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Naruto is the same age as the rookie nine. You will find out a lot more of his past in the next chapter for the ones wanting to know more of his past. He's just now ready to talk about it because seeing them die right in front of you does that.

Naruto can feel himself being forced to wake up but once he opens his eyes he sees Hana with a smile on her face. That smile makes him forget about being forced up and just smiles back at her but he notices that she's pulling him out of the bed.

"We need keep teaching you how to be a shinobi and human because all the genin just got their teams yesterday and you'll fall behind. We need to teach you a lot and fast but today we will teach you how to fight hand to hand." He just stares at her but she just smirks at him before giving him a kiss.

She goes to her dresser before looking over at him then taking a black thong and bra out of her dresser draws. She slowly puts them on and takes out a pair of shorts and black shirt. Once she gets done putting them on herself she then starts walking over to Naruto and the few bags of his clothes.

Once she find the right clothes for him to wear today he gets him changed and the two of them head to the kitchen. Tsume is already there sitting with a cup of coffee making her daughter just shake her head.

"What are you going to teach the little gaki today?" Hana heads over to start making breakfast for the three of them. Tsume eyes go to her daughter because she's glad that one of the family members here can cook because she knows her cooking can kill someone.

"I'm going to teach him hand to hand then take him to my office to see if he can learn how to help me take care of hurt animals." Naruto stares at her at the last part causing a giggle to leave her soft lips.

"My main job is treating hurt animals that I find or people bring to me." She keeps making food but Naruto just keeps looking at her. Tsume just pokes him on the head forcing him to look at the older woman.

"First he needs to tell us about his family?" Naruto just looks at the older Inuzuka and he closes his eyes because he hasn't really thought about them since the day they had been killed in front of him.

"Before they got killed in front of me they were the best family I could ever ask for, they trained me and gave me food. They were always kind to me but also they were my family and I truly do miss them so much." A few tears come down his face but Tsume wipes them away and her face shows sadness from hearing this from him.

"They told me how to control the power they said was inside me." Tsume looks at him because she knows what's inside of him and if he can truly control that then he may just have good hope to being a shinobi.

"What can you do with this power?" Hana ears now pick up but keep forcing on making food she doesn't want to burn it. She does try her best to listen to what the two of them are saying because she does want her Naruto to be a strong shinobi.

"I can turn into a wolf the size of a horse and use this red dark looking thing almost like the blue chakra that Hana-hime showed me." Tsume smirk because this can't believe that Naruto just turned the tables and now has a great chance of being a shinobi of this village.

"Maybe you should show us how you do that once Hana and I train you after we eat?" He nods his head to her happily because he's glad he at least found some humans that aren't evil to him like the ones before.

"Sure I'll show you two then." He smiled to them but once the food done she gives it to the two of them and three sit down to eat. Naruto eats but keeps eating fast because he loves the taste of her cooking so much.

"The food isn't going run off your plate so slow down Naruto-kun." Tsume tried to help him slow down but nothing worked as he gets done faster than anyone there. He looks at her and turns back to Hana.

"Sorry can't help it because it's taste so good." Hana smiles but once she's done she takes the plates to the sink then takes his hand. She leads him to the training grounds in the back but Tsume just stands and watches.

She truly is a happy mother that her daughter has finally fallen for someone even if he's younger than her. She walks to the training ground to see that the two of them are already training in hand to hand combat.

The two of them keep training for a few hours doing basic hand to hand combat but Naruto learned a lot in at fast rate causing Hana to smile proudly at him. She has never seen anyone learn this fast before and neither has Tsume for that matter.

"Can you show us the thing you learned from your wolf family?" Naruto turns into a horse sized wolf but after red chakra goes around him causing both to be shocked and a little scared of the aura the chakra is giving off.

Naruto see this and goes back to his human form but his eyes look at them trying to figure out why they look scared. "Why are you scared? Did I do something wrong Hana-hime?" Hana snaps out of it and shakes her head no.

"We're just surprised, you did nothing wrong Naruto-kun nothing at all." She gives him a kiss showing that everything is fine. Her eyes go to her mother who just shrugs her shoulders and walks over to them.

"Now how about we train you in molding chakra ok?" He nods his head to her and they begin to do that at first he had a lot of trouble trying. After the first hour he could form a little bit of chakra but he didn't stop or give up.

After two hours he's slowly getting it down but Hana drags him out of the training ground telling him he needs a shower and to stop overdoing it like this. He looks at her but she just shakes her head and goes with him he didn't see the smirk on her lips.

Both of them get inside the bathroom and take their clothes off but Naruto kisses her deeply making her blush and lock the door as they kiss. She slowly moves her hands down his chest having a harder and harder time to keep control of what she's doing as they kiss.

She can feel herself slowly get wet but Naruto kisses her neck making her moan but she just starts the shower and moves them in. "Naru-kun I love you and I need you, I know you don't know how to do this so I'll show you. Even if I have never done it I know some of things from that damn perverted book Anko-chan reads."

She moves his hands to her breasts like before causing him to grab them hard making her let out a howl of pleasure. He moves his lips to her nipple and sucks while rubbing them with the hot water hitting her back only adding to the pleasure she's feeling right now.

She moves one of his hands to her womanhood that's getting wetter before looking at him. "Rub there too and move your finger inside please Naru-kun." Her tone of voice was almost pleading causing him to do what he's told.

Once she feels his finger go inside her moans grow louder with her head now against his neck hard. He begins to suck harder while he fingers her but his other hand goes to rub her clit at the same time he's fingering her.

"More now please go and give me more and harder!"He cried out while Naruto does what he's asked to by going harder but she moves him hard down on his knees then moves his head to her pussy. "Suck me!"

Naruto moves his tongue against her pussy to find it tastes good but he doesn't have a chance to lick again as Hana shove his face into her pussy making him suck her harder.

"That's it Naruto-kun keep doing it, harder!"

Naruto begins to thrust inside her pussy with his tongue making her howl even more in pleasure. She begins to play with her breasts and lick her nipple while her womanhood is being eaten out by her lover resulting in her voice growing louder by each second.

Right now she doesn't care if her family or the whole village could hear her because she wanted this and needed this from him. She wanted this from him and only him because he's the one that's stolen her heart.

She can feel her first orgasm causing her fluids to splash on to his face as he licks it off and then feel himself being moved to his feet. "It's time for me to return the favor Naru-kun." Her voice filled with lust now as she gets on her knees with water still hitting her back.

Naruto looked at her not understanding what she meant till her mouth begins licking his member from tip to base causing him to moan. She uses her hand to play with his balls and other one to stroke him, slowly at first but picking up the pace as she goes along. She starts to move his member inside her mouth and slowly go down deeper and deeper.

Naruto couldn't believe he could feel this good by her mouth but he just looks at her with his hands on her head pushing her down more. She looks up at him while she sucks and plays with his balls.

He finally couldn't stand it anymore and blows his seed inside her mouth which at first has trouble drinking it but when she finally gets done she moves to her feet and turns around. She moves her hands against the wall for support and look back at him with begging eyes.

She moves against his member and takes it inside one of her hands stroking it causing it to become hard again. Once it's hard she moves the tip of it against her womanhood look back at him with pleading eyes still. "Put it in me please Naru-kun." Her voice showed just how much she needed it.

Naruto begins to thrust inside her breaking her barrier causing a howl of pain to leave her lips making Naruto stop, worried he had hurt her. She looks back with a weak smile trying to show him it's ok.

"It's Naruto-kun it hurts for any woman when it's their first time so please start moving more." He does what she asked causing a mix of pain and pleasure to move up her body but she slowly moves back against him.

He moves his hands to her breasts kneading them with his hands while he thrusts deeper inside her resulting in more moans leaving her mouth and louder with each thrust he makes. She can feel herself slowly getting to her limit as she thrusts back against him just as hard as he thrusting inside her.

"Naru-kun I can't keep holding it in anymore!" She has her 2nd orgasm as her fluids go onto his member he blows his load inside her. The two of them pant heavily but look at each then with their lips slowly getting closer to finally kissing with Hana tongue going inside his mouth.

"I love you Naru-kun I truly do." She bites his neck leaving her clan mark on it but he does the same causing both to just look at each other smiling. Once the two of them get out of the shower and each puts a towel around their bodies they start to walk out of the room.

When the two of them finally get out of the bathroom they see Tsume walking over to them and she isn't happy by the look on her face "You my daughter are way too loud when having sex do you know that?" Once she says that she smirks to Hana.

"What! You heard all that?" she blushes to the point that a tomato would be jealous at the shade of red that she has.

"You truly take right after your kaa-san all right Hana-chan." Hana just pulls Naruto towards her room to get away from her mother and this kind of talk that she didn't want to ever hear from her own mother's lips.

Once they get inside she looks at him before kissing his lips. How are you feeling Naruto-kun?" Naruto looks at her and smiles making her return the smile.

"How about we get changed and go out to eat something before dinner time? Does that sound good to you Naru-kun?" He nods his head and goes over to where his clothes are at but he looks at them.

Once he gets done he turns around to see that Hana is still naked and staring at him with a black thong in her right hand and smirk on her face. "You going to watch me change is that it?" He goes and sits down on the bed but stares at her naked body earning him an even bigger perverted smirk from her.

She turns around showing off her great ass to him and she then shakes it before starting to put on her black thong slowly making him stare even harder. She looks back to see him focused solely on her ass causing her to just giggle then walk over to him by the bed.

She sits on his lap and gives him a kiss filled with love and passion for him and only him. He returns the kiss with even more love and passion but moves a hand to her bare chest. She just lets out a small moan but her eyes focus on his eyes.

"Forget about the going out part I'm too damn sore from our fun time." She pushes him down on the bed and lies on top of him.

"I love you Naruto-kun and never forget that ok?" Naruto looks at his lover's eyes but he kisses her neck where a bite mark is showing off.

"I love you to and I'll never forget that you love me and that's a promise of a lifetime." She smiles up at him and her eyes only stare at his two blue eyes still.

"That means the world to me to hear you say that to me like that." She nuzzles her head against his neck then closing her eyes.

She lets sleep take her fast but Naruto looks at her peaceful face before following her into dream world.

The two of them wake up when Tsume tells them its dinner time and she needs to cook it for them. Hana puts on a long over sized shirt that goes to her knees.

Naruto gets to his feet and kisses his lover's lips again. She takes his hand and leads him out of the room to the kitchen.

Once she gets him there they see that team eight is sitting there at the table. "Hello Kurenai-chan how come you're here?"

Kurenai looks at her with a smile on her face when she sees what Hana is wearing right now. "I guess Kiba was right about you being loud earlier today." Hana blushes speechless before quickly moving to the stove to make dinner for everyone.

She didn't know what to say back to her about this. She just hopes that Anko didn't find out yet. She knows what Anko will do once she does find out about what she had done with Naruto and it is hell for her.

Naruto sits down beside Kurenai with his eyes on Hana while she beginning to cook dinner for everyone he sees a hand being waved in from of his eyes.

"Anyone home in there or is Naru-kun not home or are you staring at something perverted." Once he hears the last part he blushes and looks south at her ass.

"You care a lot about her don't you?" Naruto looks at her then back at Hana with a big smile on his face.

"I love her and care about her deeply at that but also I never want to see her ever get hurt no matter what." Kurenai smiles at him and stares too but he doesn't even notice that she's staring at him like that.

Once dinner was done they all sit down and begin to eat. "You know I truly never do get tired of having your cooking Hana-chan." Kurenai stated to her before taking another bite of her food.

"Thank you for liking it that much." She smiles but her eyes never leave Naruto at all. She just can't stop staring at him no matter what she tries to do.

Throughout the dinner the two love birds stared at each other from time to time. Both of the other women just smiled at the scene in front of them playing out because to them it just was too cute.

Once dinner is done and over with the two of them head to the bedroom but Tsume stops them. "You need to go see the Hokage tomorrow about your powers."

"Alright I'll take him tomorrow don't worry so much." They get inside and head for the bed to lie down together.

They look into each other eyes before letting sleep once again take them and their hands are lined together with her on top of him again like before.