Full Summary: Edward is one of the Elite at a famous high school in New York, his parents are rich and he lives a mostly gifted life... Bella is at the high school on a scholarship. Bella is fascinated by Edward, he is quiet an calm, but she can see something isn't quite right... so whats wrong?

"Edward?" He felt as if someone had punched him. The slurred words scared him, he tried to appear smaller behind his Biology book. "Ed- Whoa." His Father breathed. His father walked, or rather stumbled, toward his bed. "Edward Cu- llen." He slurred.

Edward got up and stood quietly near the door. "Dad, you're drunk." He said evenly. This happened way too often. His breathing turned shallow as his Father neared his still form, he knew running would be stupid.

"Don't. You. Dare." His father's fingers clamped painfully around his wrist, Edward couldn't feel his fingers. He shuddered and tried to move. "Don't. Insult. Me." His father spit at him. His nails left angry red marks. "I don't want to hear it." His fist hurt when it collided with Edward's arm.

"Stop." It was no more than a whisper.

"Ms. Swan?" Bella's head shot up from her project, the black marker she was using smudged onto her fingers and the paper. She stifled a moan. "Come here, please." Mr. Banner, her annoyingly loud and impersonal, Biology teacher called.

"Coming." Bella said quietly. Her voice was shaking. What was wrong? Nothing, she hoped. She was walking on thin ice in this school of preps and populars as it was, now this. She sighed, straighting her sweater and skirt. She hated the uniforms.

Edward, sitting at the lab station with Bella, looked after her as she walked out of the room. He took a deep breath, breathing in her honey and vanilla smell. She smelled amazing. He picked up the marker and started writing on the poster board. His smooth, legible calligraphy like writing put Bella's scrawl to shame. He sighed. It seemed this girl was always inferior to someone. He dropped the pen, and returned to typing the notes on the laptop. The composition he was working on played on a loop in his head.

"Mr. Banner?" Edward leaned forward in his seat, sticking his hand into the air in an elegant gesture. "Is Ms. Swan coming back?"

Mr. Banner nodded, smiling. "She is brilliant, isn't she?" He turned away. Edward sat there. A little puzzled at the almost warm comment. It was absurd to say, by the standards his teacher usually entertained. Mr. Banner was usually cold to his students.

Edward tried not to look happy that someone had finally noticed. "Yes, she is."

"Esme?" Bella walked hesitantly into her Aunt's office. "Is something wrong?"

Esme was seated behind her desk, wringing her hands and looking highly worried. "Bella!" She stood quickly, Bella noticed she wasn't wearing her heels, she fought the urge to laugh at her elegant Aunt and her habits. "How are you?" She wrapped Bella in her Micheal Kors clad arms. She was only about three inches taller than Bella without her heels. "Sit, please."

Bella sat, thinking about her other seat partner. "Esme." She said shakily. She wanted to know now. The suspense seemed to squeeze the light out of her Aunt, she was scared. Esme usually had such a calm facade about her. She leaned forward onto her Aunt's desk. "What is it Esme?"

Esme said it in a rush that Bella had to slowly process. The words didn't fit in the same sentence together."Your parents want to talk to you." She took a deep breath and leaned forward, grasping Bella's small hands in her own. "I told them no... But your mother was so malicious, Bella." Esme looked at the floor, at the ceiling, out the window. "She wanted to t-."

"I thought we had a promise." Bella said quietly. She tried to hide the tears that threatened to start falling down her cheeks. "I thought you promised me to keep my personal life at home." Bella wrenched her hands from her Aunt's. "Tell her what you want, Esme."

Bella threw open the heavy wooden doors, and started running. The bell rang. Bella ran. She ran across the quad, over the sacred grass that she wasn't supposed to touch. Esme wouldn't do anything about it... until she crashed into something pliable and warm. "Whoa." Some strong arms held her up as she collapsed into tears against this person.

She wasn't really paying attention to the fact that she didn't even know who this stranger was. It was a boy, she could tell from the white shirt she was now staining with her tears. She could also tell his voice was vaguely familiar, he even smelled familiar. She let the tears come, if it was really that horrible he would drop her to the ground. Instead, he sank with her to the grass, his hands were still held tightly around Bella. His books were abandoned about three inches away.

Edward held her tighter. She was so small, so weightless. She didn't know it was him, he was almost sure she would have run. He wrapped his arms around her and lowered her to the ground, situating her so she was sitting on his legs and folded into his lap. She might get grass on her khaki skirt, thats what he tried to convince himself... but that was a lie, even he knew that. He was curious about how she would feel against him, and let him tell you, he was not disappointed. She fit to him like a glove, and there was this absurd electricity about the air between them. He was comfortable, despite the stares of the lunch time crowd. Bella let out a shaking breath.

"Edward?" A girl, blond and tall, body like a swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated stood over him.

That was the first time Bella realized that Edward was the one who was cradling her. She looked up into a pair of wide, innocent, tired looking eyes. He stared at her with an intensity, regardless of the fact that his girlfriend was merely inches away. Rosalie, the Elite of the Elite. "What are you doing?"

He continued looking at Bella, Rosalie continued glaring at his bronze head. "Are you alright?" His voice was black velvet. Mysterious and captivating as it washed over her.

For a moment Bella forgot to be embarrassed, forgot to be scared, forgot everything. "... Yes."

"Oh. You just ran into me." Edward smiled widely at her. "I just had to make sure." His eyes turned intense again as he stared at her. "Are you sure you're okay?"

Bella nodded, abruptly standing up off of him as if he'd been burned. "Thanks. And yes." She started to run away, sparing him one glance over her shoulder.

He stared after her longingly for a moment too long. The way her hips swayed was tantalizing, more so than Rosalie's. He liked the elegant curve to her back, the way her hips curved in all the right spots. The way her hair hung in a healthy,wavy sheen. He inhaled sharply when Rosalie's hand came into contact with his shoulder, she had lightly hit him. He drew a deep breath, attempting to quell the fear in his eyes. "What the hell?" His voice was low, scared almost.

Rosalie looked repentant for almost a second. "You were staring at her." Hands on hips,

Edward, without thinking, pulled the sleeves of his Oxford down to cover the new bruises from last night. He stood. "Rosalie." Edward held her hands in his for a moment, pressed a kiss to her brow, and bent to her ear. The whole lunch crowd was watching the beautiful couple. "We need to take a break."

Rosalie's mouth falling open gave everyone the small hint about what happened that they needed. Hundreds of heads turned to other heads, manicured nails hit the send buttons on their cell phones, and guys rushed to dump their girlfriends. The news had traveled like wildfire: Rosalie Hale, the most beautiful girl at school, was single.

When her brother, Jasper, had heard this he had almost died from laughing, but then... He had merely rolled his eyes and pressed his girlfriend into the wall for a deep and promising kiss. He wasn't like other guys at this school, he wasn't shallow. "I love you, Alice Cullen." Edward's sister, as it was. Her hair was short and spiky, under his fingertips.

She kissed him back. "I love you, Jazz Hale." He chuckled quietly at his nick name, reaching down to kiss her neck. "Jazzy... we won't make it to class on time." He rolled his eyes and hoisted her onto the counter. Her hands were already tangled in his blond hair. "Jazz."

"Who says we need Government anyway? I'm more of a psychology student." She laughed as he hiked up her skirt.

"Mr Norton!"

"Yes, you may." He didn't look up from the video practice tests he was grading as Edward seated himself at the grand piano in the large circular room with high windows. It was a normal thing. He only looked to Edward's wrists when he pulled up his Oxford.

Sure enough, there on the skin of Edward Cullen's wrists were bruises. He knew exactly how Edward had got the bruises and knew the boy didn't get close to people so they never found out. He was practically famous here anyway. It would look bad.

Mr. Norton waited for the same melody he'd been hearing for days now.

It really was a pretty song, beautiful actually. It started slow, and sultry, then it transformed into something happier. Still low, Edward preferred the bass clef, but definitely more happy. It wasn't fast either, it seemed to be a Lullaby to someone.

"Edward, you are going to tell someone... Are you not?" Mr. Norton leaned against the piano, arms crossed, hands sitting under his chin. "I'm sick of seeing you hide away from the world because you're hurt."

Edward's fingers stilled on the piano. "I can't tell anyone. You know that." His mind had toyed with the idea thousands of times, but he always came to the same conclusion. His father, Mr. Mason was divorced and needed to drink. He was just mad and needed someone to take it out on, Edward was that. Alice wasn't in any harm, she didn't know, she was safe. So he wasn't going to tell. "No one knows. No one cares. I think its better that way." He said quietly.

Mr. Norton held out his hands to Edward. "Give me your arm. Pull up your Oxford." Edward did as he was told. Baring his skin was risky, especially here. When the Oxford was gone, it revealed many little bruises and scars. Bumps, Edward had called them first. Then he had a bad pet. Then he looked for excuses to the mysterious scars... then he'd told the truth. His father was abusive.

Emmett moved to find his sister. "Bella!" The Swan siblings looked at each other briefly, then Emmett burst into laughter. "You ran into Edward Cullen! Priceless!" He grabbed at his large sides, narrowly avoiding falling on a poor Sophomore. "Should have seen that Rosalie chick though..." His eyes glazed over as he recalled the look on his latest crush's face. "She was smokin'!"

Bella tried to make herself disappear from the spot, with no luck. She turned to glare at Emmett, deciding quickly that he needed to shut up. Bella hauled him into the nearest empty classroom. "Stop that!" She playfully swatted at Emmett, hoping, secretly that it would hurt. Not a chance, of course. Her brother Emmett was all muscles and meat. Girls liked him. He just kind of walked into a room and girls decided they were single. Emmett truly fit in here with all of these preps and populars, Bella was not any of that though. She was small, petite in the extreme. Her hair was a normal brown color, large brown eyes. Nothing special, she wasn't even that pretty. "Did she look very mad?"

Emmett nodded, menacingly. "Oh yeah." He chuckled. "No, Bella." He wrapped his little sister in a hug. "She looked... more shocked, I think." He shot a look at the clock. "Gym! Damn! See ya, Bella."

Bella had never been happier to walk into her and Emmett's small apartment. It was a nice apartment, thanks to Esme, but they had insisted that it not be too big. "Oh..." She sighed, sinking onto the couch into a heap. "Jake!" Their tiny, Husky puppy ran into the room. Tail wagging and eyes bright. Bella opened her arms and held him to her chest, hugging him tightly. "At least you had a good day." She grumbled.

Emmett walked into the room in a daze. His back pack fell to the floor with a thump. The door slammed behind him with an angry snap. "Did she talk to you?" He growled.

"Ten minutes, Em." She stood up and walked into the bathroom.

Her reflection seemed to mock her just as much as Emmett was going to. She should have told him, it was stupid not to tell him, he could have helped. She splashed cold water on her cheeks and eyes, making the redness vanish momentarily. She squirted some of the face wash into her hands, rubbing them together vigorously. She scrubbed the stuff onto her face.

After she was done washing her hands, she pulled on a pair of Emmett's really, really old Rugby sweatpants and a tank top. She met Emmett back out on the couch. He was wearing sweats that hung low on his waist and a muscle shirt. "Okay, spill." He said before Bella could even sit down.

She frowned down at her brother, before diving head first into the story.

Rosalie and Jasper had been in the limo for five minutes, just sitting by the school parking lot. Rosalie was waiting to find Edward, Jasper knew she was going to rip him a new one. "Come on, Rose. This isn't going to help. Don't fight him."

She turned around, shooting her absurdly beautiful gaze at him. She was a classic beauty, not like Alice, though they were both beautiful in their own ways. Rosalie was high cheekbones, blue eyes, blond hair, and long eyelashes beautiful. Alice was short black hair, deep blue eyes that you could fall into, petite waist perfect for holding, and tiny star tattoo on her ankle beautiful. It was almost safe beautiful versus dangerous beautiful. Rosalie against Alice. Alice won in his mind though he would never tell. She was the one. His other half, he was going to propose on the road trip to Seattle they were taking after school was out. He'd never been so nervous in his life.

"There he is." Rosalie shot out of the car, clearly on a mission. Jasper had only eyes for the tiny girl walking next to Edward, she came toward him.

"Jazz." Her lips came down softly on his, calling to him. La Tua Cantante, Jasper thought wryly. Thank You Italian Teacher.

Edward pulled his black leather jacket closer to his body as Rosalie drew nearer. "Alright, whats up? That was so unlike you." Rosalie was inches from him, her blond hair dancing in the wind... why couldn't he concentrate on anything other than Bella Swan? "Is there someone else? I know all the girl-." His finger on her lips stopped her. She sighed against his finger.

"There is someone else, alright?" He didn't want to give her the gory details, she needn't know he liked a girl that was anything but Elite. "Shes perfect for me. I've been waiting for an opportunity, and today just seemed.. right." He shrugged. Rosalie mentally beat him, the musical types.

"Alright. I accept that. Friends?" She stuck out her hand to shake.

He put his hands over hers, and pulled her hands to his lips. "Friends." He said against her hand, his lips were tantalizing. Stop it, Rosalie!
She walked away from him.

Alice looked rumpled when she climbed into the limo. She held her heels in one hand, and her... Oh. Edward looked away. "Alright! I get it!" Alice put her thong in her bag and turned back to Edward. "I love him, you know." She said quietly.

Edward nodded, raising an eyebrow. "Jasper Hale?"

"Yes." She was defiant. "Hes so perfect, and strong, and... Oh! He does this thing with his tounge on my-."

"Stop!" Edward yelled, he broke into a fit of laughter. Happy to be spending some time with his sister for once. "I don't want to know!"

Alice scooted across the buttery leather towards Edward, she put her head on his shoulder. "Will you come home with me tonight? Come see mom. She misses you. Your room is still there even. Please, Edward Mason?" His middle name and the puppy eyes. He sighed.

"Yes, Alice Brandon." He kissed her spiky head and settled into the seat, content to not have to face his father until another day.

"So... thats what happened." Bella finished, she stuck her spoon into the huge pot of pasta and fished out a hot piece, then she threw the piece at Emmett.

"One minute." He said slowly. He got their plates from the table and brought them to Bella. "Here."

They ate quietly that night, each wrapped in their own thoughts.

Bella couldn't get Edward Cullen out of her head. He was so... perfect. Everything about him was perfect, and she knew that was what intrigued her. She was anything but perfect, so anything close to perfection was just... foreign. It was different in so many ways, but she wanted him.

Emmett sank into his own shallow thoughts for a few moments. Rosalie Hale... God, the girl was amazing. She'd never really been with Edward. She'd, kind of, been seeing Emmett on the side. They'd spoken a couple of times, he'd been to her house... He'd kind of fallen in love with her. Not that he would ever tell anyone, maybe now, they even had the chance to be together. He sighed and looked over at his sister, she deserved Edward Cullen. She was so good, so strong.

Edward sank to the couch across from their mom. "Edward!" She squealed like a small child before coming over to him and kissing his head. "How are you? Hows your father?"

Edward wanted to disappear from this room, for awhile he didn't say anything. "I'm good... Dad is drunk." He said quietly.

Elizabeth clapped her hands over her mouth. "Oh no."

Edward nodded. "Oh yes." He made sure to keep the old sweat shirt he was wearing pulled over his bruises, he flexed his wrist painfully. "Hes not so good, mom." His forearm protested when he lifted his form from the chair. "Night." He pressed a kiss to her forehead.

Emmett sank back into his bed and sighed happily. "Bella?" He called quietly.

She softly padded into his room. "Yeah?" Her eyes, though dark, were clearly wet from where Emmett laid. "Emmett?"

"Come lay with me." He said quietly. Bella was hesitant, but she came. Emmett pulled her into his arms and started pulling his hands through the dark brown locks. "Bella... I did something bad." Emmett told his own story, scared about abandoning Rosalie like his parents had abandoned him.

Rosalie sprawled on the bed with her feet in the air. "Jasper?" He turned from his spot on the couch on the deck she had that over looked the gardens. "Do you love her?"

Jasper nodded. His hands fished into his pocket, and he came up with a small black box.