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These Words

Chapter One: Introduction to Darkness

"Lilly!" I could suddenly hear my best friend's voice in my ear. Although the hallways were crowded with students and the noise was chaotic, it was unmistakably hers. She stopped at the locker next to mine, putting in her combination and then pulling the door open.

"Hey Miley," I instantly replied to her. The words seemed so played out and rehearsed, but that was most likely due to the fact that this scene was a common one that happened after school five days of the week. I didn't even bother to turn to her, but instead continued to shove my books into my locker. Note to self: I really need to clean out my locker soon. All my binders were tossed into the bottom and there were a bunch of notes and papers along with my calculator from math last semester on the top shelf.

"Are you busy tonight? Because there's this...thing." The way she stressed the last word told me exactly what she was talking about- A Hannah appearance. How she ever became a famous popstar at thirteen I will never know. How she managed to keep it a secret all the way to Junior year (and counting) is even more of a mystery.

"I doubt Lola was even invited. Besides, I have class tonight." I answered her. Not only did I go to Seaview High five out of seven days of the week, but I also attended night classes at Malibu School of Art. See, as a kid, I was always the one doing those complicated macaroni portraits and it just kind of developed from there. Starting at the beginning of Junior year, my parents signed me up for classes four nights a week since Seaview's art programs could hardly be considered challenging for a third grader. I'm serious, last year I had visual art with Miley and she can't draw to save her life.

"Really? I thought your classes finished up last week?" She stopped what she was doing and leaned over to look past her locker door and at me.

"Me and Ben signed up for summer classes." By the way, Ben's my brother. He's a senior at Seaview and he graduates next week. Lucky for him, once he graduates he only has to come back for year end exams, I've still got another three weeks of classes.

"Speaking of Ben, where is he?" I rolled my eyes at Miley's question. She tried to play it off so causally but I knew. Miley had always had a bit of a crush on my older brother, and either she tried to make it obvious without saying it or she was just really bad at hiding it.

"Um," I looked up at her, raising an eyebrow in suspicion, "I don't know. Why?"

"Doesn't he usually meet you here for your class?" Again, she tried to play it off cool.

"No.." I dragged it out, my eyebrow still raised, "Class starts at six Miley. Its three."

"Oh! Yeah, uh, I knew that" She shrugged, going red and turning to her locker. As she shoved her books into her backpack I couldn't help but laugh. She was so obvious.

"So are you just naturally a tomato, or what?" She turned to me with a confused face, forgetting about the fact that she was severely blushing.

"What?" She asked. I only continued laughing when I caught sight of the questioning look mixed with her red face.

"Priceless." I muttered, still laughing and shaking my head.

"Lilly! Hey!" I looked up to him when I heard his voice. Well, actually, my eyes first shot over to Miley's face which seemed to be in mid-panic as she shot up from the ground to look in the mirror on her locker door and fixed her hair quickly.

"Hey Ben," I replied, turning back to my locker and slinging my backpack over my shoulder.

"Hey Ben," Miley greeted him as well in what she probably thought was a 'smooth' voice.

"Hi Miley," Ben added quickly as not to be impolite, but he basically ignored the poor girl. However, she continued to give him looks as if he were actually paying the slightest bit of attention to her.

"Look Lilly," He started, but I cut him off instead.

"Your driving us to class tonight right? Cause dad's meeting with a client tonight and mom's staying late at the office."

"She is?" Ben asked quickly, but seemed to catch the fact that he was off track, "Oh! Wait, Uh, speaking of class, I can't go tonight actually."

"What?" I asked, almost dropping the lock I was about to close, "How am I supposed to get there?"

"Uh, I don't know?" Ben asked. Wow, and to think I had said the same phrase just moments ago to Miley, "Walk?"

"Ben!" I complained, giving him an 'I-am-so-going-to-kill-you-look', "Do you even know how long that'll take me?"

"Ugh, fine, how about, I'll drive you, but I need to drop you off early." He compromised. I noticed Miley out of the corner of my eye still keeping a close watch on my brother and giving him what she thought were flirty looks.

"Fine," I sighed, agreeing, "Why are you skipping class any-" I tried to ask, but he cut me off yet again. I mean, I love my brother and all, but he really has to start letting me finish my sentences.

"I'll drop you off at around five fifteen alright? And could you get the notes for me? Thanks!" and without anything further he'd left me standing in the hallway.

"It's a studio class." Was all I could mutter before turning back to Miley. I was about to say something to her but she was still looking at the spot where Ben had been with a loopy smile on her face.

"Miley?" I asked, and she snapped right back.

"You guys are so close," Was all she said to me and I gave her the oddest look ever. It was a cross between 'are-you-retarded' and 'we-need-to-get-you-to-an-optometrist.' She immediately noticed the look I was giving her, deciphered it, and then responded to me. "I'm serious! All I ever say to Jackson is 'Ew, Gross' when he walks into the room." I couldn't help but snort.

"Yeah, Okay, whatever," I told her, rolling my eyes. I must be a great liar, because I couldn't have been further from the truth. I'd say 'Me and Ben are practically brother and sister' but we are. He's probably one of my closest friends. Just like all siblings, we have times when we don't get along and downright want to murder each other, but I love him just the same. He's only a year older than me, so we grew up doing basically everything together. He was the person that taught me to skateboard. He had learned when he was in fifth grade, and by the time I was in sixth, I was begging him to teach me. Whenever I fell, he was always waiting with a band-aid and a Popsicle, and most importantly the encouraging words that told me to get up and try again. He was everything I could have ever asked for in a brother and I would have done anything for him. But he really did piss me off sometimes, like now, when he's skipping our art class and making me wait for forty-five minutes outside of the building.

"So when are you going to tell him?" I asked Miley, a subtle smirk playing on my lips.

"Tell who what?" She turned to me, genuinely confused.

"Tell my brother that you're pretty much in love with him."

"What?!" She freaked. She must have opened her eyes twice their normal size and her jaw just about dropped to her feet, "I am not!" Okay, maybe I was exaggerating a bit on the whole jaw to feet thing, but she did look absolutely shocked.

"Oh please, you didn't expect me not to notice did you," I asked incredulously. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but it's a big word I learned in English that makes me sound smart. She just continued to look at me with the same jaw dropped expression., "The goofy smile. Also there's the fact that I learned that people can go without blinking for several minutes." She just blushed harder as each word came out of my mouth.

"Okay, well," Miley started, glancing at me again with her beet red face, "Maybe I like him. But just a little!" I stared her down for a brief second before she cracked, "Or a lot?" She added rather shyly.

"And so it comes out, tomato-head," I laughed, nudging her. She only scowled at my nickname.

"It's not funny," She whined as the two of us walked down the road. Ever since the weather had gotten warmer me and Miley had started walking home from school together. We used to take rides from Ben, but when the sunshine came the both of us enjoyed our twenty minute walk. Unless it was scorching hot and we had to beg Ben to drive us. He always did, but he loved teasing us as he sat in the front seat with the air conditioner on high. Come to think of it, he always was a jerk.

"Oh, on the contrary, I find it rather hilarious." Okay, so I lied again. Remember that big word that I used to make myself sound smart? I do know what it means. I'm kind of an English ace. Not many people really know, probably just my parents since they're the ones that sign my report card. Well, unless you count the time that I forged their signature when my math was a sixty eight at mid-term. That was all me.

"Ouch! Miley!" I shouted on impulse. What kind of a best friend elbows you in the stomach? Not a good one, I tell you.

"Quit teasing me," She told me, glaring out of the corner of her eyes. Sensitive much? I hardly said a word to her! All I did was call her tomato-head and say that the situation was one of complete and utter hilarity.

"Okay, jeeze," I mumbled, still holding onto my stomach with one arms. Man, that girl can hit (elbow?) hard.

"You know how Ben's not going to class?" She asked me rather suddenly and randomly. I almost burst out laughing when I saw the tiny twinkle in her eye when she said his name. It was beyond me how anyone could like Ben in that way, but I guess that's because I'm his sister. He just acted like such a... brother though, and he could be so god damn annoying too. He did have a nice side though, so I guess the idea wasn't totally out of the ordinary. Then again, how was he supposed to find time for a girlfriend? The guy was either in classes, shut up in his room with a canvas or MIA with his best friend Max. I don't think I've seen him invite a girl over in ages. Now that I think of it, he really does need a life.

"Yes, I'm aware," I grumbled. When I thought about class, I thought about me having to wait outside on the school's steps for forty minutes. That definitely wasn't a day dream of mine, especially since that's where the stupid upscale no-talent rich kids hung out. You know? The one's who went to Malibu School of Arts during the daytime because they could actually afford the tuition costs and didn't have to just take after hour art classes. Yeah, I hated those snobby brats. Cue eye roll.

"Well," Miley dragged it out, turning to me with a 'Please-please-oh-please' look. She hadn't even asked me yet and she was already giving me the puppy dog eyes. "I figured since Ben's skipping and you don't want to wait. Maybe, just maybe," She added a smile to her puppy dog eyes, "You could skip too and Lola could come to the concert." The last word was in sing-song voice. How ironic, since I would be listening to singing all night. Wait? What?! Damnit! I was pretty much convinced. Stupid puppy dog eyes. I really need to learn how to do that, or better yet, I'll just do kitty eyes. That means I scratch yours out if I don't get what I want. I really do have the greatest ideas.

"Purple wig, or white?" I asked. She squealed. My face scrunched up immediately, I really should have been used to this by now, especially since I'm the one that's usually doing it. But mine was definitely more of an "EEEEEEPPP!" than the ear splitting screech Miley just let out. Oh, and in the midst of me loosing my hearing I hardy noticed that she'd jumped on me too. When did I announce free piggy back rides? Oh, I didn't? Yeah, that's what I thought.

"So who's fronting?" I asked, shrugging her off me as we reached my house. She told me it was a "Secret!" in that stupid sing-song voice, and then I went to drop my bag off inside my house. While I was in there, I grabbed an apple out of the fruit bowl and took my keys off the counter top where I'd left them this morning.

"Ben! I'm leaving!" I yelled through the house. He was probably outside in the pool since the weather was so hot, but if he didn't hear me he'd realize I was out sooner or later.

"Looks like we're all set," I told Miley as she waited inside the front door for me. I shoved my key chain into my pocket and checked myself in the small mirror on the wall.

"You going somewhere?" Ben's voice came from somewhere behind me. I'm guessing it's the kitchen since the boy always has to have some kind of food being stuffed into his face. I'm starting to wonder how he doesn't get fat.

"Yep, to Miley's," I looked to her for confirmation, but I could have shot her in the foot before she responded to me. The poor girl was drooling. Okay, exaggerating again. So what if I'm good with hyperboles?! Turning around, I saw Ben in the kitchen (Like I didn't already figure that one) with just his swimming trunks on and a towel around his neck.

"Ben, put some clothes on before you make Miley dehydrated." I chuckled at my own joke, before Miley kicked me that is.

"Funny Lilly," She forced her laughter, a semi-angry look on her face. She tried to look normal but she was failing miserably. Ben just gave her an odd look along with, a long stretched out "Oooo-kay, sure." before walking out the sliding glass doors and to the pool.

"Nice going Captain obvious," I laughed, opening the door and leading her outside.

"He wouldn't have noticed anything if you hadn't opened your trap, missy." She fired back.

"Oh, I think the puddle below you made it quite obvious." Wow, she blushes a lot when we talk about Ben. She also elbows me a lot when we talk about Ben. I should probably stop teasing her about Ben if I'd like to keep my stomach in it's current position.

"So when we get to the venue, some press wants to talk to Lola," Miley told me. She still had annoyance in her voice. I should just go back to the days where I acted oblivious to her major crush on my brother. Those were good days, less painful days. "-And we don't want any mishaps like the last time people wanted to speak to you."

"Hey! How was I supposed to remember my fake sister that no one had brought up in two years?" I answered with a scowl. That had been a bad week. It had been my first Lola interview, and when asked how my siblings were, I told them my brother was fine. Then came "What about your sister?" and I was stupid enough to answer, "What sister?" It's not like Kikey Luftnagle was an easy name to remember, okay? Long story, short, for the next week after that Hannah was getting a million and one calls asking her to comment on the "Luftnagle family dispute" or "Lola and Kikey's sibling rivalry." How was I supposed to have a big blow out with someone that didn't even exist? Stupid Magazine articles and their lies.

"Don't worry, I briefed myself last night on all my family names. Kikey, Buddy, Mom, Dad. Alright, I think I'm good." I told her sarcastically. If you haven't caught on, sarcasm is a brilliant invention. A brilliant invention that I make very good use of, "Although, 'Dad' may be a little difficult to remember."

When we arrived at the venue, both me and Miley were dressed as our alter egos. We were late, since Miley takes forever to get ready. She looked basically like she did at every other Hannah event but with a different outfit. I'd gone with a dark purple long wig. Yeah, you heard me, I can be versatile. Plus, maybe Traci won't call me grape-head anymore if my wig is less... rounded. I really should stop calling Miley tomato-head.

"So when do we meet the band that's fronting?" I asked. She had insisted it stay a secret until we got there. Yes, she did say it in sing-song every time, and yes it did get annoying.

"It's a-"

"Okay! I get it! Secret!" I forced out the sing-song part. I don't sing, I'm terrible, lets leave it at that.

"Jeeze," She mumbled. "I'm on stage in ten, and then the guys should be off. I hope everything sounds alright since I missed sound check."

"You wouldn't have missed sound check if we hadn't gone through twenty minutes of 'Black boots? White boots? Black boots? White boots?" I snickered. Mmm, a snickers sounds so good right about now. Speaking of chocolate, why isn't there a chocolate fountain in this dressing room?

"Hey, where's the chocolate fountain?" I asked her, cutting off whatever sentence she had been saying that I hadn't been listening to. She sighed and told me that the boys would be in shortly, and so would the press. Then she left me alone in the room. Without a chocolate fountain, things really could get boring fast.

"Kevin! Open the door! I want chocolate!" Was the first thing that broke the silence. The first thing I thought was 'man, that kid has a whiny voice', the second was "Ooh, Sexy sexy!" Damn. It looks like I only thought one thing, because it just so happens that I said the second one out loud. Thank god Kevin was the only one who caught it. Kevin?! Oh God! I'm sitting on a couch that's in the same room as my favourite band. Don't EEEP Lilly, and don't hyperventilate.

"Where's the fountain!?" The 'whiny' one asked, his eyes darting around the room.

"If you find it, direct me to it please." The words fell out of my mouth.

"Aren't you grape-head?!" He finally noticed me. Shooting from his spot near the doorway over to the couch I was laying on.

"Apparently," I muttered, rolling my eyes, "Lola, actually."

"I'm Joe! Joe Jon-"

"I'm aware," I answered. For once I was actually keeping my cool. It could have been due to the fact that they were total normal boys who I did not have a major celebrity crush on, but I was pretty sure it was just because I was annoyed that Joe had just called me Grape-Head. Stupid Traci.

"Hi Lola," Nick smiled. At least he wasn't off the walls like the chocolate deprived road runner next to me. I shook his hand, as well as Kevin's when he introduced himself (Not that he really needed to). Our introductory session was then cut short when the press knocked on the door. Interview time, I better run those names by myself again.

"Lola! Hi," Some over excited blond lady with a tape recorder came waltzing in. She started freaking out when she saw the three boys in the room. I thought I was supposed to be interviewed? Not be subject to a blond bimbo who thinks if she says 'like' enough these boys will fall head over heels for her. As if.

"Ehem," I didn't even try and disguise it as a cough. I also rolled my eyes, so it was rather obvious. Joe caught sight of this and tried to hold in a laugh.

"Wow!" She still wasn't over it. Someone get her a paper bag please, I swear, she's going to hyperventilate. "I wasn't expecting the Jonas Brothers too!" Actually, just put the paper bag on her head and save us all the trouble. "Oooh, Light bulb! We should do a double interview!" 'Oooh Light bulb'?! What the hell kind of retard says that? If it isn't obvious, this woman is dreadfully annoying.

"Uh," Was all the three boys could mumble out before they were forced down on the couch next to me and being pestered with questions. This interview was supposed to be about me, but I have yet to answer a single question. If they weren't so nice, I'd say they were attention whores.

"Can someone shove a cupcake in her mouth already?" I asked myself under my breath. However Joe's snort told me that he heard what I'd said and I looked over to find him still laughing. The two of us simply exchanged smiles. He also managed to catch the attention of the interviewer who was in mid-question with Kevin.

"What's so funny?" She asked. The funny thing was that she didn't ask it with annoyance or anything. She was genuinely confused. I guess she doesn't own a mirror. Maybe we should just play her voice back on her tape recorder, she's sure to laugh. Actually, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't even hear her voice on the tape recorder. Pitches as high as her voice surely cannot be recorded.

Luckily I was saved. My phone chose this exact moment to ring, and I shuffled around in my purse for the sidekick, all eyes on me. I couldn't understand why they were all watching me, it's not like I was about to do some sort of acrobat phone trick.

"Hello?" I answered, sighing with relief. I would say I was glad to have not had to do the interview, but this was clearly no longer my interview. I wonder what the bimbo would tell her boss when she handed her the Jonas article instead of one on LA Socialite Lola Luftnagle.

"Lilly?" My mother was on the other line. My first thought was that I was in trouble for skipping class but that thought was gone the second I heard my mom sob.

"Mom? Mom, what's wrong?" I didn't care that the reporter was probably going to write a bunch of stuff off of this phone conversation. I can just see it now 'Mrs. Luftnagle In serious trouble!' and then some bullshit story to follow.

"It's Ben," I froze. Ben? What kind of trouble could he have possibly gotten himself into? He was the good kid. A little annoying, but good.

"Mom, what happened?" I was sure by now my posture had changed dramatically and my entire focus was on the phone. My heart was thumping in my chest and I was anxiously awaiting what she was about to say. If that kid had gotten himself arrested or something, I'd-

"He- Honey, He's in a coma," I was sure in that moment my entire body shut down. I could hear my mom calling my name through the other end, but I didn't respond.

"Lola?" I could hear Joe ask from beside me, "What's wrong?" and his hand touched my upper arm. The phone slid from my grasp and crashed to the floor, and then the tears began to slide down my cheeks.

"No, no no nonono No!" I yelled frantically, bursting into life, "No! This can't be happening!" I pushed myself from my seat on the couch, grabbing at my purse, but forgetting about the phone on the ground. Joe stool along with me but I pushed past him in a panic, reaching the door just as Miley came through.

"Lola?" Her eyes widened, "What happened?" Her gaze flickered back and forth between my face, the Jonas', and the interviewer standing there.

"It's my brother, he-" And I didn't even finish the sentence before I ran, and I didn't stop once.

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