Across the Wire

She stood on the street corner, wearing a black coat that went to her knees, black shades covered her eyes from everyone else. Others stared at her, deep red lipstick on her luscious lips. When the street sign changed colors, she crossed, stilettos clicking as she stepped. She slipped into an alley way, ignoring the rain. She turned and knocked on a rust-colored door that had a circle with an 'X' inside of it. The door opened and she stepped inside, the door sliding behind her.

In the middle of this room, was a chair, and in this chair, sat a robot. His left arm on the armrest of the stone chair, right elbow on the other arm, right cheek laying on his curled right fist. "Sorry I took so long, honey." The woman purred seductively, untying her coat belt and letting the coat fall to the floor, "I wanted to go for a walk after work." She walked over to the chair. The robot's waxed, dark blue suit caught whatever light was in the room, and it danced across his armor.

The suit of mechanics didn't respond when she sat in it's lap in a black baby doll and a pair of lacey ruffle panties, all matching down to her shoes. She smiled hungrily, "Hn- You're so cold, Dear." She purred, laying against his icy chest. "Mmh, don't worry darling, I'll warm you up. Would you like that?" she asked, tracing the carving in his chest plate, "Metal Prince?"

For a response, they laid their head back and put their right hand on her lower back, her knees on either side of his legs. "I would enjoy that." A dark, monotone voice told her. "Work was satisfactory." She smiled, "Your smile eases my mind." She hugged his head and he rested his head on her sternum. "I hope you had a good day, Evelyn."

Evelyn giggled, kissing his head. He hugged her closer to him, her black hair falling over his shoulders. Even though his own eyes were small cameras, he took pleasure in looking at her own pastel green eyes. He pulled the ribion keeping her baby doll together, apart, and the baby doll opened for him as she laughed.


As taboo as this relationship was, there was no happier a couple than Evelyn and Kouhei. Robots were now a large part of society, and were used for chore purposes. It was strictly illegal to have an relationship with one other than employee and boss. These robots has their own personalities and reacted of their own accord, but were loyal to those who purchased them, and the families they worked for. Despite this, there were hidden robosexuals- those who were sexually attracted to machines and robots.

These people, if discovered, were 'quarantined' by the New Government, and were never heard from again. This is a story, about Evelyn and Kouhei's struggle against a world that is against what these two have.


"Kouhei, can I speak to you?" Kouhei looked up from his work, before walking over to his human boss.

"How may I help you, Boss?" Kouhei asked, and this boss pulled him aside.

"Kouhei, I know about your marriage to your wife, Evelyn." His boss told him, and Kouhei looked at his boss,

"If you desire to fire me, then I will not hold a grudge. I would like it if you gave my situation some consideration and be willing to come to a compromise or agreement of some sort that is to your liking, so I may continue working here." Kouhei told his boss, who laughed,

"I'm not going to fire you, don't worry, but I just hear from a friend of a friend." Kouhei stiffened at what he said next, "Kouhei- you wife was picked up from the market by the Disposal Bureau."

"Evee Why? Did Evelyn commit some type of crime?" Kouhei asked, "Please tell me that she is unharmed."

"They don't know. She was out buying groceries, minding her own business, and a black hover van came up behind her," Kouhei twitched, "They grabbed her and pulled her into the hover van, before they drove off. Heir suits had 'DB' on the back of them in bold letters. I think they may have found out."

"Evelyn only came to my home once a day for a few hours. She works constantly. It was unnoticeable. I only told you of our engagement." Kouhei said in a darker tone of voice than usual.

"Calm down, Kouhei, we're all here for you and worried. Unfortunately- we don't know where they went."

"They will be heading to their source of operation." Kouhei said matter of fact, "Please entrust me with your hover motor." Kouhei's boss, Mr. Egi (ee-gee), patted him on the shoulder pads.

"I would trust you with my life." His boss told him, "Make she you get her back safe."

"I request a job holding." Kouhei said, and his boss laughed,

"You've got months of unused paid vacation pays- I'll just keep track of how many of those days you use." Mr. Egi told him, and Kouhei left to the back garage of the factory. "Good luck, Kouhei." Mr. Egi murmured, and Kouhei ripped the cover off of a black motor cycle with spherical wheels. He threw his left leg over to the other side of the hover cycle, tapping the touch screen pad in front of the seat he sat in. Sliding his finger across the screen, he turned on the engine and it hovered gently over the ground.

Mr. Egi watched as Kouhei put his hands on the steering wheel as the wheels turned, blowing air at the ground, before it shot forward. Mr. Egi gently smiled, going to his office and picking up a framed photo.

In the photo, was Evelyn in a wedding dress, holding a bouquet, hair clipped up, smiling happily. Kouhei next to her, holding her hand, in a tux, as Evelyn kisses him on the cheek. In the right corner, was a message in Evelyn's cursive hand-writing.

'We made it, Daddy. -Evelyn'

"Go get her, Kouhei." Mr. Egi wished him, and Kouhei speed up the hover cycle, that let out a whirling sound as it went faster. He headed straight towards the tallest building in the Section 17 District 3 area, the Government Control Tower.

~O~ Government Control Tower ~O~

Evelyn stirred slightly, frowning momentarily, before opening her eyes as a chill ran across her skin. She found herself staring at a steel grey ceiling, and laying on a metal bench. She quickly tied to get up, but she gagged and was pulled back. "What ?" Evelyn looked down, a metal collar around her neck, a chain attached to it. She ran her fingers along the links, she found that after 10 links, her fingers butterfly kissed a metal plate, drilled into the wall.

Her ankles held thick metal cuffs that that had key holes in it, and a thick metal link on each one that didn't connect to anything in particular. They were on her wrist too, and her hair had been curled. The cuffs on her wrists had latches on them, attached to a semi circle on the cuffs. She wore a long, flowing, white dress with a deep-V, that was backless. So that's why she was so cold

Looking around the room, it was a hexagon in shape, about 12 feet long. To her right, was a wall, to her left, 10 feet away from her, maybe 15, was a glass door, and a guard on either side of the door. She looked over as the door opened, and she got to her feet, back against the wall so she could stand, "Stay away from me!" She yelled, as a man from the D.B. entered the room, dressed in an olive-green, Nazi-like uniform. The only thing different was the armband that had the striped of the New American flag on it.

"Good morning to you too, Evelyn Egi." The man greeted with a sneer, his bright blue eyes looking her over, "It seems like the dress fits nicely " He pushed a strand of blonde hair back over his right shoulder, with the back of his hand. "You're a rare sight, Miss Egi." She covered herself with her hands and arms. "Do you know why you're here?"

"Because I am a single woman in a house with a robot?" She asked, and he nodded,

"That's half the reason. The other half is because the President has interest in you. Now, I don't know what you've heard, but, we only wish to help you, Miss Egi. Or should I say- Miss Hurosaki?" Evelyn looked away, "Yes, we know all about your marriage to your robot. It's frowned upon, and you're already 15 broken laws in, not including the ones you've broken by marrying it." He looked at him angrily,

"Hes not an 'It'! He's a person too! My husband is a kind-hearted soul!" Evelyn yelled, and the man chuckled.

"Funny, how he doesn't have a heart nor a soul. Please, we only want to help you, Miss Egi." The officer purred, pulling out a tablet from his jacket, translucent buttons appears in the frame, and he presses and slides various things on it, no longer looking at her, "We are a rehabilitation center with a 87 percent success rate. We heal those who are in such toxic and ungodly inappropriate situations as you, Miss Egi."

"I don't want your help! I love my husband!" Evelyn screamed, and he sighed, looking at her as her room changed.

"You're being very difficult, Miss Egi." The left wall's bench pulled into the wall, and another 'bench' was pushed out from the wall. It was a comfy looking, queen size bed, and a stand appeared from under it to better support it off the ground. Her chain lengthened as well, and her room turned white with little pink flowers everywhere. "Miss Egi, please understand that, on the behalf of the President, I am to take any measure to ensure your happiness here, as we attempt to help you." He smiled, and she pulled herself closer against the metal. "I was also assigned to be your personal councilor. My name is Ikino Jabuki."

"Tell your President to go fuck himself!" Evelyn hollered, and Ikino sighed,

So disobedient and wild- looks like we'll have to break that fiery spirit of yours." Ikino said, smirking, and grabbing her collar, pulling her over to him, "Let's start, shall we?" He kissed her roughly, and she groaned against it, pushing on him to get away from her. The guards didn't pay attention, and the glass door turned black, as Ikino picked her up and set her on the bed, towering over her. "By the end of your stay, you'll prefer the touch of a man more than that of a robot." He smiled mockingly, running his hand up her thigh.

In a swift move, she brought up her legs and wrapped them tightly around him, choking him with her thighs, as she clenched her muscles. Ikino gagged, and the door opened, the guards rushing in. "H-Help!" Ikino gasped, and the guards electrocuted her with the butts of their staffs. Evelyn screamed in pain, convulsing as the shock went through her body, before she stopped as the guards stopped electrocuting her and pulled Ikino free from her. "Confine her while she can't fight back!" Ikino thundered angrily, and one guard held her down, while the other clipped her wrist cuffs to her ankle cuffs with the latches. Left to left, right to right.

"You will regret doing such a thing to me, Bitch!" Ikino snarled threateningly, the guards leaving, "I will break you myself." Ikino growled, looming over her. "It's only right for a sinful temptress like yourself to be the wife of a robot, but you'll soon be the wife of the President, so prepare yourself for the harsh training, broad!" Ikino snarled, getting on top of her and shredding her panties, before unbuckling his pants.

Evelyn tried to put distance between them, "Stay away from me!" she hollered as Ikino grabbed her hips and pulled her over to him, "Kouhei, KOUHEI!" Evelyn screamed desperately, before yelling out a yell of pain as the officer forced himself inside of her. A few drops of blood fell to the sheets, and tears rolled down her cheeks, "It hurts! Pull it out, pull it out!" She begged, and Ikino chuckled.

"Now you want to behave?" Ikino asked mockingly, and Evelyn turned her head to the left, her black hair covering her face, "You shouldn't be crying, you should be thanking me, Miss Egi. You can't feel such pleasure from your robot spouse, can you?"

"If this is pleasure, than I am indeed, in hell!" She yelled at him,

"It wouldn't hurt so much if you weren't so tight, Miss Egi." Ikino told her, grunting, thrusting into her, "Don't worry- it'll feel better soon." She only cried out for Kouhei as Ikino thrusted into her.

When he was done, he pulled out, kissing her forehead, "This is only the beginning, Miss Egi, until you agree to divorce your husband and abandon this illegal robosexual relationship." she glared at him..

"Over my cold, dead body." Evelyn growled at him, as Ikino pulled up his pants and buckled them, walking out as said laid there, crying.