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Chapter 29

Naruto whistled as he led his team to the tower point where the next round would take place. He laughed as he dragged the pink bitch and the little 'avenger' along the forest high way. It was amusing to watch as their heads hit against various tree limbs. It wasn't his fault that they got in the way of one of his attacks on another team. Hey how was he supposed to know they wouldn't duck when he told them too.

Smirking he waved at one of the cameras around the area and kept hopping. He knew he was pissing hell of konoha citizens off with this but oh well. Listening to his surroundings he jumped out of the way of a wind attack. Dropping his baggage (pink banshee, emo duck) he readied for an attack.

Scenting the wind he found his aggressor. It was a kunoichi from sound village. She bore a small sword strapped to her waist like a samurai. In her hands was a delicate looking conch shell. Her brown eyes glared at him as she readied for another attack. Naruto grinned at her lounging on his tree branch. Waving in a lordly manner he spoke. "Now young lady is that any way for you to treat your hosts this evening."

She growled at him "What the fuck are you on about. Just hand over your scroll and I promise not to maim you too much."

Naruto laughed waving away her suggestion as if it was to funny. "Now how are you going to do that when you are already tied up and gagged?"

She looked at him like he was crazy before a pulse of chakra had her hanging from a tree upside down disarmed and gagged. Smiling he picked up her weapons pouch thanked his clones and laughed. "Well thank you for the extra supplies but I have to get to the tower now. See you later…that is if you survive."

Walking away from her he picked up his 'comrades' and began his trek once more.

In the audience.

Many of the people were in shock at the display of three of the teams all from konoha so far. They were brutal and efficient but most of all they were rude crude and in naruto's case down right hostile towards his teammates. People from the different nations were all beginning to think that either konoha was lying about their peaceful village or these kids were the elites that pop up every century or so. Glancing around the only people who were unsurprised by the brutality of it all were those from the Akuma villages.

Kenshin laughed as he watched Naruto drag his two teammates through the forest. He couldn't wait for them to finally reach the stadium so he could congratulate his sibling in person for all the money he helped win off the idiots around him. Glancing back at the screen he saw two teams from hoshi and oto battling it out. Ignoring this he smiled at the three akuma that showed up late to the event.

Kyo, Ryu and Kai were thrilled at their mate's progress and were making a killing in the betting arena by focusing the bets on their mate and his packmates. It was surprising that they functioned so well together being newly awakened akuma it should have taken more time for them to adjust and learn to cooperate with others out of their species. Kai suspected it was because of Naruto's influence over his packmates as the Alpha that they were able to function so smoothly.

Kai was laughing as he watched one of the Amen nins kick the ass of a sand nin that had insulted the girls gender. Even demons knew never to insult a woman's pride or talk down at her like a baby. Grinning he motioned the others to look at the different screens that held parts of the forest. He pointed out that their mate was already approaching the exit and was dragging the others along; literally.

Only a few people in the audience noticed this but when they did if they didn't belong to Konoha they would break out laughing at the scene. In the VIP area the hokage was laughing but held a straight face so as not to offend the other kages in attendance. He frowned as one of his ANBU mumbled under their breath a derogatory statement about the young fox nin. Directing a glare at the ANBU he signaled another of to take that guard away and replace it.

Smiling to the Kazekage he signaled for the switching of the screens to show the next area. This screen was died red in blood. Civilians in the audience screamed at the hanging intestine that slowly slid down the screen. Sighing the hokage signaled for the camera switch once again so as to not to make the royalty uncomfortable. Groaning in frustration he turned to his fellow kage and asked "So which teams are you betting on?"

The kazekage's stern expression softened for a moment. "My childrens' team and the Uchiha's team as well."

The Hokage frowned silently wondering why a foreign kage would be interested in one of the former powers of Konoha. He studied the other kage closely for a second noting the way he sat as if there was a board against his back. He held himself in an unnatural stillness like a snake waiting to strike. Thinking to himself he began to connect the dots between his former student and this kage. Glaring internally he began to make plans to counteract whatever his demented student could do to his village. Signally the ANBU nearest him he spoke in a relaxed voice. "Can you tell Ibiki that I want to up our bet. I really think that we can have at least two or more of our teams pass this exam especially the older teams."

The ANBU nodded hearing the silent message 'Tell Ibiki that there are more enemies than we thought and one is Orochimaru so begin the Nara's strategy.'

The Anbu nodded before the one bearing the mask of the cat disappeared from the room. It took a moment before the others turned back to their positions and resumed guard duty. Smiling to himself Sarutobi whistled as he watched the latest match between a konoha team and a team from sound. It was interesting to observe the way the two teams fought as if they were each playing.

In the Forest of Death

Team Gai circled the area keeping watch for other opponents as they made their way into the heart of the forest. They had already defeated a team for the land of Iron. It had been a hard battle considering they used weapons that had a metallic component to them that rendered the Kunai and weapons of Tenten un-useable. The only female of the group was sporting a broken arm and many cuts from her own weapons being sent back at her.

It was only due to the two taijustsu fighters in her group that they were able to defeat the trio. Tenten leaned against Lee as Neji used his byakugan to search for a good path free of enemies. His pale eyes gleamed as he searched the perimeter for any signs of human life. He was scowling as he spotted his cousins team up ahead and to the right of their current position.

Lee was watching his unyouthful teammates as he scanned ahead for enemies. He wasn't as slow as he appeared to others; in fact he was quiet resourceful and it was this that had attracted the attention of his mentor Gai. He allowed his ever present smile to fall for a moment. He could already tell what his long haired she-male teammate was thinking by the scowl on his face. He didn't doubt for a moment that the other was observing the Hyuuga Heiress further in the forest.

Taking a moment to make sure no one would be able to observe them he showed his true expression of displeasure at the male Hyuuga. Frowning he turned to Tenten slipping the doppy smile into his face and signaled to her that they should take a rest for a time. She nodded and landed neatly on a tree before turning her fangirl smile onto Neji. "Hey Neji-kun we're setting up camp for the night."

Neji turned to her and let his byakugan fade along with the dramatic eye veins. Nodding in a regal manner he followed them down to the forest floor and pulled a scroll from his clothes. Drawing a line of blood onto the scroll a poof of smoke was seen before a tent was neatly set up in the middle of the clearing. Lee fell gracefully into a front flip landing in a crouch next to the tent. Glancing around he noticed the signs of previous use. There were ashes on the ground mixed with the dirt. Branches piled beneath a bush dried and stacked. Next to them were stones large enough for a pit fire border.

Shaking his head he turned back to his oblivious teammates. Nejis was brushing his head with his Byakugan activated so he could see the back of his own head. Lee found it funny that he didn't even notice the area of his head left unbrushed where the Byakugan could not see. It was vary convenient to be able to see his weakness due to his own vanity. Turning away from him he looked to his other teammate Tenten. She had a dazed looked on her face as she sharpened her kunai and stared at neji. It was disappointing that a fellow orphan would waste her potential by being a fangirl with no will to be stronger.

If he was to show his own personality he would not even be recognized by his village save a few people. He was very disappointed that not even his so called friends could tell that he was faking it. His skills were already more advanced than a mere genin. He was actually a high chunin in strength without opening the gates.

Smiling to himself he firmed his resolved. This was it time to step his reputation and show these unyouthful people the real shinobi. A smile graced his face as Lee prepared for battle.

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