Story : Framed by Kira

Anime : Death Note

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Rating : T (will definitely change in future chapters)

Summary : Starts out with Light having his appendix removed, and while recovering he gets a visitor. This visitor is Kira who framed Light due to a grudge but there seems to be more planned for him. Can L keep Light safe from this dangerous Kira?

AN: My English writing sucks, I'm aware of that. But bare with me. If you don't like the way I write. Then I'm really not forcing you to. Give it a try if you want. - - - By the way, I did not abandon my other story 'Victims' it's just that i'm more into this and have already got it half way figured out than the other.

Disclaimer: I don't own Death Note.

Spoilers: Minors here and there.

If it were not for the pain in his abdomen Light would have had his fist connected with the detectives face by now. As time passed by, Light could feel the gaze of the detective on him since the morning until this very moment. It was annoying and getting really frustrating. The handcuffs were one thing but being watched like this is unnerving!

That morning Light had woken up nauseous and started to puke his guts out. Not that there was much to throw up since he had a very low appetite lately. The pain started around the belly button and now it feels like its shifting to the right of his abdomen.

Closing his eyes while inhaling deeply and slowly, Light tried to calm himself. It was hard to keep focusing on his work. Even though sitting down seems painful but when he moves it worsen.

Suddenly the doors opened to the sound of Matsuda's stirring voice, "I've taken the opportunity to bring you guys lunch!"

Soichiro only rolled his eyes on Matsuda's dramatic entrance with a bunch of take-away bags insecurely held by his grip. Mogi helped Matsuda with the bags while the others got ready for lunch.

Sometimes the investigation team has their lunch outside either with family or friends. But at times like this when they have lots of work they are forced to have it in the headquarters. Everyone settled to eat. Except for Light.

"Light-kun, it's lunch time." Said Ryuzaki.

"Not hungry." Light replied flatly eyeing the screen of his computer.

"Considering you did not have breakfast today, you must be hungry Light-kun." Said the detective bringing his thumb up to his lips staring at the young teen studying him.

Light closed his eyes caressing his abdomen. The pain was getting extreme. Light wanted to scream, to cry, oh how he wished this could go away.

"Are you alright Light-kun? You don't look fine." Said Ryuzaki noticing Lights behavior wasn't normal. Typically by now Light would snap and both would get into a fight. But it was not happening. Something was wrong.

Before Light could answer Mr. Yagami approached his son. "Light, come on join us before your food gets cold."

Light managed to shift his position a bit to the right giving his back to Ryuzaki answering, "I'm not hungry dad. Maybe later."

Mr. Yagami looked at his son for a minute, "Are you sure?" Light nodded.

"Skipping breakfast and lunch is not healthy Light-kun, especially when you vomited this morning." Said Ryuzaki.

Light shifted rapidly to face him and give him the –shut-the-fuck-up look but soon regretted as he felt a sharp pain in his abdomen causing him to squeal. Light grasped his abdomen while feeling the dizziness overcome him.

Mr. Yagami's heart almost stopped when he heard his son squeal with pain. Light held his stomach with his eyes shut. "Light..." He started to say but gasped when he saw Light falling off the chair.

Ryuzaki just froze. His heart ached the second he heard the pained cry come out those lips. He felt like someone just stabbed him. The world just stopped for a second. However Ryuzaki was pulled back to reality when he felt a hard tug on his wrist due to the chain. Light fell off his chair but thankfully his father managed to catch him just before he could hit the floor.

Light doubled over with pain and started to groan. He was obviously in pain. By this time the investigation team crowded around them and assaulted with questions. "What happened?" "What's going on?"

"Damn it!" swore Mr. Yagami. "He is burning up." He said while placing his hand over his son's forehead.

"Light where does it hurt?" Mr. Yagami asked his son now anxious and worried.

Still clasping his abdomen so tightly with his eyes shut with traces of pained tears leaking from the corner Light managed to reply, "M- my sto-mach."

"Call an ambulance now!!" Mr. Yagami demanded.

Ryuzaki's brain started working. Light is holding onto his stomach. Lately he lost his appetite. This morning he threw up. Then it just ticked in his head – Appendicitis. For the second time in his life Ryuzaki wished he were wrong. The first thing is he wished that Light is not Kira. Now seeing Light in pain was painful for him to watch. It's a feeling he have never had before towards anyone. What was going on? What is this feeling he is having towards the teen?

Pushing aside all his thoughts, Ryuzaki uncuffed the chains between them. If he was right – Appendicitis – then Light will have to be taken straight to surgery.

Fifteen minutes later the paramedics arrived. Confirming that it was appendicitis they took Light to the hospital straight to surgery.

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