A Week Before Rosalie's Due Date: SHE WILL BE HAVING THE BABY!

Rosalie turned over again, accidentally sending her knee into Emmett's groin. He bucked forward, catching her knee in his grip. "Please." He gritted out. "Don't keep moving."

Rosalie flinched at the pain that seemed to be everywhere. "I can't get comfortable." She whined. "Everything hurts!" She hissed.

Emmett abruptly became serious. He turned away, settling her knee back on the bed with a kiss. He switched on the dim lamp light that shouldn't hurt Rosalie's eyes. Her face was closed to him. She wore a mask of nonchalance that Emmett knew well. She had worn it when she had ended them more than ten months ago now. "Rose..." His hands went down to the bare, sweaty skin of her stomach. "Are you alright?"

"Uh-." She took a moment to let out a hissing breath through her teeth. "No." She mumbled, letting her body rock with the pain.

Emmett let the tiniest bit of fear leak into his large, brown eyes. "But Rose," he tried, almost desperately to talk her out of having the baby. "you aren't due for a week!" His whole facade had slipped away to reveal... something, Emmett couldn't put his fingers on it.

He wasn't ready to be a dad though, he didn't know how. He never even had a dad... all his dad did was send a letter here or there, his father hadn't cared. How was Emmett supposed to do this? He didn't take the class 'Daddy One-oh-one.' Emmett reached over to hold Rosalie's hand in a death grip. "Are you sure?" He asked, Emmett could feel her pulse fluttering in her wrist.

She nodded, closing her eyes. "Shit." She murmured. Abruptly her lips split into a little grin. "Remember?"

Emmett nodded, of course he did. He had any moment that he had ever spent in her presence ingrained into his mind with a shocking clarity that his other life didn't seem to possess. "'Emmett!" He mocked in her voice, tugging her small, shivering body to form a meld against his. Emmett let his lips slide down her neck, massaging the hot skin. "'Our baby can hear that!'"

Rose groaned. "Can you get my bag?"

Emmett held her more tightly. "No, Rose. Let me call Bella and Edwar-."

"No, I'll be fine." She coaxed Emmett to grab her bag with as sure a voice as she could muster at the moment. Her body was betraying her though. Her hands clenched on the sheets, and her throat let out a squeak of disapproval when she went to sit up.

Emmett ran out of the room as fast as he could, he dashed through the kitchen, and, when he got into the white bathroom, he slung the bag over his shoulder. "Rose, I'm back." His breathing was coming faster after his sprint.

Rosalie laughed weakly. "I thought that kick would have handicapped you."

Emmett laughed with her. "No, Rose." He put his hands around her, and picked her up bridal style. He held her for one moment. "Rose, I love you, alright? Stay strong in there. I'll get you anything you need when we're in that Hospital." He knew she hated doctors.

She nodded, straining her neck for a kiss. Emmett's lips first went to catch her tears. "It hurts." She whispered. Emmett's lips then came down softly on hers, and she wrapped her hands around his solid, perfect neck. "Take me to the doctor."

"Alright." Emmett tried to stay calm the whole way to the hospital, Rosalie could see the panic seeded deeply in his eyes though. When he parked the car he slung her back into his arms and ran into the hospital with a determined look. "I need a room."

They got a room and Rosalie was hooked up to some pain medicine within an hour. That was when Rosalie fell asleep. As soon as she was asleep, Emmett put his head down on the small table, doubting himself more than ever now. What was he going to do? There was no way to back out now, and he loved Rosalie too much to back out. But this whole baby-."

"Mr. Swan?" Emmett jumped up at the sound of Carlisle's voice. "How are you?"

Emmett offered a weak smile. "I don't know."

Carlisle gently shook Rose awake. "Time to have a baby." He came over to Emmett and put his hand around Emmett's shoulders. "Just relax. You two love each other. And thats all this baby will need: love."

Within two hours, Emmett was a father.

When Carlisle handed their newly clean baby to Rosalie. She started to cry. Her weary face, punctured by a near sleepless night, fell into the most content expression. She patted the spot next to her on the bed, inviting Emmett to join her.

Emmett's breath caught in his throat when Rosalie showed him the little baby.

She was a girl. Her name would be Olivia, it had been decided a long time ago. Her small eyes were wide, open, and blue. Her lips were soft looking, her face unblemished. Her skin was pale, just like their skin. Emmett loved her hair though. It was just the smallest, almost a careless sprinkling of blond hair.. His favorite part of her face was her long eyelashes. They were like fairy dust, just barely brushing against in her cheek in their dramatic dip. "Shes beautiful, Em." Rosalie put her head on his shoulder, inviting his arms to wrap around her. "Olivia." Rosalie put her lips to the baby's head, brushing a kiss against the pale skin of her forehead.

"She is, Rose. Shes so beautiful." Emmett's doubt had all but vanished. This was it, right here. This was his chance to give his daughter what he never had: a father. "Olivia." He tried her name too, just to see how it fit the little blond miracle in Rosalie's arms.

He decided he liked that name.

He'd also decided he liked being a dad.