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Fuzzy Mistakes ch.5

"MEW! MEEEEOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!" (KAIBAAA! Let me OUUUUUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Yami meowed and hissed for all his worth while trying to claw his way out of the box he was trapped in. he may have had his fantasies, but they didn't involve getting shoved in a box and sent to the vets to get his claws ripped out…or worse! Yami shuddered as he felt the box getting lifted…what was going to happen now?!

Kaiba sighed in relief as he put the box down by the rest of Mokuba's presents. Stupid cat bit him…lucky for it it was Mokuba's birthday present or Seto would have happily chucked it out the window…ok maybe not, the thing was cute…and Seto did have a soft spot for cute things, Mokuba included…

"Seto! I'm home!" Speak of the devil…

"Happy Birthday Mokuba!" Mokuba grinned as he tackle-glomped his brother over.

"Yay!" Mokuba squealed in delight, which was very rare as Seto did not allow squealing, when he saw the HUGE (I didn't say big I said HUGE) piles of gifts waiting for him to open them…some more anxiously then others… soon the living room was covered in brightly colored wrapping paper and toys, gaming systems, and packs of Duel Monster cards (courtesy of Seto..) and Mokuba was currently unwrapping a certain box with airholes… he opened the lid…and squealed again, which Seto only dealt with because it was his brother's birthday.

"IT'S A KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Seto winced in sympathy for the small kitten as Mokuba grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and dangled it in front of his face.

"She's so cute!" Mokuba turned to his older brother, "Can I name her?" Seto nodded while the kitten mewled uncomfortably and squirmed a bit.

"Sure…it's your cat…"

"Yay! I'll call you…Mittens!" the kitten stared at him with horrified crimson eyes…

Yami was in hell…the center of it…not only was he bumped around in a stuffy cardboard box for a while, but when he was finally out, Kaiba's annoying heathen of a brother yanked him out, and dangled the former pharaoh above the ground!

"She's so cute! Can I name her" SHE? HER?! (HEY! I may be a bit small but that gives you no right to jump to conclusions!!! I'm a BOY!…I think…) He checked. (Yup…still male….hey! I'm naked! In front of Seto and his BROTHER! This is so not my day…) He mewled sadly, trying to cover mimself…though there was no point as he was a cat now, but still!

"Sure it's your cat…"

"Yay! I'll call you…Mittens!" Yami stared at the kid in horror….

"MEOOWWW!!!!!" (WHAT?!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!) Mokuba smiled.

"Aww! I think she likes it!"

'Ra kill me now…' Yami thought sadly as his crush's LITTLE BROTHER cuddled him, 'Mittens…the toumb robber's gonna have a field day…'

Later that night, Yami curled up in the makeshift bed he had untill Seto and Mokuba went kitty shopping tomorrow. He was currently sleeping on one of Mokuba's old pillows by Mokuba's bed. Well he was trying to sleep.

'Aww man! Yugi's gonna be so worried! What am I gonna do?!' Suddenly a horrible thought came into his head. 'What if I can't change back?! Ishizu said it would take a while to find it…but what if she can't?! I'll be stuck like this forever!' Yami mewed pitifully at the thought. Deciding he couldn't sleep like this, the pharoh-turned-cat got up, stretched, and padded silently out of Mokuba's room.

Wandering around the halls, Yami was able to admire how big and detailed everything was. He had never really been inside Seto's house, Yugi had always been in control of the body whenever Seto had challenged him. He had only seen the room they dueled in. The pads on his paws tingled in excitement. Which was a very weird feeling. He was inside Seto Kaiba's house! Now if only he could be human…Yami sighed a kitty sigh as he found a room with the door only slightly closed, just enough for him to slip through. Cool. Curiosity getting the better of him, Yami squeezed through the door and found himself in what looked like a bedroom…a blue bedroom…could this be?

Walking to the king-sized bed, Yami put his claws to the test and eventually scurried up the sides of the sheets and onto Seto's chest.

Yami purred slightly as he gazed down at the sleeping brunette. 'He's so beautiful…' Unable to help himself, Yami curled up in the crook of Seto's neck and nuzzled Seto's chin with his head, purring loudly. 'Well maybe being a cat isn't all bad…' Was the last thought he had before falling asleep, nestled against Seto's body.


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