Title: Not Just a Bad Dream

Rated: T

Beta: Icestar4621 (Thank you best friend)

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Summary: Sequel to 'Just a Bad Dream'. What if the bad dream Hermione had was not a dream after all. What's going to happen when only one person can help her and that is someone she never truly thought she could trust?

Lucius Malfoy smiled to himself as he walked in the great hall of his masters. Lord Voldemort looked up to meet his eyes. Lucius had been given a very special task that his lord wanted done as fast as possible.

"Well?" his master's voice filled the room. The Death Eaters present all fell silent as Lucius bowed in front of their master. "How did it go?"

"Very well, my Lord. The task is done," Malfoy stated loudly, his head bowed in deference.

"Good," Voldemort hissed gleefully, the room filling with his malicious laughter. "And the Mudblood?" he asked after a moment.

"Thinks it was only a bad dream," Malfoy said proudly. "She will do your will, my Lord, and pass the information without ever realizing it. The Order will have no idea of who the spy is."

"You have done well, Lucius, and will be aptly rewarded," Voldemort said, his red eyes glinting.

"My Lord?" Bellatrix Lestrange asked, stepping forward and bowing, "What will happen if the Mudblood suspects something?"

Voldemort glanced at her before turning back to Malfoy. "Bellatrix makes a good point, Lucius. What will happen?"

Malfoy, stunned by the sudden question, looked at his master in shock. "She would not, my Lord," he objected quickly, but Bellatrix, sure now that she wouldn't be punished, interrupted.

"But if she does?"

"She would go insane," a sneering voice announced from the back of the room.

Every pair of eyes went to the speaker and Severus Snape stepped forward, his cold black eyes unfathomable. "She would self-destruct, taking anyone she happened to be close to at the time with her."

"Very effective," Voldemort said softly, looking again to Bellatrix. "Don't you agree Bella?"

Having no choice, Bellatrix nodded reluctantly, her face shocked. "Yes, my Lord," she admitted. "All of that from a dream?"

"It was not the dream itself," Malfoy said, confident once more. "It was the spell I preformed combined with the potion Severus slipped her."

"Still," Bellatrix started but was stopped by her master's voice.

"Enough questions, Bella," the Dark Lord said, his voice cold. "She will be very useful. Potter won't think one of his best friends would betray him. She will give us the information Severus cannot. It is all going to plan. Harry Potter will be dead by summer's end."

Voldemort's merciless laughter once again filled the room and this time all his Death Eaters joined in.

All but one. The one who would have to go to face the girl and the Order again. The only one who could save her and her friends from the damage she would do.

Severus Snape.

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