12 years after the nine tail demon wolf attacked.

"What brings you to the Inuzuka clan house Hokage?" asked a woman that was in her late forties with two red marks, one on each cheek of her face.

The hokage is kneeling down and begging her. "will you please take in someone I asking you because your only clan that can handle him"

"what do you mean Hokage-same?" a young woman around age of 20 with two red marks one on each cheek like her mother and had long nice legs with a nice beast size asked the hokage.

"he been living with his pack from the day he was born and that is why he doesn't know what being a human means, he only know how to be a wolf" as the hokage said that both of the women was shocked that a human was rise by wolves and also that he doesn't have any idea what being a human means.

"we will try to help him learn to be a human" the older woman said back to the hokage.

'thank you but one thing you need to know he is really scared because this is the first time he has ever been apart of his pack and he thinks humans are evil." hokage said before he call Naruto over. As Naruto came to them both of the women seen a young blonde kid with blue wolf eyes and two sliver fur around ears also their notices that he is in rags but the 2nd thing their notices was a long soft fur sliver tail.

"Naruto miss Inuzuka Tsume and Hana Inuzuka will being taking you in" hokage said to the little boy that was still scared.

The young women who was thinking that Naruto was a cutie with his wolf ears and tails said "don't be scared we have dogs here that you can play with their from the wolves family" as Naruto hear that he started to smile. Hana smiled and called her three companions over and as their get there Naruto rushed over to them and starting hugging them which made the three dogs really wired out I don't know their real names so I given them made up names

"Hana why is this boy that has wolf ears and tail hugging us?" Raven asked her master.

"I hugging you because I don't like humans and I miss my wolf pack" Naruto said as he hugged Raven again. As he did that he made not only dogs shocked that he can understand them but he also made both of the women and the hokage shocked.

As he seen that Naruto started to worry and get scared so he turned into a full sliver wolf form and hide under the table scared.

"I think we made him scared but I want know how did he turn into a cute wolf" Hana said out loud which everyone heard then her mother and hokage both laugh a little and Naruto blushed a little

"he has the nine tail demon wolf inside of him and that is other reason why he been living with wolves because everyone kick him out of the village" the hokage said and starts to leave. Hana walks over to Naruto and starts rubbing his belly which is making Naruto blush a lot more.

Naruto asks Hana in her ear "why am I feeling hot on my face and what is this feeling?" as he said that Hana face turned a little bit of a shard of red

"well it means you like someone a lot normal a human would do that because he really likes someone and wants to be with them" as she told him both of them blushed and Naruto heard Hana mother said "bath time" that made Naruto run out of the house and Hana started to fallow after him yelling "get back here Naruto!!"

He runs all over the village to he finally get to the shinobi school and sees a boy with the same marks as Hana then as the boy hears his sister yell "stop him Kiba" the boy jumps and pins Naruto down. Naruto turns back into a human and kicks the boy off him and starts to run again but is stop by two arms going around him and meeting at his chest when he look to see who it was but he was shock that as he turned around he found out that the arms belong to a cutie woman named Hana.

As she has her arms around him for the first time since he left the pack he was feeling safe for once in this village but he never want to lose this feeling also he then he looks into her eyes and moves his tail around her lower back but when he did that he made Hana blush and put her head on his which made a boy with brown hair really pissed off and his teammate Shino had to hold him back from killing poor Naruto..

"Hana I feel safe when I'm this close to you" as he said that Hana blushed a lot more but that just piss off a enraged little brother which now both of his teammates and sensei had to hold him back.

He move his head to her neck and asked "what is this feel I have for you? I really want to know" when he said that she smiled and told him that it was love. Then their start to walk back to the clan house together.

"wait a second I most be seeing things or did that boy have sliver wolf ears and a wolf tail?" Shino asked his teammates and sensei. Their nodded.

At the clan house

Hana is washing a nude Naruto in the bathtub which she start to like doing because she thinks that herself is starting to have feels for little wolf Naruto.

"why are you not taking one and I have to that not fair Hana-Chan!!" Naruto start to yell loud at her and pouted. She smiled at him then look around.

"ok ok I will if you promise not to tell anyone understand little Naruto-kun?" she said to Naruto then he nodded to her so he was showing her that he agreed. She slowly start to undress and Naruto was beet red when he sees her only in bra and panties and when she was full nude he sees that she has big boobs that are around a d or doubt d and when he look lower he starts to have a nosebleed. She giggle at the site and wipe his blood away after wiping away his blood at his nose she hopped into the bathtub with him and asked him to wash her like she did for him then he nodded to her again. He start to wash her back but when he tried to wash her front he then the stopped as he stop she took over and moved his hands on her boobs to wash them and then moves all the way down to her lower part and when Naruto felt that he passed out and that made Hana giggle a lot more.

Naruto wake up little bit later when Hana mother yelled "dinner time and we have guests over for dinner" Naruto realize that he was in new cloth and wonder what happened to him but when he starts thinking about it he remembers what happened in the bath and he turn as red as a cherry. He starts to walk down to the dinner room and as he get their Hana said "have nice sleep and dream" she wink at him and then Kiba was pissed and was about rip Naruto head off. He sits at one of the chair that is beside Hana but when he sat down she starts playing with his ears right away. Now Kiba is a little bit enraged when he see what his sister is doing to Naruto.

"Hana how do you used these tools to eat?" he asked her for help. Kiba started to laugh like no tomorrow.

"what you don't know how to eat?" Kiba said as he was laughing at him.

"no I don't know any human things I live with wolfs for last 12 years" he said looking down.

"then why don't you go back to them?" Kiba yell at him as he was still laughing.

Naruto looks down more and starts to cry because he thinks why he cant go back. Hana sees him starting to cry and starts to get really piss off at her little brother who she wants to hurt a lot right now for making her Naruto sad and crying as she starts to stop him from crying as she starts to rub his head. Which made Kiba ever more pissed and anger at Naruto and his sister. "I wish I could" as he said that he turns into a wolf and walks to the exit of the house.

"why cant your wolf boy is it because their kick you out" Kiba said with a anger voice.

As Naruto look back at Kiba he yelled "I CANT BECAUSE THEIR ARE ALL DEAD BECAUSE HUMANS COME AND KILLED EVERYONE I CARE ABOUT!!" as Naruto yelled at Kiba he run out the door into the rain that was coming down hard. As Kiba hear that he was shocked and he know that he should of never have done that to Naruto.

"I going after my wolfy" after she said that she realize what she had said and blushed a deep red but then started to run after him again. Her mother mouth was now drop down and asked everyone "did she said what I think she said" and everyone nodded at her

Naruto is sitting on a swing and is lost in his own thought.

"I guess all humans are evil and mean dammit why most people be so evil! Wait not all humans are evil and mean Hana mother took me in and letting me live with her and Hana she really kind to me and I think I starting to feel what that human feeling was called love. I hope she stays kind to me also stays with him " Naruto stop thinking to himself when he heard footsteps behind him then when he looked at who was making them he could not really believe that she really come for him but as he trying get up he was push down on the swing and pulled into a strong hug which has head was now in middle of Hana big boobs.

"never leave again Naruto I was worried about you" she yelled at him as she was holding him closer. As she was holding him close to her he rise his head up and kiss her lightly on the lips. This in turn made Hana go into shock for a second then kissed him back and their started kissing each other in the rain.

"Hana I think I do love you" as he said that he kissed her again on the lips.

"I love you to my wolfy" he reply to him as she kiss him on the neck.

"but wolfy lets kept this to ourselves ok? Just for the time being that is" as she asked Naruto he nodded and put his arms around her like she did to him and hugged her hard and close. She laid there in his arms.

"I think we should get going home now Naru" she said as she kissed his neck" he pick her up in bride way and gone back home,

As he get to the door he let her down and opened it. Hana start pulling him to her room and opened the door. "we should get are wet clothes off before we catch a cold" he nodded then both of them took off their clothes. She moved Naruto over to her bed and helped him get under the sheets. Naruto looks at her nude form which he can't look away because how beautiful she looks to him. She lays down under sheets with him then kisses him on the neck and whispers into his ear "I will be yours forever Naru-kun" as she said that she started to go to sleep.


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