Orochimaru. Ruler of the World.

"Oooh, Pein!"

"Yes, Your Highness?"

"The paper work needs to get done."

"Yes, your Majesty!"

"Zetsu, I want man-eating plants to guard outside! Get it done! Itachi, go get Sasuke! Will someone get me that damn Madara Uchiha!?"

He sat in his throne, giving out orders to everyone, until the throne room under his chair, was empty. He sighed, relaxing back in his chair, that was set on a balcony-like platform. Behind him, a bedroom fit for a king- his bedroom.

The center of his world,Ryu, sat on his right leg and the right arm of his throne. She wore a purple, sheer, polyester, open robe. A pair of earrings similar to the symbol his had- his symbol- dangled on a 1 1/2", white gold chain, on her ears. She only wore a pair of purple underwear, only wearing the robe to cover up, on his command. She wore a collar- like everyone else- but hers had his symbol, dangling from the center of it.

He smirked at her. "It's nice to actually have some alone times to ourselves-" She save him a side glance, her mouth open slightly. "-don't you think, my dear...?"

He picked her up by the waist, making her squeak in surprise, before dropping her in his chair, pinning her to the back of it. She blushed heavily, as he trailed kisses from her jaw to her collar bone, against her weak protest as her hands were on his chest, trying to push him off.

"O-Orochimaru-" She whispered.

"Relax." He purred in her ear, before covering her mouth with his, making her melt. He slid his hands to rest on her hips, making her put her arms out,on his shoulders. He withdrew, imagining her heart sinking when he cut it short.

"Cover up." She immediately stood up, closing her robe. He sat back down with heavily reluctance, regretting stopping it. She slid quietly back into her spot, as Sasuke and Madara Uchiha, entered the throne room below. (only, like, 10 feet below him and her.)

"I brought them, Your Majesty!" He lazily wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her a little closer, as he rested his head on her side. He whispered a 'later' to her, before turning his head, to look at the Uchihas.

"You just interupted me from a very important conversation-" He growled,Ryu leaned over his head. The fingers of her left hand, calming him down greatly, as they weaved in and out of his hair.

They bowed. "Forgive us-"

"Sasuke, is your body ready to be my new body?"

"Not yet, your Majesty, but soon, I assure you!"

"Madara, I'm going to execute you in an hour or so- just wanted to give you a heads up-"

"Daddy, can I keep him?" Ryu asked, making him look up at her.

"Which one?"

"I want that one." She said childishly, pointing at Madara, Orochimaru looked at him.

"Him? Not Pein or Hidan- or Sasori? You want Madara?" He asked.

"I want him!" She whined. "If I don't get him...I...I-I'll cry!"

"Fine,yes,yes,alright!" He said, looking back at them, yelling down to them, "Madara, You'll be doing whatever she wants- got it? Because she just saved your life."

Madara bowed, and left, as did Sasuke.

"ANKO!" He yelled, the maid rushing in. Ryu got up, and went vanished behind the thick, velvet,dark violet curtains, to his room. The curtains were pulled back, but she untied one, so it wasn't, and did the same to the other one.

"Yes, Your Majesty?"

"Make a room for Madara in my Queen's wing of the Castle."

"Right away!"

He sighed.


He leaned over the arm of his chair, to look back at the curtains. Ryu hid behind one of them, a sexy look on her face. She beckoned him with a finger, winking.

"Come 'ere, Cobra." She purred.

He opened his mouth to make an objection, but she cut him off.

"I'm wearing that lingerie you really like-" She added, "- The doors are locked, the windows are closed, curtains closed- and I'm not wearing anything underneath." She finished seductively. He shot out of his throne, and past his curtains, pouncing on the girl.

It ROCKED, being the Ruler of the World. Especially when he had her doing, basically, whatever he said.