Title: Shades Of Grey

Title: Shades Of Grey

Summary: Our souls tend to travel in the same circles through each life. That's why we keep finding each other. MitchieShane.

Author's Note: This is so weird. Joe Jonas is my husband. & I'm writing about him. Weird. This idea has been bothering me for a while.

OH & thanks to being bored, I kinda took part of Jaydat's YouTube thing on Soulmates.

She knows, she approves.

Warnings: I can't think of any yet. Oh wait, got it; Alternate Universe

That means no Camp Rock, no singing, and none of this celebrity business.

Shades Of Grey


Tapping his fingers on the metal rail, Shane Gray felt his heart pounding steadily faster. Confined in a small ten by ten square was not how he wanted to spend his Tuesday afternoon. He was twenty-seven years old and at the peak in his life. There was no reason in the entire world that he should be hereā€¦ except for a word that he never expected to hear.

"Mr. Gray," the brunette woman swiveled a chair in front of Shane and sat down, covering her hands with his, "Please say something."

Shane roughly ripped his hands away from her, trying to swallow the lump that had formed in his throat. He had opened his mouth in attempt to speak but poorly formed syllables were the only noise that would come out. Drawing in a breath, Shane managed the only word he could think of, "Why?"

"I know it's har--"

"Don't you dare say that," Shane could taste tears mixing in his mouth as he spoke, "unless you've been where I am, don't you fucking dare."


"No. Don't apologize either. Unless this is somehow your fault," control was slipping away from his grasp. He needed to do something fast. Standing up, Shane made his way to the door as quickly as he could. He felt himself touch the cool metal doorknob, fingers curling around the handle, "How long?"


"How long Doctor Torres?"

"Three months."

The slamming of the door echoed in the hallway as the reality of it finally began to kick in.

Shane Gray has leukemia.

Author's Note: I hope this hasn't been done before. If so, I'm so sorry. Ugh. Oh and the title will make sense. Give it time. Aha. Review please.

Another Warning: Horrible Writing.

--Hours pass & she still counts the minutes that I am not there