A SasuIno story. Sasuke transfers into Fu'Shien High Academy and is instantly Awed by every girl in the school. Well...everyone but a certain blond. Namely, Ino Yamanaka. He was intrigued with her since their first encounter. She could care more or less about him.

Rated T for some swearing and idk ..

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Ino scoffed. "How should I know? He's just some lost kid I guess. Have you heard about his parents? Principal Tsunade told me that this Uchiha guy was told by his parents to come here. Ugh…they're the reason why we're gonna be stuck with him. Hey Uchiha! Let me see your schedule."

Sasuke, with his eyes closed, flung the green sheet at the blonde, earning the boy a low growl from her.

Pale blue eyes scanned the sheet and widened. Shit. She thought. She brought out her own schedule and sighed. She couldn't believe it. She had the exact same classes. What were the odds? Then a picture popped into her head. Tsunade. She was the one who did it! Ugh! She crumbled the paper up a bit and threw it at the raven-haired boy.

"Jeez. I guess I am stuck with you."


Chapter 4-Falling Already?

Setting: Walking Down The Hall

Sasuke sighed as he followed the two blondes. "Oto-san…Kaa-san…why? Why must I stay here? I know its because you two met here and not only became successful, but you two also fell in love. But there's no way I can find some one that I like. Especially with this Yamanaka girl. She's as annoying as hell. I don't think there's an ounce of kindness in her. Why does everyone say she's so popular, I mean she's so—"

Sasuke stopped his thoughts when some girls, or rather a certain pink haired girl's high voice, had started to call his name.

"Sasuke-kun! Oi! Sasuke-kun"

Ino growled, staring at a blushing Haruno, Sakura and an impassive Uchiha, Sasuke.

"Sakura!? What the? Aren't you supposed to be with Naruto right now?! Ugh! She just can't do anything can she!"

She was about to yell when a group of guys and girls were calling for her as well.

"Ino-chan!" "Ino!" "Ino-san!!" "Ino-kun~~!"

Ino cringed at the last sound. Only one person would call her that, and hold on to the last syllables for another 5 seconds. She turned around and found her father, along with other students.

She smiled slightly at her father. She loved her father. She really did, but he could always either be a little too over protective or too lenient with some things; especially with a certain blonde's relationships.

"Oto-san? What is it?"

The older blond came to a halt when he neared his daughter. "Ino-kun! We need your help for the Holiday Mash Up-Party."

"Ehh? But isn't that only for the middle school kids?" Ino frowned at all the work she already had to do for the dance.

Inoichi shook his head in desperation. "No~~! Didn't Ms. Tsunade tell you? The dance next week IS the Holiday Mash-Up Party."

Ino could hear Sakura in the background, "Ne, ne Sasuke-kun? Did you know the Holiday Mash-Up Party is just the best? We used to only have it in middle school, but it sounds like they're having it again with both the high school and middle school. It's really fun! Especially with how Ino puts it on. It's just like what it sounds. A big party! First it goes through a Halloween setting, and then it turns to Christmas, then it goes onto being New Year's and also Valentine's Day! It's really fun, since it's always different every year. I think that this year, they're having it outside too. Wouldn't that be fun, Sasuke-kun??"

"Hn." Everyone started to spat at her with their plans and favors at Ino.

Ino stood there with a blank face. Her knees suddenly just collapsed and she fell to the ground.

"Eh? Ino-chan?" "INO-KUN!!!!" "Ino!" Ino could hear all of their voices still, but most of them were slurred as her vision blurred and turned black.

Two Hours Later

Pale blue eyes fluttered open slowly. Four pairs of eyes stared at her. She groggily rubbed her eyes and sat up, only to be hugged tightly by her father.

"Ino-kun~! Are you alright?? I thought you were going to die!!" Temari sighed, putting her hand on his shoulder.
"Mr. Yamanaka…the nurse already said that she was going to be fine."


"Oto-san. Leave."

Everyone stared at the platinum blonde.

Inoichi started to tear up, shouting, "NANI?! Ino-kun hates me now—," only to be interrupted by Ino again.

"Leave, so you can make some calls for me. I need to make this party next week the best the freshmen and the new middle schoolers have ever seen." She smiled that angel like smile, and Sasuke couldn't help but to blush at such a sight.

Ino looked at him from the corners of her eyes, and held a confused look. He caught himself staring, and turned around to hide his face. Ino laughed in her head, a light pink hue forming on her cheeks, making her smile wider.

"What am I doing…? Am I falling for that person already…"

:o who's falling for who?? Wait next time x3