Chapter I

Bet That

All That I Need

I'm a simple man, I ask for nothing more than to see my children marry, and I'm already getting to old to keep waiting for them. I waited to long my self to marry and have children, though my Mikoto is still younger than me, i love her with all my heart. I also know my eldest son is only twenty-two and he wishes to live his life as he wishes and his own pace, but I know my boy deserves a great woman at his side like my wife Mikoto. I love my first son, he is my pride, but he can be so thick headed when it comes to male issues, such one of them as love.

My brother made fun of me when his own son, Shisui got marry to a prestigious and lovely lady and now they share a child. Even that crybaby Obito has managed to marry and start a family, and yet my own son who is well cherished and praised with all the female population has decided to not settle down. Sometimes he confuses me and I don't know what is wrong with him. So I've decided to interfere with his life, and his is not the only life I decided to interfere with, I want to also interfere with my youngest son's life as well.

My youngest son is and has always been more attached to his mother than his own father but he, because of that, I know he understands the female emotions and is more aware on how to mate. Still, is as if he refuses to even get near the female gender, he calls girls that flock to him annoying, but he's nineteen and already should also start to think on settling down. Call me crazy and whatever you want I decided when and who they marry, got it?

So because they won't choose, I've decided to choose for them.

I've chosen two young females of twenty one, not to old for my oldest son and my youngest son needs an older woman in his life. A beautiful successful blond and a beautiful pink haired female, both these woman should be perfect for my son's and it all depends on which of them they choose. We are Uchiha's and that name has to be carried along. I'm not one that enjoys meddling to much but is something I feel like I need to do. So it'll be just a small push in that direction.

Hopefully by the end of this year I will hear about up-coming babies, grandchildren.

My name is not Uchiha Fagaku for nothing.

Uchiha Itachi stood in his father's office as the old man sat there puffing on his cigarette that their mother hated so much. Still nothing could stop this man from doing what he wanted, and Itachi could not help but wonder when he was going to die. The man was practically riding into his nineties and still showed no signs of dying any time soon. Then again how could his mother marry such a man when she was barely into her fifties?

"Can we please hurry it up here father, I want to leave already" Itachi complained once more "what the hell are you waiting for anyway" Fagaku puffed out the smoke from his lungs as he eye balled his son. He knew that the next thing he said was going to piss him off and yet he could not understand why both brothers hated each other. He also hoped that this will help them get over some differences, unless they end up fighting over the same girl. Oh well here goes.

"Your brother" he answered simply and turned away completely missing the startled look and small flush in Itachi's face. "I know you and Sasuke don't get along for some strange reason, but please bear for the moment" Itachi slammed his fist to the table desk and Fagaku sighed as he thought it was out of anger. On the other hand Itachi was in turmoil, there was no way he was going to handle seeing the boy. That child was sin in the flesh, and when his father spoke that name he really wished not to hear it because it sent his heart into a panicked race and the thought that soon Sasuke was going to be here made him nervous to the point his palms sweated. It was Sasuke's entire fault.

Soon there was the sound of light footsteps on the wood floor and the jingles of the multy belts Sasuke wore around his hips and the door opened. "Sasuke come in and take a seat here now young man" Sasuke did as he was told but he faltered in his steps as he saw his older brother there was well.

"Oh, hello Itachi" he said with such hostility that it hurt, but Itachi held his own.

"Foolish Otouto" Itachi smirked and soon a staring contest was issued with Sasuke glaring and Itachi staring back at him with blank indifference.

"Oh god I swear that hell just froze over" both brother's turned to look at their father with mild curiosity. Sasuke was still not sure why he was called here and why was his brother called as well? He hated him! At least he told himself that he did but at the same time this same guy was the only one that constantly invaded his thoughts and most of the time in inappropriate moments. I mean who the hell ever had wet dreams with his brother or even thought about their brother when taking a shower?! Maybe he was the only mentally and sickly ill. Still It was Itachi's entire fault "You two are priceless my children, simply priceless" The man chuckled.

As soon as Sasuke took his seat and Fagaku made sure he had their attention he begun to talk. "Alright I have a job for the both of you and on the while you'll be living under the same roof …..Again so please get along your mother will not be there to pull your ears" Sasuke and Itachi stared at their father in shock as he continued with his little speech. "You two are going to be taking care of Ms. Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino..."

Sasuke and Itachi suddenly regreted ever coming here.

Let the game of falling in love begin. After all, I said all I needed to do was give them a push and this is the biggest push I could come up with. The females' fathers have also agreed on my terms and can't wait to have their daughters married off to such fine young men.

I do hope I get some grandchildren and bring life to this huge mansion once again. I know my Mikoto will be pleased as well, and in the end your opinion won't matter. Now scat so I can take a nap, my children is finally out in the world finding love. I could not be happier.

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