Half-Blood Princess Chapter 1

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"Come on girl lets go. We aren't getting any younger." Sam said as Hermione was putting her phone, wallet, iPod and makeup in her handbag.

The three girls, Sam, Kayla and Hermione, were getting ready to go out for the day. They were going to the beach and then going shopping.

"Ok, I'm done. Let's go." Hermione said.

The three girls walked downstairs, called out a quick goodbye to Hermione's mum Amy and hopped into Hermione's red Honda Accord Convertible. Hermione put on her sunglasses before reversing out of her driveway.

As soon as they were out of Hermione's street, the girls turned on a cd they had made and began playing it as loud as they could. Over the music Hermione said "Why don't we go shopping first?"

When the girls nodded, Hermione turned left and headed towards the mall.

Hermione parked the car, put the roof up and the girls walked inside.

After about 30 minutes of walking around, Hermione heard the loud bark like laughter of one of her best friends. She turned and saw her best friends Caleb Black, Harry Potter, Nick Lupin and Draco Malfoy. Also with them were their parents Sirius and Ashleigh Black, Remus and Dana Lupin and James and Lily Potter. Draco had run away from home a year before and was now living with Harry.

Hermione walked slowly up behind Caleb. She put her arms out, jolted him in the ribs and said "BOO!"

Hermione doubled over in laughter when Caleb jumped at least a foot in the air.

"Sorry, couldn't resist. How are you?" Hermione said as Caleb calmed down and hugged her. Harry, Draco and Nick also hugged her before she remembered her friends. Hermione indicated for Sam and Kayla to come over.

"Guys, these are my friends Kayla and Sam. Sam, Kayla this is Draco, Harry, Nick, Caleb, Sirius, Ashleigh, Dana, Remus, Lily and James." Hermione said as her friends all shook hands.

"We are fine. What about you Mione?" Caleb asked.

"Good. What are you guys doing today?" Hermione said.

"Not much. Shopping for a little bit and then going to visit Dumbledore at Hog—huh!" Sirius started but ended abruptly when Ash elbowed him in the stomach.

Hermione started to laugh before she said "Ash, its fine. Sam and Kayla go to Salem. So don't worry."

Sirius stuck out his tongue childishly at his wife before saying "What are your plans Hermione?"

"You know. Go shopping then go to the beach. If you guys wanted, you can come" Hermione offered.

The boys looked at one another before turning to their parents. At their nods the boys turned back and Harry said "Sure. We'll meet you at the beach. We have to go get changed."

The kids all bade the adults' goodbye before heading towards the carpark. Harry, Draco, Caleb and Nick took the shopping off the girls and headed for Hermione's car.

"Guys you know we can carry it ourselves." Hermione protested.

Harry just grinned at her. The grin made Hermione blush and her heart skipped a beat. Sam and Kayla noticed and grinned at one another.

Hermione popped the boot of her car and the boys put the shopping in. Harry closed the boot and walked to the front of the car. He opened the driver's side door for Hermione and shut it when she got in.

Nick opened the door, pulled the passenger seat forward and offered Kayla his hand. Kayla took it and hopped into the backseat. Sam hopped into the front seat and Nick shut the door.

Harry leant on the door and said "We'll see you soon at the beach."

Hermione nodded, turned the key in the ignition, put the roof down and drove out of the carpark.

When they were out of the carpark and on the main road, Sam said "Ok Hermione. Why didn't you tell us you had a crush on Harry?"

Hermione swung her head around to her friend, her mouth wide open. "What? That's ridiculous. Harry is one of my best friends." Hermione said.

Kayla snorted and said "Honey, when Harry grinned at you, you blushed as red as your car. You so like him."

"Do not." Hermione said, blushing again.

"Do too. See look at you face." Sam said as her and Kayla laughed.

"Ok fine. I like him now shut up." Hermione said as the turned into the carpark at the beach.

The girls got out of the car, put the roof up again and got their bags before walking to the change rooms.

They walked out of the change rooms and sat on their towels near the water waiting for the boys.

With the Boys

Harry and the boys waved to the girls before apparating back to Godric's Hallow. When they got there, they threw on some swimmers, got some towels and walked out of the house. They would normally have apparated to Ron's to see if he wanted to come but his whole family were visiting their second eldest brother Charlie in Romania.

The boys walked to the garage and got into Harry's Black Ford convertible and drove to the beach.

When they got to the beach, they parked next to Hermione's car, hopped out, stripped off their shirts and walked down to the beach with their towels.

They saw the girls sitting on their towels and Harry's breath hitched in his throat. Hermione was sitting on a green and purple towel. Her long, curly, brown hair was blowing in the wind underneath a straw hat. She was wearing a white triangle bikini and a pair of short, black board shorts. She had on a pair of black sunglasses and was drinking a bottle of cola.

Caleb, Nick and Draco noticed this and started laughing. "Does Harry-boy like our Mione?" Caleb teased.

Harry punched him in the arm and then punched the other two as well because Draco and Nick said together "Aww, he's blushing."

"Guys, she's my best girl mate. I don't like her in that way." Harry said.

"Sure sure." Caleb said with a smirk that had girls standing near them swooning.

"Fine, fine. I do like her but if you tell her…" Harry threatened.

Caleb, Draco and Nick held their hands up in defence before the four walked over to the girls.

"Hey ladies." Caleb said with a suave smile. The girls turned and smiled. "Hey." They said in unison.

The boys spread out their towels and sat down. They talked for a while before Sam said "Ok, who wants to go for a swim?"

The boys all jumped up and said "Me! Me! Me!"

The girls laughed before Hermione said "Fine but first put on your sunscreen. Your mothers would skin me alive if you guys got burnt."

The boys laughed before grabbing the sunscreen from their bags and applying it to their chests, arms, face and legs. "Alright come here and we'll do your backs." Sam said.

The girls put the sunscreen on the boy's backs carefully. When they were done they slapped their backs gently before grabbing their own sunscreen and applying it to their chests, stomachs, legs, arms and face.

"Your turn for it to be put on your backs. Lie down." Draco said.

The girls lay on the stomachs on their towels as the boys squeezed some sunscreen into their hands.

"Well, I'll meet you in the water." Caleb said before racing into the surf.

Nick, Draco and Harry put the cold cream in their hands on the girl's backs, laughing slightly as they shied away from the coldness of it. They rubbed it in before helping the girls up and walking to the surf.

When they neared the surf, the boys grinned wickedly at one another before picking the girls up, throwing them over their shoulders and running head first into the water. The girls squealed as the cold water made contact with their entire bodies.

As the girls surfaced, they glared at the boys before pouncing on them and dunking them. The girls jumped off and ran along the beach giggling. All four boys took chase. The boys eventually caught up to the girls and grabbed them again.

Nick began to tickle Kayla, Draco tickled Sam and Hermione was double tortured by Harry and Caleb. "Ok Ok! We give, we give." Hermione managed through giggles.

The boys stopped tickling the girls and nodded. Hermione walked out of the surf and lay down on her towel. Sam and Kayla however decided to go hire a surfboard each and have a go. Caleb, Nick and Draco decided to join them. "Harry, you wanna come?" Sam asked.

"No thanks. I'll go keep Hermione company." Harry said. He walked out of the surf and up to his towel. He lay down on it (conveniently the towel was placed next to Hermione's) and rolled on his side.

"Hey Mione." Harry said.

Hermione turned her head when she heard him and smiled "Hey Harry. Where's everyone else?"

"They went to hire some surfboards. What'cha reading?" Harry said, noticing Hermione had a book in her hand. ~ Only Hermione would carry a book to the beach with her. ~ Harry thought with a smile.

"Oh, it's called Heidi by Johanna Spyri. It's a classic." Hermione said.

Harry smiled before lying down just to look at Hermione.

A few minutes later Hermione sat up and said "Harry, can you put some more sunscreen on my back please?"

Harry nodded before sitting up. He picked up the sunscreen, put some in his hand before rubbing his hands together. He gently massaged the white cream onto her back. He rubbed it on her lower back, relishing the feel of her skin. He leant over and asked "Do you want me to put it on your legs?"

When Hermione nodded, he put more sunscreen in his hands and rubbed it down her smooth, long legs. He massaged her calves and his breath caught when he heard her moan.

When the sunscreen had been rubbed in, he lay back down on his towel, watching his friends surf when, before he knew what he was doing, he leant over and kissed Hermione's shoulder.

Hermione turned her head and looked at Harry in shock.

Harry sat up and said "I'm sorry Hermione. I really am."

Hermione held up her hand to Harry's lips and said "Harry, its ok."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"I don't mind. Harry I… um…" Hermione started ~ oh great time to get tongue tied Hermione ~ She thought. "I um, like you."

Harry was shocked to say the least. ~ Hermione likes me. YES! Now I just gotta tell her ~

"Wow Hermione." Harry said in awe.

Hermione's face dropped and her heart fell. Harry noticed this and said "Hermione no it's not like that. I'm shocked. I didn't think you felt the same way about me as I did about you."

"What?" Hermione asked.

"I feel the same. I like you too." Harry said.

Hermione smiled and Harry begun to lean in. He looked at Hermione's face, waiting to see any protest. When none appeared, he closed the gap between them and kissed her. Her lips were warm and soft. Hermione lifted her hands and ran them through his hair while his hands made their way down to her waist.

Sam and Kayla looked over at their friend to see what she was doing. They were shocked when they saw Harry and Hermione lip-locked in a passionate embrace. Sam and Kayla smiled at one another before turning to the boys who were floating on boards beside them. Sam said "Oi you three. Turn around and look at our mates."

The three boys turned and smiled at their two best friends. They had been dancing around this attraction for 2 years now. They were glad they had finally come to their senses

"Thank bloody Merlin for that." Caleb said as he smiled at his best guy mate and best girl mate. He was glad they were finally together. They completed one another and everyone knew it.

Harry pulled away from Hermione reluctantly in order to breathe and licked his lips. Hermione's cheeks were flushed and her lips were swollen but to Harry she had never looked more beautiful. Harry stroked her face and smiled as her eyes closed.

He kissed her lips gently again and said "That was amazing."

Hermione could only nod because she was still dazed from the kiss. Harry lay down and pulled Hermione down on top of him. Harry stroked Hermione's hair as she traced the muscles on his chest.

Hermione sat up and said "Let's go swimming," Harry smiled and followed Hermione to the surf.