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Introduction/ letter

Dear Isabella Marie Cullen,

CONGRADULATIONS ON THE NEW BABY, though he/she's not born yet.

You and your husband have been nominated by Mary Alice Brandon Cullen to be on a new T.V. show TLC is making. There are no rules except you can't quit the T.V. show. You can make the cameramen go away for five minutes at a time for privacy, though.

When you get this letter, be aware that bunches of cameramen are video taping you. They will be hiding around your house waiting for you to check your mail.

There will be, at the most, 30 camera men around your house video taping everything you do for nine months, the baby's birth and a year to celebrate his/hers first birthday. (So keep it appropriate please.) There will be small interviews every week or so, so you can talk as though you were talking to the viewers.

Once again, CONGRATS!

Best concerns,


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