Summary: Harry has a strange in counter with Draco during one of their fights. But it's not quite what it seems. Join him and the rest of the golden trio as they search for an answer to this most curios mystery. H/D.

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Rumors of Possession: Part two

The trio walked cautiously through the door of Transfiguration and into the halls. They had potions next with the Slytherins, of course. Because the universe liked to use Harry as it's giant cosmic joke. However, he was surprisingly not as worried about this class as he would be about another. The Slytherins were not able to be as openly hostel towards Harry during potions. Although Snape favored them and let them get away with tons more then the Gryffindors, he didn't tolerate anyone not paying attention in his class, even if it was to torture Harry.

Ron walked in front of Harry, watching for any signs of a certain Slytherin. Hermione did the same, but from behind Harry. She used a spell that gave her sight in the back of her head temporarily. If anyone spotted the blonde, Harry was immediately to flee in the opposite direction. He, himself didn't think that would do much good. If the...memories or what ever they were called, were going to happen then Harry doubted they could stop them. But he didn't want to tell his friends that. They were only trying to help.

When Hermione was called back to transfiguration by Professor Mcgonagal, Harry saw her struggle with the decision. She didn't want to leave Harry alone, but she couldn't come up with an excuse for the teacher. Hermione gave Ron a quick look and then hurried to see what the professor wanted.

" Should we wait?" Ron asked Harry.

" I don't know. It might be better if we get to potions and find a seat." Harry answered. He didn't want to stand in the hall any more. The rumors had died down some, but people were going to take a while to forget, and they still felt the need to stare and whisper behind his back. Or in front of his face, as a couple of third year students were doing right now. Harry walked past Ron, who was looking warily at the door where Hermione disappeared, not caring if he followed.

Harry walked through the doors and found his usual seat in the freezing dungeon. He was careful not to look around as he entered. He did the same thing every time he had a class Malfoy and him shared. Hermione said if he didn't acknowledge his presence then there was no way the ghosts could feed off their emotions. Harry figured if he never even looked at Malfoy then he couldn't get annoyed by him.

He sat at his desk and waited for Ron. The red head came in a minute later and took his seat on Harry's left. Harry was relieved when he didn't say anything. Hermione showed up two minutes after that. Ron didn't get a chance to ask her what Mcgonagal wanted, because Snape walked through the door and class started.

The potions master was in an especially terrible mood this morning. Dumbldore had him working on something that required more time then he thought it would. He'd barely gotten any sleep last night. He wasn't even able to get his usual satisfaction at the attention his entrance gained. He stood before the class and looked around.

" You will be working in partners today. The ingredients are on the board. Get started." He snapped. He'd set everything up before the class and was looking forward to sitting down while they worked. Just as long as some lost Gryffindor didn't cause any problems he should be able to rest for a bit. He watched as the class broke up and students began looking for partners.

Harry sat while Ron went to retrieve a cauldron and the ingredients. Hermione gave him a smile before she went to find a partner. Harry was looking at Snape wondering why he wasn't doing his usual amount of torment when a quiet buzzing filled his head. He wanted to laugh in frustration. This whole situation was getting old. These ghosts needed to find some one else to haunt.

Harry stood and started walking before he could blink. Even though he raised his eyes, he didn't need to look up to know where he was going. Malfoy seemed to be waiting for him. He said something Pansy, who was sitting next to him and surprise crossed her face as she stood and walked away. She scowled at Harry as she passed him. But Harry didn't see her frown. He was focused on Malfoy. He briefly wondered what Hermione and Ron were thinking and if they could help him.

He sat in the chair next to the Slytherin. Harry shot a quick glance at the blonde, before he averted his eyes. The ingredients were already laid out. Several jars, roots and various powders were all scattered on the table next to the cauldron. Harry sighed and leaned back in his chair. The ghost had a stronger grip over him this time. Harry experimentally tried to wiggle his pinky. His hand didn't even flinch. He had even less control then any other time. Harry grimaced, on the inside, as he couldn't move his own face.

" Do you want to cut or stir?" Malfoy asked him. His voice was filled only with curiosity. Harry was relieved that he didn't come on as strong as he did in the past, calling him handsome or something.

" It doesn't matter to me." Harry answered. He felt a slight resentment at having to sit next to him.

" Why don't you cut then." Malfoy responded. Harry only nodded and reached for the ingredients. At least he knew what he was doing, he noted to himself, as he cut the Galangal root in six even pieces. Malfoy prepared the first powder and added it to the pot, stirring seven times. Harry dropped four pieces of the Galangal root into the pot and watched it bubble.

Harry grabbed something else off the table and began preparing it. He couldn't help but notice that he and Malfoy were careful to keep their distance and not to look at each other too long. They worked silently, Harry mashed and cut things, while Malfoy stirred and mixed things. Harry could feel the tension between them and wondered what happened.

" I'm sorry." Harry said breaking through the silence. It was so quiet that he wasn't sure Malfoy heard it. Then the boy next to him stilled. His hand was no longer gripping the spoon, instead it was resting on the table. Harry moved his subtlety next it. Malfoy kept his voice low as he answered.

" For what? The kiss or leaving me afterwards, like a giant pratt?" Malfoy asked him as he moved his hand away. Harry felt a twinge of guilt.

" You're a tough nut to crack, Katey." Harry responded. Malfoy snickered and then smiled.

" I don't believe it. The infamous Conner's actually using my first name and apologizing. I didn't know you had it in you." Malfoy teased him. And Harry knew he was forgiven. Their interaction was different then before, they were careful and things felt as if they could break at any moment. He didn't what to say the wrong thing. This must be the start of their relationship.

" There's a lot you don't know about me, Katey." Harry said, in his attempt to flirt. Inside Harry rolled his eyes. " But maybe if you're lucky I can show you later."

Malfoy smacked his shoulder.

" Finishing tearing the Burba weed." He said ignoring Harry's comment. Harry tore the last pieces and set them carefully into cauldron. It smoked and sizzled then turned yellow. Malfoy looked up.

" It looks perfect." he stated.

" You sound surprised." Harry watched as Malfoy mixed a blue and red power togther into a small jar. They we're talking easily now. The apology was like a breeze that came in and blew away all the tension.

" Well, I remember your last potion." The blonde said as he turned and looked at Harry with twinkling eyes. Harry found himself staring into them. His stomach tightened as Malfoy held his gaze, before a blush crept up his neck and he returned his eyes to the powders in his hands once more.

" That wasn't my fault. Kelly distracted me with her..." Harry stopped talking. The ghosts left as suddenly as if they had never been there in the first place.

Harry shifted in his seat, thankful it was over for now. That had been the most un-nerving experience yet. Even though nothing major happened and it was short, Harry never felt so powerless. He raised his hand, then lowered it. Then flexed his fingers. It was nice to be in control again.

" What are you doing?" Malfoy startled Harry out of his self examination. Harry looked up to find the blonde looking at him questioningly.

" Checking to make sure they're really gone. You know, I never appreciated the simple things we do every day. It's rather amazing." Harry said, twisting his wrist.

" Yeah, being possessed by crazy ghosts makes you think twice about life." Malfoy replied.

" They're not crazy. They're in love." Harry answered, frowning. He lowered his hand.

" Same thing." Malfoy said quietly. Harry wasn't sure if he was meant to hear it or not, so he didn't respond.

He began to fidget and then remembered his friends. I wonder what every one thought when me and Malfoy partnered up. Harry pondered to himself. He wished he could have seen Snape's face. Harry looked in Ron's direction. He was sitting next to Hermione, but their backs were turned to him. As if she could sense his gaze, the bushy haired brunette turned around. She nudged Ron and he turned and eyed Malfoy warily. Harry looked in Snape's direction.

The professor was glaring at the two Gryffindors, who abandoned their potion to look at Harry. He looked like he was going to yell at them, so Harry mouthed the words ' It's o.k.' and they reluctantly turned around.

" We should finish the potion." Malfoy picked up the spoon and began stirring again. He looked into the cauldron.

"It looks fine. We should be able to save it." he continued.

Harry figured Malfoy was right. It was too late to change partners now. He looked at the board and saw the next ingredient was a chopped lizard tail. Harry knew he wasn't as good at potions as his former body's ghost host was. And maybe it was the unique experience they shared, maybe it was out of fear of being invaded again, maybe it was the mutual wank they had, but some thing changed between him and Malfoy. Harry suddenly cared about what happened to the other boy. He didn't want to mess up and get him in trouble. He was sloppy with a knife and the tail needed to be cut a certain way. But he was hesitant to tell Malfoy. He was being civil, but Harry didn't know what little thing would change his attitude.

" umm, Malfoy?" Harry asked and hated himself for suddenly caring what the blonde thought. His voice sounded weak.

" Yes." He didn't even look up as he examined a jar of dark green powder.

" I'm not so good with a knife. Ron usually does the cutting..." Harry trailed off hoping Malfoy would catch on. He wasn't sure how the boy would react. Their situation was delicate and he didn't want to start a fight. All he wanted was to get the potion done.

" Alright. I'll cut. You stir." He spoke quickly, passing the spoon to Harry. Theirs hands touched and Harry felt a sudden flutter in his stomach, which made him nervous. He frowned and hurried to scoot the cauldron closer to him, but he was so distracted he didn't see it about to splash over the side. Malfoy placed his hands over Harry's quickly to still his actions. They watched as the cauldron's contents swished from side to side, until it finally ceased all movement. Malfoy let out a breath.

" Sorry." Harry mumbled. He was blushing for some reason.

" Forget about it, Potter." Malfoy moved his hands and began chopping the tail. Harry concentrated on stirring the potion the right way. They didn't speak any more during class. Once the potion was finished Malfoy filled a glass vile and placed it on Snape's desk, while Harry cleaned their table. Malfoy walked out without even looking at Harry again.

The Gryffindor gathered his bag and waited for Hermione and Ron to finish their potion. It didn't take long before they walked out of the class room. Immediately they questioned him.

"Did it happen again, Harry?"

" That was intense. Is it always like that?."

They spoke simultaneously. Harry nodded to Hermione then asked Ron what he meant.

" It was like I couldn't move. Except I could." He said, confusing Harry more.

" We continued to work on our potions, but any time we tried to turn around and look at you or get up, something stopped us. We saw you with Malfoy and knew something was wrong, but we couldn't go near you." Hermione clarified. She shivered.

" It was horrible. It was defiantly a...different experience. But I think we stopped it. Harry, it was shorter right? I mean, it usually lasts longer." She asked him. He nodded again.

" I think maybe Ron was right." At that Ron's ears perked up. He looked like a dog who was just praised for doing a trick. He had a huge goofy smile on his face.

" I think it can't use people who are close to those being possessed. Maybe it uses most of it's energy keeping you and Malfoy under control. Obviously you know something is different. That's why you fight it and it takes a lot of power to keep you under control. But if people don't know how you normally act, then they might not question what your doing, like Ron or I would. By getting us out of the way, the ghosts can feed off every one else with out having them resist so much. People just think they are watching an argument or going about their business as usual..."

"Meanwhile, they are being used as a tasty ghost snack." Ron injected.

" It must have used more power to keep me and Ron in our seats. And that's why it didn't last long this time. Or in Transfiguration last time." Hermione concluded proudly.

" Then why did they bother with it at all?"Ron asked.

" Well, they must have been tired of waiting for Malfoy and Harry to be alone. Since the ghosts seem to favor possessing them, they decided it was worth the extra work."

" But why did it push you back when Edna and Jonathan where fighting? It's not like you knew them."

" I'm not sure the ghosts did. I didn't feel the same way I did in the classroom today. When Enda and Jonathan were fighting I still had no control of myself. but, I wasn't fighting it. I was like a mindless zombie watching them. I couldn't look away. I think the ghosts were using me as a power source just as the rest of the students. I just got shoved into the back by coincidence." Hermione explained her theory.

Harry stayed silent as he digested everything. What Hermione said made sense and they just got another clue to their mystery. Harry wasn't sure how it helped, but he figured the more he knew the better off he'd be. He had to sudden urge to get to a library and research more. He wanted to end this thing now and go back to hating Malfoy. But some where deep in the back of Harry's mind was a voice telling him that things were never going to be the same again.

Harry let out a deep sigh as he looked out over the water. He was sitting by the lake with Ron and Hermione and he couldn't be more agitated. Normally, Harry would lay back and enjoy the feel of the sun on his face as he listened to Ron and Hermione bicker, or as they all talked about something that wouldn't make any sense later, but at the time it would seem like the funniest thing in the world. And while today was the perfect day for that, none of the teens had the warm sunlight or mirth on their minds.

Hermione had suggested they all take a break form their endless afternoons in the drab library. They still had learned nothing more on the ghosts, even with the new information they gained, and Hermione could see every ones spirits falling. Ron was never much for studying in the first place, but he stayed with it to help Harry and even she was getting tired of the amount of time they'd been spending on their research. Which was turning out to be a big waste of time. Hermione was right when she said possessions were rare. They were so rare, people didn't feel the need to write about them. The only books that mentioned something, never had any thing that could help them.

When Hermione came up with the idea to take a break, she thought it was just what they needed. Some time away from the castle, outside in the fresh air was supposed to make them all feel better. But as she looked at her friends Hermione realized it wasn't going to be so easy to get their minds off the problem. Ron was exhausted. He had laid down as soon as their bums hit the ground and hasn't moved since.

Harry was obviously distressed and she couldn't blame him. Having some entity hijack your body was enough to make any one edgy. They had been doing all they could to help him, but Hermione wasn't sure the ghost pest was his only problem. She knew her friend well enough to know something else was bothering him. Now more then ever, she wanted to help relieve some of the stress he was under. Even though she promised herself she was not going to mention anything relating to the thing that seemed to be eating all their time lately, Hermione found herself speaking.

" Harry, we'll figure this out. I'm sure of it." She laid a hand on his shoulder reassuringly. He turned and smiled at her, but it was a weak smile and Hermione couldn't help but sigh.

" I know, mione. You are the smartest witch in Hogwats after all." He said, earning a small grin from the girl. He returned his gaze to the lake. Hermione moved her eyes to Ron's sleeping figure before she too looked out over the calm water. An hour later a loud voice broke into both of their thoughts.

" Hermione!" Harry and Hermione turned toward the voice. Some blonde witch Harry had only seen a few times came bouncing in their direction. She stopped before Hermione and smiled.

" I feel like I haven't seen you for ages." She said as she shifted the bag on her shoulder. She barley glanced in Harry's direction, which he found to be a huge relief. Even though he'd attended Hogwarts for years now, some still gawked at him openly. It was a refreshing change to be ignored.

" Yeah. I've been busy." Hermione's voice sounded tight and if Harry had to guess he would have said Hermione didn't particularly care for this girl. If that were the case, the girl remained oblivious. She let out an awful laugh along with her reply.

" That's classic Hermione. So predictable. Busy as a bee. Anyway, I thought you'd be interested to know, Ben, you know that weird guy from Muggle studies, anyway, he and his girlfriend just broke up." She whispered the last part, like in was an important secret. Hermione held back a sigh.

" Why would you think I' d be interested in that?" Hermione asked. Harry had never seen Hermione so bothered by another person that wasn't Ron before. While he found it highly amusing, he didn't see much reason for it. Sure the blonde girl was annoying, but Harry hadn't seen anything that would warrant such behavior from his normally easy going friend.

" Oh, I thought maybe you'd be interested because he's free now. I mean, you go for that weird type right?" She asked. Her eyes briefly flickered to Harry. The raven haired Gryffindor would have been insulted if he hadn't been so worried about what Hermione might do. Her face was contorted into an expression that clearly showed how much she was holding back. Harry was preparing to step in if she decided to go for the Ron method and deck the snobbish girl right there. But what ever she was going to do was cut off by the girl, as she continued.

" Oh, you should have seen it, Hermione. It was dreadful. People really should learn to keep there business private." Again her eyes flittered over Harry's face.

" She was crying and begging him to stay. He was going on about how they can't. That he'll find out. They would never work. A bit over dramatic if you ask me, but that's Hufflepuffs for you. She even offered to change her name. Though I'm not sure how that would help. It was a sight though! Can you believe it, right in the middle of..." The blonde stopped talking and turned as a boy called out to her. She waved to him and then turned back to Hermione.

"Well, I should be going. Good luck with Ben." She called over her shoulder as she disappeared.

Something about what the girl said stuck out to Harry, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. He frowned trying to make his brain work.

" Oh! Can you believe the nerve of that girl." She cried out indignantly. Harry suddenly realized what caught his attention in the girl's gossip. He tried to tell Hermione.

" Hermione."

" It's like that every time she around. I've never been so close to cursing someone in all my life. I swear. She's the most pretentious, stuck up person I've ever met."

" Hermione!" Ron grunted in his sleep.

" What does she even mean? My type. How dare she. You should see the guys she goes out with. She has no right to judge any one."

" Hermione!" Harry accompanied her name with a shake on the shoulder. Hermione looked around as if realizing for the first time where she was and blushed slightly.

" Sorry, Harry. But she really gets under my skin." She let a breath and looked to Harry again.

" Forget that. Did you hear what she said? About their fight? Doesn't it sound kind of familiar?" He asked, knowing she would figure it out. Sure enough her features brightened and she spoke quickly.

" It's the same one you and Malfoy had." She said excitedly. Harry ignored the peculiar felling he got at the mention of the blonde's name.

" Which means the ghosts are inhabiting other people. Wait. What else did she say? The girl offered to change her name? Harry, did Malfoy ever say anything like that?" She asked him.

" No."

" It's another clue." She frowned. " I'm not sure what it means." In an instant she was on her feet.

" I may have an idea though." Harry looked at Ron wondering if he should wake the snoozing redhead.

" Don't bother. You two stay here. I'll go check something out. I should be back soon. Until then...Just stay with Ron, okay?" She said noticing Harry look at Ron. Harry nodded, glad he didn't have to go back inside yet. The prospect of a new clue seemed to brighten his mood a bit. Maybe now he could enjoy the day. He watched as Hermione's figure disappeared into the distance.

Harry sat for a moment listening to his friends snores and watching the sunlight bounce of the water's surface, before he heard the sound that had come to fill him with dread. Either a swarm of bees were passing over head or a ghost was entering his body. Harry frowned as he looked around. He didn't see Malfoy any where. But he couldn't be sure. There were groups of students scattered around.

Maybe this time some one else was going to play the part of the girl. From what Harry just learned the ghosts could posses any one they wanted. Maybe it got tired of waiting for Malfoy and Harry and just decided to pick some random person. Harry suddenly felt panicked at the thought of going through this with some one new.

He had some control of his body, he realized, as he raised his hand to run it in his messy hair. He sat anxiously waiting for the ghost to make him move or say something. It must not have a strong hold, which was puzzling because there were lots of students around for it to pull it's power from. Harry was debating whether or not to wake Ron when he got to his feet.

He felt the sudden drive to go into the forest. Harry bumped into three people, apparently when the ghost crossed the grounds no one was in his way. So he didn't feel the need to watch out. Unfortunately, Harry had to pass by several students. He apologized to the first two, but by the third one he found he had no more control over his body. Inside, Harry wanted to scream.

Harry finally made it the dense shrubbery and entered the forbidden forest. His stomach clenched as he trudged through the forest wondering what was waiting for him inside. He hoped it was some one he didn't know. Although, that could be worse. If it was someone he could explain it to afterward, it might not be as embarrassing.

Harry let out a scream as some one tackled him to the floor. He fell down harshly and rolled onto his back to stand up. He only made it half way, because as soon as he flipped over two legs straddled his chest.

" Your late." said the voice on top of him.

Harry would have sighed in relief, and then no doubt blushed about it, if he had been in control of his body, when he looked up into the face of a familiar smirking blonde. Instead his lips smiled and his hands reached out to the back of Malfoy's head.

Harry was going to pull him in for a kiss, but the cheeky blonde ducked at the last minute and moved off of Harry. The Gryffindor stayed on the ground as he propped himself up on his elbows. He cocked his head to the side as he watched Malfoy fold his arms and pout. Harry wanted nothing more then to kiss those full lips.

" Your so beautiful." He said from his place on the ground.

" I'm not going to let you off that easily." Malfoy said pouting even more. Harry swiftly lifted himself off the forest floor and pulled Malfoy close to him. He heard an intake of breath form the blonde.

" Well, I can think of some other ways I can make it up to you." Harry said seductively. The blonde boy shuddered against him. Harry placed a kiss on Malfoy's neck.

" Sounds good," Malfoy whispered in his ear. He pushed his body flush against Harry's and wriggled just right. Harry gasped. Then Malfoy pulled away.

" But, you'll have to catch me first." He said before he sped off deeper into the forest. Harry chased after him. He smiled ruefully as he thought of all the things he was going to do when he caught his little Slytherin. Harry made a mental note to remind Hermione that the girl was a Slytherin. He ducked a low branch and came to a clearing. He spotted Malfoy as he disappeared on the other side.

Harry pumped his legs faster, knowing his target was close. He jumped over a root and forced his way through a bush, as he closed the distance between them. Malfoy was almost close enough to reach now. Harry pushed a little harder and stretched his hand out. He met the soft material of Malfoy's shirt and tugged. Malfoy stumbled a bit and was saved from hitting the hard ground by Harry's arms. They encircled Malfoy's waist, forcing the Slytherin close to him.

" Got you." He murmured against Malfoy's neck, sending goosebumps spreading out over his skin. Harry tried to will his body not to react at the feel of the Slytherin against him, but it was useless.

" But the question now is, what are you going to do with me?" Malfoy responded. Harry growled as he spun Malfoy around to face him. He took the fair haired teen's lips in a demanding kiss. Malfoy kissed back enthusiastically. After a while, Harry dropped tiny kisses down Malfoy's slender neck and backed him up until he hit a tree.

Immediately Malfoy's legs wrapped around Harry's back. Harry continued to move his mouth over Malfoy's throat up to his ear. Malfoy moaned when Harry bit down on his lobe. A tongue flicked across the spot in the back of his ear and he melted in Harry's arms. Harry gasped when Malfoy's legs tightened. They squeezed firmly bringing Harry's groin sharply to Malfoy's. Their body's were aligned perfectly. Harry could feel the sense that he was complete. He was almost bursting with emotion.

" I love you." He muttered in between kisses. The words felt so natural. So right to say. Harry never felt more peaceful.

" You feel my heart, luv?" Harry said grabbing Malfoy's hand and placing it on his chest. " It beats for you." Harry was staring deep into Malfoy's eyes.

" Nothing else. No one else. Only you." Harry said before he took Malfoy's lips again. He ground his hips into the blonde, causing him to break the kiss and moan. Harry moved his lips to the blonde's ear.

" For ever and always." he said, thrusting into Malfoy. The blonde's head dropped to his shoulder. Harry cherished the moment dearly and almost chocked on the feelings that swept through him. Harry truly felt the ghosts love. It was powerful and amazing and frightening all at once. Harry was overwhelmed by it. And then right in the middle of all the serenity and turmoil the ghosts decide to leave him, standing there holding Malfoy up against the tree, after having just muttered things Harry had never said to another before. By far the most awkward position he'd ever been in.

" Stupid Bloody ghosts." Malfoy murmured in Harry's neck. The dark haired boy fought the tingle that wanted to spread down his spine at the feel of Malfoy's mouth on his neck. He quickly dropped his hold on the blonde and stepped back. Malfoy leaned against the tree catching his breath. Harry tried to will his erection away. He was thankful that they pulled away this time. He blushed as he thought of how their last encounter similar to this ended. A quick 'favor' in a dark secluded closet was one thing, but this was outside in the bright sunlight. They couldn't cross that line, no matter how uncomfortable Harry was at the moment.

" We should find our way back." Harry said, desperate to fill the ever expanding silence. He was breathing rapidly and was still attempting to calm his body down. He avoided looking directly at Malfoy.

The blonde let out a shaky sigh and muttered something. Harry strained to hear it but couldn't make it out, so he started walking in the direction he thought was the way out. He didn't wait to see if Malfoy was following, but found he didn't need to. The blonde called him back.

" What?" Harry said as he stopped walking. Seeing the Slytherin, still breathing irregularly and more tousled then usual, caused a twitch in Harry's pants. He made a mental picture of Snape in a bathing suit to counter it. He focused on it while he waited for Malfoy to speak.

" I think we came in that way." He said motioning in the opposite direction Harry was headed. Instead of answering Harry walked passed Malfoy and headed the way he directed. He heard foot steps behind him a few seconds later. Harry stopped short when he thought he heard a noise to his left and Malfoy ran into him. A rabbit ran out on to the path and into a bush. Harry sighed in relief. There were some ugly creatures in the Forrest and he didn't want to run into any of them.

He frown as he realized Malfoy was practically standing on top of him. He moved forward, ready to continue and a little ticked off that the damper the bunny scare put on his erection was useless, as the feel of Malfoy behind him brought it back to life.

" Oh, for merlin's sake!" Malfoy yelled out, before he pressed his body into Harry's. Even though some part of him was enjoying the feeling Harry was still quick to move away. He tripped over a gnarled root and fell against a tree.

" What are you doing, Malfoy?" He sputtered at the now advancing blonde. Harry found the tree that prevented him from landing face down on the ground now prevented his escape.

" Oh, come on Potter. There's no reason we have to suffer. It's not like we haven't done it before." Malfoy said sounding annoyed. Harry stared at him incredulously. How could he discuss this as if it were nothing?

" That was different." Harry tried to argue. He could feel his face burning under Malfoy's unrelenting stare. The blonde took a step closer. Harry swallowed.

" Yeah. We were both possessed by ghosts and left with raging hard ons. Same as now." Malfoy said slowly as he took another step. He was close enough for Harry to be able to smell him now. He smelled good.

" was different. We.. It was dark and.." Harry trailed off. He doubted he could think of a good enough reason, even if he didn't have Malfoy's hand gently touching his hip. His erection, which had been a slight discomfort, was now causing him pain.

" Oh, that's it then. You don't want to see me. Fine, I can think of several ways to arrange that." Malfoy gave him a sly look and Harry blushed even more. He could think of a couple of scenarios too.

" No! I..." Harry lost his train of thought as Malfoy stepped even closer. His breath hit Harry's face as he spoke. His other hand came to Harry's chest as he pushed Harry against the tree. His heartbeat increased tenfold.

" Look, Potter it's not like we have a lot of options here. Unless you what to walk all the way back to the castle like this." Malfoy sounded so confident, Harry had no doubt he used that voice to get many things done. It was a voice that said I'm right, just listen and everything will be fine.

" Stop acting like a girl. It doesn't mean anything." He whispered in Harry's ear. Malfoy didn't wait for Harry's next lame excuses as he quickly ground their erections together. Harry gave in as he brought his hands to Malfoy's back. He held tight as the blonde rubbed against him once more. Electric shocks shot through Harry as he groaned.

Harry couldn't help comparing the difference between Malfoy and the ghost. Malfoy was defiantly more controlling. He gripped Harry's hips and was directing the pace that their groins came together. His head was resting on Harry's shoulder and each rapid exhale hit Harry's ear causing him to shiver in delight. He briefly wondered what Malfoy would be like if he wasn't holding back. If he really wanted Harry and didn't need to just get off.

Malfoy's breathing increased even more. He was now rasping and Harry guessed he was close to coming. For some strange reason Harry wanted to be part of it. He wanted to feel like more then just a jack-off buddy. Without stopping to think of the repercussions Harry fastened his mouth the Malfoy's. Harry smirked as he felt the other boy's surprise, but turned his efforts else where when Malfoy began kissing him back. Malfoy increased their pace. He pulled Harry's hips against his, harder each time. Malfoy made a whimpering sound against Harry's lips. The Gryffindor swept his tongue over Malfoy's bottom lip, asking for entrance.

Malfoy granted it when he parted his lips to moan. The Slytherin took one of his hands off of Harry's hips and stuck it in his hair. He pulled the raven strands as he deepened the kiss. Harry plundered the blonde's mouth as he moved his hips to meet Malfoy, thrust for thrust. He could feel the pressure building. The heat was coming off Malfoy's body in waves making Harry feel like he was on fire. It was all too much for Harry, as he rammed his erection against Malfoy's one last time. He yelled out something unintelligible as he came. Malfoy moved his lips to the side of Harry's face as he followed. Mind numbing pleasure coursed through Harry's body as he clung onto Malfoy. He rode the last waves of his orgasm vaguely aware that Malfoy was peppering his face with kisses.

When his breathing returned to normal, he waited for Malfoy to move away from him. At some point he had burrowed his face in Harry's neck. The blonde finally stirred and moved back. He cleared his throat and adjusted his clothing. Harry tried not to blush as he spoke.

" I think we were going that way." He said pointing to a patch of trees behind Malfoy. The blonde nodded and walked in the direction Harry was talking about. The Gryffindor followed him this time.

" Your the girl." Harry said after they had been walking for a while.

Malfoy didn't slow his long strides as he responded.

" What are talking about, Potter?" He asked suspiciously.

" When the ghosts posses use. You're the girl." Harry said smugly.

" Who says I'm the girl?" he asked, puffing his chest out, as if that would prove he was manly. Harry almost laughed at him.

" It's so obvious. Or did you think Katey was a bloke's name?" Harry said, avoiding a branch Malfoy let snap back as he passed it.

" That doesn't prove anything. It could very easily be a man's name." He was adamant about denying it. Harry chuckled as he dodged another branch. They didn't seem to be on any path, but Harry couldn't remember how they got there in the first place, so he didn't question it.

" Okay. What about the fact that your always crying and begging me to stay. I'm clearly the dominant one." Harry said.

" Just because one shows emotion, does not make them a girl." Malfoy stated as if it were clear as day. He hesitated slightly and Harry stopped walking. Then the blonde turned with out warning and slipped through a tiny space between two bushes. Harry had to struggle to keep up.

" If I didn't know any better I'd say your trying to lose me." Harry said once he caught up to the blonde.

" I'm merely making my way out of this horrid forest. If you can't keep up then it's not my problem, Potter." Malfoy told him, but Harry couldn't help but notice he slowed his pace.

" What about the fact that the ghosts that are possessing us, are a man named Conner and a woman named Katey." Harry said proudly. His self-satisfaction disappeared when Malfoy spun on his heel and Harry nearly smashed into him. He managed to keep his balance and distance, but just a tiny foot of space was between them.

" You know who they are?" He said angrily.

" Yes." Harry was reluctant to answer. The blonde was livid for some reason and Harry didn't want to find out why.

" And you didn't think I deserved to know?" He questioned the Gryffindor.

" Well, that's all we know about them. We just found a picture. We don't know their last names or who they were or anything useful. I didn't think..." Harry tried to explain.

" What? You didn't think I might like to know who's been taking over my body and making me touch you." He spat out. Harry bristled at the insult. It wasn't like he wanted Malfoy to want him, but it still hurt to hear some one talk about him as though he were disgusting.

" Well it's not as if I'm enjoying this either, Malfoy. I'm sorry if I didn't think it was a good idea to start up a conversation with you. In case you haven't noticed every time we come near each other, a couple of ghosts do take over our bodies. I thought it might be a good idea if we stayed away from each other for a while." Harry's voice had raised loudly. He felt satisfied when Malfoy looked taken a back.

" Some one from your little gang could have informed me." He said in much calmer tone then before.

" Right. Cause your so approachable." Harry said sarcastically. Malfoy tensed.

" Still, I would appreciate an update from now on, if you find anything new." He said, and Harry guessed it was the closest Malfoy would ever come to asking him politely.

" Fine." Harry agreed through gritted teeth. It was a fair request.

They continued on their way. Harry hoped Malfoy knew where he was going. They seemed to be walking a long time. He didn't try and start another conversation with him again, out of fear it might lead to another fight. Malfoy would make a sharp turn every so often, causing Harry to have to dive into the bushes to find him. After a while Harry wondered if Malfoy wasn't dragging this out to torture him.

" Malfoy, are you sure you know where you're going?" Harry said as ducked under a low branch. The blonde didn't answer him. So Harry tried again, only louder.

" Of course I do, Potter." Was his answer. Not that Harry was expecting something different. He sighed and kept walking.

" Maybe we should use our wands to call for help." He supplied.

" No way. I'm not getting in trouble for this. Or have you forgotten, we're not aloud in the Forbidden Forrest. It being Forbidden and all."

" Maybe if we explain..." Harry was cut off by Malfoy's answer.

" Explain what, Potter? That some ghosts decided to take us out into the middle of the Forrest and make us their bitches? I for one don't feel like trying to explain that to a Professor." He made a sharp turn, in between two trees and Harry quickly followed.

" I guess you're right." He sighed as he caught up to the Slytherin once more. Harry couldn't imagine having to tell a professor what just happened.

" Besides, we're here." He announced, peaking out behind some trees. Harry assumed the exit was through there.

" I'll go out first." Malfoy said, turning to look at Harry. " You wait here for a few minutes. I don't want to be seen coming out of the Forrest with you." He started to walk out and Harry called him back.

" Then I suggest you wait here, because I'm going now." Harry said making his way past some bushes and into the last trees he ever wanted to see again. Malfoy was by his side in a heartbeat.

" Don't be stupid, Potter. I'm certainly not waiting behind. And we can't go out togther. The rumors are finally starting to die down, this would only spur them back up again." Despite Malfoy's worry, he continued heading to the edge of the Forrest. Harry sped up and Malfoy matched his pace. Soon they were crashing through greenery and avoiding angled arms of the trees in attempt to beat the other. They both flew out of the trees at the same time, running into a group of younger Gryffindors. Harry apologized as Malfoy scowled at them.

The reaction of the people around them was almost instant, though variable. Some students furrowed their brows, trying to figure out why the most famous two rivals just came bursting out of the Forbidden Forrest togther. Maybe the rumors about them were true. Others were already forming new rumors. Harry could tell them apart from the rest. They had shocked expressions first and then understanding ones. As if they could gather the whole story by what they saw before them and of course, it was their duty to inform the rest of the student population all the sordid details, just waiting on the tips of their tongues. Some tried to be subtle about their staring, only looking at them out of the corner of their eyes. Others openly gawked at the couple.

Malfoy held his head high as he sent death glares at every one in his path. Harry followed, scowling. He should have just let Malfoy go out first. Letting him think he won was better then the attention he was going to receive for the next few weeks.

" This is just great. Do you have to be so stubborn?" Malfoy asked him, as he tried to ignore the looks people were giving them. A sandy-haired boy shouted at them, before he handed money over to a short brunette girl. Perhaps they had a bet going.

Malfoy continued his brisk pace and Harry was at least glad they were moving away from most of the people. And although he had just been thinking along the same lines as Malfoy, he'd be damned if he was going to let the blonde know that.

" You could have stayed in just as easily as I could have." Harry responded.

" Yes, but I'm not expected to do the righteous thing. You're the only hero here." Malfoy spun on him, forcing Harry to come to a quick stop once more. He looked around nervously. There were not many people around and most of them weren't paying attention to them, or they were doing a good job of pretending not to. Harry recognized the place and knew they were close to where he'd left Ron. He cast a glance over Malfoy's shoulder and sure enough he could spot the redhead's sleeping figure.

" But then again, maybe this is what you wanted, Potter." Malfoy said stepping closer, causing Harry to look back to him. He frowned, not understanding what the boy was saying.

" Is that it? Do you want people to think we're going out?" He stopped moving, but only because the next step would take him directly into Harry's body.

" Why would I want that?" Harry was starting to shake. It felt like his legs were about to buckle under neath him. His pulse sped up as Malfoy leaned in closer.

" I don't know. You tell me." He said, holding Harry's gaze.

" Harry watch out!"

Both boys jumped away from each other and turned their heads to see a ruffled Ron pointing at Malfoy. He was standing with his sleepy eyes wide open and a leaf was stuck to his face. Harry tried not to laugh at his friend.

" Ron, it's alright." Harry watched the confusion on the redhead's face.

" But, it's Malfoy." He told Harry as if he wasn't seeing the other boy.

Malfoy scoffed and muttered, " Dolt." Harry glared at him.

" I know Ron. It's okay. I.." But once more, a shout interrupted him.

" Harry!" Hermione came running across the grassy grounds. She earned several stares from the students as she raced past them, gasping for breath and shouting Harry's name, but she ignored them and pushed on. When she reached the raven teen, she skidded to a halt. She opened her mouth, but all that came out was a soft, "oh" as she spotted Malfoy.

" Save the speech, Granger. I was just leaving." He said holding his hand up. Harry watched as he walked away. Harry fought down the disappointment. He was eager to share his news with the bushy-haired girl.

" Hermione I found something new. The girl was in Slytherin." He said, happy he figured out more of the puzzle..

" I know."

Harry looked at Hermione, stunned. Ron muttered a quiet, " How long was I asleep?"

" I know who they are, Harry. I figured it out." Hermione beamed at him.

" There names were Conner Milgram and Katey Asquith."

" But how did you figure it out?" Harry asked.

" It's what Martha said, she was the annoying blonde who informed me Ben was free now." She rolled her eyes.

" Who?" Ron asked trying to follow along. Hermione ignored him.

" She said the girl offered to change her name. That's when I had the idea that she might be pureblood and that was why they couldn't be together. Her father must have been the He, they kept talking about."

Ron scratched his head and looked between Harry and Hermione to see if Harry was understanding the girl.

" I went to Madam Prince and asked if she had a list of old pureblood family's. I cross referenced them with students who went to school at the time the picture was taken. And I found them."

Harry was happy, but he didn't understand Hermione's excitement.

" I thought you said knowing who they were wouldn't help us?" He asked.

" I was wrong. It turns out it finding their identity was the key. I found their names, then looked them up in an old wizarding newspaper. I don't have a lot of details, just what I can infer from what we know. They must have fell in love. But like I said she was a pureblood and he wasn't. Her father, like most purebloods, didn't approve of her associating with the wrong people. They must have been afraid of him and so they kept their relationship secret. I assume they had plans to run away and get married."

" What do you mean you assume. I thought you said you figured it out." Harry asked.

" I did. Sort of. I know how they died, but not their exact plans. They never made it out of the country."

" Her father got them." Ron filled in the rest. He sounded angry.

" No." Hermione corrected.

" An earthquake got them. Or at least it got her. They were some where in muggle England when it happened. A two story building collapsed on them. No one could figure out what they were doing there. None of their friends knew about their relationship."

" That's awful." Ron stated.

" How does it help us, Hermione?" Harry asked desperately.

" It turns out that the boy, Conner, was as afraid of her father as she was. He prepared for the worst possible out come. Death. He was excellent at potions and there was a rumor that he discovered a way to come back to life. Apparently the girl's father was well known for murdering people who got in his way. Back then it was much easier for Purebloods to get away with what they wanted."

" Still is true today." Ron shot in, thinking of a certain pureblood family.

" Yes, but not as much as back then. Anyway, there was an accusation that he kidnaped Katey and was experimenting on her. There was all kinds of speculation afterwards. Her father pushed it, of course. Making up storeys about how his daughter wrote home complaining Conner was harassing her. He said she feared for her life. He didn't want to admit his daughter ran away with the boy willingly. Conner ended up being found guilty and set to Azkaban prison for life." She finished solemnly.

" So he lost his only love and then spent the rest of his life alone in prison." Ron summed up the short version.

" Their storey explains why he choose Harry and Malfoy. And the other students. In each case, one was a pureblood and the other was a half-blood. Same as the ghost couple."

" So that's it then. That's what's going on. Conner did find a way to come back to life after death." Harry said.

" Yes, but not fully. He can only come back for shorts amount of time, and he can only re-live old memories. It's similar to a ghost possession, but he's not quite a ghost. He's more like an echo. He must be stuck here."

" Why did he wait this long? What's so special about now?"

" Because he didn't die until a month ago. Around the same time the possession started." Ron was doing math in his head.

" He lived that long?"

" He felt guilty." Harry spoke. Ron and Hermione looked at him quizzically.

" He thought her death was his fault. Being in Azkaban was his punishment."

" How do you know that?" Ron asked.

" I can feel it." He answered in a quiet voice. Ron took a step back from Harry. Hermione frowned at the redhead.

" He's not going to explode Ronald." Hermione sniped at him.

" You don't know that." He said, but he hung his head sheepishly and returned to his original spot.

" So, how do we stop it?" Harry said in his normal voice.

" Well since the first spell I tried on you, didn't work..."

" You cast a spell on me?"

" I've been researching different methods of de-possessing. I didn't find any on that, but I did find a spell that can help us in this situation. Since Conner isn't technically a ghost, it should work."

" When did you cast a spell on me?"

" I think it should reverse the effects of what ever potion he used and help him move on. It's used for banishing evil entities, but I can tweak it to make it fit our needs."

" It's worth a try." Ron said.

" How could I not know you cast a spell on me?"

" Oh, Harry. Fine, I'm sorry okay. Now, what do you think?" She asked him. He scowled at her and resisted the urge to pout.

" As long as it gets rid of the ghost." He said.

" Alright then. We can do it tonight. It has to be under the moon. It shouldn't take long." She concluded. Harry nodded, glad he finally was going to be rid of this annoyance.

It was still a few good hours until nightfall and Harry was in his room, talking with Seamus and Neville. They were trying their best to cheer him up, but he only heard half of what they were saying. His mind was on the rumors that were now spreading like wildfire through out the castle. Harry opted to stay as far way from the rest of the Hogwarts population as possible. Hermione and Ron were gathering ingredients for the spell they were going to cast tonight. Harry leant them his cloak and bid them goodbye. Their plan was to met up outside as soon as it got dark.

In the meantime Harry was to stay in his room, or go only as far as the Gryffindor common room. Not that he was going to argue with that part of the plan. He didn't want to know what every one was saying about him, until he absolutely had to, on Monday morning.

There was a knock at the door and Seamus stopped talking in the middle of his joke. Neville and him shared a look before Harry went to answer it. Some third year was standing outside looking incredibly nervous. He was wringing his hands and he stuttered when he spoke.

" T ther... tthere's some one to see you, outside." he said before he turned and fled in the opposite direction. Harry wondered what had him so rattled. He shrugged and told Neville and Seamus he'd be right back, then shut the door before they could stop him. He went down stairs slowly, trying to think of who would wanted to see him. Maybe, Ron and Hermione. But why didn't Ron just come and get him?

Harry hurried as he came to the last stair, his mind coming up with all kinds of horrible things that could have went wrong. Maybe they were caught or maybe something happened and one of them got hurt. He felt guilty for sending his friends out all alone. He quickly scanned the common room. A few people looked up, but most kept their heads down. Harry quickly dismissed the idea that his caller was in here. He made his way to the portrait hole.

When he pulled the swinging door open Harry wasn't sure what he was expecting, but a furious Malfoy was not even on his list. Harry blinked in surprise before he was dragged out of the hole by his collar. Malfoy pulled him down the hall and Harry stumbled a few times before he came to his senses. He wrenched his self free, and the blonde turned and face him.

" What are you doing, Malfoy?" Harry asked, because the blonde just gave him the evil eye and kept his mouth closed tight.

" Do you know what they're saying about us, Potter?" He ground out. Harry would normally have loved to get this reaction from the blonde, but right now it was just annoying.

" No, but I can guess." He said bitterly before continuing.

" Did you think dragging me out of my room and down the hall was going to change their minds?" Harry looked around. The hall was empty now, but it was only a matter of time before someone stumbled upon the pair.

" You're going to fix this."

" How?" Harry looked at the blonde boy, who appeared to be cracking seems.

" You're going to tell everyone that we are not a couple." he explained to the Gryffindor.

" And why do you think they'd listen to me?" Malfoy looked at him with an are-you-kidding- me?- look.

" They won't believe me. If people want to see something then they are going to see it. It won't matter what I say. It's best to just try and ignore it. Eventually, they'll find something new." Harry felt a little sorry for the boy.

" Bloody hell." Malfoy said with a sigh. He slumped against a wall and Harry knew this was really getting to him, if he was breaking the Malfoy code and slouching.

" If it makes you feel any better. Hermione may have a spell that can get rid of the ghosts. We're trying it tonight." Harry watched the blonde's head spring back up and he found himself staring into those burning eyes. Malfoy pushed himself off the wall and walked towards Harry.

" So, it'll be over. No more spokes?" He never took his eyes off Harry's as he stood only a few inches from the Gryffindor.

" Yeah. I mean if everything goes according to plan." Harry tried to keep his voice light, but it was thick and he swallowed past a lump in his throat. His palms started to sweat and he got a tingling feeling in his stomach.

" Har.." But Malfoy's words were cut off by the sound of approaching feet. He made a sound of frustration before he moved away from Harry and then turned his back on the Gryffindor.

" Let me know how it goes, Would you, Potter?" Malfoy called out over his shoulder.

Harry let out a breath and quickly left before the students, who's sounds were growing louder, came down the hall. He swivelled around and made his way back to the fat lady, wondering what Malfoy would have said if they weren't interrupted.

The spell was short, simple and left Harry smelling like scrambled eggs.

After Harry's puzzling encounter with Malfoy he went back to his dorm room and waited until the sun went down. Once the last glow of orange and red left the sky Harry made his way down to the castle's main entrance. The moon had been up since late afternoon, so they could get started right away. Ron and Hermione were waiting for him. Hermione handed Harry his cloak back and he stuck it in his backpack. He only had the bag becuase they decided not to tell any of the Gryffindors about the spell, and Harry needed an exuse to leave Seamus and Neville. He told them he was going to met Ron at the library. They traveled down the stone steps outside, in silence. Once the three teens reached their destination, Hermione began getting ready for the spell.

Ron and Harry watched as she set up. Harry was told to stand in the center of a circle and to drink something Hermione handed him. He ingested the slug-flavored drink and Hermione took her wand out and muttered a few words Harry didn't understand. Ron looked at Harry while Hermione spoke, but he didn't see any change in the boy. Hermione finished with one last swish of her wand. She checked something in her hand and smiled. When she told him he could move Harry asked her if it worked. She assured him it had and then proceeded to explain how, but Harry was lost after the first sentence.

Harry took her many complicated words for it and tried to feel relieved. But he only felt cold. Without warning his status turned to freezing. He shivered violently and the fell to the floor. Ron and Hermione rushed to his side. But he was fine. What ever it was ended before his knees touched the ground. He could tell the ghost was gone for good now and he was just Harry again. He stood with the help of his friends.

" Harry?"

" I'm fine. It worked." He said, reassuring them.

" Are you sure, Harry? I don't know if that was supposed to happen." Hermione bit her lip in worry.

" Yeah, we did it. I felt him go." Harry stood and dusted his pants off. Hermione and Ron sagged in relief. It was over. They got there free time and their friend back. They couldn't be happier. But Harry couldn't quite smile as big as them. He felt a little lonely for some reason. He had felt for the ghost and hoped he was happier where-ever he was now.

He followed his friends into the castle. He didn't want to bring them down with his un-explainable bad mood so he stayed silent. They walked along the corridor, slowly making their way back to the Gryffindor tower, when Harry spotted a patch of blonde hair. Malfoy was standing around with a group of his dorm mates. Harry's heart skipped a beat and he was suddenly speaking.

" You guys go ahead. I'll tell Malfoy about the spell." He told his friends.

" Are you sure, mate?" Ron asked, sending a sneer at the group of Slyterins.

" Yeah. I think it's only fair that he know." Harry answered. Hermione gave him a look he'd never seen on her, before she grabbed Ron's hand and lead him away. Harry walked directly to the pack of Slytherin's before he lost his nerve.

" Malfoy. Could I talk to you for a moment?" He said eyeing the group carefully. He would feel better if he had his wand out, but he didn't want the action to be misinterpreted, so he kept his hand firmly at his side. Malfoy looked surprised at the appearance of the Gryffindor, but quickly slipped his face back into a calm mask. He smirked at Harry and walked away from his friends.

When they were a decent distance away the blonde turned and waited patiently for Harry to start talking. Harry stumbled at first, caught of guard by the look in Malfoy's eyes. He didn't dwell on it, as he quickly spoke.

" I... umm.. I just thought you'd want to know we did the spell." He said casting a nervous glance to Malfoy's friends. Harry didn't think properly before he went up to Malfoy. The blonde was probably mad. Harry wasn't sure if the Slytherins gossiped, but there was a good chance he might have added another month to the life of their rumor. Malfoy followed Harry's gaze and made a quick movement with his head. The remaining Slytherins looked disappointed, before they all turned and left. Leaving Harry alone with Malfoy. His mouth went dry at the thought.

" And..." Malfoy prompted, searching Harry's eyes, and moving closer. Harry had to think for a moment before he remembered what Malfoy was talking about.

" It worked." Harry's voice was barely above a whisper. He couldn't control his breathing, as he let out shallow gasps. His heart was beating widely against his chest, almost as if it were trying to break out. Then he lost all ability to breath as Malfoy moved closer still.

"So right now, you'" He asked closing the distance even more. Harry could only nod, because the blonde was hovering only one millimeter from his body.

" Good." Malfoy muttered before he crashed his mouth to Harry's. He used his hands, which somehow found their way to Harry's hips, to push the Gryffindor into the wall behind him. Harry gasped when their hips came into contact and Malfoy used the opportunity to stick his tongue into the savior's mouth. Malfoy took his time as he kissed Harry throughly. When he pulled back the Gryffindor was breathless. He didn't give Harry a chance to recover as he moved his lips the boy's throat.

" Cause I couldn't get you off of my mind." Malfoy muttered, between kisses to Harry's pulse points. The Gryffindor only quivered in response. He felt lost in a sea of sensations. Malfoy's hard body was rocking against and his hands were gripping Harry tightly as his mouth worked at leaving little bites across his tan skin. There was a sound in the distance, but Harry couldn't focus on anything accept the boy in front of him.

" How many rumors do you want to prove true, Potter?" Malfoy asked him. Harry was ready to say all of them, but Malfoy pulled away slightly. Harry looked up at him with confusion. Then he heard it. Some one was coming around the corner. Harry groaned in frustration, which caused Malfoy to smirk at him.

" My bag." he muttered to Malfoy.

" I don't think there's enough room for us both." Malfoy said sarcastically, but he reached for it any way. When Harry had a grip on the canvas book bag he quickly ripped it open and pulled out his invisibility cloak. He was grateful Hermione had given it back to him earlier in the night. He draped it across his self and Malfoy. The Slytherin looked at Harry with such a confused look that he almost burst out laughing. He held it in and pulled Malfoy close to him, before he whispered in his ear.

" Don't move."

To his surprise, Malfoy didn't try to pull away, but Harry was sure it had more to do with the fact that several students just became visible, then it had to do with his words. Malfoy waited for the other kids to notice them, but when nothing happened he put two and two together.

" Invisibility cloak. " He whispered, Harry nodded against him, unintentionally rubbing their cheeks together.

In that instant Harry realized he had yet to touch the blonde. A mischievous feeling took over Harry as he carefully moved his hand until it was resting on Malfoy's chest. He heard the boy gasp, but ignored it. He continued moving his hand over the smooth muscles and passed over each bump of his rib. Malfoy's breathing increase as Harry's hand traveled lower. The other students were long gone by now, but neither boy noticed. Malfoy held perfectly still as Harry's hands explored.

Harry moved deliberately, yet slowly enjoying the knowledge that he was making Malfoy weak. A sharp in take of breath came from the blonde's lips as Harry skimmed his abdomen and traced his belly button through his shirt. Then suddenly the hands were underneath his shirt and he could feel the pads of Harry's fingers running up his sides. Malfoy shivered, before his control snapped like a twig under pressure.

His hands flew to Harry's hair, where they tangled and then tensed as he pulled the Gryffindor down for a demanding kiss. Harry was ready for his mouth and kissed him back with a new sense of urgency. His hands, still buried under Malfoy's shirt, came around to his back as he pulled the boy closer. Malfoy pressed Harry into the wall with each roll of his hips. Eventually Harry needed to breath and he pulled away panting heavily.

" ...couldn't stop imagining what this would be like..." Malfoy said before rocking against the Gryffindor again. He moved his face to Harry's neck, where he promptly bite the Gryffindor, earning a loud groan form the raven haired boy. Harry came out of his slight daze to ask what the Slytherin meant, but he didn't have to as the blonde kept mumbling into Harry's ear.

" All those bloody rumors. Driving me crazy. There was this particular one were I shagged you in bathroom. We both stayed late after quidditch practice one day. Talk about cliche. " He stopped to groan as Harry wrapped a leg around the back of his upper thigh and ground into him forcefully.

" Keep going." Harry breathed out, when Malfoy didn't continue right away. The blonde kissed the side of his face before he spoke again.

" You were angry with me for insulting your friend. And we got into a fight. You pushed me into a locker and instead of hitting me you kiss me. I push you back and you run away. But I chase after you. I grab you and slam you into a wall. Where I then proceed to shag you bloody senseless." He finished, unable to go on. The thought of taking Harry nearly chocked him.

" That's a descriptive rumor." Harry mused.

" Well, I may have added to it a bit." Malfoy answered back. He took Harry's lips and then they talked no more. All that came from their mouths were groans and gasps as they tugged, rubbed and bit each other every where they could reach. Without much warning Malfoy's orgasm hit him. Hearing his first name come from Malfoy's lips drove Harry over the edge and he followed the blonde down the road of ecstacy.

" So, what now?" Malfoy said, when he could breath again. He was curious to know, but not really afraid of the answer. Harry's arms were wrapped tightly around him and he showed no signs of loosening his grip. The blonde gave a satisfied sigh, that one might hear from a cat, if cats sighed, as he waited for the reply.

" Well, I have heard some interesting rumors lately that might be worth looking into."

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