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~Segment from the Past Book of 23rd Guardian (Firesprite) since H. E. ~

Golem, the peaceful rock giant, went on to return to my valley right after the battle and brought them news of my 'ascension' and everything that had happened before that time. He then opted to stay there and live out the rest of his days with the Ojo and Mayfleur since he was unable to return to his valley and friends from the past. Though he misses them, he knows that not everything can ever return to normal and has accepted this new family as his own, protecting and taking care of them as he did before. He makes a fine leader for those I left behind, and I could choose no better if I had.

Allen returned there was all, visiting with his parents and family and bringing them all the news before taking his worms and setting out to travel some more. He visits me at least once a year, but generally goes in search of others who might need his help to keep his mind off the past and the events that happened there. He has become famous for it, and has saved many who might've otherwise died. I think missing me is what grieves him the most, though, and keeps him from settling down; but I am powerless to help him and he knows it too.

Slip went with Tiger and his family to their pack until he was old enough to travel on his own without being troubled by other because of his age. He generally visits between Golem and the valley so he can see Mayfleur and Ojo and between Tiger's pack with visiting the pups and Stormy if he's not wandering some distant road in search of more knowledge. He's too curious for his own good, but his stone has always gotten him out of any trouble he falls into and I rarely have to intercede on his behalf anymore.

Stormy and Tiger have since multiplied their ground even more, and have several litters that have now grown to be adults and have litters of their own. Temi is as such, having two pups of her own right now and another on the way. Ice hasn't found his mate yet, but has grown into a fine young Tiger and will lead the pack well someday with the passing of his father from the group. Although Tiger and Stormy have grown weaker and slower with age, they are still strong leaders of the group and I think they'll stick around for a few seasons yet. They have all visited me a few times, but as busy as they are I do not blame them for letting it slack some.

Pixie and Big Blue went back to their valley, finding it just as they left it and immediately reestablishing themselves there. They spend most of their time there, only occasionally leaving to visit Holly and Genki in their village or coming and seeing me once in a long while. Pixie still has her stone as well and uses it occasionally, but really only when asked to. They are happy there, and it is something I do not grudge them. They deserve their peace and it's all they really ask for as well.

Frost travels around now. Sometimes with Slip, sometimes alone. No one really ever knows where he is or when he might pop up someplace to visit, but that is just his way and they really don't mind. He has come and seen me before, and always tells me of the wonders he has seen since then going from the highest reaches of the north to as far south as one can go. He plans to now explore the east and the west, and to him the best of luck for it.

Claws stayed with Big Blue and Pixie, bringing with her a Bowwow from the valley that she's fallen for and now has three kittens with. They're all simply adorable and Pixie and Big Blue are their 'Aunt' and 'Uncle' at this point. Personally, I find it rather funny to think of Pixie being called 'Aunt' and not having the being have their head cut off, but maybe that's just me.

Hare was put in charge of the village the moment he returned once again, with Grace by his side as second in command. They got married soon after that, but never had any kids due to some problem or the fact that neither of them wanted any. Then again, they're practically adopted all the children in the village anyways so it really doesn't matter. Hare does travel outside of his village occasionally, but really only to visit Genki and Holly whenever there's some huge group reunion or to come see me every other year or so. I think he does it in his way of thanking me for keeping Grace alive that one time, why I don't know but I could be wrong…

Then there's everyone who stayed with Genki and Holly…boy, are those two popular.

Suezo and Pinkeye are Grandparents now, with their young ones grown up and with mates who live near by. They fight as much as ever, but it's usually just a good-natured argument here or there while resting in the sun. They spend most their time with Jarel, but he still has his own life too.

He it still a Senator type person for the town, and very well respected one at that in all the surrounding areas. He travels occasionally for this debate here or that election there, but really spends most of his time relaxing in the house he's lived in for so many years with Pinkeye and Suezo and visiting the Grandkids he loves so much. But we'll get to them in a second.

Coltia still works with Holly in the little clothes shop on the corner of the town, now a partner in the business and a good one at that. She has a boyfriend named Tiro who recently proposed to her, and the two of them will soon be getting married with in the next few months. She remains on fairly good terms with Holly and Genki since given the time to cool off, and has spent several evenings by their fire listening to the tales of their adventures with me and the others and wishing she could've been there herself. Not that I blame her, I would've wanted to been there if I hadn't been.

Zelda stayed with Holly and was taken care of by her as Holly promised to me when I left. I think she trusts her the most and for the care Holly has given her I am glad, for I'm not sure I could've done better myself.  She's found a mate among the wandering Tigers in the area, a fellow named Lynis, but they never had any pups or children of any sort. They share a small build attached to the house Holly lives in and stay there when they're in town, traveling often to visit Zephyr or me as the time calls. She has finally made peace with her brother and their past, and she now resides on in peace.

As for Genki and Holly, you were probably wondering when I would get to them, weren't you? Oh, such it is with Hero's and such. Well, Genki finally got up the courage to marry her after I yelled at him several times repeatedly and have since had two beautiful children, a little girl named Lili and a boy named Zephyr. Few know the story behind those names, but it is better that way so none can persecute them for it. They still have their stones as well, and use them when they must for the good of others. Generally more Holly's than Genki's since she can heal and all, but occasionally there will be an attack or an uprising and between the two of them, Slip, and Pixie they can easily quell it before it gets out of hand. Holly, obviously, still owns the shop and sews there as a master seamstress for a living and Genki brings in his share traveling around to fighting rings and bringing home what he wins from them. He's made quite a name for himself in the fighting rings, and his right upper cut is said to be deadly. They too, though, generally live in peace and it is something that they have earned from their hard work.

How do I know all this? I am Lili, that halfsie who became the new Guardian after the Phoenix's passing from this plane. You remember me, right? Wait, I'm supposed to be called Firesprite now, sine that is my new title and all. It does get a little busy around here occasionally, with everyone calling me to help them with this or that, but I like it. I'm useful again, and people don't hate me for what I am, in fact they love me for it.

It's been interesting, getting to know all the new Guardians up here. The Guardian of the Elemental seems nice, but she can be a little rough around the edges at times of you know what I mean. The Guardian of the Dead is really sweet. Silent most of the time, but you know how the dead are. And since she spends so much time with them she's just kinda picked up on most of their habits. Zephyr is the Guardian of the Winds, and I'm glad to get to spend time with him now that he's with me. They spell it 'Wynd' now because he likes it better, but whatever floats his boat…

I do miss the others, Allen included for any who might want to know, but I am where I need to be and love doing what I can to help the world. I can protect those I love and anyone else too from harm and I know I can always do it too. "Life" is not easy, and I know I will not always be able to maintain my spot, eventually someone will replace me for good. But until the day I pass these powers unto another, I will do my best that I can; as Guardian of the Living.


Firesprite sat in a large library, surrounded by thousands of leather bound books just like the one she was writing in now, each with it's own inscription and date starting all the way from the beginning of time.

"Have you finished?" asked a tall woman as she walked in the room, seeing her set down her pen and wipe the ink from her hands. It was Ophelia, Guardian of the dead.

"At last," replied Firesprite, sighing as she did. "I've been writing for year…now it will join the others like it on the shelves of this great hall."

"What are you going to title it?" asked Ophelia, turning to leave.

Firesprite paused for a moment, her hand hovering over the space where she would write the name. "Zephyr's Wynds…"


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