1 Zephyr's Wind

Author's Note: This fan-fic starts out before the end of season two; it ends how I think it should, then my version of what happens after that. Basically, Genki, of course, returns to the monster world, but this time there's a few surprises in store for him.stay tuned!!!

(Also, this- *~~~*~~~* indicates a change of p.o.v. or scene.)

Genki watched as Holly placed the red mystery disk in the middle of the shrine, his normally energetic attitude calmed for once. Outside their friends battled with Moo's troops, it was the final show down.

"I hope this works," murmured Holly as the disk began to spin, glowing as it did. When the light had reached its peak, she yelled, "Unlock!" They watched in amazement as the disk glowed a brighter red before flashing a blinding orange.

Both humans shielded their eyes, and when they could see again their eyes beheld the legendary Phoenix! He screeched deafeningly, his wings unfolding to their full length, filling the shrine with his presence.

"Daughter of pure heart and Son of clear eyes, you have released me from my prison," he thundered, shaking the very foundations with his voice. "Now, I must go and once again destroy the vile Moo. Come and watch!" The roof gave way as the Phoenix crashed through it, soaring in to the sky high above. Holly and Genki ran outside in time to see him demolish Moo's entire army with a single sweep of his wing.

Moo, who was watching from the back, now rose up to face the new challenge. "So, old enemy, the child has managed to awaken you."

"And my awakening will be your doom!" spat the Phoenix, powering up his first attack. "Flare of fire!" Moo gazed steadily as the lance-shaped fire came at him.

"Black shield," said Moo calmly, blocking it in a shower of sparks.

"C'mon, guys!" yelled Genki, regaining his usual hyper-ness, "Let's go help the Phoenix. Everyone agreed heartily and ran forward to attack Moo. The Phoenix stopped and stood back for a moment, waiting to see how the rebels would fare.

"Be careful, Genki!" called Holly, staying behind Golem as usual.

Tiger ran ahead of the rest. "Ice Bullet!" he growled, aiming his attack for Moo's head. Moo laughed scornfully, batting it away with his hand.

"Let me show you real power," he mocked sinisterly. "Black cyclone!" Moo laughed harder as he aimed the funnel of dark energy at Genki, who skated forward with Moochi on his back.

"Moochi! Genki! Look out!" cried Holly as the spiral of darkness neared her friends.


Pixie and Blue were only a few miles away, trying frantically to reach their friends in time to help. "Looks like they've started the party without us, Blue. What say we drop in uninvited?"

"Hai, Master Pixie," replied Blue shortly as he ran along beside her.

Pixie smiled faintly, to out of breathe to reprimand her old friend. So she flew fast, hoping to reach the rebels in time.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed the monster and human as the black vortex spun around them cruelly.

"Genki!" screamed Holly as she rushed from Golem's protection to help her fallen friends.

"Oh, I'm sorry, daughter dearest," sneered Moo sarcastically, "Did I hurt your little play mates?"

"You evil creature," said Holly as she knelt to help them. "You're not my father. He'd never do anything like this."

"Holly.wheezed Genki as she helped him stand, "I should've been more careful."

Holly shushed him as she picked up Moochi with her free hand. "Holly.chi." the baby monster moaned, barely able to move.

"Pathetic weaklings, I'll finish you know. Dark Lightning!" roared Moo, sickened by the closeness of the friends.

Suezo, who had been coming over to help Holly, leapt in front of his friends. Squeezing his one eye shut in concentration, he yelled, "Teleport!" He and the other three were teleported to the relative safety behind Golem, much to the surprise of everyone present.

"Suezo! You saved us!" exclaimed Holly, putting Moochi down so she could hug the giant eyeball.

"I always knew you could do it," gasped Genki, still leaning against Holly for support.

"Yeah.chi." whispered Moochi in agreement.

"Quiet you two, you're still very weak," scolded Holly gently.

The Phoenix, who had been powering up for his final attack, was greatly angered by Moo's attempt to kill those who had released him. "You vile being. Humans created you with more power than any other monster besides me, and yet you attack the defenseless to you!" he thundered, shaking the ground with his voice. His eyes flashed with fire as he continued, "You will pay for the lives you have taken and those you have tortured.

Moo laughed scornfully. "What'cha gonna do, birdie? Bite me with your beak?" he mocked.

The Phoenix stared level at Moo as he rose into the sky. "You said earlier what you had was real power. But now I will show you power you will never have! Ultimate Force!"

Moo's eyes narrowed as the Phoenix glowed brightly. "That attack can only be done when at least three of the five children of the stone are present and they."

"Are here before," finished the Phoenix, flashing brighter than before.


Pixie and Blue came over the ridge of the hill to she the Phoenix start to glow. "Master Pixie?" said Blue as Pixie began to glow as well.

"Blue." she mumbled, trying to clear her head. "What's happening.?"


Holly's pendent began to shine brightly, catching Moo's eye. Genki began to glow as well, unbeknownst to the others who were focusing on the Phoenix. They are the ones!! Moo thought to himself as he tried desperately to pull up a shield before it was too late.

The Phoenix screeched, a ray of energy in the shape of a bird went spiraling up into the heavens high above. Moo screamed as it came back down, crashing effortlessly through his shield and into him, consuming Moo instantly.

The rebels cheered as the Phoenix turned to face them, beginning to fade away slowly. He nodded once before saying, "Thank you, rebels, we will meet again soon." With those final words he faded away completely.


Pixie stopped glowing, her mind cleared and confused. "Blue, what's going on?" she asked hesitantly.

"Master Pixie, you are ok?" said Big Blue slowly.

"I'm fine Blue," insisted Pixie stubbornly. "Now what just happened?"

"The Phoenix has destroyed Moo and disappeared."

"Are the others gone yet?"

"No, Master Pixie." Pixie jumped shakily onto Blue's shoulder.

"Let's go and see them, Blue," she sighed, annoyed at having missed all the action.


Genki, still leaning on Holly, and the rest of the rebels had a frenzied celebration around Moo's lost disk. Moochi and Suezo are bouncing around, laughing crazily and scaring everyone near them.

Tiger destroyed the disk completely, smashing it into a million pieces with his claws. "That was for my brother and the rest you turned into your slaves."

"Thank you, for doing that, Tiger. It saves me the trouble of doing it myself," says Pixie from behind them.

"Pixie!" says Genki hoarsely, "It's good to see you again."

Pixie eyed him with concern. "What happened to you, kid?"

Genki grinned apologetically. "Didn't listen to Holly, as usual."

"Maybe you should try it more often before you really get hurt," teased Pixie.

Genki shrugged good-naturedly and listened as the rest listed the friends that would be revived.

"The pack will be waiting for me in the canyon, and maybe Grey Wolf will be with them."

"So will.my friends.in the woods."

"Pink-eye and the rest will be waiting for us in Toriyama!"

"Anxious to see her again, Suezo?"

"Where will Moochi go, chi?"

"Don't worry Moochi, you and I'll always be together!"

Everyone began to move in the direction of Toriyama, which was only about a day and a half's walk from there. Pixie and Blue came with them, having nowhere else to go. They came to a small town near Toriyama, and stopped there for the night.

From there the news spread as soon as the rebels had told of what they had done. Moo was dead and all the lost disks would be healed and turned good once more! They were given a small cottage to stay the night in.

Golem went on, not wanting to stall to see his friends. They wished him luck and he promised to come and visit soon.

"Free rooms and food," said Tiger, stretched lazily across a rug. "What more you a fellow want?"

"For you to shut up?" said Hare, leaning back in a chair near by.

"Don't even start, you two," warned Pixie; causing Tiger to bite back the insult he was going to throw at Hare. "Let's just have some peace for once."

Tiger nodded and Hare sighed in agreement. "Where are you going to go, Pixie?" asked Genki.

"Dunno, kid. Me and Blue'll still be around to keep an eye on you and Holly, though," replied Pixie lazily.

"You're always welcome in Toriyama," said Holly. "Without you and Blue's help we may have never found the Phoenix's disk."

Pixie smiled, but shook her head. "Thanks for the offer, Holly. But I don't belong around humans. We'll still visit you, like I said, don't worry about that. But I think we'll just go and find some place in the forest where none will bother us. We're used to the solitary life."

"What about you, Genki?" asked Blue solemnly, "You have no home in the monster world."

Genki shrugged. "I may wonder around in a few years, see the Monster World when it's not under attack. But, if you don't mind Holly, me and Moochi'd like to stay with you and Suezo in Toriyama," he replied.

"You, Moochi, and everyone else are always welcome to stay with me and Suezo," insisted Holly.

"You'd better stick with her kid," advised Pixie, "So she can keep you out of trouble."

"Yep," teased Tiger, "She's the only person I know who can control your energy."

"Knock it off, guys," said Suezo defensively, seeing Holly turn pink and Genki sweat. "It's not Holly's fault she has a way with hyper people."

"Goodness knows what she had to put up with when you were a kid," said Hare under his breath.

"What was that you ."

"Ignore him, Suezo," soothed Holly as she restrained the giant eyeball. "You know he just likes to torment you." Suezo pouted, but didn't say anything.

Tiger yawned lazily, stretching as he did. "Saving the world is tiring," he sighed, "I'm going to bed." He lumbered into the room he shared with Genki, Moochi, and Hare.

"What do you think, Moochi?" asked Genki, turning to his small friend.

".zzzzzzzz." Holly chuckled as Genki carried him to bed.

"Wait for me," yawned Hare, "I can barely keep my eyes open."

Pixie shook Big Blue gently, who was sitting next to her on the floor. "Time to go to bed, Blue," she said.

"Yes, Master Pixie," he said, following her into the room they shared.

"Are you coming?" asked Suezo, hopping towards the room he shared with Holly.

"In a minute, Suezo," replied Holly, "You go ahead without me." She sat for a while in front of the fire, staring into the flames. One of their group had already left, and others would soon go as well. She had always known this day would come, but now she wasn't ready for it. They had become a family, and family shouldn't have to split up. She sighed, and went to bed, falling asleep before her head had hit the pillow.

The next morning the rebels went to Toriyama. Holly and Suezo raced ahead of everyone else, followed by a surprised Genki and crew. Normally she'd have trouble keeping up with them, but today they were having trouble keeping up with her!

"We're home, Suezo, we're home!" cried holly as soon as the town came into view. They could see monsters working to repair the houses and buildings that had once stood there.

"Pink-eye! Rover! Bluefur!" yelled Suezo, "We're back! We're back!" He hopped towards the village as fast as his stalk would let him. The rest watched as three monsters, followed by two humans, raced to meet them.

"I don't think I've ever seen Holly that happy," observed Hare.

"That's because she's finally gone home, silly," said Genki. "Let's go meet her old friends!" Genki arrived beside Holly in time to see her get her face washed be an excited Rover.

"Cut that out, Rover!" laughed, holly trying to push him away.

"HOLLY!!" cried one of the humans, crashing into her. The rolled a couple feet before stopping, the young human giving Holly one of her famous death grip hugs.

"Can't.breath.Colt." gasped a spiral eyed Holly, turning three shades of blue before the other human, her father, was able to get Coltia to let go.

"You ok, Holly?" asked Genki as he helped her get up.

"Yeah. It isn't the first time that's happened."

"Misshollymisshollymisshollymisshollymisshollymisshollymissholly!!!!" said Coltia, trying to break from her father's grip on her arm.

"Yes, Colt?" said Holly patiently.

"I'M SO GLAD YOU"RE STILL ALIVE!!!!!" cried Coltia as she broke herself from her father's, hurling herself at Holly once more. Everyone sweated as Holly untangled herself from Coltia again.

"It's good to see you too, Colt," she replied patiently, "What are you doing here, though?"

"Daddy and some others cane after you left and fixed up the town, saying that what you were doing was very brave and that they would make sure you had a home to come back to when you returned," she said in one breath.

"Thank you, sir," said Holly, bowing low to Coltia's father. "It means a lot to me and Suezo to know that."

"We had to do something. None of us could go with you and those who could were too afraid. Me and Jarel knew you'd return, even if the others thought we were crazy," he said.

Holly was about to respond when Suezo ran between, pursued by an angry Pink-eye. "I tried, Holly," said Bluefur, coming beside her, "I really tried."

"Sorry about that," apologized Holly, turning towards Toriyama.

"Come on," said Bluefur to everyone, "We'll go and get you some food and a place to stay."

"You're not going to go after Suezo?" asked Genki.

"They'll come back, either best friends or one dragging the other behind them," said Holly, shrugging, "You don't interfere when they're like this."

Everyone followed Rover and Bluefur as they led the way to the center of town, humans and monsters alike greeting them as they walked by. Everyone seemed to know Holly and welcomed her warmly.

"How do all these people know you?" asked Genki.

"I was the adopted daughter of the village elder. He had no children of his own, and took me with him when he traveled to the surrounding towns. People knew me as his shadow, then as the girl who was going to avenge his and the rest's deaths when I left to find the Phoenix," she replied softly. It hurt to remember the past.

"Here we are," said Blue, stopping in front of a house in the town square.

"But. this is.the house I grew up in."said Holly, walking in the front door.

"That's right," said voice to her right.

"Uncle Jarel!" said Holly as she caught sight of him. "Colt's dad said you were here."

"Hello, Holly," said the big man, smiling pleasantly. "I knew you'd return to us."

"You never said you had an Uncle, Holly," said Genki from behind her.

"And whose this handsome young man?" asked Jarel.

"This is Genki, he helped me on my quest." Turning to the others she said, "He's not really me Uncle, but he was the village elder's brother and he was my favorite other village elder that we visited."

"I rebuilt this place myself," said Jarel proudly. "And it looks like it's a good this I added the rooms in the back." He eyed the group behind Holly calmly.

Holly proceeded to introduce them all to Jarel, not forgetting anyone. Jarel, in turn, spoke to each briefly, making them feel welcome there.

He invited them to come sit in the living room by the fire, and soon they were relating the events of their journey, each telling their part of the tale. Holly had just reached the part when Genki cam and freed them from Pixie's slave cells when Pink-eye came in, dragging a spiral-eyed Suezo behind her.

"I beat.the bastard." she panted before passing out on the floor next to him.

"Riiiiggghhht." said Pixie as Blue and Rover dragged them into a room near by.

"I'm gonna laugh when those two get married," said Jarel as he rubbed his temples.

"Back to the story," said Holly, changing the subject quickly, "We were all stuck in the cells." The group stayed up through the night, relating their adventures and many stories to Jarel, Bluefur, and Rover, who all sat there listening quietly.

Everyone fell asleep in there, Tiger and Rover on rugs and Jarel, Hare, and Bluefur in some over stuffed chairs. Holly, Genki, and Moochi shared the couch and Pixie and Blue sat together on the floor.

Suezo woke up first in the morning. Hopping into the living room, he spied a bugle on the wall. "I wonder how much trouble I'd get into." he said aloud.

"Don't even think about," said Pink-eye, coming up behind him. "Let's go and get something to eat before they wake up."

Suezo's stomach grumbled hungrily. "Good idea."

Holly woke a short time later to the sound of frying bacon. She looked around to see Genki leaning against her and Moochi on her lap, both still asleep.

"Ohh, I'm getting to old for this," muttered Jarel as he stood up, cracking his back as he did.

"Morning Uncle," said Holly, still trapped between the sleeping boy and monster.

Everyone else started to wake up, including Moochi and Genki. "Where am I, chi?" asked Moochi, rubbing his eyes.

"You're in your new home, sleepy head," said Holly as she set him on the floor.

"Sorry I didn't do this the night before, but I can show you to your rooms to you ca get cleaned up before you eat," apologized Jarel.

"Please do," said Pixie shortly as she got up, sore from sleeping on the floor.

"Holly, you room's up stairs in the same place it was before, and Miss Pixie can share it wit you since you two are the only two girls in this group. Genki, you and Moochi can have the one upstairs that next to Holly's and Tiger, Hare, and Big Blue can have the room next to Bluefur, Rover and Pink-eye's," said Jarel decidedly.

Everyone split off to his or her rooms, hurrying to get changed and cleaned up to see what's for breakfast. They sat down and enjoyed the meal together before going on a tour of the town with Jarel as their guide.

Pixie and Blue left a few days later, promising to visit often. Hare left as well, saying he had some business to attend to, and he'd be back before long.

Genki, Moochi, Holly, Suezo, Pink-eye, Rover, and Bluefur lived together happily, working everyday to help rebuild Toriyama. Holly opened a tailor shop in their home and was soon making clothes to help bring in money for them to live off of.

Jarel was often traveling to other towns, telling of the rebel's great deeds and asking for money to help rebuild the town. Genki took odd jobs around town, and in his spare time he taught Holly how to roller blade. They were content, and thought life would never change until the Phoenix came back, true to hi word the day they defeat Moo.

Holly had just finished cleaning up after dinner and was about to go back to her shop, when the pendent flashed brightly. Genki, who was playing with Moochi in the living room, ran to see what it was.

The pendent shimmered softly, pulling at the string gently towards the edge of town. "I think we're supposed to follow it," said Genki, running towards the door. Holly followed him with Moochi beside her.

They raced through the streets, ignored by most, since youngsters were always running under foot. They reached a field outside of town, hidden from view when the pendent stopped glowing.

"Why did it bring up here?" wondered Holly aloud.

"Because I am here," said the Phoenix, now the size of a hawk, landing on her shoulder.

"Phoenix?" said Genki in disbelief.

"The energy it took to heal all the lost disks used up my ancient body, and all I have left now is this," said the Phoenix quietly.

"It's was very nice of you to heal all the lost disks," said Holly gently, hoping to soothe the bird's injured pride.

"Thank you, Daughter of Pure-heart," said the Phoenix, bowing slightly, "Your kindness has earned you a reward." The air in front of them shimmered before taking the form of an old man.

"Father!" yelled Holly, going to hug him.

"Wait!" said the Phoenix, flying in front of her so she couldn't touch him. "It's only the image I gave his mind. Moo used up his body in the process of switching to his ancient body. If you give me you pendent, I can put him in there so I can guide you always through him."

Holly looked at him, and nodded sadly, handing it to the Phoenix. He flew towards the image of Holly's father, sucking him into the pendent as he did. Flying back to Holly, he dropped it in her hand.

"When ever you need help, ask the stone and He will help you through me," said the Phoenix.

"Phoenix?" asked Genki sadly, "Is it time?"

"Yes, Son of Clear-eyes. Have you done as I told you?"

"Almost." Genki pulled off his roller blades and handed them to Holly. "You're getting pretty good with these, and I'll get a new pair back home." Genki removed his hat and placed it on Moochi's head. "So you'll never forget me," he told the small monster.

Turning back to Holly, he gave her a hug and said, "You'll remember me, right?"

"Genki, I never forget my friends," said Holly, trying not to cry.

"Will you please do me a favor? On my desk in the leather book I've always carried around, and beside it are eight letters. Make sure they get to the person they are addresses to, okay?"

"Anything for a friend," replied Holly, eyes starting brim with tears.

"Daughter of Pure-heart, and Son of Clear-eyes," said The Phoenix. "Your bond is great, and your friendship makes it greater. For you, I'll make a way for you to see each other." Around Genki's neck appeared a chain with a crystal Phoenix at the end. "With this you can see what the other is doing when ever you want. Daughter of Pure-heart, your pendent will act in the same way."

Genki and his friends smiled, glad to have some sort of a link to one another. "Phoenix?" asked Genki, serious once more, "Will I ever return here?"

"I do not control you destiny, Genki. But, maybe you will if it is your fate." He and Genki began to glow orange, disappearing as it grew brighter.

"What does that mean?" asked Holly.

"You shall see, Daughter of Pure-heart. You shall see." With that, they disappeared, leaving an empty place in their lives that could never be filled.

Holly did as Genki asked her to and watched him over the years with her friends.


Genki found himself in an alley near his house. Coming home he found two distraught parents and a warm welcome. Three months had passed since he had left for the Monster World and had left no trace of where he had gone. Genki tried to explain his trip to them, but most said he was lying and his parents sent him to a shrink to make sure he wasn't insane. Only his eldest cousin believed him, and they grew closer together over time. A year later she vanished, leaving no trace of where she may have gone. 9 years passed in world and he kept tabs on his friends, checking on them once or twice a week.

Genki grew to be tall, strong, and (of course) handsome. He still full of energy, but learned how to control it and put it to better use. He was now an anime artist for a comic strip and part time semi-pro roller balder and lived alone in a small apartment.

A few days before the anniversary of his cousin's disappearance is when his life changed once more. And here is where the next adventure begins.


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