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It took the investigation team around three hours to reach their destination. An abandoned farmhouse outside the city. They all were given orders by L on how to approach, more like stealth in without being noticed and search the place in order to find Light. Each one of them including Watari , besides L, were on the move and they all were wearing masks that covered their faces just as precaution.

L on the other side was safe behind computers, watching the teams progress on satellite vision to keep in touch with his men and was able to get a hold on every team member with earpieces and the mask of each member had a camera installed so that he was able to see everything that was going on. L wished he was there with them coz sitting here just increased his anxiousness. Watari and him had a long argue about L tagging along and not surprisingly his father figure won over him by bringing up the accident incident and the fact that he wasn't completely recovered. L was actually stunned that Watari was that observant. He had a migraine that refused to go away and he was forcing his body to work ignoring the strains that begged to relax. Even though he hid it well fooling everyone except for Watari. Sighing to himself. This was after all the man who raised him, so technically there was no point in arguing. Nevertheless, L did put up a short lived debate before finally giving in.

The team approached the farmhouse very slowly and carefully. The first thing that greeted them were empty stables. It seemed like horses had occupied them ...only centuries ago. Everything inside was covered in dust. It was so dirty and filthy. It was even hard to breath because of the thick dust. Every step they took imprinted on the surface they walked over or even touched. The place looked dead but after more exploration they found fresh tracks of what seemed to be marked by a truck at the side of the road near by that obviously stated someone was coming and going every once in a while.

The team was split into sub-teams. Soichiro and Mogi were assigned in taking the front while Aizawa and Matsuda took the back. They searched the area inside out only to find out that there was no one around. But what they found out were some towels and bandages in which they were almost sure it was Light's. Nevertheless they bagged and tagged the evidence in order to run a blood test to confirm their guess.

L was furious, he knew he was close to reaching Light but this Katsu was just at it and it was so unnerving. He grabbed the laptop he was using and threw it against the wall hearing it smashing and fall down in pieces on the ground. Breathing hard his hands turned into fists. He used all his self-control not to punch the wall. Taking deep breaths to calm himself before addressing the shinigami who was hovering next to him.

"Echo-san, Katsu must have known we were getting closer, is there by any chance you are working for him?"

As L turned around to stare at the shinigami, he noticed it glaring back at him with an irritated look. "I am by no means on either his side, nor am I on yours."

Suddenly silence filled between them as a staring competition took place. L didn't know what to think. Sure if this shinigami was working with Katsu then things are going to go downhill from now on. But on the other hand… L shook his head, he was thinking negatively which wasn't helping.

L sighed asking, "Would Echo-san be kind and try to find out where Katsu has taken Light-kun?"

Surprisingly Echo actually went searching as to where Light was. L thought that he would throw away his pride and beg the shinigami but was relieved when Echo complied.

The investigation teams were on their way back and it would need them around three hours to arrive and until then he hoped that Echo would be able to find Light.

Sure enough after around an hour Echo returned although not exactly carrying the information he hoped.

"I couldn't find Light, but I was able to find Katsu." Said Echo as soon as he flew in the main room of headquarters.

If he found Katsu then he would find Light. Making up his mind L grabbed some shoes and headed straight out the door after deleting the footage of him talking to Echo.

"What's taking him so long!" Complained Katsu. The annoying shinigami wasn't helping. Lately all he could hear is that piercing laugh of his, which by now was getting on his nerves. An apple actually did the trick to shut him up for a while…not. But now things were getting interesting. Soon L would be dead and Light will be his and the world in his hands.

Katsu chose an abandon storage this time. He found it to be more cozy than the filthy farmhouse.

After a long wait he heard a noise from his back. Sighing heavily he said, "Finally! What took you s- " Katsu stopped in mid-air when he saw some unknown creature.

This unknown creature was pale, messy black hair, wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of baggy blue jeans. Loose sneakers which were hardly tied right. Had a very bad hunch. And had his fingers in his pockets on each side. As he stood with an at ease position. This guy looked like a runaway fag. But what caught his eyes was the name that was floating over his head.

It read 'L Lawlite' And what a surprise, no life-span. Which only meant one thing. He had a death note.

Katsu couldn't hide his grin, "What a pleasant surprise L, or should I say Lawlite?"

"Your game is over Kira." Said L. He was not surprised when Katsu snorted in response.

"How did you find me?"

"I'm not called the world's greatest detective for nothing." Said L with a smirk.

Katsu grinned and then chuckled lightly, "You don't seem so bright L."

L did his best to keep an emotionless expression on his face. And as for Katsu he couldn't hold back his amusement. "I see you yourself have gotten your hands on a Death Note. Joining the clan perhaps?"

"That is a lame joke. Where is Light-kun?"

Katsu smirked as he approached L until their faces were an inch apart. By now L had a look of complete hatred and anger that only succeeded in Katsu's amusement.

"What? Aren't I you're type?" He grinned as he stepped back a bit having himself suddenly uncomfortable with this freak in his personal space. "Lawlie…can I call you Lawlie?" He asked without waiting for a reply not noticing the slight flinch from the detective in front of him. 'Interesting reaction'

Not waiting for an answer Katsu smirked as he pulled out his death note and a pen that was tucked in his jacket.

To his surprise so did L.

Katsu gazed at L for a long second, studying him, "You really think that I will believe your act? News flash, I'm not an idiot. There is no way you would give up half your life to bring me down. Let's face it. You're over. I win. You lose. That's the end of it."

L, with all calmness replied, "I am highly disappointed, Kira-san is underestimating L."

Surprisingly, Kira actually flinched when he saw L's creepy smile. 'Sure this freak is kidding! He didn't even look over my head to read my name. And his eyes are pure black. There is no way he has the eyes. And as for my name…' He smiled. "You don't know my real name."

L looked at him straight in the eye but didn't say a thing as he the tip of the pen he was holding touched the open page of the Death note held within his other hand.

"Pathetic." Continued Katsu as he sighed in exaggeration he said, " Well, since I really want to enjoy your death, how about a one on one? Old fashion way. I'd love to kick your ass."

With this L smirked internally. 'Good. He is playing along just like I planned.'

Both of them threw their Death Note aside and took their fighting stance.

At first they started to round each other and soon Katsu's patience ran thin as he launched a punch towards L with a swinging fist that failed to connect to its target. L was able to duck and avoid Katsu's punches for a while. Next, L swept his right leg elegantly connecting with Katsu's ankle, succeeding in throwing him off balance and on his back.

This reminded him of the many fights that he had with Light.. He knew compared to the teen Katsu was way too stronger. Thanks to Watari of course. All the fighting lessons sure did came in handy when needed. Though the fights with the teen were never too serious, so he never actually gave it his all but now, he was angry and is ready to give this monsters ass. This is the final stage, if he, L wins over Kira, all this circus is going to end. And the world will be back to normal. Light will be back to safety and who their friendship will finally grow into something beautiful. All thoes wonderful thoughts were working wonders in him. It gave him strength he never knew he had. He landed several hard punches on Katsu's abdomen and ribs and finally to the jaw sending him flying into a nearby wall. Katsu slid down the wall as rage built in him. 'There was no way L is going to win over Kira!'

In a blink of an eye L found himself flat on his back gasping for air. Somehow Katsu managed to turn the tables, by now he stood over L with a huge grin and kicked him over and over again across his ribs. L doubled over with pain still gasping for air. Knowing that the more he doesn't make a move Katsu will take advantage of his downfall and it could lead to his loss. Rapidly L supported his full body on the palms of his hands and kicked with all his force catching his enemy at the base of the chin and sending him flying across the room to slam hardly onto another nearby wall and slide down with a groan.

Katsu grunted loudly as he got off the floor and resumed his attack. "You freak! Think you're gonna get me knocked out with a low move like that? I'll show you how a real man fights!" And with that he jumped over L and bought him down with him. Both rolled over while grasping each other by the collar trying to gain the upper hand.

The next minutes were filled with punches and kicks. Soon the two of them were covered with bruises as their bodies ached but their stubbornness and high ego were keeping them at it for a while.

L managed to knock the air out of Katsu as he caught him square in the ribs with a powerful kick. Standing atop of Katsu L looked at him with complete hatred as he wiped off the track of blood that was running down his chin. He was about to end the fight by knocking out Katsu with a blow on the head and put an end to all this circus but before he was able to even blink Katsu's fist caught him by surprise at the end of his jaw as he went flying backwards ending up hitting the floor. As the detective hit the floor his head connected hardly with the hard concrete instantly falling unconscious.

As Katsu approached the unmoving body, he laughed evily, "Pathetic." He said as he laid his foot over L's chest smugly. "The Legendary L, world's greatest detective, got his ass kicked by the one and only powerful Legendary God! Kira!" Laughing more he kicked the unconscious detective's face. "Look at you underneath me! At my feet."

Katsu kneeled down next to L's face, grabbing him with a hair lock as he bought their faces inches apart, "I'd love to finish you off now, but I'm intending of making things more fun. What do you say?" Aware that the detective is out cold he made a show of listening to him as he paused for a minute and then chuckled. "Yes, we'll wait until Mikami is here with 'my' Light and then who knows I might let you enjoy a free show and then I'll be killing you with the most painful heart attack in history!"

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