This is my first attempt at a 3-shot. Okay, I know I should be attempting a one-shot first. And it was a one-shot at first. But then I got carried away.It might suck or not be original. But I don't care.

Summary: Fang left Max about 10 years ago. The flock hasn't heard from him since. One night Max goes out with a few friends to a night/dance club. She gets chosen to sing a song at the D.Js booth. She had a few drinks so she agrees. What happens next is a complete shocker.


"MAX!" Iggy called from the kitchen where he was preparing dinner for the rest of the flock. "Dinners up!"

I sighed as I made my way downstairs to the dinner table. Today was (as Jeb had said) my 24th birthday. He said, and I quote, "Positive today is your birthday.", end quote. How he had dug that up, I have no clue.

The guys and I lived in a nice 3 story house. White on the outside. 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. Everyone could have their own rooms, but the only one who got their own room was moi . Iggy and the Gasman shared a room and Nudge and Angel shared a room.

I trudged towards the kitchen.

It was dark. The lights were off. I switched it on.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX!!" my flock shouted.

I smiled my best fake smile that I could muster up. I could tell it didn't meet my eyes. But that was the way all my smiles were. Ever since Fan-

My flock brought out a cake. It was chocolate icing with moms chocolate chip cookies on top. In red gel icing it said 'Happy 24, Max'.

Iggy lit the candles(which were also red), and they began to sing 'Happy Birthday'. Gazzy sang in Liam Rooney's voice.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!" They finished. I just stood there, emotions swirling inside my stomach.

"Um, Max?" Nudge said "You're supposed to blow out the candles. If you don't then your wish won't come true. But do you think it really works? I mean, if you blow on a candle will a wish come true? Like, I have blown out soooooo many candles and none of my wishes have ever come true. If it did work, what would I wish for? Maybe one of those fake I.D's so I could go into clubs and party and danced an-"

"NUDGE!!"Iggy shouted. "You're killing my ears!"

She smiled sheepishly. "Sorry. But can you just make your wish ,Max?"

I nodded. 'I wish I could see Fang again…'

Then I blew out the candles. Just then my silver cell phone rang in my jean pocket.

I pulled it out and answered. "Hey, Liz!"

Her voice crackled on the other end "Max! You have got to see this new club! And it's D.J! He is so HOT!"

"I don't know Liz."

"Aw, c'mon Max! For your birthday! Please?"

I sighed, knowing that once Liz wanted to go somewhere she HAD to go there. And she would make everyone come.

"Fine. But only for a while."

"Great! Get dressed and I will come pick you up!" the line went dead.

I sighed again and went upstairs to get ready.

About an hour later, I was ready.

I was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans with a spaghetti strapped white shirt that gave me an older look. A pair of 4 inch silver heels on my feet. And just for the record, Nudge did this to me.

I was also wearing make-up, believe it or not. A bunch of sliver eye shadow, foundation, blush and simple clear but bubble gum flavored lip gloss.

"Ooh, Max! You look ah-mazing!" Angel said.

"Have you been reading The Clique again?" Nudge asked, who had passed the books down to my 16 year old drama queen.

Angel blushed happily and nodded.

I sighed for like the hundredth time of the night. "Well, guys I will be home in a while. When I get home I expect to find it clean, in one piece and you all asleep. Even you Gazzy and Nudge."

"What about Iggy?!" Nudge whined. Although she was still older, she still whined like a 3year old.

"Nudge, act your age. Not your shoe size." Iggy said, coming up behind her. He placed his hands on her shoulders.

Grinning, he said " don't worry max, I will have them in bed by the time you come home. I will be in Nudges room if you need me."

Nudge blushed a deep tomato red.

"Hey! No intercourse to night guys! I don't want Angel and Gazzy up 'till 3AM listening to moaning and the bed hitting against the wall. Got it?"

Nudge deepened by a lot. Iggy grinned his fool head off.

"Got it." He said.

The doorbell rang.

"Angel, can you see my wings?" I asked in a whisper.

"Nope." She said, popping the 'p'. "You're all good."

"Bye guys!" I called out , as I raced to meet my friend.

Liz was waiting at the door in a jean mini-skirt and a sleeveless blouse. The buttons were made to look like they were diamonds. Her heels were black, like her shirt, and were open toed.

"Wow, Max. You look HOT." She said.

I smiled, trying to let her know that I liked how she complemented me. But , like all my other smiles, it didn't reach my eyes.

"You look pretty good yourself." I complemented. My voice sounded flat in my own ears, but she didn't seem to notice.

"Wait until you see the DJ. He is so cute! I've been to the club one other time and the sign said he worked there every Monday, Thursday, Friday and weekends." She babbled. She reminded me of Nudge sometimes. She even had curly hair. But it wasn't a mane of hair, like Nudges. It was big ringlets of black curls. She had green eyes and tanned skin that was natural. She looked every exotic.

We got into the car and she sped off into the night.

She didn't know about my wings. I didn't want to take the chance. Even if Itex was defeated and all the schools were destroyed. No one knew actually. Except those kids from Virginia and those few people in New York. And my family. But that's it.


I sucked down what seemed to be my 100th martini.

"Hey, Lizzzz? Where is that hot DJ you told me 'bout." My speech was slurred, but I paid no attention to it.

She swayed a bit as she got up and made her way over to the DJ booth. She dragged a black haired young man to our table then dropped him down. She sat beside him.

As he looked me over, his eyes widened a bit.

"Here he is." She slurred. "I would SO date him if I didn't have Tom."

She giggled and hiccupped.

"Hey. My name is Nick." He said.

Liz had been right. He was cute. He had pale skin and dark eyes. His black hair shagged to his nose. He looked exactly like…

"Ha. You have a funny name." I slur- giggled. "My name is Max. I named myself. I like it, even if it does sound like a boy name." I grinned.

The boy looked confused. Then he had realization in his eyes. He was staring at me, looking me up and down.

"Hey, you want to sing at the DJ booth? You get at least a couple hundred, depending how much the crowd likes you." He said.

I thought this over. 'Maybe I shouldn't. I have had at least 10 strong martinis.'

I grinned like a dork. "Sure."

'Maximum! I forbid you to get near that microphone! If you get near it you will face a long time friend you haven't seen in a while.' The voice scolded me.

'Jeez , Jeb. You didn't have to yell. And what friend? Ari? Isn't he dead?' I thought. Then I decided to tell him what I read in an icon before. 'Now shut up Voice! Or I'll poke you with a Q-tip again.'

I giggled.

'Maximum, 1) you have never poked me with a Q-tip. 2)-'

'You said Q-tip!' I cut him off. I was trying not to giggle like a mad woman.

'Maximum! This is important! Do not go near that micropho-'

But he was too late. I had reached the DJ booth.

'Maximum, at least let me make you sober' he said.

He didn't even give me time to tell him that it was okay.

Now I was aware that I was in front of a huge crowd. All who were drunk out of their wits. Not that I was worried. Of course, I could kick their butts here to next year.

No, what I WAS worried about was having to sing. The only place I ever sing is my shower. And I haven't done that in about 10 years.

"You ready?" a quiet voice said from behind me. It was familiar, but much more lively than in my memories.

I turned slowly, coming face to face with… (oh come on! You can guess this!)- If you guessed Fang, then you won the million dollar prize.

My eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. He hadn't changed a lot. His hair a bit longer, eyes a bit less guarded.

"Fang?" I asked in a whisper, but I knew he heard it.

He nodded. I felt a pang of pain rip through my heart.

"Max, you're up to sing. Please do your best." He said, caressing my cheek. I spun on my heel and faced the crowd.

"WASSUP?! THIS IS DJ NICK!" Fangs voice boomed through the huge speakers. "Yo, tonight we have a special treat. This is Max! she and I will sing any 3 songs you all vote for. We have set up a poll so you can choose from any 23 songs. The 3 with the most votes will win."

The crowd road with approval.

"Voting begins now!"

Every one raced to a door.

About 1 hour later…

"So all the votes are in." Fang said. "And the 3 songs are…

For Max: Bad Boy by Cascada

For me: Apologize by Timberland


A duet : I'll Fly With You by GiGi D'Agostino"

'A duet… with Fang?' I thought.

"And Max, here is your microphone." Fang handed me a microphone and the music began.

Okay, here is chapter 1. I decided it was going to be a 3-shot. Well, tell me what you think.