Mind over Matter

Full Summary: When seventeen year old Remus Lupin is thrust into the future, during Harry Potter's seventh year at Hogwarts, what's a poor werewolf to do? Furthermore, Dumbledore doesn't have any idea how to send him back? Is he to be stuck there forever? And will he want to be?

WARNING: This story contains SLASH- which means male-male relationships, and may or may not contain sexual situations (Will be decided later). It also contains cursing, sometimes used in excess. This is for mature readers only. Ignores some of Book 6, completely ignores Book 7. Sirius does not die.

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Chapter One

The Future and the Egg

Remus Lupin was the definition of the perfect student. He aced all of his courses, had strong intelligence and boundless wit, never spoke ill to his professors and always respected them. That is, if you didn't know him well at least, for if you did take the time to get to know Remus then you would discover his darker side; his love for pranks, stemming into his friendship with the notorious troublemakers called the Marauders, his lunar curse that turned him into a monster out for blood once a month, his bitterness toward all prejudice wizards, as well as his ability to over analyze everything to the point of obsession before making a definitive decision.

Even though he had his good points and his bad points, anyone you asked would tell you that he was a respectable and kind boy who would do anything for anyone, within reason of course. It was safe to say that he was well liked by all, though he firmly believed- and it was probably true- that if his secret were to ever come out into the open, people may not be so kindly toward him anymore. Therefore he had a habit of keeping everyone around him at a distance, so that he wouldn't be hurt by their words or actions if the worst case scenario happened. His three friends; James, Sirius, and Peter were the exception however, as they knew already of his curse and he was free to be himself around them because of that.

At the current moment the sandy-brown haired teenager was seated in his potions class, diligently working on a concoction that was no challenge to his advanced skill. His friends were, as always, goofing off and planning general chaos for whatever unlucky sap was their target this time around. Whenever the teacher, Professor Slughorn, would turn around and look their way the three Marauders pretended to busy themselves with their potions, throwing in whatever was within arms reach at the time whether or not it was a necessary ingredient.

"Moony!" A voice whispered to his right, coming from his friend Sirius Black. "Is there a way to put a timing charm on the bat-boogey hex?"

Briefly giving thought to his friend's question, he shook his head in the negative. "No. It's not possible, because if you were to combine any time charm to that particular hex it would turn the results into something similar to the densaugeo charm."

"Damnit." Sirius said before turning back to James and resuming their whispered scheming.

Remus concentrated on his potion, undisturbed, for the rest of the class period. He knew his friends would let him in on their idea as soon as lunch rolled around. After first year the three other Marauders had learned that it was best not to disturb the scholarly teen with their mischief until he was well away from any classrooms, since they'd gotten quite a surprise during their first attempt at including said person. Peter was still washing the evidence of a hair-dying hex out. Slughorn made a few comments on the now finished potions around the room, and then instructed the class to bottle up a vial and turn them in.

After seeing his three companion's finished products it came as a surprise to him that they were even passing the subject, let alone slipping by barely. He assumed that he had himself to thank for that, though, since they always came to him right before a test in order to be prepared. Sometimes it was tough being the smart one. If he ever let himself slack off, he wouldn't be the only one disadvantaged. His three friends would be failing as well. There was just a tad too much pressure on the young wolf to be the other three's scapegoat when it came to lessons. But he wouldn't trade his friends for anything in the world, and therefore he'd keep his small objections to himself.

After bottling up his perfect concoction and turning it in, he helped the other three do the same, cringing at the difference between what the potion was supposed to be and then what it actually was. Where the potion was intended to be a soft purple hue with the consistency of gravy, James' looked like something that was vomited up, a grotesque color with the thickness of water. Sirius' was a dark black, rivaling his eye color, as thick as mud, while Peter's was glowing green, nearly reminding Remus of a muggle movie he'd once watched that displayed radiation as looking similar, and wasn't really liquid at all, instead being a kind of… goop.

"You guys really need to learn to save the pranks until lessons are over. One of these days you aren't going to have me around to clean up your messes." Remus muttered to them as they laughed and compared vials, trying to figure out whose potion was the ugliest. In the wolf's opinion, James' topped them all. It even smelled as it looked, and that was horrendous. At his words, the three paused and stared at him in amusement.

"But Moony, you'll always be around to kick our arses into gear!" James said with a grin.

"Yeah, you're ten times smarter than anyone we know. Nothing's going to stand a chance at taking you away from us." Peter said in agreement with James, looking slightly confused at the idea.

"Besides, you know us. We can resist everything except a good prank idea. It's hard to break bad habits!" Sirius said, throwing his hands up in false desperation. "The devil grabs a hold of us and won't let go until we exact evil and mischievous things on the populace!"

James and Peter were laughing at Sirius's words, while Remus was no longer paying attention, instead focusing, with horror, on the potion vial that had flown from Sirius's hands and was now barreling toward the werewolf.

Then there was a sudden crack as the glass hit his head and shattered, the disgusting onyx mixture spewing all over his head. And then the world became fuzzy and started swimming as his companions asked him if he were alright, alternating between concerned and amused voices. Slowly, the sound of their speaking became a dull vibration in his ears, the edges of his vision became black, and then everything disappeared altogether in the inky oblivion that consumed his consciousness.

Harry Potter was having a bad day. He'd stubbed his toe getting out of bed this morning, tripped over his shoes which were sitting innocently by the door, banged his forehead on the floor when he fell, was assaulted by a door that opened in front of him when he and his friends were making their way to the great hall for breakfast, and then he'd had a double potions lesson with Snarky Snape. He was feeling, at that moment, like he was the source of all of the universe's amusement this day.

"Oh come on, honestly! The lump isn't that bad." Hermione said in exasperation after the raven-haired boy had, for the hundredth time, commented on the egg-sized knot that had formed on his forehead where the door had struck him. He rolled his eyes at her callousness, fingering the wound gently.

"Yeah, besides," Ron, from his right side piped up with a cheerful voice. "It's barely even purple anymore. Looks more yellow now."

And that was supposed to help his mood, how? Apparently he and Hermione were on the same wave length at the moment, for they both whipped their heads around and glared at the red-headed teenager. Ron looked abashed, and turned his eyes to the floor with enough decency to appear ashamed at his words.

"Anyway, if you're really that concerned over a little knock on the head why don't you just go see Madam Pomfrey? I'm sure she'd be able to get rid of it in no time." The bushy-haired bookworm said helpfully.

"No. I've spent more than enough time in that god awful white room to last me a lifetime, I don't need to make a trip just because I got a bit banged up." Harry said in refusal. If he had things his way then he'd never see that damned place again. The three quieted down a bit as they arrived at their Defense Against the Dark Arts class and took their seats.

They were a few minutes early that day, so few had yet arrived to the class. Their teacher was just walking out of his office as they sat down toward the front of the room, and therefore had a good view of the large lump on Harry's features.

"Dear Merlin, Harry, where'd you get that egg?" The professor asked in concern, situations like the boy-who-lived getting into a fist fight with the Malfoy boy flashing through his mind.

"I-uh… that is to say," Harry stuttered, trying to figure out an excuse that was a bit more dignified than-

"He walked into a door." That. With a glare, ignoring the snort of laughter that was emitted from their professor, Harry knocked Ron upside the head. Hermione rolled her eyes at their antics before turning to the professor.

"Professor Lupin, you seem a bit haggard today. Is everything alright?" She asked sincerely, and it was the two boys' turns to roll their eyes. Hermione had been harboring a crush on Remus since third year, only slightly dulled down by the revelation that he was a werewolf. Ron started snickering at the bookworm's misty eyes and Harry tried to control his own humor.

"I'm quite alright Miss Granger; I merely had a troubling night." Professor Lupin responded kindly, politely ignoring the way the young girl was staring at him even though it made him a bit uncomfortable.

After that all discussion was ended as the classroom filled up and the lesson began. About half-way through the period, a fifth year busted into the classroom without knocking.

"Harry Potter! Dumbledore needs to see you immediately!" The boy shouted before turning and running off.

Professor Lupin turned concerned eyes onto the boy, both wondering as well as the entire classroom what the importance was. Fear gripped Harry when he thought of it somehow being Voldemort related. After getting the professor's permission, Harry gathered up his things and went to see Dumbledore.

Remus groaned as he slowly came into consciousness. Above him was the white ceiling of the hospital wing of Hogwarts, something he knew well considering all the after-moons he'd spent there. He heard a bustling near by and figured it was Poppy doing whatever it was that she was usually doing. Remus couldn't remember what had happened to land him in the hospital wing, only remembering that he and his friends were in potions class one minute and the next he was laying in the pristine white room that was reserved for injured students and staff.

He knew, even without knowing why, that he was right in being here. His head felt like he'd been smashed with a sledgehammer, his body feeling like it had a ton of weight strapped to it. Every time he moved the slightest inch, he felt like his world was spinning. There was something else that was odd about this situation. His advanced sense of smell was picking up hundreds of scents in the castle that were not normally there. He stiffened momentarily when a hand was placed on his shoulder, then relaxed when he realized, both by scent and sight, that it was Albus Dumbledore.

"How are you feeling?" The kind man asked and Remus was reluctant to speak. He wasn't even sure if he could.

"L-like the Knight Bus hit me at full speed." He managed in a shaky tone, grimacing as the vibrations of speaking induced an ear-splitting headache. Dumbledore looked at him knowingly for a full minute before slipping a potion into one of his hands and helping him sit up to drink it. After the substance was fully consumed he felt like nothing had happened in the first place, his entire body going back to normal. The headache and weighty feeling were both gone, as was his dizziness.

"Mr. Lupin, I must ask you to tell me all you can remember about how you ended up here." The headmaster questioned softly, letting Remus sit back against the pillows and taking the chair next to his bed.

"James, Sirius, Peter and I were all in potions class… I was telling them that they needed to focus more on their studies since one day I wouldn't be there to help them… then everything is blank, sir." The werewolf replied, an expression of thought taking over his features. "What happened? Did I pass out?"

"No, it's safe to say you didn't." Albus told him in a patient tone. Taking a deep breath, he continued slowly. "You have somehow been brought into the future, Mr. Lupin."

"What?!" Remus cried in astonishment. There was no way in hell this could be happening to him. How the hell did it happen in the first place? What the hell was he going to do now? "How… what… Sir?"

"Let's be calm about this, Mr. Lupin. I am not sure of the circumstances that brought you here, but I am positive that there should be a way to send you back. It will, however, take time for me to research this and so we must figure out a plan for you until then."

This was too much, Remus couldn't comprehend it all rationally but at some corner of his mind he understood it perfectly. At Dumbledore's last sentence, his mind started to slowly come out of the shock it had been under since the bombshell that was his being in the future was uttered. He blinked, and then was his normal calm and collected self. He figured that he just had to take this all in stride.

During all of this, Albus himself was thinking of how to best go about this situation. He knew that if the now adult Lupin discovered that his teenage self was here, there would be catastrophic consequences. Having one person meet himself was likely not a good thing, so he'd have to glamour the younger Lupin for the duration of his time here. Then there was also the issue of Harry Potter. Would it be wise to have the young werewolf attend the school year, knowing he'd figure out everything that happened in the last decade and longer from the people here? Then again, he could always block the boy's memory of his time here when he left. That may explain why the elder Lupin had no idea that he was ever here in the first place. Yes, that would just have to be what he'd do.

"I have it all figured out, Mr. Lupin. We will start by changing your appearance with a simple glamour charm that will be easy for you to reapply when needed." He began, continuing when the boy nodded slowly in comprehension. "You will be allowed to stay here at Hogwarts as a student, and therefore will need a new name. Any ideas?"

Pausing to think before he spoke, Remus went over the possibilities. He would like to keep his first name, as being called by anything else would take too long to get used to and would ultimately confuse him. So, then, he only needed a last name. As he was thinking, he remembered something he read when he was a child. His first book, which was really not a children's book and was instead a novel, written by an author that had stuck with him to this day. He nodded with a satisfied smile and replied, "Remus Holmes."

"Remus? You wish to keep your first name?" Dumbledore frowned slightly and the werewolf hastened to explain.

"Yes, it would be too confusing to change it after seventeen years of going by it, don't you think?" He responded, "Besides, it is a common name, right?"

Not anymore. Dumbledore thought but didn't voice. Though he didn't completely agree with keeping the boy's first name the same, he reasoned that with a glamour charm and a different last name, who would be able to connect the dots? So, finally, he nodded to the slightly nervous boy that it would do.

"Now I need to inform you of a few things in order to prepare you for what you'll see and hear. First of all, you are the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher here in this time, so you'll need to be extremely careful not to let anything slip about yourself to… yourself." After pausing a moment to consider how confusing this could possibly get, the aged wizard continued, "I imagine that the reason the older you doesn't remember coming here at seventeen is due to a memory charm, which will have to be done before you return to your own time. You understand this, correct?"

"Yes." Remus said, knowing that any information he might take back with him could potentially change the course of history. He would not be a part of something so dangerous, so he fully agreed with a memory charm being placed on himself. "I'm a teacher now? Huh, guess my life turned out better than I'd expected it to."

Dumbledore felt slightly saddened at that, knowing that the young man's life had turned out no such way. There was nothing for it but the truth, though, so he continued. "The next person you need to know about is a young man in his seventh year by the name of Harry Potter."

Remus was shocked at the name. His friend James hadn't had any siblings or cousins, so was this the son of his friend? It had to be, taking all of that into account. He was suddenly a bit excited about the situation now that he knew he was to meet his best friend's future son. With a smile, he listened as Dumbledore continued.

"I imagine you've already worked out that he's James' son. He is also the son of Lily Evans." The Headmaster told him. Again, it wasn't really surprising because he figured those two, though they fight like nobody's business, would end up together in the end. "He's in Gryffindor and will be the one I assign to show the 'new' student around."

Here comes the hard part. Dumbledore thought as he mentally and emotionally steeled himself for the depressing news he had to inform his old student. "Mr. Lupin… Lily and James Potter are dead."

Remus was suddenly feeling very frozen inside. Dead? His best friend had died? What had happened to him? When had it happened?

"They were killed by Voldemort after Harry's first birthday, because the Dark Lord believed the young Mr. Potter to be the predestined source of his downfall. Sirius Black was falsely accused of their murder and sent to Azkaban, where he spent nearly every year until Harry's second year here. Peter Pettigrew is the reason they are dead; he betrayed their location to Voldemort." Albus paused to let all of this sink into the stunned boy, feeling every inch of his age as he watched Remus' expression crumble at the news. "I know it's a lot to take in, and I will give you time to come to grips with it all once I've finished. For now, shall I continue?"

Remus had never lost someone close to him before, so having news like this dropped on him all at once made him feel as though his heart was being ripped from his chest slowly. He knew that it was best to hear it all at once, since time was of the essence here considering that the students wouldn't be in class all day and someone was bound to enter the hospital ward sooner or later, so he nodded that the Headmaster should continue, not trusting himself to speak.

"Voldemort is still very much alive to this day, as is the Order of the Phoenix." Remus already knew what that was, since he and his friends had been asked to take part in it during the summer before their seventh year. "The evil wizard was indeed right in thinking that Harry Potter would be his downfall. It was prophesized that the young man would be the only one who could kill him, and vise-versa. Harry has already faced him five times, and is still alive today through it all. We suspect that it will be this year that the final confrontation will take place, since Harry has turned seventeen. But that is a matter that you need not concern yourself with. Now that you know all of the facts that you need to know, are you ready to cast the glamour charm? Once that is finished I will need to go and tend to some things for your stay, so you will have plenty of time to wrap your mind around all of this."

"Alright, sir." The numb Remus responded. Shortly afterwards, Dumbledore and he concluded their discussion, cast the glamour and the elder wizard left, leaving Remus to his thoughts.

The young werewolf had a feeling that this would take more than a few hours to get used to. He just couldn't believe that everyone he knew had gone through all of this. James was dead, leaving behind a one-year old son with no mother or father, Sirius had been imprisoned in Azkaban for years accused of killing his best friend, they were betrayed by one of the only people they'd thought they could trust completely. Things were looking very dark in his future and he was wondering how his current self survived it all. He was extremely reluctant to come face-to-face with the older him who'd gone through these horrors, imagining how dead his own future eyes must look.

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