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Everything seemed to be moving so fast, I mean we just meet today! This just isn't normal… but here we are in the movie theatre, locked together in a tight embrace, and all that is going through my mind is this feels so right.

Edward worked his hands under my shirt and had his hands placed on the small of my back. When he pulled his hand along to the front and dipped his index finger under the waistband of my jeans I released a moan into his mouth. I could feel the smile form on his face against my lips.

You think that's funny? ... I'll show you funny insert evil laughter in mind

I started to grind into him causing both of us to moan. Maybe I should have thought that thought more, oh well… if I moan, he moans.

The whole time this was going on my hands were exploring that amazing chest of his, I ran my hands up and down, going lower each time, and after I reached his waistband, instead of going lower I pulled up his shirt and started to trace the well defined lines of his chest.

We continued on like this for a couple more minutes, never going any farther, but still grinding quit a bit. I was thoroughly enjoying myself when I could see the theatre get brighter thought my closed eyes and then someone tapping me on the shoulder. I pried my lips away from Edward and turned.

"You are going to have to leave right now… and I ask you don't return anytime soon," the theatre employee told us.

I could hear our friends laughing… they saw this coming, they let us get kicked out!

Edward straightened my shirt and removed me from his lap and placed me on my feet. He grabbed his coat and my hand and we made our way to the exit without any words.

"I'm sorry," I finally said when we were in his car and driving down the highway after a good 5 minutes of silence.

He looked over to me with shock clearly written in his eyes, "For what?"

"Ummm… for getting us caught in the theatre, I'm sorry for attacking you."

"I actually enjoyed it and was heading back to Rose's so we could continue, but if you didn't mean for that to happen we could do something else," he said while trying to hide his disappointment.

"NO! I mean… I want to continue, Arrgg! This isn't coming out right. I sound like some slut. You have to know that I don't do this EVER, I don't just jump guys after knowing them for an hour and I defiantly don't so shows for them in the middle of lingerie stores after just meeting them."

"I know, believe me I don't do that either… With you though I find myself doing things that I would never do… And practically having sex in a public place is something I would see Emmett doing, not me," he said with a chuckle while grabbing my hand. "But with you it's like I've known you for years, I think might be losing my mind here because this really isn't normal, but if I am I'm not going to complain."

"Me either."

The rest of the drive was silent with Edward's hand resting on my tight. When we got to Rose's house he came around to my door and took my hand. We made our way to the door and I handed him the key.

He unlocked the door and pulled me in, pinning me to the door and attacking my open mouth with his. I instantly hitched my leg up and he placed one of his hands on the small of my back and the other on my ass grinding me into him at his own speed. When I started to pull away for breath he moved to my neck and trailed kisses to my collarbone where he started to suck on my sensitive skin causing my breath to hitch.

I started to pull his shirt up, once he caught on he pulled his mouth away from me and removed his shirt sending it flying somewhere in the room.

He pressed his lips to mine again and tried to gain access to my mouth, however I wouldn't let him. He let out a low growl and pulled away with question in his eyes. I just trailed my hands along his chest and undid the button of his jeans and lowered the zipper.

"What do you think your doing?" He whispered in my ear.

I didn't answer him with words I just placed my hand in his boxers and started to stroke him.

"Oh! Fuck," he said in my ear again and then bit my lobe.

I continued to stoke his throbbing cock in my hand and all I could think was how amazing it was going to feel with him thrusting inside me.

"Bella," he moaned. "H-hard..er… come on baby, f-Faster," he got out with some concentration.

I tightened my hand around him and started to go faster feeling his become tense and getting ready to come.

"BELLA... fuck!"

"The was amazing," he said after he kissed me.

I kissed him again with vigour and pushed his pants all the way down to the floor. He then removed my shirt and picked me up.

I tore my lips away from him and asked him what he was doing while he was walking towards the stairs.

"Returning the favour… but I thought you would like to have more privacy seeing as I don't know when the others with be back." He finished with placing me down on my bed, and started to remove my bra.

He was massaging one of my breasts while swirling my very erect nipple with his tongue.

I arched my back and let out a moan when he lightly bit it. I could feel the smile on his face. He then switched and repeated the same actions on the other one… receiving the same reaction. From there he trailed kisses down to my jeans and started to remove them.

When he had those off trailed kisses up from my ankle and blew on my wet folds through the thin fabric that covered them.

"Edward," I moaned, "More, please."

"More what?"

"Please, I need you."

"What do you want love?" He asked looking up to me with a smirk.

"I want you to be inside me." And with those few little words he pushed aside my underwear and thrust his long finger inside me.

"AHHH," I screamed.

"You feel so GOOD, Bella," Edward said breathlessly.

I could feel my climax build and he inserted another finger and started to flick my clint with his tongue. With two more thrusts my walls started to contract and waves of pleasure racked though my body.

Edward removed his fingers from me and licked them clean.

"You taste delicious, love," he said while moving up my body and placing a sweet, loving kiss on my lips.

I let out a breathless laugh while I tried to regulate my breathing.


"Honey we're home!"

"Ouch! What was that for Rose!?"