Summary: Harry has a strange in counter with Draco during one of their fights. But it's not quite what it seems. Join him and the rest of the golden trio as they search for an answer to this most curios mystery. H/D.

An: This is just a long one-shot I had stuck in my head. Actually, it's the first part of a one shot. I decided to split this into two parts. I should post the next one tomorrow.

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Rumors of Possession: Part One

" Seriously though, it was really strange." Hermione said, as she wiped a tear from her cheek. She struggled to regain control of herself before she spoke again. Her mouth was tense from smiling so much.

It was Ron's fault for making the stupid, immature comment in the first place, how-ever funny it might have been. Hermione had been trying to explain to the boys about how they missed out on the two students from Ravenclaw, who had a lover's spat in the middle of the corridor.

It wasn't entirely un-common for students passion to get the better of them, thereby making their personal problems new fodder for the gossip mill for the next few weeks. But this was by far the most revealing event that ever occurred. From what Hermione could gather, they had been arguing at first, yelling at each other mostly, shouting about how he never loved her. How it was all a game. She accused him of cheating, basically it was the standard break-up fight.

But then it turned physical. And not in the angry-girlfriend-slaps-your-face way, that one might expect from a fighting couple. It was more of a tear-your-clothes-off, take-you-right-here way.

Hermione only caught a bit of the show, because suddenly every one was interested in getting a closer look and she got rudely shoved to the back of the crowd. She managed to catch a glimpse of what was happening, by peaking through holes in between the throng of students in front of her, but not enough to determine how far things went.

She couldn't make out what was happening by listening, either. There were several noises all around. The shouts of the students in the back cheering them on mingled with the heated noises coming from the couple and the questions of those newcomers who wanted to know what every one was crowded around.

And then without so much as a warning, everything stopped. The entire population of Hogwarts seemed to have stopped breathing, stopped moving. As everyone stood still in anticipation, Herminone tried to find a gap somewhere, so she could see what happened. But before she could so much as inch her head around a fifth year, Professor Snape came gliding around the corner.

Most students fled, not wanting the end up with detention or having to deal with Snape's nearly guaranteed bad mood. Hermione was one of the braver ones who stayed behind. She was rewarded with a sharp glare from the potions master and a dismissal, without an explanation of the couples behavior. However, being the brave Gryffindor she is, Hermione snuck a glance at the couple as she left.

The boy was sitting with his head in his hands. Hermione couldn't be sure, but it looked as if his breathing was irregular. But she couldn't determine if it was from being upset or his previous activities. And since she couldn't she his face she had no way of knowing. The girl on the other hand, was defiantly crying. She had tears streaming down her face, but surprisingly she looked more shaken then sad. Hermione wondered if the tears were from the fight. The girl was staring at the boy, with a confused look on her face.

The whole situation seemed strange to Hermione. She didn't even know those two were dating. She would have liked to investigate, maybe talk to the couple separately, but a warning throat clearing from Snape reminded her to move on. Reluctantly she tore her gaze from the bemusing couple and headed off to find Ron and Harry. Which lead her to where she is know.

" I don't know. The it just seemed odd. I can't believe they let it get that bad. I mean really, they should have found a private room or something."

" eww, Herms, I didn't need that image in my head." Ron stated. And it was the image that was in his head that had everyone laughing in the first place.

Ron tried to look disgusted. He held his face in a grimace, but broke into a fit of giggles when he met Harry's eyes, who immediately took up where he'd left off, laughing his ass off. His hand went to his stomach as he tried to catch his breath.

Hermione couldn't help herself as she once more lost the battle to keep a straight face. She shook with silent glee on the brink of pulling herself out of it, until Ron let out a loud snort. Then she gave in completely, as the contagious laughter spread through her.

" What happened? Did you all finally figure out how to use a mirror?" Came a voice from behind them, followed by a cascade of snickers.

The Golden trio, not really expecting to be surprised at what was behind them, turned to find Draco Malfoy and a group of Slytherins.

All the frivolity left the group of Gryffindors. Ron tensed and Hermione rested her arm on his, as he unconsciously stepped forward.

" Shove off. " Ron spit out at the blonde and his friends, who all shuffled forward with their best menacing postures in place. There were only five of them, but they blocked the entire hall. Students began piling up behind them, wondering why they weren't allowed through.

" Ron. Just ignore him." Harry said adding his own hand to his friends arm. He didn't want Ron to do something he would regret later.

" And look, it's Potter to the rescue. You just can't help being a hero can you?" Malfoy spoke from his spot in the middle of the pack of Slytherins. His trademark smirk firmly in place.

"It's better then being some of the other things around here." Harry shot back.

" And what exactly does that mean?" Malfoy asked, stepping forward and away from his threatening looking posse.

Harry could tell he'd hit a nerve. The blonde let just a tad bit more emotion into his voice then usual. But why it effected the usually calm Slytherin, Harry had no idea. Maybe he was upset because he thought Harry meant he was a Death eater. But why that would bother him was lost on Harry. He would have thought he'd be proud to be called that. What ever Malfoy's problem was, Harry had found a soft spot and he wasn't going to drop it. He took a step closer, not backing down from the challenge.

Hermione looked worried, but she didn't say anything. Ron looked smug, as if he were saying, you're gonna get it now. He settled down some, confident Harry would deal with the Malfoy problem, but not enough to be caught off guard if Harry needed back up.

" I think you know what I mean, Malfoy." Harry thought he sounded like he knew what he was talking about, but raised his chin in what he hoped was a confident way, just to make sure.

Something flashed in Malfoy's eyes and he stepped forward again. But he didn't stop with just one step. He continued until he was only a foot from Harry. The Gryffindor's hand automatically went to his wand, but he didn't pull it out just yet. He stood waiting to see what the Slytherin would do.

" But I don't! I don't know. Because you never talk to me anymore." He whined, with something in his voice that sounded suspiciously like desperation. Harry frowned at the boy's outburst, wondering what he was talking about. Why did Malfoy want to talk with him?

Harry heard a soft 'Oh', behind him, but before he could turn around, Malfoy moved again. He stepped even closer, and Harry was too shocked to do anything. His hand was frozen on his wand, which was still in his pocket.

" Why won't you talk to me? Why won't you touch me." He whispered.

Harry was certain Malfoy had lost his mind now. He wasn't making any sense. Maybe Ron hit him with a spell when he wasn't looking. There was no doubt that something was wrong with the other boy. Harry's thoughts were only confirmed as Malfoy stretched out a hand and tried to touch his face.

Harry nearly fell over backward as he scrambled away from the hand. Something was defiantly wrong.

" What are you doing?" He questioned the other boy. But Malfoy didn't seem to hear him. The blonde sighed and started to walk towards Harry again. Harry thought he saw a strange shine in the Slytherin's eyes, but didn't wait around to find out what it was.

He turned as he tried to get away from the advancing Slytherin, but was horrified to find a group of curious bystanders blocking his way. Where did Ron and Hermione go? He shouted at the students to move out of his way, but they ignored him. Their attention was focused on something over his shoulder.

Harry turned around, convinced Malfoy was about to attack him, but the boy was as far away from Harry as he could be, considering they were surrounded by a mass of students. When did that happen? The blonde was bent over slightly, clutching his hand. The hand he tried to touch Harry's face with.

Harry, un-able to fight his good nature, quickly grew concerned. Malfoy looked like he was in pain. He was shaking slightly and sweat was forming in tiny beads on the back of his neck. Harry edged closer, mindful that something was off with the whole situation. He didn't know what to expect. Maybe Ron did cast a curse on the blonde boy.

Harry stopped when he was what he thought was a safe distance away, and tried once more to figure out what was wrong with the other boy. He seemed to be getting worse. He was making odd movements, like he couldn't decide where to go. He would straighten, then move his foot as if about to take a step, only to grunt and slam his foot back down on the ground. The whole time he kept his eyes firmly glued to the ground.

Harry looked around for help, but every one seemed as fixated on the other boy as he had been. No one moved to help. Annoyance suddenly flared up inside Harry. People were just watching as something, obviously horrible, was happening to the Slytherin. How could they just stand there?

" Malfoy? Are you alright?" Harry said, feeding off his anger at the motionless spectators. With this new fuel, he moved closer to the other boy. He was going to reach out to him, because Malfoy didn't seem to hear him, when all the sudden Harry felt a warmth envelope him.

It was a comfortable heat, that seemed to wrap it's way around his skin and sink into it, warming up his bones. It spread out over his entire body. The same pleasant feeling was spreading from his hand, all the way to his feet, to head. He could even feel it in his hair. Harry was overwhelmed with a sense of peace.

And as suddenly as it came it vanished. For the briefest moment, Harry felt something else, something colder, something darker, but it left him even quicker then the warmth and then there was nothing.

At least he thought there was nothing, until his hand moved. It continued on with the task of reaching out to Malfoy. Harry saw it move, he felt it move, he could even tell you exactly where on the shoulder it was going to land, but what he couldn't tell you, was why it was moving.

Everything was blurry and there was a low buzzing in his ear. Harry wanted to check his glasses, but his hand did nothing more then twitch, before it kept moving. Harry realized with horror, he had no control. It kept on going until it reached the blonde. Who upon feeling the touch looked up sharply.

" Potter, you idiot. Don't..." But what ever Malfoy was going to say died on his lips as his eyes glossed over. An instant later they were back to normal, except they weren't normal. Because there was no reason on this earth would he be looking at Harry with such vulnerability.

Not to mention the tears that were on the brink of spilling out.

" Don't leave me, please. I'm sorry. What-ever I did. I'm so sorry." Malfoy practically begged. He'd let go of the hand he had been gripping earlier and once more reached out to Harry

Instead of avoiding the fingers, as he did lat time, Harry merely caught Malfoy by the wrist before they could make contact with his cheek. He wanted to release the boy's hand and get away as quickly as possible, because what-ever was wrong with Malfoy, was wrong with him now. He could feel it. They must be under some sort of spell.

Something was controlling him. He had to fight it or get away from it.

" This won't work. We won't work." He heard himself speak, and was shocked by the melancholy that came with those words. What ever was driving his body, dropped Malfoy's hand and was ready to walk away. Harry began to think there was hope. Maybe he could push that feeling. He focused on wanting to leave.

He was relieved when his body moved away from Malfoy's. But it was short lived, as Malfoy tugged his arm. The boy grabbed his hand and moved closer again. Harry didn't turn around, but he could feel Malfoy standing close behind him.

" Yes. We will. He can't decide for us. I know what I feel, what I want." Harry suppressed his urge to sigh at the feel of Malfoy's hand in his and the tiny thrill that wanted to pass through him at the possessive tone he used. He was celebrating this small victory over his body's temporary host, but he knew this really needed to stop. Why wasn't any one doing anything? Harry knew there were people around them. Maybe they were under the spell too. He was going to attempt to look around, but his attention immediately went to Malfoy as he spoke again.

" We could be happy. Get a house. You could get that teaching job you wanted in France. We'll get married, have many children and grow old together, still fighting over who has the better hair." Malfoy slowly moved as he was speaking. So now he was standing directly in front of Harry. Harry had never seen Malfoy's eyes so clear before. They were shining brightly with fierce intensity and determination.

They were so open. Harry felt like he could look into Malfoy's soul. See all his wishes and secrets. It was humbling to have some one standing before him so exposed. So willing to let him see all they had to offer.

" Please, stop. I can't do this anymore." Harry pleaded, his voice barley above a whisper. He felt the pressure build behind his eyes. Even though he had no reason to be, he was close to tears. He had no clue what Malfoy was talking about, but it made something in him ache to think he couldn't have it.

" Then don't. Stop fighting it. I know you want a life with me." Malfoy was crying now. And Harry felt his heart break. Harry could feel... no sense that he was close to giving in. Harry made no move to stop Malfoy this time, as he caressed his face.

He closed eyes. Harry, the real Harry, the Harry trapped inside who wanted none of this, panicked. He was strong. He had to fight this. If he could fight off the imperious curse then he could fight what ever the hell this was.

"I know you love me." Malfoy whispered. Harry could feel the words on his cheek. Malfoy must have moved closer. His hand was on Harry's chest. There was another ache, as his heart constricted. He felt himself leaning in, ready to met Malfoy's lips.

Harry jumped when Malfoy grunted. He opened his eyes to met a pair of steely blue grey ones staring back at him. Harry knew right away it was Malfoy, the real Malfoy. It was all the contempt in his eyes that gave him away.

Harry frowned at him. They were still in an embrace. He didn't even remember moving, but his arms were snaked around Malfoy's waist. The buzzing in his mind was louder then it had been before and Harry knew he was still under the spell. Harry didn't question why he was suddenly able to control his actions, but he decided to move before he lost it again.

He tried to remove his arms, but Malfoy stopped him. His hand shot out and pushed Harry's palm firmly to the place where it had been resting, on Malfoy's lower back. Then he returned his own hand to Harry's back. Harry was starting to get warm. Malfoy was pressed close against him. And he could feel everyone's stares. He looked to Malfoy for an answer.

" Don't move, Potter." Malfoy snapped at him. Harry scowled in return.

" Why not?" He questioned. His first instinct was to ignore Malfoy and try again, but Harry figured the boy had a good reason to keep him there. Besides, he didn't know what kind of spell was used, maybe Malfoy did.

" Just.. Shut-up and wait." Malfoy spit out. Harry noticed he had trouble getting the words out and pushed down his anger as he tried to remind himself Malfoy was in the same position he was in.

" Wait for what, Malfoy?" The buzzing in Harry's head suddenly quieted, and Harry's stomach dropped. He knew the spell had taken over again. One look to a panicking Malfoy let Harry know he knew it too. Harry opened his mouth the ask what he should do now, since Malfoy seemed to have a better understanding of what was happening then he did, but he only let out a choking sound.

Malfoy suddenly stuck his head the crook of Harry's neck. Harry was unable to stop the shudder as it passed through him. Malfoy's hot breath tickled his skin as he spoke.

" Promise me, you'll never leave me." Harry could feel the tears on his neck. His arms tightened their hold around Malfoy.

Harry was still able to maintain some control. He tried to talk.

" Malfoy. I can't... What do I do?" Harry asked, desperate for some kind of answer. He didn't care if Malfoy snapped at him now. In fact, he would welcome a sharp retort, a quick condensing reply, anything other then the soft sobs that were coming from him now.

The buzzing in Harry's ear let out a giant roar, before it returned to it's dull hum. He could feel himself slipping, slowly losing the grip he had over his movements. He wasn't going to hold on much longer.

" Malfoy!" He yelled, maybe he could bring the blonde back to reality. Malfoy's watery eyes met his and the Harry couldn't tell if he was fighting it or not.

" Kiss me "

The buzzing was barely audible. Harry no longer questioned his actions. He leaned in and took Malfoy's lips. The hand on his face pulled him closer as some one deepened the kiss. Harry felt Malfoy's tongue searching for an entrance. He tried to remember it was Malfoy he was kissing.

Harry's grip tightened on Malfoy's robes. The kiss was slow and purposeful, almost too sweet. It was as desperate as their words.. Malfoy's hand came to Harry's hair. His finger's threaded through the strands as he pulled Harry closer.

" Now what is it?"

The new voice broke through the kiss, it broke through the buzzing and it broke through the spell. Harry pulled his lips away from Malfoy's. The other boy quickly pulled his hand out of Harry's hair and then the other from around his waste. Neither boy made eye contact.

Harry felt his cheeks flush as he firmly looked at the ground.

" Out of the way, children!" The same someone who broke the spell ordered. Harry fought his desire to find a hole to crawl into and die, and looked up just as professor Snape pushed his way through the group of young witches and wizards, who were hastily making their way as far away as possible. Harry watched, enviously as they scattered.

" What's going on here? Ahh. Potter. I should have guessed." Snape said once he spotted the boy. Harry felt his embarrassment leave as anger took its place.

" What happened here? Mister Malfoy, are you alright?" Harry was relieved the spotlight left him momentarily, but didn't like the reason. He had no choice but to turn around. The first thing he noticed was Hermione and Ron were standing behind the blonde. He looked at them, hoping they could explain what happened, but they looked as confused as he felt. Harry felt like the world was slowly melting. He wanted to walk over to them, but Snape would most likely give them all detention, or what-ever he was planning on doing with him. Harry, who had been thankful at the arrival of the potions master earlier, was now cursing his presence. It was preventing him from finding out what happened.

" Mister Malfoy?" Snape brought Harry's attention back the blonde. He was pale, paler then usual. There were still tears on his frowning face. And he looked deeply shaken. Harry didn't know if he'd heard Snape's question until he looked up.

" What?... Ohh. Yes, sir. I'm fine." He started of shaky, but by the end of his sentence he gave the illusion of confidence. The potions professor, for what-ever reason, maybe the universe decided to give Harry a break, nodded once, glared at Harry then swished his robes as he turned to leave.

Immediately Ron and Hermione rushed over to him.

" Harry, what happened?" Hermione questioned

" Are you alright, mate?" Ron asked before Harry could answer Hermione.

Harry looked to where Malfoy had been standing but the blonde was gone. He looked back to his friends.

" Lets skip lunch and go to the common room. I'll tell you guys there."

" Interesting."

It was all Hermione could say. Ron didn't even have words as Harry tried his best to explain what happened with him and Malfoy.

" What happened to you guys? Last I remember you were standing behind me. Then you were gone." Harry asked breaking the silence.

" I'm not sure, Harry. We were pushed to the back and couldn't get to the front again." Hermione answered. Ron was still in shock.

" Do you think it was a spell?" Harry asked. Hermione looked at him with a small frown on her face.

" It might have been. But it sounds more like possession."

" Like a ghost?" Ron asked, speaking for the first time. Harry eyed him wearily. " Why would a ghost want Malfoy and Harry to kiss?"

Harry scowled at his friend. He was trying to suppress that memory. Ron was taking this better then Harry would have guessed.

" It wouldn't. It doesn't care who's body it uses. It's most likely playing out a memory. It just happened to pick who ever was nearest at the time. There isn't mush on the subject, but I know I have a book some where. I'll be right back." She ran upstairs before they could say anything.

Harry sighed and dropped into a chair. Ron clapped a reassuring hand on his shoulder, before he took a seat next to Harry. They sat in silence until Hermione came back. Ron's mind was on the lunch he was missing downstairs and Harry's was working to get rid of the memory of the way Malfoy felt against him. He sighed again. Maybe Hermione's explanation could help him understand better.

Hermione practically raced downstairs and threw herself on the couch in front of the two boys. Harry looked at her expectantly. She held the book on her lap as she spoke.

" It sounds like a possession. Especially with the way you were saying specific lines." Hermione opened the book, but didn't need to read the words to say what it told.

" The book says, the more you fight it the stronger it is. So, Malfoy had the right idea when he told you not to move, Harry. I suppose a standstill state is the only way to fight it, other then letting it play out. Malfoy must have realized what was happening." Hermione finished in a rush.

Harry scowled as he thought about it. So it was partially his fault. Well, how was he supposed to know? Malfoy could have explained it better. He didn't have to make Harry feel stupid. But then, he wouldn't be Malfoy if he didn't do that. Malfoy always needed to feel superior.

" So, why did it happen. I mean why us?" That was the real question Harry had been wondering since the beginning.

" Well, I read that the ghosts feed off of emotions, passion, anger, what-ever's near by and strong enough. So when you two started fighting in the Hall the ghosts took those feelings and used them to act out a moment in their lives."

" I assume that's what happened between Edna and Jonathan this morning." She concluded happily. Harry and Ron scrunched up their faces in confusion.

" The couple I was telling you about." She clarified for them. She fingered the book, lifting the corner of the pages and letting them drop as she thought.

" And the people who watch. I know there's something peculiar about that. There's no way I was pushed back twice for no reason And the way no body made a move to help. It must feed of the students who watch too, maybe it uses them as a protective sheild. I think Edna and Jonathan's encounter must have required more energy then yours and Malfoy's. But the students must have something in common. It has requirements. Only some stay in the front." She only stopped talking because she needed air, but it allowed Ron to get his say in.

" Maybe their friends can't be near. You know, maybe we could have fought it and helped." He said. Hermione looked at him with a smile, but shook her head.

" No, it can't be that simple." Her face was a mask of concentration. Harry didn't want to bother her, but needed to know one more thing.

" Do you think it'll happen again?" He asked, worry clear on his face.

" No. These occurrences are rare. It's unusual that it happened twice on the same day even."

" Maybe they were bored ghosts." Ron said.

" Why did it stop?" Ron continued " I mean, I'm not saying we should have let it go on, but why didn't it?"

"Snape." Harry said instantly. Both heads, red and brunette, turned to him.

" Hermione, you said Snape was there when it happened this morning, right?"

She hesitated before she answered slowly. " Yes."

" What are you saying, Harry. That Snape has something to do with this?" Ron questioned, ready for an excuse to hate the potions master even more.

Harry, hearing some one else say it, realized it held no merit. Even if Snape did do something like that, it'd be stupid of him to show up afterwards. He just wanted to blame some one. Hermione saw Harry's face fall and his body lean back into the chair he was in.

" No, I don't think that's what Harry's saying. Besides it's impossible to control a ghost, and even more impossible to force a ghost to posses someone. But I think I know why it stopped. It must have run out of power. What-ever it uses to take control must have ran out. Maybe it can only go for so long, before needing to recharge. This book only covers the basics, not really the specifics. If we wanted to know more we should get to the library." She said frowning at the book. She removed it from her lap and looked at the boys.

" No. You said it's not gonna happen again, right? I say we go see if we can find something to eat before lunch is over. And forget this even happened." Ron said, already standing. Hermione wanted to protest, but instead she only nodded. Ron had a point, but ultimately it was about Harry. Hermione didn't think he wanted to dwell on the subject any longer. She would do some research on her own later. She stood up.

Harry stayed in his seat. Ron began walking towards the portrait hole, un-aware of his sedentary friend. Hermione gave Harry a sympathetic look.

" You can't stay in here for-ever, you know." She told him. He gave her a weak smile, before answering.

" I know. It's just every one's going to be talking about it. And who knows what Malfoy's told people. There's probably seven different rumors already and ten more in the making." Harry said gloomily.

" Yeah, but it's not like you haven't had people talking about you before." Ron said, upon seeing his friends talking without him decided to join in. Hermione stepped on his toe for his efforts. Harry sighed.

However, Ron's oh-so-eloquently put statement, some how made Harry feel better. He smiled at his friends, who were glaring daggers at each other. He didn't have to worry as long as he had them by his side. Who cares what every one else thinks. Harry got to his feet, ending the staring contest between Ron and Hermione, before they headed down to the Great Hall.

Harry sat in class, trying to ignore the looks he was receiving. It had been a week since the possession and Harry was still feeling the repercussions. The other Gryffindor's protectiveness only went so far. All his friends had been understanding of his situation and were more then willing to squash any rumors that might be floating around out there. They were glade to hex any one who tried to tease or insult Harry about the incident. They even offered to provide an alibi for him if he wanted to pay Malfoy back. Tempting as it was, Harry remembered that Malfoy was more or less as innocent as he was in this thing. One really had no control once a ghosts decides to take over.

But all that couldn't change the fact that he still had Magical History with the Slytherins every Tuesday. As un-watchful as Professor Binns was, Harry still doubted if any one could get away with hexing a Slytherin in front of him. So he sat while they glared, made faces and other rude gestures at him. It was like they blamed Harry for everything, much like the Gryffindors blamed Malfoy. Harry wondered what each house would think, if they learned they both thought similarly.

Harry swatted at his ear as a fly flew past it. He took his eyes off the Professor and searched for the creature that caused the hum in his ear. His eyes scanned quickly, as panic rose slowly in his chest. If there was no fly that meant the hum wasn't a hum, it was a buzz. The same buzz that he heard last time he was possessed by the ghost. Harry's eyes darted across the room before he could think twice.

Malfoy was sitting straight up in his chair. His face was tight and his hand was clenching his quill so hard Harry thought he saw it bending under the pressure. His eyes slowly rose to met Harry's. Instantly Harry wanted to smile at him. His eyes were really... Pretty.

Harry snapped out of his thoughts. No, they weren't his thoughts. They were the ghosts. He had to remember that. Suddenly something hit Harry in the side of the face. He looked up to see if any one noticed, but Hermione was taking notes with her head down, and Ron was sleeping. The professor was reading out loud from a book, which he had his eyes firmly on. No one seemed to see to paper that was now in Harry's hand.

Harry felt a forbidden thrill pass through him as he reached to open it. He gained control of it for a moment, before he remembered what Hermione said about fighting it. He didn't want this to end the way it did last night. And a note seemed harmless enough. Harry doubted these ghosts did anything in the middle of class. If he let the ghosts do what they wanted, maybe they wouldn't take all his control away. He opened the note.

You look really handsome today. Although your hair is quite a mess.

Harry smiled as a warm feeling spread through him. It was familiar. Some how Harry knew they teased each other about their hair all the time. He blushed as he thought of something to write back. The answer seemed the most natural thing to say. Harry watched as his hand moved over the parchment.

And you look beautiful, as always.

Harry wanted to see how powerless he really was, so tried to scribble his own message. He was interested to see he was able to and even more interested to see his hand writing was different then the ghosts. He would have to ask Hermione about that later.

Are these the lamest ghosts you've ever met or what?

Harry sent the note back.

Apparently his ghost was nervous, because Harry chewed his quill furiously as he waited for a reply. He watched as Malfoy's face lit up with a smile and then as he smirked. Harry felt something in him tug as he knew that he received a response from the real Malfoy. He chalked it up to Ghosts playing with his emotions.

Harry was ready when the paper came flying at him this time. He easily caught it with his hand as he glanced at Ron who let out a snore. Harry didn't even bother checking to see if professor Binns was watching him or not. He opened the note.

I wish we were closer. I want to kiss you.

Harry allowed the ghost in him a moment to flush at the thought of his girlfriend's mouth, before he read Malfoy's note.

Tell me about it. I'm ready to kill myself and let them have my body, already.

Harry laughed at Malfoy's twisted sense of humor. He brought his eyes up to met the Slythrin's. They smiled at each other. His was more of a shy smile, like he knew a secret and wasn't gonna tell unless he got what he wanted. And then suddenly it Harry. Malfoy was the girl.

He laughed silently, as some part of him was still aware they were in class. But Harry couldn't help but notice that he was no longer receiving death glares from the other Slytherins. In fact, no one was even looking at him. It must be the ghosts. The probably were using everyone's energy.

Harry wanted to check Ron and Hermione to see if they were alright, but his eyes went back to Malfoy's. Harry felt the ghost urging him to wink, but it wasn't as strong as usual. It must be losing it's power. Harry could probably look away now.

He didn't. His eyes stayed on Malfoy. The blonde was alternating between scowling and smiling. His face changing expressions every few seconds. He looked like he was having a fit. It was the funniest thing Harry had seen in a long time. And he laughed out loud.

Harry knew right away that it was not the best idea, but it was too late to stop it. Every thing happened so fast. The ghosts left. The Slytherins were back to glaring at him. Ron woke with a start, muttering something un-intelligent able. And Harry could no longer hear the drone of Professor Binns voice. He looked to Malfoy and found the boy was wearing a highly amused expression. Harry glared at him before he turned around.

Professor Binns continued on as though Harry hadn't just started laughing in the middle of his class for no reason. Harry heard some mutters from the Slytherins side, about ' teacher's pet', before Ron tapped his shoulder. Hermione and him looked at Harry questioningly.

" Later." He muttered and Ron gave a nod before going back to sleep. Hermione eyed him carefully before going back to her notes.

" So what was that all about Harry?" Ron asked, once they were seated at a table in the library. Harry took a breath before explaining how the ghost took over again.

Ron gave Harry a sympathetic look before his face scrunched up in disgust.

" Maybe it's a curse?" He suggested.

" It's not a curse." Hermione reassured Harry, with a pat on the shoulder.

" Having to be lovesick around, Malfoy? Sound's like a curse to me." Ron shot back.

" I'm not lovesick. It's the ghosts. I have no control." Harry reminded him. He neglected to mention the fact that he and Malfoy were able to write each other. He still he had no control most of the time.

" It's just a possession. Here. I got this book last week." She pulled out a thick book with an old red leather cover. On the front cover were strange marking Harry couldn't read. But Hermione opened it so fast he really didn't get a chance to try.

" Talking about it made me curious. Apparently most just happen once, when the ghost remembers something or witnesses something similar to how it died. In those cases the ghost pulls from the things in the room, fire, lights, people, what-ever it can find. It uses the energy to take over a body and try and fix the situation."

" It tries to fix something? That sounds like a good thing." Ron said.

" It is. Or would be if it worked. However, it rarely turns out the way they planned. They intend to change things, but once they take over a body, they find it hard to stop themselves from doing exactly what they did the first time. And since they try and change their deaths, they just end up killing their hosts."

Harry paled.

" But I don't think that's what we're dealing with. This ghost, or ghosts rather, seem to be more random. It's not their deaths their focused on, but just events in their lives. From what Harry just experienced they can be the most mundane acts to life changing ones. There really isn't much else in this book that could help us."

" And the buzzing? Why do I hear buzzing every time it happens?" Harry looked to her for the answer.

"Maybe they were killed by a swarm of killer bees." Ron supplied.

Hermione ignored him as she gave the real answer.

" It's most likely white noise, from the ghosts entering your body."

" Oh, is that all?" Harry said with more of an edge then he intended.

" Sorry, but I'm so confused." He amended.

" Why me and Malfoy? Why does it keep bothering us, Hermione?" Harry said exasperated, as he threw his head on the desk.

" I guess because of your feelings for each other. It must be the strongest the ghosts have found so far. It knows it can use you. Maybe its watching you, desperate to play out the little moments in it's life one last time."

" Wow, mione. That was really sweet." Ron said. Harry smacked him on the head.

" You really should make more of an effect to be civil towards Malfoy." Hermione answered, ignoring Ron's comment, and his protest at being hit.

" That very sentence is wrong in so many, many ways." Harry said.

" He's right. Malfoy's a creepy ferret, who should be mercilessly teased..." Ron said.

" ...and cursed" Harry added.

"... maybe even shunned from the wizarding world forever, but never treated civilly." Ron said, finishing his sentence.

Hermione huffed and looked at the two boys, hopelessly.

" Fine, don't say I didn't warn you, Harry. But it's either that, or let this thing play out every moment in their lives. I'm sure they never kissed again." Hermione said, using something she rarely did, sarcasm.

Harry's face paled. Ron blanched and Hermione smiled knowing she got through to them.

" Every time you two are around each other, you let your emotions take over. Your always agitated around Malfoy. Like today in class, you were upset at the Slytherins for teasing you, right? If one of you lets their emotions get too strong then it gives the ghost access. The only way to stop the ghosts is to stop their source of power. In other words, stop your anger towards Malfoy." Hermione concluded.

" Then I guess I just have to stay a way from Malfoy until we figure this out." Harry said smugly, making Hermione scowl at him.

" Alright. If you think that'll work." She said giving up. " Maybe your right, maybe they'll move on. In the mean time we should work on figuring all we can about possession."

Three weeks passed and still Hermione found nothing they could use about ghosts taking over the living. Or who the couple were. And there was no way of knowing for sure if they had moved on. The only good news seemed to be Harry had managed to avoid Malfoy for all that time. And their were no more instances in class. The Golden trio spent all their spare time in the library or reading about the past and anything to do with the subject of control or ghosts.

So Harry wasn't in too much of a hurry to get to the library tonight. Ron and Hermione were already there, researching. Harry managed to escape by claiming he left a book in his room. He'd felt guilty for leaving Ron alone with Hermione, especially since she'd been obsessing over this mystery, but Harry needed a break. Instead of going to his room he wandered around the castle for a while, not really going any particular way. He should have known he'd been asking for trouble.

Harry rounded the corner only to find himself face to face with a blonde Slytherin. Malfoy stumbled back as he attempted to keep his balance, because he practically threw himself backwards to avoid a collision with the Gryffindor, as Harry just stood, surprised at seeing him so close.

" Potter." He said, but it lacked his usual bite. It sounded more like a greeting between old friends and Malfoy frowned at the thought.

" Malfoy. Maybe we should leave." Harry said carefully, already uncomfortable with being around the blonde for this long. Harry tried to keep calm. He didn't want to give the ghosts any reason to take over his body again. Malfoy eyed him wearily before giving him a curt nod.

Harry nearly groaned out loud when the buzzing started. The ghosts must be feeding of Malfoy's emotions.

" Damn!" Harry looked up to see his own anger and annoyance mirrored in Malfoy's eyes.

" You think we can make a run for it ?" Harry asked, looking over his shoulder.

" Doubt it." Malfoy said, then he snickered and continued, " I wonder what lame attempts to hit on me you'll make this time." Malfoy tried for a smug look, but he was struggling to get the words out. Still it was surprising he got any out at all. Malfoy usually had more trouble fighting it then he did. Harry wondered if they had more control over themselves this time because there were no people around for the ghosts to use as a power source. Maybe it wouldn't last as long either.

"Me? If I recall correctly you were the one begging." Harry could feel himself break out in a sweat and he knew it was because he was fighting the urge he had to take Malfoy in his arms. He didn't like the way this 'memory' was headed.

"Merlin, you hot." Malfoy said. Harry's eyes met his and he watched as confusion and horror crossed Malfoy's delicate features. Harry felt butterflies in his stomach upon hearing Malfoy say those words. No... it's not him. And even if it were Harry didn't care.

Malfoy stepped closer and Harry licked his lips. It was strange that the ghosts didn't supply them with words, but then again maybe this memory didn't have any talking. Harry knew that wasn't it though. He could sense it. The ghost didn't have total control this time. He didn't know if that was good news or bad.

Malfoy took another step. Harry noticed how he was always the first to give in.

" You feel it, Potter?" Harry looked up confused. What was he talking about? The buzzing was in his head but it was faint. Usually that meant the ghost was in control. If Harry had this much control over his actions, then the buzzing would increased.

" It's weak. I think we might be able to fight this." Even as he spoke, Malfoy closed the gap between them and put his hand on Harry's hip. Harry raised an eyebrow.

" Yeah. Good job there. I think..." Harry trailed off. He felt the words on his tongue about to change. He was going to say something else. Something the ghost wanted him to say. If he was that close Malfoy must be even closer. Sure enough the blonde's other hand came to Harry's face.

" Why have you been avoiding me?" Malfoy's voice was quiet and he was looking at Harry with such pain in his eyes. Harry fought to keep control, then he remembered what Hermione said about making it worse. But maybe this was a different case. Harry struggled as he didn't know whether to fight or not.

" Conner. Look at me." Malfoy said, bringing Harry's attention to him.

" He'll find us." Harry heard himself whisper.

" I'm not afraid." Malfoy said. He could feel the fear though. Who ever this person was talking about, he was something to fear.

" You should." Harry could feel it too. They were both afraid of this other person.

" Fine. But it doesn't matter now..." Malfoy broke off. He cast a quick look behind him. Harry didn't know why, the hall was as empty as before. But he looked up and caught Malfoy's eye, before they both turned and ran.

Malfoy grabbed Harry's hand has he lead him down a dim hall way. He stopped in front of a suit of armor and dropped Harry's hand so he could pull on the metal arm. Harry felt his amazement as a small opening appeared in the wall on their left. Malfoy once more grabbed his hand and pulled him inside. The opening closed behind them, and relief flooded Harry's body. The room, if you could call it a room, was tiny. Harry had only enough space to stand away from Malfoy and he only managed that by flattening himself against the wall. He had let go of the blonde's hand as soon as the door shut.

Harry slowly realized he was himself again. The ghosts were gone.

" Malfoy." Harry said into the darkness.

" Lets get out of here. I really don't want to know what they do in this room." Malfoy answered.

Harry agreed. He felt Malfoy move. Then he heard Malfoy swear. Harry almost didn't want to ask why.

" I can't figure out the door. It has no handle." Malfoy's voice sounded foreign and it was only then that Harry realized why. It wasn't full of hate or anger. Well, okay maybe a little anger, but it wasn't any where near the usual amount. Harry sighed. He didn't know what he was supposed to do about the door, but he felt he needed to make an effort to be nice.

" Maybe there's a switch or something." Harry said moving to stand beside Malfoy. Only he couldn't manage to stand directly next to him, so he stood behind him and looked around his shoulder into the darkness.

" I'll start looking on the ground, you start on the top." Harry didn't wait for an answer as bent down and began searching for a handle. He found a whole lot of nothing. He assumed the string of curses from Malfoy meant he had no luck either.

" Maybe it's on another wall." Harry suggested. Malfoy just made a movement that Harry assumed was him looking on the other walls.

It wasn't on the other walls.

" This is ridiculous. Who makes a room no one can get out of ?" Malfoy huffed.

" Calm down, Malfoy." Harry tried to warn him. He didn't want to give the ghosts any fuel.

" Why? There is nothing calming about this situation." He said. A thud echoed the room as he banged his head against the wall.

" While I can't argue with that. This situation is a lot better then the one we'll be in, if you don't calm down, and those ghosts take over our body."

" Don't even get me started on the idiotic ghosts. They should know they are only supposed to Posses people once." Malfoy continued complaining, but his voice lacked the annoyance it contained just moments ago. It was more like he was trying to fill the silence. It must be his way of attempting to have a conversation with Harry.

" Hermione figures they're special or something. We're researching it. It's actually..." Harry was cut off by Malfoy shushing him. Harry frowned and then realized why he was shushed.

There was a noise. Someone was outside. Someone that could possibly let them out. Harry stood up and went to the door. Malfoy stood behind him. Harry felt hopeful for the first time that night.

" Potter." Malfoy said behind him before Harry's head was filled with buzzing. Then it dulled. Harry wanted to jump when he felt the lips on his neck, but the ghost had a strong hold on him this time and he remained in his spot. It must be using the people outside as a power source.

" You taste so good." Harry shivered as the lips found his ear. There were hands running down his arms, leaving a trail of goose bumps. Harry tried to fight, not caring what the consequences were, but all he managed to do was flip their positions so he had Malfoy up against the wall.

Harry leaned in and took his lips. This kiss was different then the one they shared before. It was hungry, savage almost. Harry bit Malfoy's lip and he let out a heated moan. Harry tasted blood, but didn't stop his lips from moving greedily over the blonde's. Harry was filled was a strong sense of urgency and passion.

He needed to touch Malfoy as much and as fast as possible. He ran his hands under the blonde's shirt, feeling the soft skin.

" You always have the softest skin, Katey." Harry said, breaking away from Malfoy's mouth. All the while marveling at the feel of the body beneath his hands. Harry moved his mouth across Malfoy's neck and sucked lightly on the sensitive stop underneath his ear. Malfoy moaned and ran his hands down Harry's back until he reached Harry's ass. He squeezed as he pulled him closer.

Their erections, and Harry felt the ghosts confusion at that, touched. Harry groaned at the contact, and thrust into Malfoy again. He was amused at the ghosts reaction, but couldn't fully appreciate the humor under the circumstances.

" Conner." Malfoy moaned out and Harry felt a flash of something he couldn't explain, before the ever present buzzing increased in volume. Then it left and Harry and he was once again only aware of the writhing body he had pinned to a wall.

" Need you inside me." Malfoy said in Harry's ear. Harry just about came un-done. He took Malfoy's mouth once more. He pulled on the blonde's bottom lip before Malfoy opened his mouth as he deepened the kiss.

Harry felt the ghosts leave. The students must have passed by. He stopped his lips movements and pulled his tongue out of Malfoy's mouth. They were both breathing heavily and Harry was mortified that he was hard. He moved to pull away from the blonde.

The hand on his back prevented him from leaving.

" Wait... Can't... stop now." Malfoy's breathing was labored. Harry didn't know if Malfoy was sure what he was asking. Maybe he still wasn't thinking right. Harry waited to see if some more time would allow Malfoy to take back his comment. Then the blonde moved, trying to urge Harry along and Harry let out a low moan.

Malfoy's head came to Harry's shoulder as he gripped Harry's arms, using them as leverage as he bucked against the boy again. This time he let out the moan.

" Just move, Potter." Malfoy muttered against his ear. Harry hesitated for a moment, trying to think about why he should stop, but nothing came. He cursed the ghosts for putting him in this situation in the first place, before he ground his hips into Malfoy's, searching for the release that was so close. His own hand went to Malfoy's hips as he pulled him into each thrust. Malfoy groaned against Harry's neck. He turned his head to adjust and for a second his mouth brushed Harry's ear.

They were both close, but Malfoy came first. His shouted out into Harry's ear, sending Harry over the edge.

When Harry could think straight again he quickly let go of the Slytherin. He backed as far away from him as possible. Harry waited and when Malfoy didn't say anything Harry sagged in relief. He was expecting a snarky comment that so often came from the blonde's mouth.

Some awkward time went by, in which neither boy spoke, and then Harry suddenly remembered something. Something he wanted to slap himself for not thinking of sooner.

" Malfoy." He said forgetting the awkwardness between them in his state of excitement.

" What?" He asked. He kept all emotion out of his voice. Not that a simple, one word answer could give much away, anyway.

" Do you have your wand?"

Harry could tell by the silence that Malfoy felt as stupid as him for not realizing it before. Harry pulled out his wand and muttered 'Lumos' without thinking. All the sudden he wished he didn't.

Malfoy was staring at him. Harry's breath caught at the sight of the ruffled blonde. His mouth was swollen from where Harry bit it earlier. Harry's eyes lingered for a few seconds, before he reminded himself where he was and who he was with. He quickly moved to the door. When he got there he frowned, unsure of what to do.

" Try Alohomora" Malfoy said behind him. Harry jumped when he heard how close Malfoy's voice was. He didn't respond as he tried the spell. The door rattled for a moment, then nothing. Harry tried again. The same thing happened.

Harry turned to look at Malfoy, who was closer then he thought, and they banged their foreheads togther. He muttered an apology before suggesting Malfoy try the spell. He did and gained the same results as Harry.

" Maybe, if we do it togther." Harry said, blushing before the words were all the way out of his mouth. Malfoy didn't seem to notice the double meaning that could have been taken from the statement. He only agreed, then began to count. On three, they spoke the words together and the door opened.

Harry stepped out first. Malfoy followed him, ranting about the room.

" Like I said, ridiculous. Stupidest room I've ever been in. Who ever made that room deserves to be looked in it for entirety. With no way out. And the room should be filled with... I don't know, but it should be disgusting and cause him lots of pain. " Malfoy said shaking his head and looking back distastefully at the room. He sighed, giving up on it and turned to Harry.

" Well, Potter. See you around." He said before walking away from Harry.

Apparently Malfoy decide they weren't going to mention what just took place between them. Harry stood for a moment frowning in thought, before he made his way to the library. He only had enough strength to worry about one problem tonight. At least now he had some information to give Hermione. He knew the ghosts names and that they were deeply afraid of some one.

" I wonder who they were talking about? Conner and Katey.." she said, trying out the ghosts names. "That sounds ...Wait..." Hermione said excitedly before she excused herself and rushed off to find a book. Harry never lifted his head off the desk, where it had been ever since he finished his story, as she left.

" Thanks, mate. I was finally warring her down. She was about to give up this whole ghost thing." Ron said.

" Sorry." Harry said from the folds of his arms. Ron looked worriedly at his friend

" Is something bothering you?" Harry brought his head up. He looked into the concerned face of his friend and sighed. They hadn't questioned him when he came in over an hour late and without the book he went to get. He told them what he'd learned, excluding the part where he might fancy Malfoy, and they'd listened with rapture.

Ron was just happy to have something to do other then read boring books and Hermione thought this would help them greatly. She was sure if she didn't listen to every detail, there was some magic clue she would miss.

" I'm just tired Ron." Harry tried to give him a smile, but Hermione came back and he didn't have to. She set a surprisingly thin looking book onto the table. And Harry could tell by her ah-ha face that she'd solved the puzzle or at least found a piece. Maybe this night wasn't a complete waste after all.

" Conner and Katey. I remember them because I had a couple of fish when I was three and I named them the same thing. But there's no last name for them. Hmm, that's strange." She flipped through the book and pointed to a picture.

" That's them." Harry said immediately. He just knew it.

The picture was of a rather young looking couple. The woman had her golden brown hair loose around her face. It framed her features nicely. She had pale skin and even though the picture was in black and white, Harry could tell her lips where a deep red color. Her nose was what some would call a 'button' nose. She was extremely attractive. As was her partner. The man had similar colored hair, but his was much shorter. His eyes were the most noticeable characteristic he had. Harry couldn't make out the exact color, but he was sure it didn't matter. If those eyes were focused on you, you didn't have a choice but to pay attention. Along with his eyes the man had a strong face accompanied with sharp cheekbones, making him look like some sort of model.

" He is hot." Harry muttered.

" Yes." Hermione breathed out. Ron frowned at the picture.

" But, umm, they didn't quite use that word back then. This picture is rather old. Maybe... sixty years." Hermione said trying to amend for her girlish slip up.

" Yes, this must be them. But it doesn't say anything else about them." She flipped through the book searching for more pictures of them, but found none.

" At least we know their names now. While it would be interesting to find out what happened to these two, I don't think it should be our main focus. We need to know more about possessions. We've still got more research to do." Hermione said getting excited. Ron groaned and Harry let his head fall on the table again.

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