshu," Pai said, "You're going to be my best man."

"Of course," Ichigo said.

"Naturally," Kisshu said.

"Zakuro and Mint you two are going to be my bridesmaids," Lettuce went on, "and Pudding how would you like to be my flower girl?"

"Isn't she a little old for that?" Mint asked.

"No way," Pudding said, "You're never too old to throw flowers!"

"And Taruto you're going to be the Ring Bearer," Pai said.

"Oh and Keiichiro could make the wedding cake!" Ichigo exclaimed.

"Oh and you should talk to Ryou about having the wedding here!" Mint said.

"That'd be perfect," Lettuce said, "but how am I going to explain this to my parents, of course I'm going to want my dad to walk me down the aisle."

"That's easy," Pudding said, "Just say Mom, Dad an alien asked me to marry him and I said yes!" Everyone laughed and started to make jokes on how Lettuce should tell her parents. Pai pulled Lettuce to the side.

"Hey I know humans usually put diamonds on their engagement rings and I hope you're no disappointed with the one I got," Pai said. Lettuce looked down at the green emerald on her finger and smiled. She shook her head.

"It's perfect," she said, "I wouldn't want it any other way."

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