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Chapter 1: Birth

(Bella POV)

Three days… It seemed so odd, time had held no meaning just moments ago. Minutes, hours, days- time seemed to bleed together. I was sure that it was over now. My heart was no longer beating, and everything seemed so much more real.

I reluctantly pulled myself out of my pain induced coma to realize that two strong arms were holding my once fragile body. But I was no longer fragile was I? I was cold and hard as stone. It was a small price to pay if it meant an eternity with my other half. My Edward. Edward?

"Bella, love? It's over, you can open your eyes now."

Voice as sweet as honey. Yet even sweeter now that my full vampiric hearing could appreciate it. That was my Edward. And yet was it? Would he still love me now that my warmth and my blush was gone?

"Bella open your eyes! You've got to see how hot you are!" I heard a dull thud, stone on stone, followed by "Well what!? She is!"

Emmett. My lovable big brother! But then I had two brothers now! And two sisters! I had my family! Of course they would object that they were always my family. But now it was official! I could hug them and fight with them without breaking!

I could hear perfectly my entire family's unnecessary breathing. I supposed they were getting impatient with me. Lying here like a lump, albeit, recovering from a fairly traumatic experience, but still. I should probably put them out of their suspense.

I pried one eye open to take in my new surroundings and my god were they new! Everything was magnified! It was like seeing everything through the most magnificent pair of glasses in the world! Everything sparkled, I would sparkle! And my new family. They were even more beautiful than my foolish human eyes had allowed me to see. Each one a perfect sculpture, carved from diamond ice! I could only think of one thing to say.

"Holy crap!"

Seven simultaneous voices of laughter, each harmonizing and complimenting each other perfectly.

"My sweet out spoken Bella!" And with that, I was swept into two strong arms and cradled like a baby in the arms of Edward. But I wasn't a baby now was I?! I hugged him back with all the force I could muster.

"OW! Bella! Remember?! New born! you're way stronger when you first come out!"

"Haha, sorry darling, just testing my strength!"

"BELLA!" Alice swept me up and jumped with me on the spot- I felt like I was flying! "Oh my god! Look at what you've done to your clothes!! They are so tattered from you trying to rip your skin off! We are so going to have to take you shopping!"

It was at that point that I realized Alice was right. I looked down at my body and realized I was standing in a tattered black bra and a ripped pair of panties. I should have felt more embarrassed, but oddly, all I could feel was an over powering amount of lust. I looked up to find Jasper staring most unashamedly at my body. Well I must be attractive! I thought to myself laughing! Rosalie smacked Emmett over the head when she realized he was staring too.

"Well Bella! I think it's about time you truly saw yourself don't you?" Rosalie's perfectly pitched voice called out.

"First! I think I should be properly introduced to my new family!" and with that I ran at Esme and held her in a gut wrenching hug. She dry sobbed into my hair.

"I'm so happy for you! You are now truly my daughter!"

"Thank you… mum!" She smiled so large that it broke my heart, and I grabbed her again into a loving hug.

"Dad!" I called as I ran over to Carlisle and he picked me up in his arms as if I were four year old and cradled me against him. "Welcome to the family, my daughter!" He spoke into my ear. I rushed over to Rosalie, not really expecting a hug, but what she did surprised me most of all. She brought her hand to my face and gingerly pushed a strand of hair behind my ear. "I am truly proud to call you my sister!" Then she kissed me on both my cheeks.

Alice just grabbed my hands and jumped with me on the spot for a few minutes. She didn't have to say anything, I knew how happy she was for me to be here!

"Bella babe!" Emmett called over my ear. "Commeee onnnn!" He wined, "I've been waiting too long!" and with that, he threw me up in the air and caught me on his back. Spinning me around the room a few times and laughing about how now I could try to beat him at an arm wrestle.

I jumped off his back to see who was next but I was slammed into by a massive force and pinned between Jasper's body and the bedroom wall. "Bella, Bella! You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this!" I laughed while he smelled my hair and skin, "And see!?" he asked, "No temptation! Your smell is not at all appealing to me!"

We laughed for a few minutes and I realized how much fun I was going to have getting to know my family all over again, but as a vampire!

"Don't I get an introduction!?" My Edward asked, and I realized he was still waiting patiently on my now tattered bed. I through myself over the floor and flew into his arms.

"Well." I told him, "There is one thing I have desperately wanted to try since I got changed," and at that I ran my fingers into his hair and kissed him like I had never kissed him before.

I could almost feel the love emanating between us. It was pure and unspoiled. And yet over the love, one person in particular was throwing a very pointed emotion at me.


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