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NoDrogs created the twins, whose origin I changed completely.

You Must Go Home Again

Kim stared at the clock on the dashboard, two-twelve in the morning and still miles from home. She considered putting her foot down, but she'd only escaped an earlier ticket by promising to obey the limit. The rain pouring down also reduced visibility and made driving unsafe, but Kim had to get home - she was already eight hours late.

She anticipated facing an angry Shego when she arrived, and began work on her own noisy defense. Her work was important. How dare Shego suggest it wasn't. Didn't Shego realize she had gotten home as quickly as she could? Was it her fault the work for Global Justice couldn't conform to a nine-to-five schedule?

Two rental cars parked at strange angles suggested that many more cars had been at Possible Manor earlier in the evening. Kim guessed Bonnie for one of the rentals and Monique and Will for the other. Kim pulled into the garage and ran for the house

The front door was unlocked, with a light on in the living room and the sound of the television. The American Classic Movies channel was on, with Shego curled up asleep on the couch in front of it. A shot glass and bottle of Scotch sat on the coffee table. Empty and near-empty pizza boxes were strewn everywhere. A rubber skid mark suggested Felix and Justine's presence. A coffee cup with her mother's lipstick color sat on the floor near the blocks and games for small children. Kim estimated bottles and cans for close to thirty people. She could identify many by their drinks.

She felt momentary anger that they'd abandoned Shego, leaving her alone and asleep - then realized the green woman had been waiting up for her. Kim turned off the set and examined the bottle in front of Shego, a new bottle with hardly anything gone. It was probably a gift from someone there tonight.

Kim knelt by the couch and gently slid her arms under Shego, then straightened up and, cradling Shego in her arms, headed for the elevator. Shego didn't really waken, but her arms went around Kim, hugging her tightly, and laying her head on the redhead's shoulder.

As they entered the bedroom and Kim pushed the door closed with her hip Shego awakened enough to ask, "Kim? You came back?"

"Back? I just got home… Sorry I'm late."

Shego yawned, "Everyone was here."

Kim laid Shego down on the bed. "I saw the empties. I couldn't help it."

"I had the weirdest dream… You left me for Ron…"

"You didn't order and anchovy and artichoke heart pizza, did you?"

Shego yawned and nodded.

"Was it a party or a funeral?" Kim asked as she stripped off her wet clothes.

"They put the results online at four-thirty."

"Did you pass or fail?"


"You passed?"

Shego laughed, "Right, it was party time."

"That's wonderful! So you're a lawyer now?"

"Not until they swear me in. But passing the bar means they will. Big ceremony at the state supreme court… You're invited…"

"I'll try and make it." Kim promised.

"Like you tried to make it today?"

"I'm sorry, I really am," Kim apologized as she slid under the covers.

A groggy Shego decided she'd sleep better out of her clothes and got up to undress. "I know you wanted to be there. But it still hurts."

Kim yawned, "After my hours today I don't have to go in to work tomorrow… I mean today. Can you stay home too and I'll make it up to you?"

"I can't get off work… Since I passed the bar exam my probationary period is over - my job's official." Shego yawned, "I've got to buy donuts for everyone in the office tomorrow… There's a new German bakery in town, I'm going to hit it on my way in. Supposed to be good."

"I'm really sorry I missed the party."

"I know you couldn't help it."

"If you can't skip work can I least come downtown and take you out for lunch?"

Shego crawled into bed, "I'd like that."

Kim pulled the older woman close and spooned her. "How was the party?" she whispered in Shego's ear.

"Great, except major tantrum from Kasy. She wouldn't play nice with Jessica so I put her in time out.

"Is Bonnie here?"

Shego grinned, "remember that wine I bought last week?"


"Well, I asked Bonnie if she wanted a Ménage à Trois, and she didn't know it was a wine.

Kim giggled, "So small scene?"

"Medium-sized scene," Shego sighed. "Your mother heard me. She has no sense of humor."

"I saw two empty bottles of it downstairs."

"Well, I don't like to brag but Ron and I finished off a Ménage à Trois with Bonnie. I think Justine, Josh, and… somebody killed the other. Maybe just the two of them. Your dad had a sample."

"And the verdict?"

Shego yawned, "A good wine for the price. I'll bet Will has paid ten times more for bottles that weren't as good."

Outside the window lightning flashed and thunder boomed. Shego didn't care. In the warmth of Kim's arms she drifted back to sleep.

Kim almost wished Shego had yelled at her. She would feel less guilty. She should have been home. "I love you," she whispered softy, before she too drifted off. Balancing job and family wasn't easy.

Note: A wine called Ménage à Trois, exists, three kinds of grapes are used in its manufacture.

--The End--