LbN: Written for sinandmisery's Porn Battle. Prompt was "eternal".

Just For Forever

Erika fiddled with the ring on her left hand. The car rolled quietly through the woods, and the blonde smiled as a large house came into view. The car pulled into the circular carport and a large man opened the door for her. With a squeal, she jumped out of the car and ran to the woman waiting at the front door. With an elated smile, Erika pulled the former Death Dealer into a hug.

"Did you miss me, Erika?" Selene asked.

"You have no idea," the younger vampire mumbled. "I don't understand why I had to stay at the other coven's house until we were bonded."

"Something about an eternal bond needing to be tested by separation," Selene smiled as Erika rolled her eyes.

"So I guess I'm stuck with you, huh?" she asked.

"Just for forever," Selene grinned. "Come on, let's go inside; it's time for our wedding night."

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