Chapter 4. Shannon Moore and Bam Margera Extreme Roof Top Wrestling.

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"So is that a mole or a wart?" Shannon asked poking Bam's face. Bam swatted his hand away from his face.

"Are you retarded or did your mom smoke crack when she was pregnant? What does it look like butt breath?" Bam snapped.

"I kinda looks like a piece of ass." Shannon laughed.

"Well its not." Bam got up and walked away, leaving Shannon on the porch steps by himself. Shannon smiled. He couldn't help but to wonder what the hell that thing was on Bam's face. It didn't take long for Wee Man and Preston to come around the corner.

"So did you find out what it was?" Wee Man asked. Preston started to giggle.

"Well I found out that it want a piece of ass. If that helps ya'll out any." Shannon smiled and shoved Wee Man into Preston's stomach and giggled. "Ya'll are a funny bunch of crack heads." Shannon said, getting up and walking over to the coolers.

"Uhm I wouldn't do that if I were you." Wee Man warned.

Shannon turned around." Why? Its not like some one is in there and gonna spray me with piss, you're standing right there." Shannon laughed and made a move for the cooler.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." Wee Man said and walked away. Preston giggled.

"What so funny?" Shannon asked as he opened the cooler. A hiss came from the cooler and Shannon jumped back. "What the fuck is that?"

"What the fuck is what?" Preston asked.

"That, That thing in the cooler, I aint never seen a muthafucker that big! That fuckin rat is huge! And fat and nasty and smelly." Shannon said, backing away from the cooler.

"Dude watch it." Bam said, shoving Shannon. That made Shannon mad for some reason. He normally didn't mind being shoved out of the way, he was used to it. He smiled to himself and opened the cooler slowly and pulled out the sewer rat. It was nasty and it did smell. It was all the better to get back at Bam with. He waited until Bam had his back to him. He was talking to Johnny about some new idea he had gotten in the middle of a nap and was talking about it excitedly. Johnny didn't look so happy about it. Shannon walked up behind Bam quietly. Johnny noticed what Shannon was up too and smiled at him. He snuck behind Bam quietly and stuck the rat inside his shirt. Bam began to scream and scratch his back, trying to find the thing that was in his shirt. Johnny and Shannon had doubled over laughing. All the laughter and yelling had caused every one else to come and see what was happening. Bam felt ashamed of himself. Everybody was laughing at him. He was feeling worse than he had when flying a kite out of his ass using butt beads. He threw the rat out of his shirt and walked away, red in the face and the whole crew laughing at him. He quickened his pace and walked deeper into the woods. He heard footsteps behind him.

"Hey man, you alright?" Shannon asked, a little concerned.

"What do you care?" Bam said harshly.

"Man come one. Are we cool?" Shannon asked and offered his hand. Bam looked at Shannon's hand, then at his face, just to be sure this want a trick. He took a deep breath and prepared for the worst. He gripped Shannon's hand tightly and shook it. A smile spread across Shannon's face. Bam put on a sheepish grin.

"I guess I shouldn't have been such an asshole to you earlier." Bam said as he ran his fingers through his dirty hair.

"Yeah, you should try and lighten up. I mean its not only funny when things happen to other people. I would have thought you were used to that by now." Shannon said, sitting down on a log.

"Yeah I know. I just hate being messed with really." Bam sat down by Shannon and picked up a twig. He began to twirl it between his fingers. All of a sudden Shannon heard "Wings of a Butterfly".

"What the hell is that?" Shannon asked.

"Uhm a ringtone?" Bam said with an eyebrow arched.

"You call that shit music?" Shannon asked skeptically. "Man this is music." He searched his phone for a few seconds and began to play Rob Zombie's "American Witch". Bam arched an eyebrow.

"Ok, you're weird." He said laughing as he grabbed Shannon into a headlock.

"You don't wanna wrestle with me." Shannon said sternly," That's one thing I can beat your ass at." He grinned.

"Give it a shot then." Bam tempted, holding up both his fists. "you're a wimp anyhow." He grinned.

"Me? Me the wimp?" Shannon asked with his eyebrows raised." I wasn't the one that got all butt hurt about everyone laughing at him you wimp."

"I wasn't butt hurt-" Bam began and then shook the idea off his tongue." Never mind lets wrestle."

"Naw it wouldn't be fair, you don't know shit about wrestling. I'll teach you a little first and then we can wrestle." Shannon smiled at Bam. "Follow me." He said as he walked to the home made Ring the Hardy's had had since childhood. They climbed into the ring and Shannon immediately speared Bam right in the gut. He fell on his back and grabbed his gut.

"Aww man that hurt so bad. What ever that was don't ever fucking do that again." Bam panted. Shannon smiled and offered Bam his hand. He pulled Bam up to his feet.

"Alright, now Im gonna show you the sleeper hold."

"But you didn't even show me that move you just did, you just did it to me." Bam said.

"Ok well it was called a spear, there now you know what it is." Shannon smiled proudly. "Anyways on to the sleeper hold." Shannon grabbed Bma fro mteh back and began to choke him. He could feel Bam slowly slippping so he let go.

"Ok your turn." Shannon said. Bam got behind him and copied the move exactly as Shannon had done.

"Come one squeeze you pussy!" Shannon said.

"Im trying!" Bam complained. "I cant do it, its fucking hurting my arms."

"It sure don't feel like it." Shannon said as he slipped out of it.

"Shut up you ass."

"Ok lets try something else maybe then huh? Lets see, clothesline. Im sure you could do it. Well as long as your arm don't break in half." Shannon said, a small smile spreading across his lips. Shannon grabbed Bam's arm and Irish whipped him into the ropes and he bounced right back at Shannon, where he was met with Shannon's arm across his chest. He fell to the floor breathless and grabbing his chest. Shannon hovered over him. " Hey get up man. It wasn't even that hard." Shannon giggled. Bam glared at him and stood up.

"Is it my turn now?" He asked.

"It sure is." Shannon said. Bam grabbed Shannon by the arm and attempted to Irish whip him into the corner. Bam couldn't get Shannon to budge. Bam tried again and Shannon remained in place.

"Aren't you supposed to go with the flow?" Bam asked. He was getting aggravated.

"I guess I could for your pussy ass." Shannon laughed. Bam tried again and this time Shannon let himself be thrown into the ropes and he allowed Bam's arm to connect with his chest. Bam howled and fell onto the mat.

"AW my fuckin arm!" He whined.

"What did I tell you? I knew you were gonna break your fuckin arm trying to wrestle me. See we haven't even really wrestled and you're already crying."

"Im not crying!" Bam yelled. "Im whining." He mumbled.

"Ok that's enough for you." Shannon said." Lets head back home." He helped Bam up and they began to walk to the house and the bus. Bam kept a tight hold on his ribcage and held onto the sore arm with his free arm. Shannon shook his head and lead the way through the woods.

"Hey how does roof top wrestling sound?" Bam asked out of nowhere.

"Dude, you cant even wrestle in a ring, let alone a roof." Shannon smirked.

They emerged from the woods and saw Matt and Chris roasting marshmallows and laughing about something stupid. To the left where Jeff, Ryan, Ehren and Wee Man all panting a portion of a huge wall Jeff had built for no reason at all.

"Its about time you two fags came back." Chris laughed that stupid laugh of his and punched Matt on the shoulder.

"Why are you fags roasting marshmallows at two o clock in the after noon?" Bam asked, snatching the marshmallow Matt was about to eat.

"He ate my marshmallow." Matt said, his eyes widened.

"He ate your marshmallow." Chris said back to him, wide eyed.

"I ate your marshmallow." Bam said. "What are you gonna do about it?" He said licking the sticky goo off his fingers.

"Wrestle you." Matt simply stated.

"Correction. Im wrestling Shannon." Bam said

"Ahh I knew you guys were butt buddies!!" Chris yelled.

"Hey you guys how does roof top wrestling sound? Me and Shannon were discussing it on our way back."

"Were you now?" Ehren asked. "Can you even wrestle?"

"I-Well- Yeah I can wrestle." Bam said smiling proudly.

"Ok well then to the rooftop!" Shannon said.

All the guys trooped to the back of Matt's house where he kept a ladder. Matt set up the ladder and one by one all the guys climbed up to Matt's roof. Everybody found a place to sit, making sure to leave a pretty large open square for Bam and Shannon to wrestle in. The guys began to place bets on who they thought would win. Ironically everyone bet that Shannon would win.

"Ok since we don't have a bell can I be the bell?" Chris asked. Nobody objected. "Ding Ding Ding!" Chris yelled.

Bam tried to remember how to give a clothes line and grabbed Shannon's arm. Instead of hitting him on the chest, he had hit him right in the eye. Shannon doubled over holding his eye. Bam tried to think off all the wrestling moves he had ever seen. One stuck out in his mind. What was it called? Some sort of dog food was all he remembered. He shrugged his shoulders and went for it. He tucked Shannon's head between his legs and pulled both of his arms to his back quickly. He felt Shannon move a little and before he realized what had happened he was flying through he air. He landed face first on the hard shingles of Matt's roof. He got up and could feel the road rash all down the left side of his face. Bits of gravel and twigs stuck to his cheek. He picked out a twig and tossed it at Ryan. Bam looked across the roof at Shannon, who in turn was staring back at him. They both charged each other and Shannon knocked him down. The cold concrete hit Bam's back pretty hard but still he got up. He was pretty near the edge of the roof but didn't realize it. Shannon came for him again but this time he got smart and ducked. Shannon teetered over the edge but regained his balance. Bam began to laugh, proud that he hadn't been knocked down. Shannon turned to him and gave him a spear so hard it sent both of them toppling of the two story roof. The other guys gathered at the roof's edge to see what had happened. They looked down to see Bam sprawled, face first on the lush green lawn and a few yards away, Shannon facing the sky.

"Dude I think they're dead." Ryan said, taking off his sunglasses and sticking them in his shirt pocket.

"Me too." Matt said in a concerned tone and hurried down the ladder. "Hey you guys better come down here." Matt yelled up at the guys.

"Are they dead?" Wee Man asked as he got down.

"I don't think so but I do think we need to get them in the house." Matt said. Matt, Chris and Wee Man carried Shannon and Jeff, Ryan and Ehren carried Bam.

"Why do we get the fat guy?" Jeff and Ryan complained.

"Just shut up and take him in." Wee Man said, struggling to carry Shannon's torso. They finally got them in the house and settled on the couches with ice packs and blankets.

"I hope they aren't dead." Jeff said. Bam and Shannon both began to stir a little.

"Damn it I thought we finally got rid of those two." Chris joked.

"Pffft you're telling me?" Matt rolled hid eyes." Try growing up with Jeff and Shannon tagging along."

"Ehh yeah I can see that." Chris made himself look like he was dreaming and then made his eyes widen "Ew no I don't want to see that." He laughed. He and Matt laughed.

"A beer?" Matt asked.

"A beer would be great. I'd love to rot my liver some more, thank you Matt." Chris laughed.

"I'd like a beer." Shannon said groggily from the couch. Everybody started laughing.

Never fear!! This isnt the end!