Hi, this is my first fanfic so I'm kinda scared. I think that there are nowere near enough Lopmon centered stories on here. So I'm doing this. By the way, Lopmon is a girl in this story, and I think they might be a little out of character.(Is that what OOC stands for?)

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Lopmon's diary by Rainbow35! In Lopmon's POV. (Point of view, right?)

Dear diary, hi, I'm Lopmon. I'm writing this because, well... It all started yesterday, me and Terriermon were playing video games, he was winning, as usual. Then he wins and starts dancing and gloating about it, so I tell him he's a sore winner. Then he said no, I'm a sore loser.

Which I'm not. I wouldn't mind him winning if he didn't go on about it for hours afterwards. But anyway, then I sort of lost my temper and yelled: "Oh yeah?! You take your game and kill youself wth it!!" And then I bashed his head with the controller... He gave me a look that said "How could you?" In a hurt sort of way. Then he started crying. I said sorry so many times, he said he fogave me, but I think it was forced and he didn't mean it. He has a bump on his head now, where I hit him. The poor thing.

Anyway, me and him sort of avoided each other until, Henry tied some low-flying misteltoe to the celing. Just our height, a line of it. Me and Terriermon somehow ended up standing under it together, so he kissed me on the cheek and blushed like mad. Henry laughed and said we were so cute. Jaarin (That's Henry's older sister) told her friends about it. Henry said it was part of his plan to make me and Terriermon be friends again. So, earlier today, me and Terriermon were arguing again, then he grabbed me, pulled me under the misteltoe, and started french kissing me! I don't know why I went along... But then, he bit down. Hard. He looked so happy afterwards. So, he had cut my tongue so now I can't talk... And that's why I'm writing this. The moral of that story is, don't hit people over the head with video game controllers, you'll regret it. Iknow I do.

THE END (or is it?)

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