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Chapter Twenty-Seven: Closing the Door

"So begins the second war, Cole," Dumbledore said quietly from the doorway into Cole's office. Cole was packing away some of his things.

"Unfortunately," he replied, putting some of his books into a large suitcase, "These holidays I'll be staying at the Manor if you need me."

"I'm going to guess that you'll be coming back next year," Dumbledore asked, looking around at Cole's office taking note of the fact that he was only packing around half of his things.

"I plan to," Cole replied finally looking up at the old wizard, "I know that Phoebe will not like my decision and it'll mean that I'll be away from Jaxon more often than I should, but I need to be here."

"Are you going to bring Julian back or leave him with Phoebe?"

"He's going to come back to Hogwarts with me. I can't ask her to be a single mother to two boys. However, I do plan on visiting at least a couple of times a week. If I can manage once a day, then everyone should be happy. Well, happier." Cole shrugged.

Dumbledore motioned towards the exit.

"Wait, Sir," Cole called out, following him to the exit, "I just really want to thank you for what you've done for me, for everything that you've given me."

"No thanks are necessary, Cole. I was glad to have done it."

"No, really, Sir. You have no idea just how much you've given me. You know, when I was sitting up on that mountain a year ago, I found myself asking, 'Which way now?' I was at a huge crossroads in my life and I don't think that I could've made the right decision without your guidance. Thank you. I owe you so much, more than you can possibly imagine. I want to make you proud. I want to make you think that pulling me off that mountain was one of the best decisions you ever made."

"I already think that," Dumbledore answered, putting his hand on Cole's shoulder and then walking out.


Cole took the Hogwarts express back with Julian to London where he would shimmer back to the Manor. He spent the ride home with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Luna as well as several other Hogwarts students that he had made friends with throughout the year. It was a fun and definitely eventful ride home.

Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle, who had been waiting patiently for Cole to leave for brief period so that they could attack Harry without the presence of a teacher, found a small window of opportunity when Cole needed to use the bathroom. Unfortunately for them, the entire carriage was full of DA members, who took pleasure in using what Harry and Cole had taught them throughout the year. Julian rounded off the attack by sending three low voltage energy balls in their direction, which hit them directly in the chest, knocking them backwards and singing their robes.

Harry, Justin and Ernie then hoisted them into the luggage racks as Cole walked back into the carriage to hear everyone shrieking with laughter over what had happened. He sat down and politely listened to Ron giving him a blow-by-blow account, swearing the Julian had morphed into some beast-like monster and thrown them across the carriage.

Upon disembarking the train, Cole saw Moody, Tonks, Arthur and Lupin and walked in their direction with Julian in one arm and his luggage in the other. He put his luggage down next to Molly and watched Harry walk over to the Dursleys.

"Well, shall we do it, then?" Arthur asked the group that had congregated. Cole knew what he was talking about but he wasn't sure who else was in on the plan.

"Yeah, I reckon so, Arthur," Moody replied, his eye sneakily hidden under a bowler hat.

Cole walked over with the whole group towards the Dursleys.

"Good afternoon," Arthur said politely, being the first one to talk, "You might remember me, my name's Arthur Weasley."

Vernon Dursley did not look pleased at all. He seemed to be offended by the look of all of Harry's welcoming committee, except for Cole, who was still holding Julian. Subtly, Mr Dursley edged towards Cole.

"We thought we'd just have a few words with you about Harry," Arthur continued brightly.

"Yeah," growled Moody, "About how he's treated when he's at your place."

"I am not aware that it is any of your business what goes on in my house-" Mr Dursley replied indignantly, before he was cut off by Tonks.

"Anyway, that's not the point. The point is, if we find out you've been horrible to Harry-"

"-And make no mistake, we'll hear about it," piped up Lupin.

"Yes," began Arthur, "Even if you won't let Harry use the fellytone-"

"Telephone," whispered Hermione.

"-Yeah, if we get any hint that Potter's been mistreated in any way, you'll have us to answer to," Moody finished with.

"Are you threatening me, Sir?" Dursley demanded.

"Yes, I am," Moody replied.

"And do I look like the king of man that can be intimidated?" he barked back with frustration. Cole took it upon himself to answer the man's question.

Still holding a baby, Dursley considered Cole to be the least intimidating of the group, but he was about to prove the man wrong.

"Yes, I would say so," Cole began in a quiet and slow voice, "You may not be afraid of these freaks. That's fine." The group looked offended at Cole's remark, but it was his voice that was apparently having an effect on Mr Dursley. "Be very aware, Dursley, that I am from the normal world. I know all about your culture and I have very effective connections here in London. So I am warning you, if you mistreat Harry in any way, it'll be the six o'clock news crew outside your house with a story about how terrorists paid you to sneak weapons into this country so that they might 

carry out their most heinous plot yet. And don't think that I won't do it, because I don't give a crap about what might happen to you then. You'll soon find out how very abnormal your life could become."

And Cole walked away from them, smiling. The group of witches and wizards were so shocked by the effect that his words had had on Mr Dursley that they also left without saying another word. Mr Dursley simply stood there, hammered down by what Cole said.

After walking a few metres, Cole turned around and smiled and nodded to Harry, who returned the smile when Julian waved to him.


Cole had only just arrived back at the Manor and was putting some of his things away in Phoebe's room when he was summoned by the Elders.

He appeared in the heavens in a swirl of white light.

"What now?" he asked, then noticing that nobody was around.

"It wasn't the Elders," said a familiar voice from behind him.

Cole turned around to see Sirius Black.

"I thought you were dead," he said, running to embrace his good friend.

"I am. But because of your good affiliations with the Elders, they let me see you."

"You're a whitelighter now?" Cole asked, slightly sceptical.

"Hey, I did good, and lots of it."

Cole laughed, agreeing with his friend.

"You know, you can't tell Harry this," Sirius continued, "Not just because it's against the rules, but also because my death will give him the strength, courage and will to fight on."

Cole nodded, understanding what was being said. "Will I see you again?"

"Probably," Sirius replied smiling, "I'll be around especially for the Hekabeic world. I think I may be needed to guide and protect good witches and wizards there as this battle against Voldemort rages on. I may even be given Harry as a charge, as soon as he's ready to accept me back as only his whitelighter."

"Well, that'll be a good idea. But I agree, not yet."

Sirius gave Cole a long look and then spoke. "You should go now. I promised them that I wouldn't talk for too long. I will definitely see around, no matter what they say." He jerked his head in the direction of where some cloaked Elders were.

Cole smiled. "Good for you, fight the power. So, I guess it's goodbye for now."

Sirius nodded and hugged the man again before he shimmered out. He looked around to see an empty heaven.

"This war will drag everybody together whether they like it or not."