The Secret Behind Saeki's Birth

Don't have to read if don't want to.


Many have asked me, and like ItaSasu FTW, even told me that they are confused as to where Saeki came in, in this story. I have to say, the idea I had is more complex than anything else, and it would be hard to describe –well not really- but maybe hard to comprehend, hence why I decided not to put it up and allow you all to just think about it…

I guess that was a bad choice. Still, I don't want to ruin anyone's perception of the story, so you can disregard this is you wish as well and keep the whole Saeki's birth a mystery.

So, while writing this story I was reading a book. I forgot what it was called, something about a hundred things you should know or something that we need to know. In it, it described that 'Did you know, men can get pregnant?' Moreover, I was like interesting. I read through the whole description on how in the womb, the child no matter what gender always starts out as a female. The only change is the different pheromones and testosterones all those hormones males and females all change after a few months to the gender chosen, somewhere around three months or so….

Of course, it was then said, if only the man would have eggs, he too would be able to carry a child in a certain area of tissues within them. I know what you are thinking, who donated the egg so it could be planted in Sasuke so he could get pregnant. –That will forever be a mystery cause not even I know ^^; Sorry about that- Then there is the whole problem with the umbilical cord and all that. So it has to be a big cautious procedure –I doubt this has ever been done and would ever be done, but it was interesting and I think of the craziest things in the world

So yes, Sasuke miraculously got pregnant with Itachi's child and they had a baby. The one and only child they will ever have….So…You can imagine the hard time they had just trying to get this right for their child to be born.

But you guys can either comment on this, tell me your thoughts, I can probably change it all Or something cause I have no better excuse. In my head just about a million things could have happened for Saeki to be born, but I liked this idea better.

I am so insane, sorry about all this….