Whimsy: If Only

Rating: T

Season: End of eight

Featuring:Samantha Carter, Jack O'Neill

Summary: April Foolishness, sequel to Whimsy, March Madness. Jack finds out what Sam didn't tell him about Whimsy. Fluff, uh, stuff and nonsense a la Jack (and Sam). AU.

Author's note: Well, can't say I didn't expect it. Someone (s) mentioned 'sequel' and the plot bunnies got to hoppin' and so forth and you know how persistent these pesky little buggers can be (if you're lucky). So, Jack on Whimsy. Josephine Martin and Stusue: thanks for the prod. Note slightly higher rating, for safety!


It was a nearly a year before Sam returned to Whimsy, and it was not her intention.

One moment they were running for the open wormhole. The next they were flying through the air and crash landing on a dense carpet of grass.

"Wow, how did I land like this?" Sam sputtered. She was sitting up, quite comfortably, on an earthen platform of…shamrocks. "Omigod, I can't…we can't…Sir!" She got to her feet remembering that she wasn't alone. She spotted him some yards away tangled in a thick mass of shamrocks. And they appeared to be holding him.

Sam glanced behind her; the gate shut off just then. She could see the quartz chevron covers that imparted the protective shielding from the kawoosh. A residual caution made her look at the sky for angry storm clouds, but none were in evidence. Goodness, it was almost just as she remembered it. Almost…

"Carter!" An exasperated voice called. "Sam?"

Sam turned back to see him still struggling in the binding green mass. Why was it doing that?

"I'm ok, sir. Just stop struggling a moment and they'll let…er, loosen up," Sam replied. A new movement caught her eye and she whirled around. "Crap. Uh, one minute, sir," she called. Sam jogged toward the suspicious clump of trees in the clearing. She moved closer and he stepped out of the trunk. Sam jumped back. "What are you doing?"

"Hi, Sam. Just caught a big one, huh?" he chuckled. The effect of his deep brown eyes was negated by her annoyance. He finally got serious. Sort of. "I knew he'd make a scene, but well," he grumbled. He was now fully separated from the tree whose leaves were all shamrocks. They were waving enough to cause a breeze.

"Ok, start at the beginning? Why are we here? And more importantly, how are we here? The last I remember…" Sam waited. He rocked back on his heels, hands in his BDU pants (and wasn't she glad he wasn't in Simpson boxers with the hearts now!). He was, however, barefoot. Then the memory flashed.


Sam came out of the reverie. He nodded, satisfied. Then he glanced over at his, well, other whatever. Counterpart? Doppelganger? Sam felt a stirring of hysteria.

"Hey; no vapors now. Unless they're the kind we have here; good stuff, huh?" Jack said, seeing her face pale. His hand was under her elbow, supporting her. Concern belied his light tone.

She looked over at her soon to be ex-CO, relatively still in the shamrock prison. Ok, hold that laugh. Good thing he was turned away from her. Them. Assured he was ok, she leaned against the tree, took a breath and stole a glance at Jack.

His long feet were very clean for one who didn't wear shoes in a country environment. Sam tracked up the long legs covered by clean slacks, over the trim waist beneath his white athletic tee…

Sam's eyes snapped up as heat flooded her face. She'd better deal with this Jack now before Jack, the other Jack…Aagh.

"How did we get here? I didn't dial this address and the survey team went through the gate right before us," Sam asked. "Jack?"

"Oh, that," he said. He was blushing, Sam noted. "Well, you were in danger, Sam. I mean really almost died danger. Couldn't allow that," he began. His face was stricken, apparently at the thought. "So, brought you here," he mumbled, searching her eyes as if seeking forgiveness.

"Uh, well that part's fine. Saving us is ok. But how?" Sam asked. "Just tell me, Jack. He's not going to stay still long, you know," Sam prodded. The general's grumbling was growing louder.

"I felt it through you," Jack said. Sam frowned. He raised his hand and reached for her, then gently lifted her tags from her shirt, smiling in apology. He let her see the tags; a tiny shamrock uncoiled from it, and sprang onto his hand before it melted into him. "Said I'd be there for you, always." Jack stood waiting for her reaction, still unsure. Sam stared through watery eyes. She'd certainly never forgotten his words …

A familiar sound of earth movement drew her attention; the ground churned between her and the general. Ho, boy. Fully formed rock emerged with far less noise and turmoil than the first time. In short minutes an impressive rocky hill towered above them in the golden, quartz-flecked style. Her radio beeped.

Dread welled in her; she'd never told him about…this. Or him. Jack was all kindness and understanding as he gently stroked her cheek.

"It'll be ok," Jack said softly. "Whimsy will just 'get to know' him. I'll be nearby."

She shook herself. She knew what was in store for him; the…real him, thrashing like a fish in a net on the other side of the little mountain.

"Yeah, it would be best if he didn't see you right now," Sam said. Or ever. "I thought we'd had it back there. I don't know what to say, except thank you, Jack. "

"Hey, I made Sam speechless. That will never get old," he chuckled. Sam smiled automatically at his humor. "And ok, I'll play invisible man, for now. C'mon, Sam; you did the right thing keeping this to yourself, we both know that," Jack said earnestly. He squeezed her shoulder gently. "He'll understand about me. Well, eventually!" With a grin, he moved back and blended into the tree trunk.

"Bye," Sam said softly. The DHD was nowhere in sight. Sighing, Sam tried not to think of the general and his ride on Cloud 9. A bubbling sound behind her made her smile. She turned and there was a nicely situated pool of her favorite mud!

"Ok," Sam said. She stripped down in military time. Soon she was reclining in her private spa of fragrant effervescent earth-goo (without the mind-scrambling scent this time), her head resting on a supporting cushion of friendly shamrocks. "Huh; he never told me how he got us here," she murmured. She reached for her radio.

To be continued.

Fear not, it's just the opener. The next chapter will follow very shortly. Note on the April Foolishness tag: due to RL's really buggy problems, got way behind the March Madness story. But I like the nutty reference 'cause this is another one of those fics.

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