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Shades Of Grey

Chapter Two

Three Weeks Earlier


No, the room was still dark. Shane Gray was not going to get up.


The depths of his slumber did not allow him the ability to identify the voice calling his name.


Groaning, Shane clutched his pillow tighter, "WHAT?!"

"It's like three in the afternoon. You've been sleeping all day."

Flipping onto his back, Shane allowed his eyes to slowly open, a sudden curtain pull let an abundance of sunlight fill his room. It certainly didn't feel like three in the afternoon.

Tess Tyler placed her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes before taking in a calming breath, "Are you okay?" Her eyes were glazed with concern as she placed her hand on his forehead, "Oh my God, you're hot."

"Yeah I am," Shane smiled, closing his eyes and placing his own palm against the top of his head.

"Don't get an ego, like it could get any bigger," Tess ripped the sheets of her currently on boyfriend.

Tess and Shane have been in an on and off relationship for the better part of ten years, exploring the line between friendship and love; mostly staying on the border of have-sex-until-your-brain-goes-numb. They had met in the summer between their junior and senior year of high school, when Shane and his three brothers moved to Northern California from Hollywood. A drunken karaoke competition had brought them together and Shane was almost positive that nothing in the world would tear them apart.

"HEY!" Shane felt the cool instantly sweep his body, goosebumps appearing everywhere, "Give it back!"

Tess reached her hands out and pulled him upright, their bodies lightly pressing against each other, "I was thinking we could go out tonight or something. I need to get my mind off of my mother."

"Hey," this time his voice was softer as he reached out to cup her cheek, "You didn't make her leave."

"But," Tess paused, tears filling up her eyes, "she left anyway…"

Shane pulled her in close, their lips gently brushing each other, "It doesn't matter if she left because I promise that I will never leave you."

(Okay author's note moment: I just pictured JAJ saying that to me and I think my heart just skipped a few beats. Ahalfkghasipffh oh that is so adorable. Now I'm smiling like a total idiot.)


Stepping off the scale, Shane saw his pale reflection in the mirror, his thin form even more gangly than usual. He had lost ten pounds within two weeks and he was beginning to feel the impact. Helping Tess rearrange the furniture of their new apartment seemed so much more difficult that he imagined, even a simple table chair was left him breathless. Sighing, he began to spread the shaving cream across his chin and reached for his razor.

He was genuinely worried about Tess. He had never seen her so hurt in his entire life, her eyes held something that he was unsure of. It was like she wasn't Tess anymore. There was something else in her eyes that replaced the captivation that once held him so tight…

"I love you," her brown eyes were fixated on him, her voice taunting and desperate, "Please don't do this to me.

His own voice felt just as cold as his heart, "I can't do this with you here."

"I don't want you to do this at all," her fists pounded against his chest, "Don't go."

"I have to do this."

"No you don't!"


All he could see was her eyes, tears filling them and hers were on his. She was begging him and pleading.

"You might not come back."

"I will," he had to force himself not to show emotion, "I promise that I will never leave you."

Shane felt something stinging. He looked up into the mirror and saw blood sliding down his neck, a seemingly small nick bleeding heavier than he expected. He felt everything around him slip into shades of grey and black before he felt his head hit the tile, the last thing going through his mind was who was the that woman and why he couldn't shake the feeling that she needed him, maybe almost as much as he felt that he needed her.

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