By: Jag – Edited bt: Nightstorm

Well, this is my second attempt to write a slash fic, I hope you enjoy it. Thanks Night my dear editor for the beta thing,

New Gotham. Dr. Quinzel's office at night.

The blonde paced in her office; waiting. She smiled to herself. Things were flowing in a marvellous way. All of her dreams could come true. She would be soon the queen of the underworld; she would soon rule the dark streets. She just needed to think carefully about her next step.

She stood up at the window; extending her arms out from her sides she said to herself, smiling, "Yes."

Yes, she had done it. Her plan was perfect, masterful, no one could stop her and the best part of all… her worst enemy would die soon in the hands of her best friend.

A triumphant grin materialized on her face as she sat on her desk and looked around. The place was a mess. Papers littered the floor and Gibson could be heard muttering furiously to himself. But... who cared?

"...Lumbar, the coccyx. 26. Pop the head. Squeeze! Watch your back, watch your back!" he yelled.

The sound of the door unlocking caught her attention. Helena walked into the office and closed the door behind her. The girl was gorgeous. Before she could say a word, the brunette spoke.

"Barbara knows." She walked toward Harley.

That definitely was not good. "What happened?"

"I hit her. Hard."

"That would tend to give it away."

"But I got what you wanted." The brunette took out a disk. "The complete blueprint of the clock tower - layouts, defenses, securities, computer systems. It's all gibberish."

They both turned to look at Gibson who is sitting cross-legged on the floor in the center of a mess.

"90 Newton pounds per square inch angled at the jaw line renders 50 of the female population unconscious, as defined by the obliteration of a friendship!"

"Gibson ... shut up," the blonde said. She turned to look her new friend. "Tell me something, Helena. Why didn't you just kill Barbara?"

"Kill her?" the brunette took a few seconds before answering. "I don't know."

"Superheroes don't kill, no matter how hard they hit their Barbara." He made a whooshing sound and threw the doll across the room. "Incoming—headless best friend!"

He laid on his side and covered his head with his arms. Helena turned to look at Harley.

"Maybe it's because you didn't tell me to."

"An oversight on my part-- which we'll soon remedy." Quinzel moved closer to her, lifting her hands and caressed the leather lapels of her coat. The material was soft... curious that a rough girl could evolve such soft skin. Her eyes locked on the brunette's. She was damn beautiful, a strange and magnetic mix of danger and softness. "But meanwhile..." she whispered, "I think we can have some fun…" She pulled Helena against her and kissed her softly on her lips.

Gibson covered his eyes with his hands, muttering, "Superheroes don't kill their Barbara, superheroes don't kill their Barbara."

Harleen moved back, smiling. The brunette was still, her eyes fixed on her former therapist.

"Why did you do that?" Helena asked.

"Because you are my pet now," Quinzel grinned, tracing the young woman's lips with her index finger, "and I can do whatever I want with you."

"Superhero betrayed by her friend!" Gibson shouted.

Harleen rolled her eyes, having him there was killing any chance for romance. She turned and glared at him.

"Gibson, shut up and go away. I will not need your services for a few hours."

"Superheroes love their Barbara. Incoming: heartless best frien," he said, playing nervously with his fingers.

"Gibson, I said go...Now."

He crawled and went toward the door, stopping to look back. He found the cold glaze of Quinzel. This time he left, without stopping to close the door behind him.

The blonde smiled and moved her hands below Huntress' coat. "Now, where were we?" she said slipping it off slowly.

Her eyes twirled with madness, confused blue eyes were trapped by them. "What... what are you doing?"

The answer was a rough kiss that surprised the brunette. Quinzel put her right hand behind her neck and pressed her against the desk.

After a few seconds, she stepped back, smiling. "That was good... but you must be more cooperative..." She cleared the items on the desk with a grand sweep of her hand, uncaring that everything crashed to the floor. "You are doing an excellent job, Helena, but you need to rest now and have some of fun."


"Yes… with me... " She pushed Helena down gently, against the desk.

The young woman felt the hard wood against her back.

Quinzel leaned over her smiling. "You just need to let things happen." The petite woman caressed her lips with her finger. "You just need to accept it." She kissed her softly.

After long seconds, she threw her head back and laughed, removing her short grey suit before tossing it to the floor. She leaned over the young woman again, shuddering at the contact of her naked skin against leather, belly against belly, breast against breast. Her tongue traced Helena's ear. "Accept… and pleasure me…" she whispered, taking Helena's hand and moving it over her breast. "Touch me…"

The brunette cupped the soft mound with her fingers and pressed lightly.

"Yes, that's it…" the blonde closed her eyes and sighed. "I want to feel your hands on me, your mouth on me… I want all of you." She leaned over and trapped the young woman's lips again.

Huntress parted her lips. Quinzel's tongue was rough and moved aggressively, taking.


Taking her.



The brunette jerked abruptly. "Don't touch me!"

Barbara grabbed her wrist. Thank goodness for her years of training as a crime fighter. If Helena had caught her, she would be lying on the floor with a black bruise on her eye.

"Hey, easy…" she said fixing her eyes on her. The brunette still seemed to be lost in her dream.

Helena tried to pull her hand back, but Barbara held the grip.

"Helena, it's me."

The young woman blinked and recognized her mentor. "Barbara?"

"Yes, are you okay?"

Helena didn't answer; her eyes were feral and her muscles tensed.

"We are at home." The redhead slowly released the girl's wrist and looked at her worriedly; she had been working at the Delphi and Helena had fallen asleep on the couch watching TV; she was in the kitchen looking for some tea when she'd heard the soft whimpers of her protégé in the living room. She wheeled inside and immediately recognized that Helena was having a nightmare. After so many years of sharing the same home, she had learned to read the young woman like a book… of course, some chapters were restricted… Helena still kept some pages to herself, which had not helped much in trying to understand her.

Barbara put her hand on her cheek, but the brunette moved her head back. "Easy…" she said, "It's me."

The young woman closed her eyes trying to organize her thoughts. What a dream. It was so real. She could almost taste Quinzel on her lips; feel her hands roaming over her body with a frenzy. She shivered.

Barbara noticed it, she leaned forward, looking for blue eyes. "Was it about that night?"

"About… that night…" Puzzled, feral eyes darted up. "What?"

"Your nightmare…."

"Oh…. that, don't worry… I'm okay…" Helena's eyes slowly turned back to violet.

"Sure, and I'm blonde. Drink this." Barbara gave her some tea and turned off the TV. "It will help you more than me."

"It's yours…"

"I have more water on the stove, don't worry."

"Thanks." Helena sipped a bit of the warm tea.

The redhead waited a few seconds before speaking again. "Want to talk about it?"


"About your nightmare."

"Oh… Don't worry, I'm fine…" she smiled lightly. When she saw the brow of her mentor lift, she knew she wasn't fooling her and added: "…really, it was just a nightmare."

"Okay, if you say so." The redhead sighed. When Helena closed herself off to the world, it was impossible try to talk with her. It was best to change the subject. "Want some cookies?"

"No… thanks." Helena sipped her tea.

Barbara wheeled back and spun her chair toward the kitchen. "I'll be downstairs," she said. "We'll start your sweeps in a half hour. Is that okay for you?"

"Yea…" she listened to the sound of the electric chair wheeling toward the kitchen and closed her eyes.

It had started a few weeks ago; the same nightmare was occurring more frequently. It was so real.

She felt sick. How could she possibly think of Quinzel in that way?

She shook her head and stood up. It was not good to think so much. Barbara would realize something was going on and start to ask questions that she couldn't answer.

"I'll need these books," Barbara said, placing the rather tall stack on the counter at New Gotham's library.

"Did you bring a truck to carry them?" the clerk asked, amused, as she noticed the quantity of books she was taking with her.

"Yes, Joanna, don't worry." The redhead smiled and handed over her library card. "I'm always prepared for these things."

"All right, give me a second."

Barbara nodded and checked her watch; she was on time, she had a lunch with her father; her usual bimonthly lunch… He had insisted on it. One day, he told her that her whole life was spent locked inside the Clock Tower orat the school, so she had proposed go to lunch with him twice per month.

Helena came to her mind. She enjoyed the meals she shared with Helena. The brunette was usually fun and all had a way of making her bad moods disappear, a very different person from Huntress she was at night. Once they were seated at the table, she couldn't stop looking at the young woman and listening to her.

Helena was a really smart girl and she could talk about any topic. She had discovered that in their first years together. She had been aware that Helena was intelligent, but lazy. However, the depth and breadth of Helena's knowledge had surprised her when thye'd first started having long talks. Selina really did an excellent job of teaching Helena culture, history, art…

Helena, her stubborn and grumpy protégée who had become an important part of her life. Helena, who had become her main support, her best friend. Helena, the person who always was present in her mind.

She had rediscovered the pleasure of those long talks during the lunches they had at the Clock Tower… At least, until a few weeks ago, when Helena had changed her attitude toward her. She still wondered what was happening with her, but as usual, Helena didn't want to talk, she just avoided the topic.

"I think we're finished," Dinah said, leaning back in her chair.

The blonde reached and took her friend's notebook to read.

"Yea," Gabby said. "I think this is pretty cool."

Both girls were studying in New Gotham High School's library after a long day of classes.

"I'll work on this on my computer tonight." Dinah turned her head and noticed her mentor at the library desk, signing some papers. There were a ton of books to her right. Dinah smiled, no matter how advanced technology was, the pleasure of reading a book was something Barbara always enjoyed.

"Well, gotta go." Dinah picked up her things. "Do you want to come?"

"No, I need to look for Jenny. Want to come with us? We're going to lunch."

"Uhm… no, thanks… Barbara spends almost all day working at home or here and I think it would be good to get her out of her routine a bit."

"Is she okay?" Gabby asked hesitant "After… after all..?"

Dinah sighed. "Yes, she is, she is dealing with it, but she's always obsessed with work. And, after what happened, became even more obsessed. She spends all day behind books and computers." She noticed her mentor putting her books in her lap. "Bye Gabby."

"Have fun."

The teen arranged her jeans, picked her school bag and, with her notebook in hand, ran to reach her mentor.

"Hi Barbara."

The older woman turned her head and smiled, surprised to see her protégée.

"Dinah… hi, what are you doing here?"

"Research with Gabby. We already finished."

The redhead leaned back a bit and saw the blonde at a library desk; she waved a hand toward her.

"Science and technology…" Dinah explained, "Numbers, you know…"

"Good. Why you didn't you use the computer at home? It's easy and faster." Barbara wheeled toward the exit.

"Oh well, you know," she explained, following, "Superheroes need a normal life, too, and sometimes acting like normal people is helpful in understanding human beings. Well, you are human, but teens act in different ways and have different reactions."

Barbara lifted an eyebrow as she turned to look at the young woman.

"I'm joking," the teen laughed. "It's just that I like to be with my friends."

"Oh, that sounds much better."

"What is that?" The teen pointed at the books in her mentor's lap.

"English literature, I need my students to work on this." They moved toward the parking lot. "And some books for me."

"Are you going home? I need a ride."

"No, it's Wednesday."

"Oh, I forgot, your usual lunch."

"Yes, want to join us?"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, if it doesn't offend you that a human being is driving."

"Well… that can be fixed if I drive."

"No way."

"Come on, Barbara."

"Take it or…."

"All right, all right." The teen rolled her eyes.

The dark haired woman hid in the shadows, crouching on the cornice of a tall building, looking down. After her usual shift at the Dark Horse Bar, she ran a sweep of the underground, having a 'nice' talk with some thugs…. well, not exactly nice for them. She convinced them to talk after a few black eyes and punches; she was now keeping vigil on what seemed be the hideout of a dangerous drug gang. Oracle had asked her to keep an eye on the hidden storage close to New Gotham bay.

The night was cold. A snowflake fell on her nose. That was just great.

The memories of the weird dream from the night before came to her mind. She played with her tongue inside her cheek, thinking about it. Quinzel's touches were so present in her mind. Even now, a day later, she could still almost feel her lips on her… she shivered and shook her head.

That was gross.

Barbara, yes, but Quinzel? Yuck!!

Those dreams about her lying with Quinzel were making her crazy. It had started a month ago; and it was always the same, Quinzel taming her in an inexplicable way, she couldn't refuse to her touches and caresses. It pissed her off. What was wrong with her? Why was she dreaming about a woman that made her feel sick? That she hated so much?

She couldn't understand it. She fantasized about her mentor all the time, imaging how it would feel to kiss her lips, caress her hands, touch her skin and lose her soul in tastes and touches. She was strong and independent, yet at the same time, tender and sweet.

Barbara was the only person to whom her heart belonged. She had loved her for so long.

After her mother's death, she became cold and violent. Many people were afraid of her, except Barbara. She had never shown any fear; she and her mother were the only ones who never showed fear.

She respected Barbara for it, for her courage to live and keep going despite her own limitations. Her feelings of anger turned into admiration and, eventually,… to love. She could talk with her for hours and hours and, when the day was over, she still wanted to keep talking; she was never bored with her.

She could be with her for hours without saying a word and that was okay, too.

What would it feel like to be loved by that wonderful, smart, intellectual, funny and beautiful redhead?

She loved to watch her work at the Delphi or at the kitchen table with tons of books and papers hiding her marvelous green eyes. Eyes that hid behind glasses, but eyes that were so sensual.

Who would imagine that watching someone at work could be so arousing?

Just her.

At first, she thought it was just a crush, but after years, she discovered it wasn't just a crush, it was real love.

The kind of love where you feel butterflies in your stomach and your heart beats so loud when you are near that person. So loud that she was afraid others could hear it beating. The kind of love where you feel your heart bleeding, if you can't see or talk that person.


She was corny.

Great, the terror of criminals, the princess of the night, was as corny as any stupid teenager in love.

Corny and pathetic.

She sighed.

Pathetic or not, she still felt excited thinking that when she finished sweeps, she would go back to the Clock Tower and be with Barbara again; she was happy just knowing she was close to her, maybe not thinking, not talking, but in the same place. That was enough for her.

But now, those dreams brought back the memory that she failed Barbara. They made her feel guilty, so guilty that she had avoided being at the Clock Tower the last few weeks; except for yesterday when she finished her shift at the bar early and fell asleep on the couch, waiting for sweeps.

She still couldn't remember what had happened during the long twenty four hours that she had been under Quinn's spell. Since the night that she'd taken Gibson to Harleen's office thinking –stupidly- that she was a friend and would help him… until the night that she was roughly awakened and found herself on the floor of Gibson's bar.

She saw Barbara under her. Disoriented, she got to her feet, Barbara was on her own, that was not good.

"What's going on? What am I doing here?" she asked looking around, trying to understand. The last thing she remembered was being at Quinzel's office and then… nothing.

"Short version? Dr. Quinzel hypnotized you," the redhead answered rubbing her head.

Helena felt a cold chill on her back.

"…She's the big bad we've been searching for."

The brunette blinked, trying to organize her thoughts. "D -did we just…" she was afraid to ask "um…. did we just fight?"

" Yeah."

Dammit, it was wrong, it was all wrong. The consequences could be terrible.

"I could have killed you," she whispered in realization.

"It was a calculated risk, but I had to get close enough so I could fire this directly into your eyes."

"Hey! Hello?" Dinah called from inside the elevator.

"Yeah -- little help? This thing's jammed," Reese explained.

Helena opened the wooden door and wiped her hands, thinking, trying to understand.

"I don't remember anything. Last thing I know, I was at Dr. Quinzel's with Gibson."

"And then you were in the Clock Tower."

Helena turned and looked away for a moment, she was ashamed by her behavior and that she couldn't even remember. What the hell could she have done in Quinzel's hands? She didn't want to think about it.

"Helena, try to remember." Barbara asked her, "What is Quinzel up to?"

And still, after so many months, she still couldn't remember. It pissed her off. Couldn't remember if she had hurt people… or killed.

She had almost killed Barbara that night. She would die for her, she had wished desperately to trade her life for Wade's and allow the redhead to finally be happy...

But she couldn't change things.

She hadn't been capable of saving the man Barbara loved. The feeling of guilt over all that happened was a heavy weight that she would carry on her shoulders forever. It was a weight that was so hard to carry, despite all her meta-human strength, because she carried with it, Barbara's pain.

The pain that his death had caused.

Why had life been so cruel with her mentor? She saved people, stopped criminals and the price was so unfair.

Quinzel had been in jail six months since then. The frikin' bitch was obsessed with Barbara and hurt her. The Joker had taken so much already and they still wanted more… screwing up her life hadn't been enough ...and now she was dreaming about having sex with the crazy woman.

What the hell was going on?


The brunette jumped, startled when she heard her name. "Crap! Dinah!" She growled, turning her head.

"What?" the teen giggled.

"What are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here?" Dinah crossed her arms and smirked. "Helloooo… I'm patrolling with you. Remember?"

"I mean…" the brunette babbled "…here? You should be on the other block. Not here."

"Oracle sent me here. She said it would be better if we stay together. Didn't you hear her?"

"Uhm… no?"

:Huntress, Dinah, any movement?: They heard their mentor's voice over the comm.

"No, Oracle," the blonde responded. "Looks like the bad guys took the day off."

"I don't think so…" Huntress said, narrowing her eyes and looking down "Look, I don't think they're going to the movies."

Several men walked out of the building with rifles and weapons. Dinah crouched down and fixed her eyes on the dark street.

"What do you think? Talk to them and see what's going on?"

"I never talk to anyone with a gun in his hand. Let's go," the brunette said, jumping down.

Dinah rolled her eyes and ran toward the stairway. "Has she always been so impatient? Isn't that supposed to be me? I'm the youngest here."

:She's always been my karma.: Oracle said, amused.

"Yes, but why must she be mine?"

:Focus on the fight, discussions later. :

"All right, but I'm working under protest."

:Come on, kid.: Huntress' voice interrupted :You are missing all the fun here.:

"I'm coming, I'm coming."

Huntress dropped into the middle of four men.

"Hey guys.. having a nice day?"

She kicked the first man and hit the second one. Bending over she avoided a punch and used her legs to sweep the feet of the third man. She looked for the fourth guy, but he was running. Suddenly, he bounced back and hit the floor.

"What the hell?" Huntress groaned.

"It's called invisible shield," Dinah said stepping next to her, "Pretty cool, eh?"

"Incredibly creative name. Right up there with 'liquid guy'…We have more guests coming to the party," the brunette responded, noticing five more guys appearing at the back of the warehouse.

"Well… time to work."

"What do you think we've being doing?"

A laser hit a pillar next to them, breaking it in pieces. Both girls threw themselves to the floor.

"That wasn't a normal gun," Dinah said.

"No kidding."

The sound of firing weapons filled the place. Both women hid behind some metal boxes.

:What's going on?: Oracle asked worriedly, when she heard the unmistakable sound of discharging guns.

"Seems they didn't like our visit," Huntress answered. "Oracle, these are not normal weapons. They are high-tech lasers and that stuff."

:I'm calling the police now.:

Another blast close to them destroyed a wooden box. The munitions inside of it exploded and the fire increased. Bullets were everywhere. Dinah covered herself and her partner with her shield just in time, as the box they were using as cover exploded.

"It would be a good time to call the fire department, Oracle. These stupid people don't seem to care that the place is full of weapons and munitions."

"That's not fair, we don't have guns," the blonde whined, covering her head with her hands.

"And they don't have a teenager with telekinetic powers." Huntress looked at her partner "All right, inside or outside?"


"Inside." The brunette jumped and ran toward the men that had started the fire and who were now trying to escape the fire in a car that had been parked in the garage.

Dinah stopped the men running outside using again her force field. Huntress engaged the group of thugs trying to escape. She easily knocked them out and then threw them out a window to get them out of the fire. Turning her head, she noticed a man far from her pointing his gun at the teen. She picked up a piece of metal on the floor and threw it at him.

The man missed the shot when the metal hit his arm. He turned his head in time to see a black shadow fall over him. Huntress hit him roughly in his jaw with her elbow and he fell backwards.

Dinah finished with the last man and turned around in time to see Helena knocking the out thug. She didn't see the guy hiding in the shadow behind her partner.

He lifted a big rifle and hit Huntress over the head with the butt of the gun.

"Huntress!" she shouted, but it was too late.

The brunette turned in on herself and fell heavily to the floor, knocked out by the force of the impact. He had used the rifle like a baseball bat on her. Dinah noticed the man didn't hesitate and again lifted his weapon to hit her.

"I'll spill your brains out!!" he growled, using all his strength to hit the unconscious girl's head.

He hit his target again -- but it was weird. He didn't hear or feel the sound of a skull breaking, or see blood spilling everywhere. He raised the weapon and hit her again on her head.

Nothing happened.

"What the f…?"

"Hi, remember me?" Dinah's voice made him turn. The young girl had a hand extended toward her partner, she had covered her with the aptly named invisible shield to prevent the man from killing her. "Has anyone told you that cowards attack from behind the back?"

She moved her other hand, pushing the man against some wooden boxes that fell on top of him. The last thug was knocked out.

"Oracle, we're all clear," she said, running toward her partner, "but Huntress is out and the place is on fire."

:What happened? :

"A thug wanted to beat her brains out… he hit her really hard…" The blonde put her hand over the back of her friend's head and felt a sticky warmth. She recognized the sensation immediately: Blood.

:Is it a bad injury?:

"She will need a bandage, maybe stitches... it's bleeding. We need to get out of here…" Dinah looked around, the place could explode in any moment. There were many weapons and lots of ammunition inside the boxes surrounding them. "I need your help here, Oracle."

:I'm working on it.:

Dinah heard a sound over her, a piece of ceiling was falling. She covered them with her force field. The pieces of the ceiling hit the force field and she felt the floor cracking under her.


:What's wrong, Dinah?:

The blonde just hugged Helena as the floor collapsed under her feet.