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Cuddling with Helena was a heavenly feeling. The peace that filled the bedroom was a sharp contrast to all the events of the last few days. Dinah had gone on a weekend camping trip and Barbara had decided to take a few days to rest after the past several stressful weeks. She was reading a book, her cheek resting against the brunette's head and one arm wrapped around the brunette's waist. Her other hand held the book. Helena was distracted, watching television.

"The devil wears Prada" was a light comedy that Helena loved. First, for Anne Hathaway and, second, for the fashionable clothes on the film .Helena had been laughing. It was music to her ears, she was so relaxed, she loved Helena's laugh, she loved knowing she had found some peace.

1984, by George Orwell, was a dystopian novel, set in a world beyond our imagining. Barbara found it interesting. The book described a world where totalitarianism really was total, with all power split into three, roughly equal groups--Eastasia, Eurasia, and Oceania. 1984 was set in Oceania, which included the United Kingdom, where the story was more specifically set, in an area known as Airstrip One.

The book was pretty interesting, but she couldn't focus on it. She had tried for the last fifteen minutes, but with Helena so close, it was not easy. She inhaled deeply, the soft aroma of Helena's hair, made her body warm. The fingers of her hand, resting on Helena's waist, had been scratching the young woman's stomach lightly. Helena's skin under her fingers felt so good. She kissed the brunette's head and again tried to focus her attention on the book.

Winston Smith was a middle-aged, unhealthy character, based loosely on Orwell's own frail body, an underling of the ruling oligarchy, The Party. The Party has taken early 20th century totalitarianism to new depths, with each person subjected to twenty-four hour surveillance, where people's very thoughts are controlled to ensure purity of the oligarchic system in place. Figurehead of the system is the omnipresent and omnipotent Big Brother.

The young woman stirred and let her head rest on the redhead's shoulder. Barbara lifted her head a bit before resting her cheek on Helena's head. Her hand, that had been making small circles on the brunette's abdomen, traced the hard abs. She closed her eyes and tried to memorize each inch-- it was a fascinating combination of soft skin and hard muscles. She rubbed her cheek lightly against her hair. Her scent was overwhelming to her senses, a mixture of softness and wild nature. She blinked, she was distracted again. She lifted the book to eye level.

Winston had dreamt of his mother. He dreamt of his mother and sister who along with his father whom he remembered more vaguely had been exterminated in one of the famous Party "purges". He realized that in some unfathomable way, his mother and sister had died for him; they had died so that he could go on living. Always in his dreams, he saw them in a deep grave or well and he felt that they were there so that he could be up on the surface.

Barbara's hand moved upward, tracing the skin below Helena's lower breast. The young woman's muscles trembled under her touch. The shiver went straight to her core. She let her fingers play, moving them softly back and forth, brushing, caressing the tender skin. She felt her arousal grow.

Another landscape entered Winston's dream, a sunny pastoral land with a brook which he always felt he had seen somewhere in childhood but could ever place accurately. The girl he had noticed at work during yesterdays' Hate came into the landscape and flung off her clothes in a grand gesture.

Barbara could feel Helena's purring through her fingers. She loved having Helena so close, it was an indescribable sensation to hold such strong woman, who felt so small and vulnerable in her arms. Her index finger toyed with the bottom of her bra, moving between fabric and skin.

Her body was beautiful, but it was not her body that Winston looked at in his dream, it was the symbolism of the gesture that attracted him.

Barbara lowered the book and closed her eyes. She rubbed her cheek against dark, unruly hair. Her hand moved confidently through Helena's breast and caressed it. She wanted to touch more. The tempo of Helena's breath changed and she arched when she pressed her hand into the firm flesh.

Helena's head turned to her and she was lost in the vision of red lips in front of her.

To the hell with the book.

She kissed Helena, wrapping her arms around the brunette's back to hold her hard against her. Her kiss was not gentle, she wanted to consume the other woman, take her, mark her as hers. She didn't know how, but when she returned, somewhat, to her senses, she had pinned her young partner against the bed. The touch of Helena's tongue against her was fuel, combusting the blood in her veins. She grabbed the young woman's hair with her hands and deepened the kiss. She let her tongue move, discovering each inch of the brunette's mouth, each corner. She marveled as her tongue learned the different textures and flavors of her mouth, discovering the different ways Helena's body moved under her with every touch.

She lowered her head to her tender neck and opened her mouth to breathe her in, the temptation was too much and she softly licked the hollow of her throat. The flavor was heavenly, with a hint of salt. She heard Helena's gasp and she moved up slowly, lavishing careful attention to the skin below her, while her right hand moved to cup a round breast. Her hand moved in circles over the soft mound and her fingers found a nipple.

Helena slid her hands over the redhead's shoulders and pulled her against her body, loving the feel of the woman's body pressing against hers. She growled at the touch and she covered lush lips with her own. Something electric skittered across Helena's skin, raising the fine hair on her arms and sending her blood rushing through her veins.

Barbara had always thought that Helena's fashion sense frequently involved wearing just enough to cover the essentials, but at this moment, she felt the woman was wearing way too many clothes.

The sound of ripping fabric made the brunette's clit throb hard against her pants. She gasped, opening her eyes wide when she felt a warm mouth enveloping her right breast. She arched her back. God. She was in heaven. The brunette felt Barbara was carrying her to unknown, incredible levels of pleasure. Just the thought of knowing the older woman was her touching her, sent her libido soaring. She moved her hands to caress Barbara's breast, but the redhead arrested her movement, grabbing her wrist and placing it above her head.

"No, it's my night," the redhead whispered to her.

Helena always was the one taking the lead but, hell, it felt marvelous to let Barbara drive the car, and she was not going to object to it.

Green eyes, filled with lust, were fixed on the brunette's. The young woman had never seen that look in her partner-- lusty, passionate, prurient, lascivious. She felt her arousal hit the stratosphere. Barbara leaned in, covering their faces with a curtain of red hair. Barbara trapped her lips again to give her a passionate kiss.

The redhead was frantic to explore her sweet body, she wanted so much to touch, to taste. Her lips traced Helena's neck, leaving little nips along the way. She could felt the young woman's pulse throbbing when she bit her pulse point gently and her fingers played with a firm, erect nipple. She then, with her mouth, traced the contour of Helena's jaw with soft nibbles, until she found her ear. Barbara's tongue moved inside, exploring, searching. She smiled to herself, hearing Helena's gasps and feeling shaking muscles under her.

At that point she realized that she, too, was wearing too many clothes and, with an incredibly fast movement, she removed her t-shirt. Barbara placed her mouth over Helena's right breast and began to apply suction to it, flicking her tongue on her nipple while she unclasped her own bra and threw it behind her.

The brunette growled, entwining her fingers in soft, long hair, pulling her tightly to her breast. She maneuvered their bodies with her hands and settled one of Barbara's legs between her own. Helped with her hand, she began to rock slowly against Barbara's thigh.

With incredible lust controlling her instincts, Barbara was lost in the feeling of a hard nipple on her lips. She suckled harder, making Helena cry out and tremble in pleasure. The sensations flowing in her body were just so different to any other she had experienced. So exciting, so overwhelming, she could only think of touching, licking, kissing, biting that marvelous body beneath her. Her hands roamed over the young woman's thin frame.

The redhead sucked her breast once more before moving down her torso to explore. She removed to the remains of Helena's blouse. The dark crime fighter's abs felt incredible when Barbara caressed them with the tip of her tongue. Her fingers traced the outlines of her hips and stopped at the waistband of her pants.

Helena's head was spinning, she didn't know where Barbara had learned to touch like that, but she kept her on fire. It had never been so hard to think, to organize her thoughts. She gasped at the feeling of Barbara's tongue playing in her navel. Her clit was throbbing with such force that it seemed it would explode. She needed her there. The sound of the zipper of her pants lowering was the most erotic sound she had ever heard.

Helped by the strength of her arms, Barbara lifted herself up again. In a blink, she was close to those fantastic golden eyes clouded in a fog of pleasure.

"I love you," the redhead mumbled before kissing her again and pressing her breast against Helena's hard nipples. The brush of their bodies made both moan. Barbara was lost in her desire to consume this wild woman in her need, in her love for her, she pressed her body harder against her.

But she wanted more. Her hand slipped down, into the dark woman's pants.

The brunette cried and bucked when long fingers touched her most intimate area, her eternal dream to be touched by the older woman was real. She rolled her hips when Barbara moved her fingers slowly, teasing around her clit.

The redhead found her fingers coated in Helena's warm honey, it enflamed her senses and she moved her fingers harder against the young woman's clit.

"Yes." Helena bit her lips and wrapped her arms around the older woman's shoulders.

Barbara moved her hand farther down and let her fingers tease the brunette's entrance, but her movements were restrained by the tight pants.

"Remove these…" Barbara whispered in Helena's ear , tugging on her pants.

She didn't need to say it twice. With a graceful movement, the young woman was totally nude.

Barbara chuckled and kissed her, her right hand moved again toward the juncture of Helena's legs. She caressed the warm area with her fingers in slow circles. She lifted her eyes and noticed the ecstasy in the brunette's face; her feral eyes staring wide at the ceiling, lost in pleasure.

She moved a finger inside and trapped a round breast in her mouth. Helena cried, arching her torso, trying not to buck hard against the older woman.

Barbara's index began to penetrate her slowly, moving back and forth until it was fully inside. Then, she began to thrust into her. Helena moved her hips trying to match her, when the redhead felt they had found the rhythm, she added a second finger, while her thumb traced circles around her clit.

Their bodies danced in the rhythm of an erotic dance of love, surrounded by amorous whispers and moans. Helena's abdomen contracted against Barbara's fingers, it was so exciting. The vision her lover woman lost in pleasure was fantastic. Barbara buried her head in the hollow of Helena's neck and bit her shoulder, increasing the penetration, moving her fingers faster.

"Harder…" The brunette felt her orgasm coming like an incredible avalanche. She moaned when Barbara's fingers curled inside her, finding that inner spot that made her lose her mind. Barbara was taking her, marking her as hers.

Her climax was mind blowing. Throbbing lights filled her vision and her entire body trembled in ecstasy. Her finger nails buried into the older woman's back as her cry of pleasure filled the room.

She didn't know how long she was out. She was still trying to recover her breath when she sensed a warm breath on her inner thighs. She blinked. Lifting her head took effort. All her limbs and muscles were liquefied. Barbara was between her legs, kissing and rubbing her face against the skin.

"Barbara…" the brunette dragged her words out, "wait..."

Crap. It was hard to talk- she moved her hand toward the older woman's head. "Barbara… let me…"

Barbara leaned in, catching the scent of the highly aroused brunette, it was intoxicating.

The next thing the dark haired woman felt was Barbara's tongue giving a long, sensual lick against her sex. She gasped, "Barbara... I don't think... I can come now..."

The redhead didn't seem to hear her because she kept on her task. It appeared she was serious about the "It's my night" thing.

Barbara teased her with slow strokes, marveled at the new taste she was discovering. She parted Helena's lower lips with her tongue and indulged herself. Her own body shuddered in ecstasy and she felt her own sex throbbing.

The sensation of soft lips kissing her most intimate area was overwhelming. Helena gripped the pillow below her head with her hands and bit her lips.

Helena was amazed to find her body reacting. Barbara found her clit and took it in her lips. She rubbed it with her tongue, making Helena's lust rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. Barbara claimed to not be skilled in the art of making love to a woman, but, hell, it didn't seem to be a problem for her. She seemed knew how touch her most sensitive spots and drive her insane. She didn't want to imagine what the redhead could do to her when she learned more and became skillful in the art of lovemaking. Barbara kept working on her engorged clitoris and sucked on the tender flesh at its base.

The movements make Helena orgasm suddenly.

Barbara smiled, feeling the shudder in the young woman's muscles. The taste and the knowledge that she was giving Helena pleasure had her on the edge, too.

Barbara moved lower and licked the salty honey flowing from the brunette's sex. She gently applied her lips and tongue to the swollen lips, grazing her throbbing clitoris with the tip of her nose.

"Ba…bar… Barbara…" Helena babbled her name, noticing the redhead didn't have any intention of stopping. "Oh God…"

Barbara cupped her entire sex with her mouth, sucking.

Helena bucked, amazed by the other woman's eagerness.

The redhead thrust her tongue in her. The sudden penetration made Helena gasp and she felt her lust invading her body again with an incredible force. She never thought she could climax so hard, so many times, but Barbara's tongue was marvelous, heavenly. She spread her legs to her and surrendered to all the emotions and feelings flowing through her body. She took Barbara's head between her hands, pressing her into her.

This time Barbara became more demanding—tasting, probing, deepening her muscle inside her. She didn't want be gente, she wanted to take, to devour her. She used her fingers to thrust again. Two fingers slid easily into Helena. She was wet, very wet. The brunette bucked and moaned. The older woman observed for minutes in fascination how her digits slid inside so easily. She felt her own lust increasing, and her own orgasm coming, just at touching her. She added a third finger, that slipped inside smoothly.

She leaned in, closed her lips against Helena's clit and sucked it hard. At the time, she increased the tempo of the thrusting. She could feel the young woman's orgasm coming again. It didn't take too long, just a few strokes more. She used her left hand to push herself forward and kiss Helena at the time that her orgasm broke, sudden and violent. Helena exploded and cried with her in an overwhelming and wild rush of pleasure that made her pass out.

Barbara could only pant, her whole body felt like butter. She let her head fall over the young woman's neck as she closed her eyes. Almost immediately, she fell into a deep sleep.

A bright light hit her eyes, waking her up. She wasn't in a mood to wake, she felt really comfortable in her warm, soft bed. Her nostrils caught the scent immediately. She was holding Helena in a firm embrace. The night before had been wonderful; she still didn't know what force had made her take her young partner with that strength and passion. She had never felt so overwhelmed by her own feelings, maybe it was the first time she had let her emotions control her reactions.

And it had been the most pleasant experience in her entire life.

However, she didn't understand how she had come to be on her back with Helena curled on top of her.

She pressed her lips to the brunette's forehead, close to her eyebrow. She felt so good, so full of life, of energy. Making love with Helena was something that she couldn't explain with words, it was beyond her reason; Helena made her feel complete, a woman.

The brunette blinked sleepily. It took her a few moments to realize where she was. She lifted her deep blue eyes to meet green and smiled at the redhead with what was probably a very goofy, dumb smile. Crap, it was hard to connect her brain to reality. What had Barbara done to her? She had blown up her mind as no one had ever done before. Her body felt like liquid and was trying to return to its normal shape. She never thought Barbara would be such a dominant and incredibly passionate lover. And heck, she really had loved it.

"Hi…" Barbara laughed lightly, noticing her young partner still was on the post-climax awakening. She let her fingers caress black bangs.

The brunette lifted her head and her lips looked for Barbara's mouth. She wanted to show her that she was her heart, her soul, her desire, her love. Her muscles trembled in excitement; she moved back and rested her head against Barbara's shoulder.

"Morning," she mumbled, kissing her sternum.

"Slept well?"

"Fantastic… but" she lifted her head again, staring at her with a concerned face. Suddenly, she felt guilty, all night Barbara had touched her and she hadn't been able to give her pleasure. "You didn't…"

"I did, believe me," Barbara laughed, scratching her scalp.

"But I didn't touch you."

"It gave me a lot of pleasure to touch you, Hel..." Barbara pulled her against her to kiss her again. The feeling of Helena's bare skin rubbing against her, made her libido wake again.

Helena moved to kiss Barbara's neck. Her tongue traced her earlobe before searching for her eyes.

"Do you know?" she whispered. Her gaze traced the fine curve of Barbara's face, trying to convince herself she was not dreaming once more. "You are my first."

"Hel…" Slender fingers silenced her. Barbara was pinned by amazing violet pupils. She knew Helena always had a very active sexual life; but it didn't bother her. She just knew she loved this woman and that she loved her now, in the present.

"You are the first person that I have made love to." Helena's knuckles reverently touched her face. "I've had lots of people in my bed before, but I was trying to find you in all of them. You've been my only and deepest love, and I had sex, but had never made love. No one has ever made love to me as you had done… you are my first and only. I love you."

Their lips met in a kiss that melted Barbara's heart, Helena was giving all of herself to her in that small caress. The soft kisses soon shifted to a passionate exchange of love.

Barbara hummed in the kitchen, pouring warm coffee into her favorite mug. The weekend had been incredible and really pleasant. She and Helena were alone, having time just for themselves. No school, no patrolling, no worries. She didn't remember the last time she had felt so relaxed and happy. She was thinking seriously about doing this more often.

Helena was an incredible lover. Barbara had enjoyed the young woman's body, discovering her sensitive points. It was the most intense empirical research she had done in her life, but she didn't have the opportunity to try it again. Helena took the lead and she had sent her to heaven, her strong, wild personality was a contrast with her tender and soft way of making love to her, and she hadn't given her opportunity to take the lead again.

Now she needed revenge. She licked her lips. And she wanted it to be as soon as possible.

"Good morning, Miss Barbara," she heard the old butler's voice behind her.

"Hey, Alfred." She turned her head, smiling.

He put an envelope over the table. "This was in the mailbox. Nice weekend?"

"Yes, pleasant. Thanks," she said, turning around to face him. She set her coffee mug on the dinner table.

"Miss Helena is feeling better?" he asked, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt.

"Oh… she is doing pretty well." She sipped a bit of coffee and took the envelope, "I'm very proud of her. She has dealt well with everything that happened. I know she still needs to work a bit more on it, but right now she is great.

"I'm glad for her," he said smiling. "She is a great girl. She deserves to be happy, as do you."

She laughed lightly. "I am, you know it."

"But I guess you are more now…" He winked at her before turning to the fridge to get some vegetables.

The redhead blushed furiously and arrested her movements. Damn. Had she been so obvious?

He closed the door and noticed her stupefied face. He smiled.

"Do… do you know?" she asked, almost whispering.

"I just know I'm glad you both finally accepted your feelings."

"Do you read minds like Dinah?" Barbara frowned at him.

"Oh no, Miss Helena called me up yesterday morning," he answered, taking a knife from the drawer.

The redhead spewed her coffee. Alfred hurried to give her a napkin.

She coughed repeatedly. "She.. she called you? Why??"

"Well, she asked me to help her to get some groceries and food. It seems your fridge was empty again and she wanted to make breakfast for you." He paused.

"Of course, I didn't want her to kill you, so I prepared the breakfast."

Barbara swallowed. She remembered the day before when Helena, covered only by her bathrobe had rushed out of the room, asking her to stay because she was going to make her breakfast in bed. She had taken the opportunity to take a long shower.

Thirty minutes later, Helena returned with an elegant breakfast, complete with a flower. Oh God.

"I hope you had enjoyed it," he said.

"It was delicious." She couldn't deny it, "Thanks, Alfred, really it was delicious. I was wondering when Helena had learned to cook."

"I doubt seriously that she will ever learn."

"Agreed," she said, opening the envelope.

"I was thinking of preparing pasta and beef for lunch, would be okay with you?" He began to cut a tomato in slices. When he didn't hear Barbara answer, he lifted his head to see she was staring at a white piece of paper she had just taken out of the envelope. "Miss Barbara?"

She looked at him with a worried expression.

"Something is wrong?"

She bit her lips and swallowed, feeling her throat dry. She extended the paper in her hands and set it on the table. He took it in his hands. It was a picture. He felt a shiver running through his body. Definitely, someone had used Photoshop, but that knowledge did not make it less frightening.

It was one of the Joker's photos of Barbara from the night that he had shot her. She was lying on the floor, bleeding and naked. Helena was now standing next to Barbara's fallen body. Quinn was behind the brunette, her arms wrapped in a warm embrace around her waist.