The End





Sasuke x Karin

I do not own Naruto

Warning -

No bashing or flaming,

I like all pairings,

This is Sasuke x Karin,

With hurtful Sasuke x Sakura,

And Suigetsu x Karin,

If you have a weak heart,

I insist not to read,

This is subjective to being a lemon,

Which is why it is rated M,

This is a one-shot,

No future chapters.







Fingers smooth as peanut butter over the slim skin

Over broad shoulders down to the waist line with a tight pinch

A stench of sweat and blood filled every sense

Brought over to a bed of black and red

"Morning Sasuke-kun!"

A smile pierced the magenta hair tall female, her red eyes,

They tore through the toxic wall.

His onyx eyes dim as red spiraled,

Watching the movement of her body.

The light purple shirt disposed of

Her arms crossed over his hot head

The room gets hotter

Lips crash as a dim light splattered in the shadows

His feet drew himself against the pink hair kunochi,

But his eyes never left the magenta hair

Her back tied against the white hair swordsman,

But her mind never left the onyx eyes

His hands folded up along her cheeks

She grasped his sides in order to contain peace

Whispers reveal static

As the lips danced a lithium song

Their steps created a pattern,

As they glanced back each other a moment in time

No one was around but each other,

As everything crumpled and shattered

Legs lifted up

His finger tips slid off the black shorts

Her thighs go down

Her hands go up to push off the white shirt

Her hands clutch her chest at the very thought,

When his voice is drifted out

His hands coil into a fist,

When everything turned ever so hot

Her hand grasped a kunai

As blood slid

Through each letter


Upon his muscle

When they meet at the stairs,

They collide as shooting stars,

His shoulder touched hers,

Her hip touched his,

Her fingers slid down

The pants go down

They both go down

His lips go down

And farther down

When they pass another,

His hands grasped her butt

Her hand swifts across his chest,

Her demon eyes glancing

Sweat poured

As small hands clutch

The damp sheets

Her back arch

At each touch

His tongue teased

And his hands taunt

He reached over to push back her hair,

She smiles back at him

He feels his spirit rise

As there space is enveloped

Her eyes rolled back

As he pushes himself in

Pants of ecstasy

Becomes puffs of air

A red rose


As her eyes were up lifted

That held

A mysterious


Her hands pushed back her hair up,

He whispers into her ear

Comments her foul beauty

Knowing his mark of greed when he grasped her

His forehead


Against the valley

Against her moving


Perky nipple


He feeds her a cake of sweet craves

That lather up their taste buds

As they persist their meet

Behind everybody's reality

His hips moved

As her leg lift up

She turned aside

His teeth nibbled down

Upon his final holy ground

His ears dismiss the pink hair medic

And the blond hair dope

She shed out the shark man

And resisted the cursed man

Her skin


As if no other

No matter


Undying taste buds

Her feet curve

His eyes shot

Up and met



The wine it self

His hands grasped the rims

Of thick glasses

She tossed them aside

For now he was her eyes

Her nails

They dig inside

With marks of empathy

They rolled

They collided

They met

They breathed




Their hands touched,

But no commotion persist

He stayed ignorant,

But he showed her intimate

She curled

As a furry kitten

As if he were

A master

Against his tough skin

His fingers slid up

She got on top

Her body

Dismiss all the fantasy

She was

A Concept

But yet


He smelt her hair,

That filled his appetite

She long to hold his hand

Till the sun risen again

Her butt cheeks


Her chest cheeks

Surround his sense

His hands

Captured her neck

He forced


To meet




Her chuckle

Made his heart melt

His aura

Made her groan

They continued

With no end

No matter

Who came on in

It was them

Only them

As their hands cupped

Fingers tangled

Her questions made her innocent

But he knew she was far from angelic,

He would reply cocky,

But to her his lips were inviting

Rules no longer


Only their desire


No matter the womb

That held a baby


No longer the white gel

That marked

A pink hair


Their battle


A tough match

Till they laid it out

On a strike

Of A


His hand clutch hers

Before leaving

A white note was left

With a number on it

Here they lie

From previous events

From the Years that pass by

From the day

They met

From their touch

From their skin

From their sense

From their lust

Exhaust took place

His arms held her

To his own selfish obsession

It was a secret

Their secret

A secret


One Another

The door opened

A wind pushed her in

Silence took its hold

Till he came down

The sheets held

Its stench

His mind was captivated

As the pink hair medic

Yelled and cried

As she came home to no words of love

She died inside

As she saw hints of marks

That she hadn't applied

She fell to her knees

With how weak

She had became

When she knew

Something was up

Sasuke said no words

But ignored her demand

He only slept at home

But snuck out to Karin

She listened to his yell

She never answered his calls

She walked pass him

Pass Juugo

Pass her new friends

He passes his

Tears dripped down

From Emerald

As blood trickled

From the white swordsman

Sasuke grasped Karin's hand

He swift it away

Karin looked down at her hand

Her eyes widen

As she read the devil's words

That Satan had created for them