Hinata spent the next few days hopelessly packing and crying. She knew she was stuck she couldn't call or do anything to tell Sasuke what her father had planned for her. She cried herself to sleep every night thinking about how when Sasuke came to find her Friday night her room will be empty. He would think that she didn't want to be with him and that she just left."

Two days before Hinata was set to leave Neji walked into Hiashi's den late at night. Hiashi was sitting behind his desk that was covered with paper work. Neji took a seat in front of the desk, "What are you doing?"

Hiashi didn't look like up from his work, "Just looking over some business contracts I have drawn up."

Neji tried to look at the papers, "Business contracts?"

Hiashi nodded, "Yes for the business contracts are for Hinata."

Neji's raised his eyebrows, "Why are Hinata's name and business in the same sentence? I thought that you weren't giving her any part of the business."

Hiashi still hadn't lifted his head up, "I've changed my mind."

"Well what are you giving her?"


Neji shot up pushing his chair back, "What?!"

Hiashi was neither fazed nor interested in Neji's reaction, "I said I am giving the company for Hinata to run after she graduates from college."

Neji slammed his fist on the desk, "Why the hell are you giving the company to her? You promised that the company was mine! It was mine to run not Hinata's!"

Hiashi's head popped when Neji hit the desk, "Don't you dare raise your voice to me the business is mine and mine to decide who runs it after me!"

Neji was getting heated, "She disobeyed you, don't you remember? She disgraced the Hyuga name by being with that bastard! And you are still going to give her the company!"

Hiashi sat back in his chair, "She is going through a rebellious stage, no one is perfect with the exception of myself of course. Aside from this incident she's been very respectful and responsible. And when Hinata returns from school she will be a different person."

"What do you mean different?"

Hiashi had an evil smirk on his face as he said, "I am sending her away to a reform school. When she is going to appreciate everything I have given to her. She will never even think about disobeying me ever again. And once she is back she will enter college and I will start molding her to run my business."

Neji started pointing to her chest, "Me you've been molding me to run the business, I know it like the back of my hand. What's going to happen to me?!"

"You think I would forget about you? You've been a great assistant to me and I know you are going to great assistant to Hinata."

Neji's mouth dropped, "Hinata's assistant? You've must have lost your damn mind old man! Listen to me I am going to run this business like you promised!"

Hiashi angrily stood up, "I never promised you anything, I gave you a roof over your head, I have feed you, clothed you, sent you to the best schools and I let you work beside me. Listen to me you little brat, Hinata is my daughter and as long as she is here she will have the business. It is a family business, you will always be a part of my family but you don't have to be a part of my business. Now get out of here I have work to do."

Neji glared at his uncle before turning around and mumbling, "She embarrasses the whole family and still gets everything. However I follow all the rules, bring honor to our family name, and follow Hiashi like a lap dog and I basically get nothing." Neji slammed the door behind him. "I'm getting the business no matter what."

Hinata awoke the morning of her departure and felt like she was being sentenced to her death. She looked around the bare room as all of her things were in boxes down stairs awaiting the arrival of the driver that was set to pick Hinata up and take her to her new school."

She got dressed in the black business suit her father purchased for her to wear that day. Looking in the mirror fixing her skirt and jacket she remarked on the color, "Black how appropriate."

Hinata decided to leave a note for Sasuke even though she was scared that someone else would find it.

Dear Sasuke,

Please do not think that I left you because I don't want a life with you. My father has sent me away to a boarding school. I will not tell you where it is because I know you will go after me and get into more trouble. Sasuke I love you and I promise as soon as I can I will come to Konoha and find you……that's if you will wait for me. If you don't I will understand.

I love you with all my heart and I always will.


Hinata had held back tears as she wrote the letter and placed it on her bed. There was a knock on her door and Neji stuck his head in, "Your ride is here and your things are already in the car. All that is left is you."

Hinata nodded and walked after him, her father was waiting at the door. Hiashi patted Hinata on the shoulder, "Don't be so sad it is all for the best."

Hinata stared out at the black car, "Goodbye father, and Neji." Hinata walked and sat in the back of the car. Once the car was out of sight of Hinata's home, Hinata reached into her pocket and took out her engagement ring and slipped it on her finger.

The driver looked into his rearview mirror at Hinata, "That's a nice ring."

Hinata looked up and got a good look at the driver, "Thank you…my boyfriend gave it to me. Um have we met before?"

The driver smirked, "No but I have heard a lot about you."

~Back with the Hyuga's~

Twenty minutes later back at the Hyuga home Hiashi saw a black car pull up in front of his home. "Neji are you expecting anyone?"

Neji shook his head, "No."

Hiashi and Neji want to the door as the driver of the car walked up to door and read off a piece of paper, "Uh I am here to pick up Hyuga Hinata."

Hiashi stared at the man, "But a car was already sent to pick her up."

The man shook his head, "No sir that is not possible."

Hiashi yelled, "What is going on here?"


Hinata looked out of the window just as they left the town limit; Hinata noticed the car was starting to slow down. "Are we stopping?"

The driver nodded, "Yes I have to pick someone else that is going with you."

Hinata sighed and crossed her legs as she went back to staring at the window not even bothering to look at the person who got in the car with her. When the car started up again the person next to her said, "Nice legs."

Hinata froze she thought her mind was playing tricks on her, she slowly turned her head to see a smirking Sasuke sitting next to her, "S-S-Sasuke? What's going on?"

The driver started to laugh, "The plan worked out perfectly her father didn't suspect at thing, now on to Konoha."

Hinata looked around, "K-Konoha?"

Sasuke put his arm around Hinata's shoulders, "Yeah like we planned remember Hinata? I got this baka to help out."

The driver yelled, "Help, I did it all! All you had to do was wait!"

Sasuke glared at him, "Shut up Naruto!"

Hinata shook her head, "Naruto? You're Sasuke's best friend…that's where I've seen you before that picture."

Naruto grinned, "It's nice to finally meet you."

"But how did you guys know I was being sent away."

Sasuke sighed and rolled his eyes, "You are never going to believe this. Neji found out where I was and called me."

He was right Hinata couldn't believe it, "Neji?"

"Yeah I don't know why but he said that I had to trust him that you were being sent away and that I should come get you before you were."

"Why would he do that?" Hinata tried to think of a reason but came up empty.

Sasuke wrapped his other arm around Hinata, "Who cares all that matters is that I have you now and no one can do anything about that."

For the first time in days Hinata felt like crying because she was so happy, "I can't believe this is real, we can finally be together!" Sasuke smiled and leaned in to kiss his fiancé.

Naruto looked into the rear view mirror and honked his horn, "Hey you two cut that out this car is rented!"

~Back with the Hyuga's~

Neji grabbed Hiashi's arm, "Calm down and come with me I need to talk to you."

Hiashi was confused, "Neji what is going on here?"

Neji crossed his arms, "What is going is that it is all over for you? Hinata is gone and now you are the only thing standing in the way of me obtaining the business."

"And how do you propose on getting me out of the way?!

Neji looked out the door just as a police car pulled up, "Right on time, you have turned me into an egomaniacal evil bastard. I'm taking my life back along with the business that is rightfully mine; just think of this as pay back for all you have done for me."

Two police officers exited the car and walked over to Hiashi who yelled, "Officers my daughter has been kidnapped."

They ignored Hiashi and one grabbed him turning him around and started handcuffing him as he said, "Hyuga Hiashi you have to right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you."

Hiashi struggled, "What are you arresting me for?"

The officers started pulling Hiashi back into the car, "Arson we have evidence that you are the one that started the fire at Kakashi's repair shop."

"What that wasn't me, I've been set up!"

Neji started waving at his uncle, Neji was the one who gave the false evidence to the police after telling them that he was going to run this town and they would be under him now. Once they knew this fact the police agreed to arrest Hiashi. "Goodbye Uncle have fun, I will take good care of the business. And don't worry about Hinata she is safe and happy!" Neji stood at the door smiling as he watched his Uncle being taken away.

~4 Months Later~

Hinata was racing through the streets of her new home of Konoha. She was just at the apartment she shared with Sasuke when something happened that made her rush the dew blocks from her home to Sasuke's and Kakashi's repair shop. She ran straight through the open door jumping on top of Sasuke making him drop the wrench his was holding.

Sasuke wobbled for a bit trying to regain his balance as Hinata wrapped her legs and arms around him, "Hinata where is the fire?"

Hinata smiled, "Guess what I got?"

"I'm guessing it has to do with that big packet you're holding."

Hinata started nodding, "Yes, I got into the Honors program at Konoha University. They are even giving me a full scholarship!"

Sasuke knew this was going to happen he had encouraged Hinata to go out for the honor program, "That is great Hinata, congratulations!" Sasuke tried to kiss Hinata but just as their lips were about to touch they heard Kakashi groan.

Kakashi had just walked into the room, "You two have gotten worse with the public displays of affection every since you two got married a month ago."

Sasuke helped Hinata back on to the floor, "You're just jealous because you are not married."

"I choose not to be married; there is just too much Kakashi for just one woman. Speaking of which I'm leaving early today I've got a date I got to spread the love around."

Sasuke looked around, "I guess I'm done for the day can you close up I want to take Hinata out to dinner to celebrate her acceptance in to Konoha University."

Kakashi walked over and hugged Hinata, "Congratulations you deserve it, I'm proud of you. By the way that thing you asked me to help you with is finished I just put it outside."

Hinata started jumping up and down, "Really?! YES! Sasuke you stay here, don't come out till I call you!"

Sasuke watched Hinata run out the door excitedly, "What is she so excited about?"

Kakashi smirked, "That would ruin the surprise if I told you." Kakashi looked around the shop, "We did a pretty good job on this place didn't we partner?"

"Yeah we did a pretty good job."

Kakashi put his hand on Sasuke's shoulder, "I'm really proud of you too Sasuke, you've done really well for yourself and your wife."

Sasuke smirked, "You're not going to cry are you?"

Kakashi smacked Sasuke lightly on the back of his head, "Way to ruin the moment, I'll close up and you two can go out."

Hinata yelled from outside, "Sasuke you can come out now!"

Sasuke patted Kakashi on the back, "I'll see you tomorrow." When Sasuke went outside he saw Hinata standing in front of something covered in a huge tarp. "What is that?"

Hinata smiled and pulled the tarp off, "Taa Daa!"

Under the tarp was a brand new shiny black motorcycle that Sasuke fell in love with immediately.
"A bike?"

"Not just a bike, your bike!"

Sasuke walked up and started checking out the motorcycle, "How the hell did you afford this?"

Hinata put her arms around Sasuke, "I've been tutoring kids at school ever since we moved here, it took awhile but I saved the money to buy this for you. Do you like it?"

Sasuke kissed the top of her head, "I love it, thank you. Let's go for a ride." They both got on the motorcycle as started riding through Konoha. Hinata smiled as he rested her head on Sasuke and thought about how she was in this new town with her husband and happier than she ever was. She had a new life and it was all because she found that abandoned bike and took a chance. Hinata yelled over the bike, "I love you Sasuke."

Sasuke was also happy he took a chance on love something he never thought would happen to him. Sasuke grabbed Hinata's hand and kissed it, "I love you too."

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