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"What if I don't want to?"

"It doesn't matter what you want, you want what I tell you right now," Alice sang running around the store picking out items for me.

I stopped and decided I would make myself comfortable; she was going to be at it for awhile. Rose was going to run home to shower and change because she just finished soccer practice and was nice and sweaty.

When Alice finally figured out that I wasn't with her I noticed her marching around the store looking for me with anger in her eyes.

"What do you think your doing?" she asked arching an eyebrow and placing her hands on her hips.

"What I do every time we go shopping, waiting for you to come and give me what you are going to make me try on," I said with an innocent look to try and avoid the looks we would get if she got mad.

This seemed to satisfy her because she just pushed a handful of clothes and me into the closest dressing room.

Later that day we were sitting in the food court, me with my burger and Alice with her salad, although she was too busy trying to get a hold of Rose.

"Does she not have a cell phone?!" she said exasperatedly.

"Yes she has a phone, and you can stop calling it now," said a voice behind me that was defiantly not Alice.

"What the hell, Rose, you were supposed to be her like two hours ago!" I yelled after she took a seat beside me, across from Alice.

"Come on; don't tell me you didn't have fun with Alice. Shopping, playing dress up," she said sarcastically. I glared.

"Hey!" Alice said faking shock. "She loves to spend time with me!"

"I do... just not in a mall. You go crazy," I said pleading my case.

"Fine, I'll deal with that, what I'm concerned about is what took you so long missy," Alice said eyeing Rose.

"I was in my room getting ready, just putting on the final touches, and there was a knock on the door. So I went and answered it and there stood Emmett."

Alice and I kept looking at her waiting to continue, although we all knew that Emmett and she could spend hours on end locked in a bedroom she didn't have her after sex glow. Emmett wasn't supposed to be in town for another couple days too because he graduated a year before all of us and was away at college, then he decided to travel a little before coming to spend the summer with Rose, so there was more to the story.

"…. Anyways, I was shocked to say the least, but what was more shocking was the two other people with him."

That really caught Alice and mine's attention, he brought friends home? When he was supposed to spend time with Rose… I imagine she was pissed. She was so excited to spend the time without interruptions.

"You guys! It's not a bad thing," Rose said, obviously seeing our faces ready to hear he vent. "He brought some friends that wanted to relax and just chill for the summer and he told them about his plans to come here and about me friends –which would be you two- and they decided that 'what the hell,' they would come."

"You're setting us up!" Alice yelled earning some looks from people at tables all around us.

I just got my murderous look (that's what Alice calls it) and slowly said, "You are leaving us with some guys so you have time to screw Emmett?"

"No! I would never do that, I just…." Rose started to try and defend herself but then stopped. Alice and I shared a look, trying to figure out what she was doing.

"Here, why don't you ummm…. Meet these guys first, they you can decide if you want to be mad at me," she whispered after a pause. "Here guys!" Rose then yelled.

Mine and Alice's heads snapped in the direction of Rose's hand and our jaws dropped! These men were beautiful. There was a tall blonde one that was very easy going looking, he wasn't too put together but you could tell that he knew his way around designer and quality clothing. I knew Alice would love him. The other one, bronze haired, not too skinny but not muscles like Emmett, and just…. God, beauty that only a God could possess. There was no other word to describe him.

"Hi, baby," Emmett said bending down and kissing Rose while resting his arms over her shoulders. "Bella, Alice, these are some friends of mine from school… Jasper," he motioned to the tall blonde, "And Edward," he motioned to the bronzed haired God.

"Hi," Alice said jumping up and shaking Edwards's hand then moving to Jasper. You could tell they liked each other; they just stood there looking at each other. After a couple seconds I coughed and they snapped out of it.

"It's nice to meet you," I said looking at Jasper and Edward. I got caught in his eyes… they were so green.

"I can honestly say the same," Edward said with a heart melting crocked smile.

I could see Rose raising her eyebrow in question to me and Alice, but we just shock our heads telling her we weren't going to bad mad, and then she let out a little laugh.

"I can see that we all are going to get along great this summer," Emmett said with a knowing smile.

"I have no objections so far," Alice sang happily looking directly at Jasper, I just laughed at her.

"Do you not agree with Emmett?" I heard, and felt, being whispered in my ear in a smooth velvet voice. Edward, who had squeezed a chair in between Alice and I and rested his arm on the back of my chair had taken his other hand and swept my hair over my shoulder and bent down to place his lips to my ear.

A slight shiver raced down my back and I closed my eyes tight and bit my tongue to keep from moaning. I then turned my head to that Edward's lips were less then an inch from mine and said in my own hushed whisper, "Depends, I don't like to judge a book by its cover, I like to strip it down and find out if it has to offer what I need."

"I think that I might like you discovering what I have to offer, there is a lot, it could take a really long time," Edward whispered not moving his face any farther away from me.

Before I replied I moved my head to his ear that was facing away from the table and said so only he could hear, "I've got plenty of time and energy, besides…. I think I can offer you just as much," I said while tracing circles just above his knee with my fingers.

I could hear a low growl as I finished. I think that this summer might be just what I needed. It is turning out to have a lot to offer.