Hello, I hate these things, when an author on fan fiction net starts a story that had potential and then drops it. But sadly this is what I'm doing, I had a fabulous idea for how this story would go but then I read BD and got excited about Jake and Renesmee I could not finish this story that would have paired Jake and Leah.

The weird thing was I was going to go in the direction that the story almost went with Jake and Leah in the book, the slow growing of grudging respect, the going off on their own separate ways in a separate pack and hearing each other everyday leading towards a type of intimacy that would have made them come together eventually.

The moral? Sometimes you don't need imprinting to have a lasting love, sometimes you just have to believe in it and set aside your bitter differences. In my outlines it was great!

But now I have fresh blood and I want to do a fan fic story about Jake and Renesmee, I will finish that one, so if you have read this and thought it had potential, author alert me and I promise to give you a good one I promise I'll finish.

:D lots of cyber hugs, Melissaturkey