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"Dinner, Nagini," said Voldemort softly, and the great snake swayed and slithered from his shoulders onto the polished wood. "Now, onto new a new subject," he said, looking directly at Snape. "My goddaughter. She is yet another person Bellatrix had failed to kill." He looked pointedly at Bellatrix who, though covered in bruises from the Hogwarts infiltration, still blushed violently.

"But my Lord! You told us not to harm her!" she protested. Snape smirked to himself, trying to force back a laugh. It came out as a cross between a hiccup and a sneeze. Lucius stared at him.

"Dare you defy me, woman!" Voldemort shouted, looking sidelong at Snape. "I have decided without any notice that she's not going to be helpful and, if by some freak circumstance all of my Horcruxes are destroyed and I die, I don't want her getting all my money." Although Voldemort wasn't very wealthy, he felt it would be right to refuse another inheritance to a woman who had been denied so many. "You should have known, Bellatrix, that this is what I wanted. Because of your flawed thinking, I'm not going to assign you her murder. Instead I'm going to give it to….hmm…." he scoped the room. Snape met his glance and shrugged. "No, Severus, you couldn't kill her if she lay bleeding and already half-dead in your arms and wanted you to put her out of her misery." Snape stared at Voldemort while Bellatrix's eyes let up almost imperceptibly.

"Well, I can honestly say that I've never thought of that scenario," he said, although the statement had made him uncomfortable.

"Yes…." He returned to looking over his Death Eaters. He looked hard at Lucius, who flinched. "Yes, Lucius," he smiled coldly. "You've welcomed me into your home, you deserve a victim."

"She's my daughter," he said, almost inaudibly.

"What was that?"

"Nothing, My Lord," he said feebly. His cheeks had gone white and a dead look started to appear behind his eyes.

"Please, My Lord," Bellatrix begged. "All I want to do is kill this girl, to take revenge for what she did to me in the Department of Mysteries!" Her dark eyes flooded with tears. Voldemort rolled his eyes.

"Bellatrix, do I give second chances?" he asked, his tone condescending. She muttered something under her breath. "What was that?"

"No, My Lord," she said, sounding defeated.

"I didn't think so." He turned to Lucius, "You will kill her, and don't just break into the school and start randomly killing people. I've tried that before and it doesn't work."

"My Lord, sir," Narcissa started, looking anxious, "I hate to ask so much of you, but isn't there another person who can do this? I mean, he did raise her, and really, does it matter who kills her, just as long as she's gone?"

"Are you volunteering, Narcissa?"

"Me? No, my Lord. I didn't even want to give her up and I couldn't stand to kill her! We raised her since she was a child."

"And you have no desire to please The Dark Lord?" his voice rising to an almost prepubescent squeal. "You don't want to make my dream of families killing family members real? Is that what you're saying Cissy? Because if that's what you're saying, if you don't give a shit about my hopes and dreams for the future, well, you can just leave!"


"I can't fucking believe this," Esme muttered to herself. She'd been stationed directly outside the Malfoy Manor. "He's dead for less than a month and Mad-Eye's already taken over and defying all of his orders. 'You know the area, don't you? You did grow up there.' Bastard. Those fucking peacocks used to chase me down and peck me half to death. Hate this place." It was true, the Malfoy Manor had brought back some painful memories, especially when the peacocks chased her down, squawking loudly enough to break glass.

She climbed not-so-stealthily onto the roof of the manor, realizing painfully that it was completely made of glass. "This is new. Why would a man so ugly want the entire world to see him? Also, why am I climbing on his roof and talking to myself? I must be going completely insane." Her foot slipped and she smashed open a window. "Well, that proves it." She waited for an alarm to go off and for Death Eaters to come running, but nothing happened. In the silence she heard Snape's voice.

"…and even if he is willing to kill her, he doesn't have access to her! She's going to spend all of her time at the school and I don't want Death Eaters randomly infiltrating my school and attempting to off one of my best professors!" He sounded mad, but also a little panicked. The fact that Snape was scared made Esme nearly giddy, as her foot slipped and she smashed another pane of glass.

"FINE!" She recognized that high, cold voice. "You know what Snape, if you want to be bitch, that's bloody fine with me! Now, here is my new rule: f we want someone dead, we find them, kidnap them, and take them to whoever's supposed to murder them! So whoever finds this girl can take her to Lucius and he can do the honors!" Esme snickered to herself. She'd never heard anyone get mad at Snape, so this was a rare treat. "Now this applies to everyone except Snape because he's a bloody wimp! And why is it so fucking cold in here? You know I like the house temperature to be the same as your body temperature, Lucius! Why did you defy my orders?"

"Someone broke in like five minutes ago," muttered a Death Eater who was lying, stretched-out on the floor.

"Well then why didn't you say anything, you stupid floor-person!"

"I'll go see who it is," Snape said silkily. He walked calmly out of the sitting room, through the kitchen, and into the hall with the broken panels of glass. Very quickly, he reached through the whole and grabbed the front of Esme robes, accidentally feeling her up in the process.

"Snape!" she shrieked, feeling uncomfortably violated.

"Well, well, well look who it is. And we were just talking about you too."

To be continued…


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