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Chapter 10 - Final Chapter

Everyone woke up slowly the next morning. The day before had made people really tired and they didn't notice the sun shining through the window at first. Zeke was the first wildcat to wake up.

"Someone turn the lights off" he mumbled.

"Do it yourself Zeke" Chad grumbled. Zeke groaned before he sat up straighter. He looked up and noticed that it wasn't the lights that were on.

"Guys, wake up!" Zeke yelled to everyone.

"We want to sleep Zeke, not wake up" Troy mumbled.

"But the sun is shining through" Zeke exclaimed. Chad was the first person to open his eyes.

"So does that mean the storm is over?" he asked while everyone slowly started to wake up.

"I don't know" Zeke said as he walked over to the window.

"How are you guys?" Jack Bolton asked as he walked over to the group.

"Tired" Taylor and Gabriella answered.

"What's going on dad?" Troy asked.

"It seems that the storm has passed and we're trying to see if it's okay to send the students home" Jack answered.

"Does that mean I can see my mom soon?" Gabriella asked. Jack laughed.

"Should be very soon" he said before he walked away. Gabriella sighed in relief. Troy wrapped his arms around her.

"She would be proud of you" he whispered in her ear. Gabriella turned to look at him.

"How so?"

"You would not give up, even with a busted leg. You just kept on pushing through so that you could see her"

"Thank you" Gabriella mumbled quietly while she blushed.

"Come one guys, let's go and get some breakfast" Taylor said. The gang nodded and walked over to where the teachers had laid out a bit of food for the students.

"I told you I'm fine" Troy told the paramedic as he was being examined.

"I know, but it's better to check everything before we let you go" the paramedic said. Troy smiled to himself as he heard all his friends saying the same thing. He frowned when he didn't hear Gabriella's voice. Troy looked over at Chad.

"Hey Chad, have you seen Gabriella?" Chad looked around.

"I think she's over there, getting her leg looked at" Chad said as he pointed to another ambulance. Troy looked over and saw Gabriella sitting there with a solemn look on her face. He looked up at the paramedic.

"Can I go now?" he asked.

"Sure. Just be careful of that cut on your head. If you start feeling dizzy, come straight to the hospital alright" the paramedic advised. Troy nodded and jumped off the truck. He slowly walked over to Gabriella.

"Brie?" he asked when he was near enough. Gabriella looked up at Troy and quickly wiped her eyes.

"Hey Troy" she said through a shaky voice.

"What's wrong?" Troy asked as he sat down beside her. Gabriella sighed.

"Mom's been taken into hospital" she whispered. Troy quickly wrapped her in a hug.

"She's strong" was all he said.

"Troy, Gabriella" Jack called out.

"Over here Dad" Troy said when he saw his dad looking for them.

"What's wrong?" Gabriella asked. Jack shook his head.

"Nothing's wrong. I was wondering if you would like to go and see your mom now?" he asked. Gabriella nodded her head as a smile made its way onto her face. Jack smiled and handed his keys to Troy.

"Be careful driving around here" he said before he walked over to the other teachers. Troy looked down at Gabriella.

"Ready to go?" he asked. Gabriella looked up and nodded. Troy stood up and took Gabriella's hand as he led her over to his dad's car.

"Where are you guys going?" Taylor asked. Troy and Gabriella turned around to see the rest of the gang looking at them.

"We're going to see my mom" Gabriella explained. Taylor nodded and smiled.

"Would you like us to come with you?" Sharpay asked. Gabriella nodded and smiled.

"I'm sure she would love to see all you"

"We'll meet you guys there" Chad said. Troy nodded and steered Gabriella towards the car. Gabriella opened the passenger door and stepped in. Troy quickly went round to the driver's side and hopped in.

"Do you think she'll be okay?" Gabriella asked quietly. Troy quickly looked over at her before looking back at the road.

"Your mother is just as strong as you are. I'm sure she'll be fine" Troy told her. Gabriella nodded her head and looked out the window as they drove to the hospital.

20 minutes later, Troy and Gabriella arrived at the hospital. Gabriella stepped out of the car and stared up at the hospital.

"I can't do this" Gabriella whispered to herself.

"What was that?" Troy asked, now coming to stand next to her.

"I can't do this Troy. I can't go in there and see her like that" Gabriella said.

"Hey, you can't bow out now" Troy said.

"Why not Troy? I'm not strong enough to go in and see her lying helpless there like that" Gabriella said as she started to walk away. Troy reached out and grabbed her hand, causing Gabriella to stop and look up at him.

"You don't have to be strong on your own. We will all be there with you, you know that" Troy explained. He watched as Gabriella seemed to be debating with herself about the issue. She sighed in defeat and slowly nodded her head at Troy. Troy grinned before he pulled her in for a hug and kissed her forehead.

"Let's go" he said as he pulled Gabriella into the hospital waiting room.

Gabriella walked into the hospital and wrapped her arms around herself as she saw the amount of people in the waiting room. She knew that most people would be here after the storm but she still felt relatively uneasy. Troy seemed to sense her discomfort as he walked ahead up to the receptionist desk.

"What can I help you with?" an elderly lady asked them.

"We're looking for a Mrs Montez" Troy said as he wrapped his arm around Gabriella's shoulders.

"What is your relation with her?" Trudy, the receptionist asked.

"I'm her daughter" Gabriella said. The Trudy smiled and started to enter some details into the computer.

"That was some storm we had, wasn't it?" Trudy said. Troy and Gabriella nodded. "Those poor kids who were stuck at the school during it"

"Yea, poor them" Troy mumbled.

"Okay, here it is. Mrs Montez is in room 305 on the third level" Trudy told them.

"Thank you" Troy said as he and Gabriella walked towards the elevator.

"You should probably tell the guys what room we're in" Gabriella said to Troy as the elevator door closed. Troy nodded and took out his phone.

"We're in room 305 on the third level" Troy text Chad.

"Cool. Should be there in about 10 minutes" was Chad's reply

"They'll be here in about ten minutes." Gabriella nodded and took a deep breath as the elevator doors opened.

"You can do this" Gabriella told herself.

"We're not leaving you Brie" Troy told her as they walked down the hallway. They came to a stop in front of a door with the numbers 305 on it.

"You ready?" Gabriella nodded and opened the door.

Gabriella walked into the room but stopped short when she saw her mom lying there with different machines hooked up to her.

"Gabby?" Maria asked quietly when she saw her daughter standing in the doorway of the room with Troy standing not too far behind her. Gabriella quickly rushed to her mothers' side.

"Mami" Gabriella whispered as they both hugged. They released each other and Marie acknowledged Troy.

"Troy" she said with a slight nod of her head. Troy smiled, walked over and kissed her cheek.

"How are you feeling Mrs Montez?" Troy asked as he sat down on one of the chairs in the room.

"I've been better" Maria said as she looked over at Gabriella. Gabriella gave her mum a weak smile.

"Do you know what's going to happen?" Gabriella asked. Maria sighed.

"I don't know. There's the option to go through with surgery but the chances of me fully recovering are pretty slim." She explained to Troy and Gabriella. (A/N: I'm kinda making up all this medical stuff as I go along. I don't know what really happens when people have brain tumours)

"So what are you going to do?" Gabriella asked, dreading the answer that might come.

"I think I'm just going to let this run its course" Maria said, looking at Gabriella expectantly. Gabriella's eyes went wide.

"You can't do that!" Gabriella exclaimed as she stood up. "Please, can't you try something else? There has to be another way for you to get better? Please? Gabriella pleaded, her voice going softer at the end as the tears started to come. Troy quickly walked over to Gabriella and engulfed her in a hug. The three of them didn't notice the rest of the gang in the doorway, watching the whole scene.

"I'm sorry Gabby, but I think this is the right decision" Maria said.

"But you shouldn't have to worry about all this for a while yet, right?" Gabriella asked. Maria sighed.

"I'm sorry sweetie. The doctors say that they are surprised that I have made it this far. They give it around a month at most" At this Gabriella lets the tears take over. She moved away from Troy and hugged her mom tightly.

"This was going to happen eventually Gabby" Maria whispered to her while she looked up at Troy. She noticed the other wildcats standing in the doorway and beckoned them in.

"How much of that did you hear?" Troy whispered to Taylor as they watched Gabriella cling to her mom. Taylor sighed.

"All of it"

"Poor Gabby" Sharpay said. Gabriella released her mom and looked up to see the rest of the gang there.

"Hi guys" she whispered as she walked over to them. "I'm just going to get some air" she said as she brushed past them. The gang watched helplessly as Gabriella quickly walked through the door.

"I'll go talk to her" Chad said as he followed Gabriella. Maria sighed.

"I hate seeing her like this"

"How much longer do you think you have?" Sharpay asked. She knew that Maria had said a month before but she wasn't so sure if it was true.

"The doctors will be surprised if I make it through the night" Maria said. The girls gasped.

"You need to tell Gabby" Ryan said.

"I know but I can't"

"Why not?" Sharpay asked.

"I can't bear to break her heart again. I've let her down so many times before and I don't want to have to do it again" Maria explained.

"You never let me down" Gabriella's voice said from the doorway.

Gabriella quickly walked out of the room and stopped in the middle of the hallway. She walked over to the opposite wall and sank down, put her head on her knees and quietly sobbed. Gabriella didn't hear the door open but she did feel a presence next to her. She stiffened when she felt a hand on her back, knowing it wasn't Troy's.

"Hang in there Gabs" Chad said.

"I don't know how to Chad" Gabriella said as she lifted her head to look at Chad.

"She's always going to be with you, you know that" Gabriella nodded and smiled.

"Yea, I know that"

"Then you should let her know that" Chad said as he stood up and extended his hand to her. Gabriella took his hand and stood up. She gave Chad a hug before they walked back into the room. Gabriella stopped when she heard her mom talking.

"The doctors will be surprised if I make it through the night" Maria said. Gabriella heard the girls gasp.

"You need to tell Gabby" Ryan said.

"I know but I can't"

"Why not?" Sharpay asked.

"I can't bear to break her heart again. I've let her down so many times before and I don't want to have to do it again" Maria explained.

"You never let me down" Gabriella said as she pushed her way into the room. "I couldn't be more proud of you"

"I love you so much Gabby" Maria said. Gabriella crossed the room and hugged her mom again.

"I love you too" she whispered. Maria and Gabriella broke away from the hug to see the rest of the gang standing there, not knowing what to do.

"Group Hug!" Maria suddenly said as she opened her arms wide. The wildcats laughed as the all moved forward and hugged each other. And that's what everyone did for the rest of the night. Telling stories and laughing with each other while Maria sat back and listened. While Sharpay was braiding Gabriella's hair while they listened to Ryan tell another story, Maria turned to Troy.

"Troy?" she asked quietly. Troy turned to her.


"Can you do something for me?"

"Anything" Troy said as he turned around to face her.

"I want you to look after my Gabriella for me" Maria said while she looked over at Gabriella who was laughing at something Chad said.

"I think I can do that" Troy said.

"Thank you" Maria whispered as she rested back against the pillows.

It was a little past midnight when everyone started to notice that something wrong with Maria. Her breathing was becoming slower.

"Mami?" Gabriella asked slowly.

"I love you Gabby" Maria whispered as she closed her eyes. A long beeping sound could be heard throughout the room. The gang all watched as Gabriella smiled sadly and kissed her mother on her forehead.

"I love you too Mami" Gabriella whispered before she let some tears fall. Troy was immediately by her side.

"She's not in pain anymore Gabby" Zeke said. Gabriella pulled away from Troy.

"I know that now" she whispered.

"Let's get out of here" Taylor said. The gang nodded and they all left the hospital.

24 year old Gabriella Montez, soon to be Bolton stood in front of her mother's grave stone. Troy stood right beside her.

"Hi Mami" Gabriella said as she placed a Tulip in front of the grave, her mother's favourite flower. "Troy and I just wanted to come and see you. Everything is moving so fast. I can't believe that Troy and I are getting married tomorrow. I remember you always used to tell me that you could see Troy and I getting married" Gabriella said, earning a laugh from Troy.

"She really said that?" he asked. Gabriella nodded and blushed. "She was telling me that before we even started dating" Gabriella said. She stopped suddenly when she realized that she had never actually told her mother that she and Troy were dating.

"I think she already knew" Troy whispered to her. Gabriella looked up at him.

"Can you read minds?" she asked. Troy chuckled.

"I wish but no. I could see on your face what you were thinking about" Troy explained as he stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Gabriella leaned back into the embrace.

"I love you soo much Mami. I miss you. I wish you could be here with me tomorrow" Gabriella whispered.

"She will be, right here" Troy said as he took Gabriella's hand and placed it on her heart. Gabriella turned around so that she was facing Troy.

"What would I do without you?" she asked as she slipped her arms around his neck.

"You would completely cease to function" Troy said with a large grin. Gabriella laughed. "That's what would happen to me if I didn't have you" Troy said in a more serious tone.

"I love you" Gabriella whispered.

"I love you too Brie, so much" Troy said as he pressed his lips to hers in a sweet kiss.

"Your mom would be so proud of you" Troy told Gabriella when they broke apart.

"I know that now. I've done everything we both wanted and I couldn't be happier because she was with me through them all" Gabriella said as she looked back at the grave stone. "And she's still going to be with me on the biggest adventure of my life"

"Our life" Troy corrected her. Gabriella smiled.

"Our life" She said as she laced their fingers together.

"Let's go home" Troy said. Gabriella nodded and together they made their way out of the cemetery, ready to face anything in their way.

The End

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