Full Summary: Charmed/Harry Potter Crossover. Cole joins the staff of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Set in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and mid-season 5 of Charmed. Cole hears rumours about his lost son. Will he find him in time? And can he find himself along the way? Cole/Phoebe storyline in later chapters.

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Chapter One: A Change is Gonna Come

"Potion," Paige called out and the vial in Cole's hand disappeared in a swirl of orbs and reappeared in her own.

"I do hate long goodbyes," she said, about to throw the potion.

"No!" Phoebe said, grabbing the vial from her red-haired sister.

"Phoebe, are you crazy?! Throw it before he shimmers out," cried out Paige, barely able to contain her surprise.

Phoebe looked at Cole, waiting for a response.

"She's not gonna throw it. Are ya?" said Cole, quietly.

"Throw the potion!" Paige demanded while Phoebe continued to look into the eyes of her ex-husband.

"We've been through so much together," continued Cole, "We... Our love's so strong, nothing can destroy it. Not even this. We're meant to be together."

Phoebe smiled at him; then lifted her arm.

"I don't think so!" Phoebe exclaimed, throwing the vial at his chest.

Everything froze around him. Cole saw the vial just an inch from his body. He turned around to see Alpha and two other Avatars of whom he did not know, but had felt their presence.

"I warned you about this, Cole. You do not know what can happen when you alter your past," Alpha stated simply.

"Now come with us," he continued, "You belong with us now. Leave this world behind while you still can. Remember, Cole, you have the limitless power of the Avatars, now. You are a part of the collective."

"I didn't sign up to your little band of folk heroes to save the world."

"But it's who you are now," Alpha uttered, unsure of how to relate to Cole now.

"Look, I don't want these powers. I have no interest in your cause and it's not what I became an Avatar for. You're all powerful. Take them back," barked Cole, his patience dwindling on its last thread.

"I'm not going to remove your the powers granted to you by the collective," replied Alpha, "It is your path. It is your destiny."

However, the look on Cole's face and the body language he was radiating told Alpha that he was in search of a new path and it was pointless to argue with him.

Reluctantly, Alpha gave in. He merely said, "Fine."

And with the wave of his hand, Cole felt his connection to the collective power of the Avatars leave him. Not a moment later, the three Avatars used their power to reverse the reality and bring everything back to how it used to be.

Cole felt lost and confused back in the world he tried so ardently to escape from. With one last lingering look at the penthouse he had called home for more than a year, he packed a bag and set off in search of 'greater things.'


After hearing Harry rave and rant for five minutes straight, the Weasley twins thought they may as well check it out.

"Hello, Harry," said George after just Apparating into the room, "We thought we heard your dulcet tones."

Meanwhile, downstairs in the dining room of the exceptionally large and ancient house of Black, most of the Order of the Phoenix were convening to discuss the latest developments in the struggle against Lord Voldemort.

Molly sat beside her husband, lost in thoughts of how her twin sons were going to disrupt the meeting this time. She hoped that the Imperturbable Charm that she put on the door would be sufficient to shut them out of this meeting. Her thoughts were interrupted, however, by her sometimes hairy companion.

"We need help, Dumbledore," Lupin said, leaping into his well-prepared argument, "You expect us to do the impossible and you expect us to do it alone. We can't fight demons from the Galeic world. Our wand-waving has proven to be, time and time again, little match for their fire power. We cannot delay this any longer. We need allies. Good witches from the Galeic world."

"Not many will come to the Hekabeic world to fight our fight, Remus," Dumbledore replied, "They have their own battles."

"What about the great Charmed sisters, the power of three, that we have heard so much about," asked Sirius, scoffing at the idea that nobody else had even thought to consider them, "Did they not vanquish the Source of All Evil, the ruler of the Galeic underworld, last year? Surely they will be strong enough to fight with us."

"They have their own demons to fight," stated Mad-Eye, coming to Dumbledore's aid.

"In addition to this, they are awaiting with anticipation, the birth of the Twice-Blessed Child," explained Dumbledore, "And before you ask, I do not think we can use the child, powerful as it may be, to aid our efforts. But I agree with you. Now is the time to make allies with our neighbours from the Galeic world."

"How can you be sure that we can trust them?" asked Severus. Everyone turned to look at him, not only because it was the first time he put any input into this discussion, but also because it was a question nobody had thoroughly considered.

"They have been notoriously unreliable in the past," he continued, "They have a habit of putting themselves before any greater good."

"Okay, we should leave this here before the meeting goes into midnight, yeh?" piped up Sirius, secretly not really wanting the increasingly heated discussion to close, but his stomach said otherwise, "Am I the only person here that's starving?"

"I agree, we have discussed this enough for one evening. Remember the schedule we have set up, keep guard over your posts, and please be careful, especially with the Ministry as it is now," said Dumbledore, getting up to make his way to the exit and signalling that the meeting had drawn to a close.

"Great. Food. 'M starvin'," yawned Mundungus, waking up after dozing throughout the whole meeting.

One by one the members of the illustrious Order of the Phoenix got up from their seats at the table, either to help with dinner or to make their way out the front door of Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place.


Cole was freezing down to his bones, which was saying a lot considering he was all powerful and invincible. Clearly, shimmering to the Himalayas to finally get some space was not the best idea he could've come up with, but with his current mental state and a psychiatric folder marked 'clinically insane,' Cole thought that it was indeed a very good idea.

Bored by his immense power, he began flicking energy balls at the mountains, slowly increasing their voltage each time, until he felt the Earth move beneath him.

"Oh how the mighty have fallen, Cole," said a voice behind him.

Cole turned to see the wise and kind face of the old, white-haired wizard that he had befriended only a few months earlier.

"Dumbledore," he began, "I must say I'm surprised to see you here. May I ask why you thought it necessary to track me down and drag away from the small pleasures I have left in this life?"

"Does your offer still stand?" asked the astute, old man, "Will come to the Hekabeic world to fight alongside us in our time of great need?"

"Have you not heard about my recent adventures?" replied Cole, "I've gone mad."

"Once you followed a path, Cole. The good path, the right path," Dumbledore began, "And yet you turn away from it. You're a good person, Cole, and you don't deserve to be tortured like this."

For the first time in a long time, Cole could not refute this. He was surprised by the vote of confidence, but also glad to hear that someone still believed in him.

"Don't follow this path for Phoebe, Cole," Dumbledore went on to say, "But follow it for you."

Cole hesitated for a moment. For a while now he did not know what he wanted for himself. He only thought of his undying love for Phoebe, knowing full well that it would not save him. Yet he asked himself, was a life dedicated to achieving the greater good alongside his recently attained mentor worth it? He made his decision.

"What would you like me to do?" answered Cole, finally.