Hot N Cold

A SasuIno story. Sasuke transfers into Fu'Shien High Academy and is instantly AWed by every girl in the school. Well...everyone but a certain blond. Namely, Ino Yamanaka. He was intrigued with her since their first encounter. She could care more or less about him.

Rated T for some cussing.

-Ino's Corner-ok ok. yes. usually my fanfics aren't that well-written. but i'm growing, along with my fics. this one kinda just came to me after reading fanfics such as "Shut Up and Die" by Drunksonic and "Take A Bow" by pixieface Lust, and also the many fanfics/oneshots by Lamanth. Um...i made this just recently, but i dunno if i should continue it or whatever. And yes, this is kinda just about how...well i wont spoil it. you read it if you want. The fanfic was inspired by the song, "Hot N Cold" by Kate Perry though. DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own the anime Naruto or any of it's characters. Nor do I own the song.

Chapter 1-Hot N Cold-

Dark ebony eyes wandered around the school campus as he is driven into the school's parking lot. Nothing out of the ordinary. The campus was well built, and the students looked cheerful to be able to regroup with their friends and catch up over what has happened over summer break. Girls were squealing and hugging each other as they saw their friends. Guys were laughing about things that had happened over summer. Suitcases and bikes and motorized vehicles were piled around everywhere. The school area was located in the middle, with other sidings that led to things such as the school's bookstore or cafes. Two large buildings stood on either of the school. One for the girls. Another for the guys.

The dark haired boy sat in his older brother's black Bently, while the supposed brother was already out of the car fetching their belongings from the trunk.

"Come on Sasuke. You don't want to be late on the first day. Mother and father would be angry if they hear about that." The older teen spoke.

The raven-haired guy stepped out of the vehicle, confidence with each step. The 15-going-on-16 year old responded his usual "Hn" to his older sibling. Itachi Uchiha, newcoming senior, sighed in effect of the response from the younger Uchiha, and continued on to the school's main entrance. Sasuke Uchiha, newly arrived sophomore, followed his brother's notion and proceeded onto the school's campus.

A heavy sigh was made by both Uchihas as they were faced with whispers amongst the bystanding students. Seems like everyone didn't need an introduction to know that these two were indeed, Uchihas. The Uchiha family was one of the most prestigious groups among all corporations. Fugaku Uchiha was, of course, the CEO of the Uchiha Corps & Company establishment, while his wife, Mikoto was a reknowned fashion/interior designer. It would be surprising if someone didn't recognize the two offsprings of Mikoto and Fugako Uchiha.

Whispers and squeals were still heard as the two dark-haired males trudged along, heading for the main office to check in and find out what room assignments and classes they were taking. As they walked into the air-conditioned school, they finally saw just how nice the school actually was. The walls were made of marble, with a couple silk banners hanging off the walls, cheering for "School Spirit" and the "Fu'Shien Fighters." Stopping their aimless walking, they refocused on getting to the main office. Heading down a corridor, they saw found the hallway that led to the office. As they approached, another group of girls were strolling their way.

Sasuke lifted his chin up to study these girls. In the back of the group was a petite dark-haired girl with lavender eyes who stood next to a brunette with two buns on each side of her head, in front of them was a pink haired color with sea-foam green eyes. The two in front of the other three were blondes.

The one to his far left had messy, spiky hair and dark greenish colored eyes. And that last one had pale blonde hair and sky blue eyes. As he studied the last one, he discovered that the girls had stopped their conversation and started talking about the two dark-haired boys that were just inches away from passing each other.

The blonde with blue eyes connected with the 15 year-old-boy's ebony eyes. She gave him a little smirk, and returned back to the conversation with her friends. After a few seconds, Sasuke could hear their laughs. Were they laughing about him? Or did something just come up? He sighed. Why would he care?

Seconds ended as the the girls passed Itachi, who was already way ahead, and were about to pass Sasuke. Sasuke kept cool, as he kept his normal pace. He didn't want to be tangled into any fights or chases on the first day. And he definetly didn't want some more fangirls. Inches passed, and the Sasuke was about to pass them. He was cool and collected. At least he was until he bumped shoulders with the blue-eyed blonde.

She stopped abruptly to turn and look at him. The Uchiha begged hopefully that this girl wasn't going to use that as an excuse to talk to him. He was wrong.

She had turned around not to say "Hi" or "Sorry." No. Instead, he was whirled around and became face to face with the blue-eyed blonde. Her facial features were not happy, or sweet as they were before.

"Hey! Watch where you're going next time! And next time something like that happens, you should really apologize. Hpm! Jerk!" The blonde girl stomped away, catching up with her friends after her little rant with the Uchiha.

What was that? That was the first time any girl had given him such a response. He was so used to the "ooh's" and the "aw's" of girls. He never expected something like that. Sure. Maybe from a guy, but usually, when a girl was in his presence, she would melt right in his hands. Not this time though...

The young Uchiha turned back seeing his brother had witnessed the whole thing. He smirked. Sasuke's blood boiled. He hated it when his brother acted that way. Thinking he's so much better. But in a way. Sasuke admired his older brother very much. The dark-haired duo made their way into the Main Office immediately after the atmosphere calmed down a bit. A woman with shoulder-length brown hair and dark eyes was sitting at a large desk, full of papers and folders. She was fumbling through the files, reading each label and putting them in the correct order for the file cabinets behind her desk. She looked up, seeing the two males waiting to get an answer from her.

"Oh. Hello. I'm sorry. I'm Ms. Shizune. The secretary of Fu'Shien High School. I presume you two are..." She scrambled through some folders, under she found two and opened them, "Itachi Uchiha. Senior year. and Sasuke Uchiha. Sophomore year. Am I correct?" She looked up from the folders for a response.

Itachi nodded agreeingly. "Yes. We are. We came to pick up our scedules and room assignments." The woman named Shizune nodded and handed them the two folders in her hands. "Alright then. The green slip of paper is your room assignment, and the white sheets are your scedules. The one marked with a blue symbol is your first semester, while the one in black is your second semester. And also. The pink slip of paper is a paper you shall take and read over and sign, and also return before the end of next week. It tells our rules, and we must have you to agree with them. They are simple enough. Even though this is an Academy in which both boys and girls operate in, there shall be no disturbance during the teaching of a lesson. Nor shall there be any males in the female's dormitory past 8 PM, and vice versa. Please remember to get them in before the end of next week."

The two Uchihas nodded and gave the woman a small head bow. As they started to leave, they were stopped by Shizune's voice. "And please. After you have either gotten your things in your room or have settled in, please remember to be in the school's auditorium by noon for our welcoming orientation."

Sasuke and Itachi nodded once again, before heading out of the main office, back into the corridors of the school. Itachi was the first one to speak. "So what room are you in, little brother?"

Sasuke shrugged. He looked into his folder and read off "Room #161." Itachi nodded in reply and read his room number, 284. The two made their way to Itachi's Bently and unloaded their bags and materials. Both slowly walked towards the Guys dorm building, trying to keep a good hold on everything they had. Sasuke was the first to get to his room, leaving Itachi on his own to find Room 284. A card key was made for him to use to open the door, but he found that the door was already opened.

Geez. Was this school wealthy. No wonder it had taken him to find his room. Each dorm room was practically apartment sized. From where the door was opened, there was an average sized living room that could fit up to 20 people at least. He strolled into the room, just barely missing a shoe being flung across his face. What the!? Before the raven-haired boy could speak, another shoe was flung, but this time it hit him right in the face. A red mark replaced the shoe as it slid off and fell to the ground. "What the hell was that!?" Sasuke yelled to match the pain that struck his face. Blond hair appeared from the doorway to the left. It couldnt't be, Sasuke thought. Did he have the wrong room? He checked the number on the door. Nope. It read Room 161 alright. The blond boy emerged from the other room, seeing that someone was in the room.

"What?! I thought we always get our own rooms!" That was a nice apology, Sasuke thought. This boy somewhat reminded him of the girl from earlier. Ugh...that woman seemed so irritating, yet interesting too. But that wasn't the point at hand at this moment. Someone was in his room.

Sasuke glared at the blond guy. He had blue eyes too. Just like that girl. But his were a bit darker. He wore orange shorts and a black shirt. "From what I was told. Yes, we do have our own separate rooms. But from what I was told, this is my room." Sasuke holds up the green slip of paper that had the numbers, 161, typed on it. The blond boy eyed the paper and held out his own green slip. "This is my room, see?!" The blond replied, just as loudly as before, as he wagged the paper in front of Sasuke's face.

The ebony-eyed male snatched the slip of paper from the boy's grasp and eyed it. He slumped his shoulders a little, his eyebrow twitching. Yeah. The way he held it, it said 161. But it was upside down. It actually read 191. He gave the paper back to the blond who seemed like he was waiting for something. Sasuke glared at him. "What!?"

The spiky-haired blond started to tap his foot. "I'm waiting..." Sasuke spazzed at that a bit. "Waiting for what?!" The Uchiha bellowed angrily. One of the blond's eyebrows rose. "For an apology or a "Oops. Sorry" at least."

It was Sasuke's turn to raise his eyebrow. "An apology for what? For having the right room? Heh. You're the one who has the wrong room. It says '191' on there. Not '161.'" The blue-eyed boy's eyebrows furrowed. He looked back at his paper and saw it. Right there. Oh, did he feel like an idiot now.

Rubbing the back of his head, he laugh nervously, still facing the Uchiha. "Heh heh heh...oops. I guess I'm the one who has the wrong You can have this room then..." The raven-haired boy peered into the poor already seeing the living room full of bags and a huge stack of instant ramen noodles stood on the table. In the bedroom, clothes were all over the floor, including shoes. Sasuke sighed heavily and waved his hand. "No. You have it. I'll just go into Room 191 since you already seem at home." Once again, the Uchiha picked up his things and headed down the hallway towards Room 191.

What a long day...and it's not even noon yet. The dark-haired teen thought. He was lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. What else could happen at this school if he stayed here? Sure...Japan is a great country, but maybe his parents would let him learn abroad. In London...or France? Heh...yeah right. He was lucky enough to even come here. Fu'Shien High School Academy is a high school for the wealthy and intelligent. But a high school, nonetheless.

Something vibrated in his jeans pocket. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his cell phone. His brother had just texted him.

From: Itachi

To: Sasuke

It's almost noon. Remember to come to the auditorium for the welcoming orientation. -Itachi

Sasuke sighed. It's not like he forgot about it. He actually couldn't get it off his mind. He just wanted to fall asleep, but his mind forced him to stay awake because of the orientation. Lifting himself off the soft, cushiony bed, he stuck his room card into his jeans, along with his phone, wallet, and his two hands. Slowly, he wandered out of his room, making sure it closed behind him. He was still awed by the school's decor while switching from the guy's dorm to the school.

He was walking into the auditorium when, for the second time that day, he had bumped into someone. Thankfully though, it wasn't the blonde girl he had bumped into earlier. This time it was a male with his black hair tied up. Still, Sasuke prepared for an earful of who-knows-what, but he was surprised when all he got from the boy was a "Hey. Sorry bout that." The raven-haired boy focused his eyes on the guy in front of him. He gave a small hand-gesture that guys do for an apology or something like that. "Don't worry about it. It was my fault."

The pineapple-shaped-hair boy gave a small smile. "I'm Shikamaru Nara. I didn't see you around last year. Are you new?" Sasuke smirked a little. "Yeah. I am. I'm--"

He was cut off when Shikamaru spoke again. "You're Sasuke Uchiha. I know you. It seems like you and your brother are the talk of the school already." Sasuke smirked again. He liked the attention a little bit. It made him seem important. His thoughts were interrupted when a loud voice came yelling Shikamaru's name.

"Oi!! Shikamaru!!" Both of the dark-haired boys turned toward the big crowd of people that were piling into the auditorium. Blond hair stuck out from the crowd. Shikamaru gave a small gesture and the blond sat down in his seat, next to a few other guys. "Come on. I'll introduce you to some people." Shikamaru started making his way towards his friends, with Sasuke following not too far behind.

"Yo. You guys. This is Sasuke Uchiha." Shikamaru introduced as he and Sasuke arrived in front of eight guys. As if on que, the eight guys gave either a nod or a hand-gesture. Shikamaru lazily rolled his eyes over the group. First pointing at the messy brown haired boy with face paint and a black hoodie on. "Ok. That's Kankuro. The one next to him with red hair is his younger brother, Gaara. Next to him is Rock Lee, and next to Lee is Choji Akimichi. That's Neji Hyuga in front of Kankuro, and next to him is Shino Abruame, and then that's Kiba Inuzuka and--" He paused a moment before going onto Naruto, but Naruto continued for the lazy boy. "AND, I'm Naruto Uzumaki! Believe it!"

Sasuke was about to reply to his hyperactivity when the speakers gave off a static sound, piercing everyone's hearing and made them turn their attention to the woman at the podium on stage. The Uchiha noticed that it was the school's secretary that he had met earlier. "May I have your attention please. Please take a seat, and give your attention to Ms. Tsunade." Sasuke was pulled into the seat next to Naruto, with Shikamaru in the seat behind him.

A young-looking blonde, with an abnormally large chest, appeared in front of the podium. Who's that? Sasuke thought. "That's the principle. Ms. Tsunade. Don't be fooled by her looks, she's actually like around 50 years old. People say she looks that young because she gets plastic surgery done or something." Naruto actually whispered quietly, while keeping his eyes on the stage. Sasuke turned to the hyperactive blond, and then back to the woman on stage. She was babbling on about how it was nice to see everyone and yadda yadda.

Another five minutes of welcome and guidance around the school roared on by the blonde woman. "...and to end this long speech, I would like you give your attention to our school council president from last year. Sophomore year student, Ino Yamanaka. In a matter of minutes after the applause started, another blonde girl emerged from the sidings. Sasuke's eyes widened. That was the girl he had bumped into earlier. How could she be the school council's president from last year?? It's completely...confusing. Naruto's voice rang in his mind again. The raven-haired boy turned to the still talking blond. "Ino Yamanaka. She's the same age as us. And of course in the same grade. Through some miracle, and in freshman history, she won the Student Council election and was given the title of "Studen Council President." But don't get too close to her. She's kinda different from other girls." Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows. He replied, "As in different. You mean..." Naruto inhaled deeply. "She's different because, it's not that she doesn't get the guys. It's either she gets them and end in less than two days, or she won't even give a guy the time of day. She has a total wierd personality. First she's all perky and happy, then she's all gloomy, or then she's bitchin' about something." Sasuke smirked. "Is she bipolar or something?" Naruto laughed a bit, but then shook his head. "No. She's just like that around those "admirers" or those people who piss her off. She's actually inda nice if you get to know her." Naruto stopped speaking when the microphone was being tapped. The two turned their attention back to the stage. Once again, Sasuke prepared his ears for a screaming voice to pierce his eardrums. And once again, he was astounded when it didn't happen.

"Hey everyone! It's me, Ino Yamanaka. Your favorite blonde student council president of 2007. I'm so happy to see all of you again. It's still such a wonder how last year went by so quick, and we're here again for another fun year. Sadly, we have lost our Senior class of 2007, but now they have finished their studies and are about to start college. I would like to welcome the freshman students once again. Because I know how it felt when I first started Fu'Shien Academy last year. But with the help of some friends, it turned out to be a great year. And I hope you all have a great first year too! Now before I start babbling on, please give your attention to Ms. Shizune and she will tell you about the scedules."

A good 20 minutes passed before everyone started to exit out the auditorium. The 10 boys regrouped out by the giant oak in front of the school. Each one asking Sasuke about his previous school experiences and his family business. It was all going oh to well, until the group of girls Sasuke seen earlier appeared, walking by the boys, the pink haired girl noticing them first.

"Hey Boys! How was your summer?" Every one of the guys stopped their conversation to stare up at the five girls in front of them. Of course Naruto was the first to speak. "Hey Sakura-chan!" The unexpected happened when pink-haired beauty hit the blond square on the head. Everyone laughed, except Sasuke and Naruto. What was so funny? Before he could ask anything, he noticed her. The somewhat "nice" pale blonde beauty was next to the brunette and dark-haired girls. The same girl who went off at him for bumping into her. She spotted the boy, and immediately remembered him. A glare was made towards the Uchiha. Maybe it wasn't too late to ask to change schools... took forever to write this. -sighs- I think i might be quitting on my other two fanfics, cuz i dunno. i dont have much of an idea for those anymore. well anyway, PLZ R & R! :D

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