LbN: Written for Sinandmisery's Porn Battle. The prompt was "tongue ring".

Is It True?

Faith walked through the door quietly and over to the bed. Kneeling down beside it, she ran a hand through the sleeping girl's hair.

"Hey Brat," she said softly. Kennedy's eyes fluttered open.

"Sup, Faith?"

"Five by five," the older slayer grinned. "How come you're 'sleep? You're usually downstairs tormenting the other wannabes."

"Just wanted some quiet. Why are you up here? I thought you were training some of the younglings."

"Was looking for you actually. Is it true?"


"The tongue ring?" Faith grinned.

"Has Willow been raving about my skills in the sack or something?" the new slayer smirked. "Yeah, I have one."

"I don't believe the hype."

"I could prove it to you."

"You only broke up with Red a month ago," Faith said, climbing into bed anyway.

"You'll just have to control the volume then," Kennedy grinned as she reached for Faith's shirt.

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