It was after the Chuunin exams when Kiba started to see auras

It was after the Chuunin exams when Kiba started to see auras. He'd been told that it was normal for a ninja and brushed it off even though the blinding colors had annoyed him a bit. When these colors started changing on everyone he started to wonder if they really were auras. Could auras change color?

He asked Naruto about it when they were eating ramen. Naruto looked up from his bowl at him and just laughed, "Auras aren't real, Kiba-kun!" he said, cheerily even though his aura had changed from an intense happy yellow to a thoughtful brown. He was embarrassed if Kiba could see his emotions.

Kiba saw gray shimmering around Sasuke, orange around Ino and dark brown whenever Chouji had a bag of chips with him. Kiba couldn't understand why he had suddenly seen colors after the Chuunin exams but the thought that he'd put it to good use.

Over the year, he'd seen everyone's emotions change, he'd known who everyone was crushing on even before Ino did and he had gotten shocking results.

Sakura had it for Naruto, Tenten had it for Neji and Sikamaru had surprisingly gotten it for Ino. Sikamaru's had turned into passionate red. Nothing dark but red, nonetheless. Kiba had only seen it turn passionately red that one time until they met again two and a half years later.

He'd been walking with Naruto again who's aura was still as blue as always. They were talking about his date with Sakura last night when they ran into Shikamaru who's aura was surprisingly blindingly blue and yellow. An odd combination that rarely, if ever, occurred in Kiba's eyes.

"Hey, Shikamaru, what's up with you?" Kiba asked quickly, blurting out the words. Shikamaru's aura had always been a very small, light indigo.

"Escort duties with Gaara's sister," he said simply and walked on without saying goodbye. Naruto turned to Kiba, "What's up with whom?" he asked, confused that Kiba had asked Shikamaru such a question when nothing about his expression had changed in Naruto's eyes. But his aura said it all.

Kiba just shook his head but made a mental note to keep his eye on Shikamaru from that day forward. He saw him later that day with Temari, both their auras blindingly bright, a combination of blue, yellow, and orange.

She made frequent visits and people started to suspect of a relationship. Kiba didn't suspect, he knew there was something going on. Shikamaru's had changed into a soft salmon two days before Temari's had and Kiba wondered what they had done during that visit that made such a dramatic change in both their spiritual energies.

It had turned into flaming pink slowly, splotches of it appearing while they ate together. Ino had suspected of bedroom relationships by that time but Kiba knew it wasn't like that. Their auras always turned to a soft gray whenever they would watch the clouds separately and a fine yellow when they would watch it together.

It was on Temari's twenty-eighth visit that Kiba's long-awaited aura change had finally happened. Both of theirs had turned frighteningly dark, passionate red when Shikamaru had met her at the gate to Konoha and he presented her with a desert lily and they shared their first kiss, a peck on the cheek from Temari to Shikamaru.

Neither of them knew that they had fallen in love. They'd probably not known they liked each other or enjoyed each other's presence. So maybe Kiba would keep that secret to himself.

For now.