I don't own Kim Possible or Ron Stoppable. And it vexes me so!

I didn't plan to enter the contest at RonStoppabledotnet for poetry but then, these came to me late at night when hardly any of my favorite authors updated any of their stories.

So I had time.

Now I'm just waiting for R.S.DotNet to activate my account.

Thanks for suggestions and comments CajunBear73: You always rock.


Haiku for two:

Flame hair in the night.
Green eyes my soul uplifts:
Reveals her love now.

He stands tall for me.
His gentle brown eyes show me:
Devotion, always.

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A/N I messed up the second one even though I had the corrected one right in front of me. Thanks to the Samurai Crunchbird for pointing it out to me. Oh well, you live and learn.