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Chapter 1: First impressions.

He grabbed a small golden sculpture and observed it against the day light that came through the windows; it was genuine gold, he could tell without a second look. But starting his short stay at the mansion stealing objects from a telepath's office, probably wasn't the best of ideas; so he placed it back on the desk and reclined on the wooden, fancy chair. When you get into trouble back at the bayou, what do you do?: take off for a while and wait for things to get smooth again. He had managed to find himself a place to stay, but joining indeterminately this group of scholars? No, that just wasn't his style; Remy LeBeau works alone.

"Good morning" said a feminine voice to his back, so he stood up and turned around.

"Bon jour" the Cajun greeted. "Ridiculous shack, free food, beautiful filles… Remy might reconsider de Professeur's offer t' stay".

"Really?" the woman raised her brows, pretending she didn't hear the part concerning her. "You should, because this is the best place for people like us. And my name is Jean" she offered her hand for a shake, but he did more than that, charmingly kissing the back of it:

"Pleased t' meet y'".

Not used to somebody else besides Scott kissing a part of her, Jean felt a little uncomfortable, but once again, decided to act like nothing was wrong.

"Follow me, I'll show you to your room".

He picked his stuff up from the floor and they both left the office.

Walking down one of the hallways, they crossed paths with Jamie and two of his clones, arguing and pushing each other.

"So, how many of y' are?" he questioned, amused at the triplets.

"That counts for one" Jean explained. "That's Jamie; he's the youngest here and it's obvious what his power's about. Then there are Bobby, who creates and controls ice; Kurt can teleport, Kitty can traverse objects and walls, Jubilee projects pyrotechnic energy" they went up the carpeted stairs, while she continued the list like she had memorized it. "Storm has the ability to control weather and Logan can recover from injuries in a second. Scott, my boyfriend, has optic energy beams, and Rogue…"

"Rogue? What kind o' name's dat?"

"I have wondered the same, but I guess you should ask her" Jean replied.

"She a girl?"


They stopped in front of a door to a bedroom, in the boys' side of the mansion.

"An' what can she do?" he asked casually.

"She…" it seemed like Jean was trying to find the right words to say it. "She absorbs people's energy, memories and powers, by skin to skin contact, while the other person is left unconscious". He opened his mouth to speak, but she interrupted him: "Trust me: she is not happy with it. The kitchen's in the first floor".

She left, and then Remy found himself alone, looking into empty space for a few seconds.

"Dieu, dat's gotta suck" he recognized, and stepped inside the room. "Remy be lucky he didn't get dat power, or else he'd go fou" he chuckled, letting himself fall on the bed.

It was good to have a place to stay, at least for one night.


Resting his back against the wall, he crossed his arms over his chest to enjoy the nice view: a pair of tight pants wrapping those amazing hips and bottom; the rest of the body was bent to the front, looking for something inside the fridge.

"Where's the damn…?" Remy could hear her muttering to herself. She must have suddenly seen him with the corner of her eye, since she turned her head, not changing the position of her body; like this, she glared at him from head to feet, over her shoulder, white and auburn bangs falling over her face.

"Need any help in dere, chere?"

But she turned back to the fridge and grabbed what she'd been looking for, to then straight up and shut the door by pushing it with a foot.

"Nope" she simply said, not meeting his eyes; instead, she seemed very focused on preparing her sandwich.

Remy immediately liked this attitude of her; once they first stared at him, women generally couldn't take their eyes off him, doing nothing but smiling at him in order to catch his attention. But this girl didn't, so that might require a little extra effort.

"Y' not gonna ask who I am, or what am I doin' here?" he continued, coming closer to her. She stared at him apologetically:

"Ah would if Ah cared".

"Y'll soon care, cherie" he winked. "I'm Remy LeBeau, an' y' are…?"

Her meal was done, so the girl started to put everything back inside the fridge.

"Bien, my bad" he shook his head. "Who ever said southern girls had manners? But I could teach y' a couple of 'em, if y' let me".

She grabbed her food, and giving a last look into his eyes before leaving the kitchen, she answered his question:

"Ah'm Rogue".

As he stared at her walking away, the realization hit him: this was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, way more than the red head; and it was also the only untouchable one he had ever met.


It was supper time at the mansion, and everybody gathered around the table, almost as a normal family. They'd discuss how their day went, what they'd do the next morning, and they'd get to know a little more about the new guy, if families could have new guys joining them that often. At this point, Remy had already met every inhabitant of the house, and they all were pretty much regular people; but there was nothing regular about Rogue. Diagonally from her, during dinner he did nothing but wondering how was even possible someone so gorgeous could never be touched, what kind of cynical god could have given her those powers.

Kitty and Kurt questioned him a couple few things, and he answered politely, but he realized Rogue didn't look at him not even once; it was like he didn't exist to her.

But who cared, anyway?

"Une femme without touch's like a dessert y' can't eat" he told himself in the back of his mind. "An' desserts are meant t' be eaten, right?"


He couldn't sleep.

It wasn't like the issues he had left undone in New Orleans cared too much, or that he was worried about the near future, but he just couldn't catch sleep. Maybe what really bothered him was that he hadn't had the chance to know every corner, window and door in this huge place, and that way he felt almost trapped; no matter what happens or how normal things seem to be around, he'd always be a thief. So he decided to get up and go take a better look of the whole place.

These people really went to bed early; it wasn't yet midnight and Remy didn't find a single person on his way. After walking for a while, entertaining himself by building a mental map of the edification, he found himself in the large garage. There was his trusty black and silver bike, but that wasn't the only beauty in the place; a luxurious red sports car was parked nearby, and it almost shone of how well cared it was.

"Lemme guess… Summers'?" A good thief can always identify the owner of an item; and Remy wasn't just good: he was the best, and he proved it once again as he managed to open the car's door without the key, in less than ten seconds.

He sat on the driver's seat, but left the door open; he knew he wasn't alone.

"Yah gonna steal that?" a familiar voice was suddenly heard, an immediately, Rogue's figure appeared right by his side. She didn't have much of an expression on her face; it was hard to tell if she was upset, going against something or just sleepy. Anyway, she had some kind of different, wild beauty that made her outstand even in the darkness of the place. Her very short shorts left almost the totality of her legs uncovered, as a sweatshirt and her crossed arms were the only things protecting her from the cold night.

"I wouldn't have let y' follow me if I was t'" he stated. "An' when did y' start gettin' interested in Remy's activities?"

She considered him for a short while before answering: "Since Ah found out we've got a thief in the house".

"In dat case, y' want me t' give y' a ride?" It was so hard for Remy not to try flirting with her, not trying to charm her; not only was he used to flirt with every kinda cute girl he found on his way, but Rogue was just stunning. And untouchable; untouchable… she was the untouchable one, he had to keep that on mind. "So, what do y' say? We borrow Cyclops' car?"

And then, he saw it: he saw the glitter of a sly smile in her green orbits. He saw the way her lips quivered so slightly it could have only been his imagination; he saw her swallowing hard, and her shoulders contracting a little.

And then she jumped on him.

She threw herself at him, kissing him violently, her arms wrapped around his neck. It was like an explosion, something that just didn't give Remy enough time to react. But he managed to reunite the very small amount of reason this situation allowed him to have, and pushed her away a little, cupping her face between his hands:

"But how…? Dey said y' can't…"

And there it was again that delicious smile of her that sent all reason to hell. He was touching her face; he could kiss her, she wanted it, and that's all he needed to know. So he skilfully helped her to get a more comfortable position, with her legs around him, while kissing her deeply; she was running her fingers through his hair, keeping her eyes closed in an attempt to feel everything only through her skin.

He caressed the silky skin of her legs up to her thighs, his face buried in her neck; it felt so good to feel her fast breathing on his ear. Then he grabbed her hips with both hands and brought her even closer, if that was possible. But he noticed she cringed; she pulled away abruptly, and giving him a last light kiss, she got off the car and ran away.

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